September 1st Grade Skills

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					                              September 1st Grade Skills
       These are the skills that your child will be working on for the month of September as well
as some suggested ways that you can help support his/her learning.

Subject      Skills                                        Suggested Activities

             Students will be learning/showing:            Start by having your child name his/her index
Reading          That letters have sounds and that        finger. He/she can name it “reader finger” or
                      those sounds/letters are used to     something else he/she will remember. Have your
                      make words when blended              child then use that finger to touch each word as
                      together as well as on their own.    he/she reads. It sometimes helps to underline or
                                                           use a different color for each word. Then have the
                     How to read sight words
                                                           child take a “walk” with his/her reader finger.

             Students will be learning/showing:            1. Begin by counting to 10. You can use objects
                 How to count forwards to 100 by          such as macaroni, sticks, or marbles.
                      ones and tens                        2. Using a number line is a good way to count
                     How to count backwards from 20       backwards. Number from 1-20 with fairly big
                      by ones                              numbers. Begin by counting forwards and touching
Math                                                       each number as you count. Then do the same but
                     How to use first, second, third,     start at 20 and go backwards. Make a game of it by
                      etc…                                 seeing who can count backwards fastest.
                     How to read, write, compare and      3. Talk to your child about the name of the grade
                      put in order whole numbers to 100    he/she is in – first grade. Ask which grade will
                     How to use pictures and objects to   come next. Continue through 10 .

                      solve addition and subtraction       4. Have your child practice reading the days of the
                      problems                             week from a calendar. Ask them to point to a
                     How to tell time to the hour         certain day of the week then have them tell you the
                     The days of the week in order and    day before (yesterday) and the day after
                      be able to use a calendar to find    (tomorrow) for that day of the week.
                      yesterday and tomorrow.

             Students will be learning/showing:            Decide with your child something that he/she is
                 How to write about what                  interested in or think of some recent activity the
                    she/he has seen, done, or              child has completed. With your child, have him/her
                                                           tell you the “important facts”. For the first few
                                                           attempts you write the 3-4 sentences. Take time to
                 How to come up with ideas for            point out how each sentence ends with punctuation
                    writing stories, poems, letters        and begins with capital letters. Also point out that
Writing             and then writing a rough draft.        there are spaces between words reminding them
                 How to write in print so that            that letters make words and words make
                    his/her words can be read by           sentences. As the month goes along, have your
                    others.                                child begin to write the sentences on his/her own
                                                           after saying what it is he/she intends to write. Make
                 How to write a complete
                                                           corrections together.
                    sentence with words spaced so
                    they can be read.
                 How to edit using correct
                    capitalization, punctuation, and
                    1 grade level spelling.

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