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Annual Report 2009
                                                       Mission Statement

                                               It is the mission of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office, as the primary law
                                               enforcement agency for Calvert County, to provide exceptional law
                                               enforcement services to the citizens of Calvert County and to prevent crime
                                               and fear of crime through innovative law enforcement efforts. We will
                                               continue to accomplish such tasks with the utmost professionalism, integrity,
                                               compassion and respect in order to maintain the highest standards of public
                                               trust and confidence.

                                                       Table of Contents

Sheriff’s Message . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2              Progress through Technology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16

Assistant Sheriff’s Message. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3                     Preparing to “Go Live’ with New World Systems. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17

Bureau of Patrol . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4            Calvert Investigative Team {CIT} . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
   A December to Remember . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5                            Highlights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
   A Letter to the Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6                  Warrant Unit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
   Community Action Team {CAT} . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6                               Southern Maryland Information Center {SMIC} . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
   School Liaison . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7              Crime Lab . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
   D.A.R.E. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7        Drug Enforcement Unit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
   K9 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8      Sex Offender Unit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20

Twin Beaches Patrol. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9                Detention Center Administrator’s Message . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21

Professional Standards Unit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10                      Detention Center Operations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22

Local Office of Homeland Security . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11                            On Board in 2009. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27
   Special Operations Bureau . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
                                                                                                                  Bureau of Administrative & Judicial Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
   Hugo Fire – Navy Pier . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
                                                                                                                     Animal Control . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
Get to Know Your Deputies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
                                                                                                                  Focus on the Future . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
   First Sergeant Timothy (Tee-Bo) Buckmaster. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
   Deputy First Class Joseph Kontra . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13                          Special Recognition – High Praise . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32
   Corporal Vlad Bortchevsky . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14                          Local Awards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32
   Deputy First Class Mike Tomlinson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14                              Around Town and the Office . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35
   Corporal Gary Shrawder . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15                    Dedication . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37
   Sergeant Kent Gregory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15

                                                                                                                                                                2009 Annual Report                                       1
                        A Message from the Sheriff

                                                                             The Sheriff’s Office continues to receive grants to allow for
                                                                            purchases of needed equipment, computers and vehicles. The
                                                                            Mobile Command Vehicle, through tremendous effort and
                                                                            dedication by Lt. Colonel Hejl was purchased with a $750,000.00
                                                                            grant he submitted and fought for. This vehicle will be used in cases
                                                                            of either natural or man-made disasters throughout the county.

                                                                             Another grant was obtained for additional in car computers,
                                                                            allowing deputies to remain on patrol while completing reports. Tag
                                                                            readers were obtained through a grant. They have the ability to
                                                                            read a vehicle registration plate to determine if the vehicle is stolen,
                                                                            the owner is either wanted, or his license is suspended and if the
                                                                            vehicle is insured, and alert the deputies on other types of violations.

                                                                              A tragedy struck Calvert County in July 2009, in which a deputy
    Sheriff Mike Evans
                                                                            while responding to an emergency call was involved in a tragic
                                                                            accident. Rachel Campbell’s life was taken as a result of this
    By the time this 2009 Annual Report is                                  accident. Civil litigation is still pending, but I have placed my letter
                                                                            to the family and the citizens in this Annual Report. I hope you take
    completed we will be well into the 2010                                 time to review this letter.
    election cycle at which time I will be
                                                                             In 2009 I was honored to be elected President of the Maryland
    seeking my third term as your Sheriff. I would                           Sheriff’s Association. I am required to represent the twenty-four
    like to remind all citizens that I work for you. I answer to you, the   Sheriff’s of Maryland by testifying on specific legislative bills and
    citizen, and I request my funds from the Board of County                appointing Sheriff’s to review certain criteria. Always remember my
    Commissioners. By law the County Commissioners must adequately          first commitment is to you the citizens of Calvert County.
    fund the Sheriff’s Office. In the budget that began in July 2009, this
    office received no new positions, which is understandable due to            I will continue to challenge my staff to work diligently toward
    the economy. I am fortunate to report there were no furloughs or        providing the safest community possible. I will also look for more
    layoffs given to any Sheriff’s Office employee. However, I did request      grants to assist the Sheriff’s Office in its quest to provide a safer
    seven deputies through the federal government’s stimulus program        environment for all our citizens and visitors to Calvert County. I will
    for policing. If we were awarded these positions their salaries would   look to increase the number of deputies we have on patrol, in our
    have been funded for three years by the federal government and          schools and seek to increase our compliment of those investigating
    then the county would be responsible for their salaries. I am sad to    violations of Maryland and Federal drug laws. I will remain
    say that not one Sheriff’s Office in the country received any              determined to stop the culture of drug use and drug dealing within
    positions from the stimulus program. We still continued to hire new     our community; it is an obvious detriment to our society and
    deputies as a result of resignations or retirements. We were able to    devastating to families and communities when they become
    bring on one experienced officer and put two new hires through the        involved.
    Southern Maryland Criminal Justice Academy who will graduate in
    February, 2010.
                                                                             Thank you to all civilian and sworn employees of the Sheriff’s
                                                                            Office and Detention Center for their commitment to
      In 2009, approximately thirty of our deputies assisted during the     professionalism during another tough economic year. Your efforts
    inauguration of President Barrack Obama. This assignment was            to provide the citizens courteous efficient service are appreciated
    funded partly by the Metropolitan Police Department. The Sheriff’s
    Office also reaches out to our community by assisting with the End
    Hunger Charity Bike Ride, Special Olympics, Relay for Life, and
    Project Graduation, to name a few.

                                  A Message from the
                                  Assistant Sheriff

                                                                           2009 did provide the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office more than an
                                                                          ample supply of occurrences that were exceptional and worthy of
                                                                          praise and applause. Numerous individuals from this office received
                                                                          various awards for acts they performed in 2009. In addition to
                                                                          sworn members there were also awards for two civilians, CDO
                                                                          Bowland and Hardesty for their quick thinking and handling of calls
                                                                          that may have saved individual lives.
                                                                           2009 also saw our commitment to the community and community
                                                                          oriented policing flourish as we provided needed assistance and
                                                                          participation in the End Hunger bike ride and increased our
                                                                          presence in communities by our commitment to the Community
                                                                          Action Team (CAT) project. In 2009, we were present at the opening
                                                                          ceremony for the new community building in the White Sands
                                                                          Community and have joined them in their efforts to have a safe and
                                                                          crime free community. At the invite of the community leaders of
                                                                          White Sands we have taken space in the new building as a satellite
                                                                            Strides in technology topped the list of items this office has
                                                                          secured to better support our efforts in fighting crime and crime
                                                                          prevention. In one notable case of how the technology we have
                                                                          acquired aided in crime fighting was when we set up our new
                                                                          surveillance cameras in the Cove Point Park pool area and were able
                                                                          to capture on tape the devastating destruction of property by
                                                                          several individuals. These persons were identified and arrested as a
Lt. Colonel Thomas C. Hejl                                                direct result of the deployment of these surveillance cameras. We
                                                                          were also able to obtain a state of the art Mobile Command Vehicle
                                                                          through a federal grant. The vehicle will provide Calvert County with
2009, to quote the famous author Charles                                  yet another tool to assist law enforcement and public safety during
                                                                          times of crisis.
Dickens, “It was the best of times, it was the
                                                                           As 2009 came to a close we were witness to just how strong
worst of times.” The worst of time came on July 24, 2009,                 Mother Nature can be with the blizzard in December. Our deputies
while Deputy First Class Wells was responding to a hot domestic           handled two feet of snow and the related problems admirably; many
violence call and was involved in a horrific crash killing young Rachel    of whom worked endless hours.
Campbell of Dunkirk. The accident had a ripple effect through the
community and the Sheriff’s Office. To characterize the tragic death           Finally, as always, I wish to give a large “pat on the back” to our
of this young woman and the serious injury of a young deputy as           civilian staff. These are the unsung heroes of this office performing
horrible is a gross understatement. While Ms. Campbell rests in           thankless but necessary tasks that keep this office running. We are
Heaven and DFC Wells has finally recovered from his injuries the           constantly heaping more and more on their shoulders and there are
thought of that tragedy remains vivid in our minds. The Sheriff,           no complaints. Their dedication to duty is a trait that is truly valued
members of this fine agency and I have rarely felt firsthand such           by the sworn members of the agency and particularly the command
sorrow and our hearts go out to the family and friends of Rachel as       staff who rely on them daily. Special thanks to Julia Goins, Shirley
she will be missed forever.                                               Ireland, Frances Lopez, Sue McClanahan, Patty Scroggins, Robin
                                                                          Cox, Tina Jones, Sheila Taylor, Linda Brooks, Jessica Joy, Margie
  Unfortunately we suffered another tragedy with the loss of Sue           Moore, Jeannine Howard, Jessica Jones, Raquel Bowlan, Donna
McClanahan, our Civil Process Specialist. Sue’s passing from cancer       Jinnette, Jennifer Hardesty, Ricky Weems Sr., Johnny Coates,
caught us all by surprise and was devastating to those close to her.      Amanda Finch, Kathryn McDonald, Debra Nevin, Phyllis Poole,
Sue’s title of “Specialist” truly hit the mark. She was a specialist in   Maureen Uebelhoer, Betty Carrico, Elaine Holland, Sylvia Holland,
every way, caring, confident, energetic, helpful and most pleasantly       Pearl Thomas and our two fantastic volunteers Stacy Machowski
Sue was always fun to be around. Sue had an insatiable appetite for       and Bill Smith, Sr.
learning and continued to pursue a degree in business management.
Sue had a keen sense of humor, took things in stride and would drop
everything to help a fellow employee. She is sorely missed by us all.

                                                                                                        2009 Annual Report                   3
                        Bureau of Patrol

                                                                           Notable Incidents Involving
                                                                           Patrol Bureau Personnel
                                                                           Traffic stop leads to seizure and search warrant
                                                                           On July 29, 2009, Deputy Ian Umphrey conducted a traffic stop of
                                                                           a vehicle on Lower Marlboro Road in Huntingtown. Deputy Umphrey
                                                                           called for a K9 and a scan of the vehicle was conducted. The K9
                                                                           alerted and a subsequent search of the vehicle yielded a large quan-
    In calendar year 2009, deputies assigned to the Patrol Bureau re-      tity of suspected cocaine. The operator/defendant was arrested and
    sponded to approximately 113,000 self initiated or citizen request     charged with Possession with the Intent to Distribute a Controlled
    calls for service.                                                     Dangerous Substance (P.W.I.D.). With the evidence obtained
                                                                           through this search an additional search warrant was obtained for
    Statistical data for the Bureau of Patrol in 2009 was as follows:      the defendant’s residence and with assistance from Detective
                                                                           Thomas Tilley and the Drug Investigative Unit the warrant was exe-
    •   2,007 Criminal Apprehensions                                       cuted. Located on the property was a “home-grown” operation of
    •   667 CDS Arrests                                                    marijuana. Eleven marijuana plants were seized from the property,
    •   592 DUI’S                                                          along with 2 vehicles and a motorcycle trailer.
    •   161 Traffic Arrests
    •   653 Warrants Served                                                Deputies maintain calm
    •   309 Criminal/Civil Citations issued
    •   9,982 Traffic citations issued                                       On December 17, 2009, Deputy Frank Winston and Deputy James Nor-
    •   15,926 Traffic warnings issued                                       ton were on the scene of a full cardiac arrest victim at All Saints Epis-
    •   35,869 Patrol checks (including business, residential,             copal Church in Sunderland. Deputy Winston initiated Cardio
        community, schools, events and others)                             Pulmonary Resuscitation (C.P.R.) while Deputy Norton did an excellent
                                                                           job with crowd control. Deputy Norton also held a blanket over the
        This statistical data does not include the Traffic Safety Unit, K9   victim so she was not exposed to the public while C.P.R. was being
        or the Community Action Team.                                      performed. Following the arrival of an ambulance the victim was sub-
                                                                           sequently transported to Calvert Memorial Hospital. Both deputies
    Special events the Bureau of Patrol personnel played a signifi-         acted in an exemplary manner during a trying and stressful situation.
    cant role in included:

    • Tiki-Bar Opening
    • 4TH of July celebrations at both Solomons Island &
      Chesapeake Beach
    • Bayfest
    • Calvert County Fair
    • Patuxent River Appreciation Days (P.R.A.D.)
    • Sheriff’s Office and Maryland State Police Open House

    In 2009 the Bureau of Patrol began integrating the black & white
    paint scheme for marked vehicles in the patrol fleet. This initiative
    was well researched and the most common theme found during the
    research was that the black and white paint scheme was actually a
    force-multiplier. The perception of seeing the vehicle is that there
    are more than meets the eye. Additionally, the community at large
    can easily recognize the vehicle as a law enforcement vehicle. High                      270 Shore Acres Apartment Fire
    visibility was another product of the research.
    The Sheriff and members of the office have received numerous pos-         Major Fire
    itive comments on the change.
                                                                           On July 31, 2009, fire apparatus was dispatched to 270 Shore Acres
                                                                           Way in the Silverwood Farm Apartments in Prince Frederick for a
                                                                           building fire. Deputies were dispatched as well. Upon arrival it was dis-
                                                                           covered that an entire apartment building was burning and in heavy
                                                                           smoke. Ultimately the fire was extinguished; however 24 apartments
                                                                           sustained severe damage and as a result 38 residents were displaced.

                                  Bureau of Patrol

Lieutenant Dave McDowell responded from his secondary employ-             A December to Remember
ment once he heard the call broadcast. Upon his arrival, he and the
fire chief put the Incident Command System (ICS) into action and           Snow; as children we loved it and unless you’re a skier or a glutton
held command from that point. Deputies were utilized for traffic and        for punishment as an adult you want just enough to cover the
crowd control as well as overnight security until the building could      ground for its aesthetic value and then have it go away the next day.
be secured.                                                               Law enforcement in particular does not like the snow for myriad of
                                                                          reasons least of which is the fact that motorist driving skills seem
The Fire Marshal determined that the cause of the fire was the result
                                                                          to disappear with even the slightest of snow on the road. December
of a vehicle backing into a natural gas line and severing it. The
                                                                          of 2009 Mother Nature provided us with the opportunity to see just
escaping gas was ignited by a nearby pilot light from an adjoining
                                                                          how well we would fare with the “mother lode” of snow fall that
hot water heater located in a closet next to the break in the gas line.
                                                                          turned out to be a record breaker for most of the Mid-Atlantic
Fortunately there was no loss of life as a result of this catastrophe.
                                                                          States. What we did discover was that since it was such a significant
                                                                          amount of snowfall, up to two feet in some areas, and that it oc-
The following bullet points are of noteworthy action taken                curred on the weekend, we had less than expected traffic problems.
by the members of the Bureau of Patrol during 2009.                       In fact, the snow was so deep it was pretty difficult to even venture
                                                                          out on the roadways for some quite time.
• Patrol Bureau personnel investigated 935 automobile crashes.
                                                                          We do applaud the efforts of our Deputies for the outstanding job
• Patrol Bureau personnel investigated 9 fatal automobile crashes.        they did in responding to calls for service during and after the bliz-
• Patrol Bureau personnel participated in numerous special                zard.
  events like TIKI Bar opening, Bayfest, Blessing of the Bikes, 4th       We hope the December experience is not repeated anytime soon.
  of July, Patuxent River Appreciation Days (P.R.A.D.), and other
  smaller venues.
• Patrol Bureau personnel participated in 15 sobriety checkpoints.
• Patrol Bureau personnel participated in statewide traffic
  initiatives such as Smooth Operator, Checkpoint Strike force
  and the Maryland Law Enforcement Challenge.
• Patrol Bureau Command implemented the Community Action
  Team (CAT) to be more proactive in our communities, to
  liaison with community organizations, to teach D.A.R.E. and to
  have a GO TO group of core deputies.
• Patrol Bureau Command added three license plate readers to
  the agency vehicle fleet.
• Patrol Bureau Command implemented a new color scheme and
  graphics package on our marked vehicles, helping to increase
  visibility in our neighborhoods.
• Patrol Bureau Command implemented a new numbering
  system, enabling deputies and the public to easily identify
  one vehicle.
• Patrol Bureau Command researched priority dispatching and
  implemented training and policy to improve consistency on the
  types of calls for service that a priority 1 response is needed.
• Patrol Bureau Command identified the need for continued
  training in the area of vehicle operations and researched,
  developed, and implemented a classroom portion and practical
  exercises for all agency personnel.
• Patrol Bureau Command researched and implemented a
  training program for scene security, in an effort to work more
  efficiently and effectively with Calvert County volunteer
  firefighters and EMS.
• Patrol Bureau Command welcomed aboard First Sergeant Craig
  Bowen, who has proven to be an asset to the Patrol Bureau.

                                                                                                        2009 Annual Report                  5
                       Bureau of Patrol

    Letter to the Editor                                                     Community Action Team
    I am writing this letter in regards to the tragic accident, which oc-    (better known as CAT)
    curred in Dunkirk on July 24, 2009. This unfortunate incident, which
    was heartfelt throughout our community, took the life of Rachael
    Campbell and seriously injured Deputy C. Wayne Wells. Sincere
    condolences from the entire Sheriff’s Office goes out to the families
    touched by this accident and please know that our thoughts are
    prayers have been with you.
    On a personal note, as Sheriff, I would like to apologize to the family
    for statements made to the press prior to the investigation being
    fully completed. I together with the Sheriff’s Office staff have re-
    viewed data and facts and have met with numerous investigators
    to fully understand this accident and what steps could be taken to
    lessen the chances of such a tragedy occurring in the future.
    The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office Priority 1 response policy is gov-
    erned by Maryland Vehicle Law Section 21-106. It is imperative that
    deputies arrive on the scene of emergency calls for service as
    quickly and as safely as possible. The number of calls for service
    where a priority 1 response is dictated was recently streamlined and
    training was conducted on priority responses and pursuits. Our cur-
    rent emergency response policy is consistent with the surrounding
    jurisdictions; however the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office has imple-
    mented additional measures regarding the response to priority 1
    calls since this accident.                                                                   Click It or Ticket campaign
    First, we now have an in-service training program governing priority
    response actions. Second, our pursuit training is being conducted
                                                                                                        In 2009, the Calvert County Sheriff’s
    using practical application and exercises in real time along with
                                                                                                         Office Community Action Team (CAT)
    classroom instruction. Part of the classroom instruction requires that
                                                                                                         was reassigned to the Patrol Bureau
    deputies be familiar with Calvert County roadways and understand
                                                                                                         and is under the direct supervision of
    response speeds need to be adjusted according to the terrain of the
                                                                                                         Lieutenant McDowell. The CAT mem-
    roadway, the lay of the land, the population, congestion, weather,
                                                                                                         bers in 2009 were First Sergeant Todd
    and traffic in the area where they are travelling. Third, we have al-
                                                                                                         Ireland, Sergeant Brian McCourt, Cor-
    ready completed refresher behind the wheel training for all deputies
                                                                                                         poral Michael Bomgardner, Deputy
    on the safe practice of high speed responses. Fourth, we have im-
                                                                                                         First Class Philip Foote, Deputy First
    plemented policy change that requires supervisors to monitor all
                                                                                                        Class Michael Naecker, and Deputy
    emergency response calls. Additionally, the supervisor may change
                                                                                                        Andrew Clas. The CAT spent a signifi-
    the priority response to the call based upon information received
                                                                                                        cant amount of time in 2009 forming
    from the Calvert Control Center. Finally, I have met with the Camp-
                                                                                                      community partnerships and establish-
    bell family and was granted permission to use this accident case as
                                                                                              ing open lines of communications with Calvert
    a training tool for all deputies in Southern Maryland. The case in its
                                                                             County businesses and communities.
    entirety will now be taught and discussed at the Southern Maryland
    Criminal Justice Academy.                                                The CAT assisted with coordinating the Shop with a Cop which
                                                                             allowed a record 75 less fortunate children the opportunity to
    The mission of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office is to provide ex-
                                                                             go shopping to purchase Christmas gifts for themselves and their
    ceptional law enforcement services to the citizens of Calvert County
    and to prevent crime and fear of crime through innovative law en-
    forcement efforts. We will continue to accomplish such tasks with         CAT members conducted sobriety checkpoints, DUI saturation
    the utmost professionalism, integrity, compassion and respect in         patrols, seatbelt checkpoints, speed stop teams and spent countless
    order to maintain the highest standards of public trust and confi-        hours educating the public on Maryland’s laws governing drinking
    dence. I will do everything in my power and wisdom to lessen the         and driving, underage drinking and occupant protection.
    chances of our community ever having to endure this type of              CAT received license plate readers through a grant which allow
    tragedy again. Once again, my sincerest condolences go out to the        deputies the opportunity to instantaneously know if a vehicles reg-
    family and friends of Rachael Campbell.                                  istration and/or registered owner are legitimate. The license plate
                                           Sheriff Mike Evans                 readers are on three vehicles that patrol Calvert County roadways.

                                 Bureau of Patrol

An email list of Neighborhood Watch communities and local busi-         Drug Awareness & Resistence Education
nesses was completed which allows the CAT to easily send commu-
nity notices and crime trend updates.                                   (D.A.R.E.)
Students from 9th grade through 12th grade at Huntingtown High          The Drug Awareness and Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) activities
School were taught the High School D.A.R.E. Prescription Drug Les-      are now a part of the Community Action Team (CAT) We have been
son and an Enhanced Tobacco related class on two separate days          activly instructing the D.A.R.E. program in our private schools as
for a total of 480 children.                                            well as our public schools. In 2009 Sergeant Bomgardner was able
Approximately 1500 students received the D.A.R.E. Elementary            to convince one public high school to allow us to come in and teach
School Curriculum in our County Middle Schools.                         a D.A.R.E. related lesson for prescription drug issues which was ac-
                                                                        tually created, paid for and given to D.A.R.E. by several pharmaceu-
Approximately 120 Funeral Details were handled by the unit and ap-      tical companies.
proximately 200 Special Assignments were handled along with con-
ducting approximately 172 meetings, talks and training.                 In 2009 two-hundred forty (240) students from 9th grade through
                                                                        12th grade at Huntingtown High School were taught the High School
The Special Assignments the CAT participated in include the follow-     D.A.R.E. Prescription Drug Lesson and an Enhanced Tobacco related
ing: Benefit run/walks, Gator Aid Educational programs, National         class on two separate days for a total of four-hundred eighty (480)
Night Out, Calvert County Fair, Patuxent River Appreciation Days,       students receiving that educational block of training.
Seatbelt Checkpoints, Sobriety Checkpoints, Aggressive Driving En-
forcement, Safety Fair at Constellation Energy, Halloween Patrol,       Approximately one thousand two-hundred (1200) students received
Holiday Patrols, Health Fair, Career Fair at The Calverton School,      the D.A.R.E. Middle School Curriculum in our County Middle Schools.
Senior Talks, Cub Scout Tours, Roll Call Training, Christmas Parades,   We also taught a one day lesson in D.A.R.E. this past summer to ap-
Emergency Vehicle Operations Training, School Bus Enforcement,          proximately one-hundred forty (140) children at seven (7) different
Fall Festival at Chesapeake Church, Parking Complaints, Shop with       camps sponsored by County Parks and Rec at various middle and
a Cop, CDS complaints, CSM Open House, Hospice House Grand              elementary schools in Calvert County. The children ranged from
Opening, Boy Scout Talks and Child Safety Seat talks, Toys for Tots.    ages 5 to 13.
The Deputies in the unit also handled numerous calls for service,       The D.A.R.E. Elementary Curriculum was also presented at three pri-
made arrests when necessary, issued citations and warnings and          vate schools in 2009 to approximately sixty-five (65) students. Our
filled in for patrol staffing on a regular basis as directed.              Lady Star had the middle school curriculum taught to grades 6th
                                                                        through 8th for a total of seventy-two (72) students.

School Liaison Program
Corporal Glenn Libby was the only Calvert County Sheriff Deputy
assigned to the Calvert County Schools in 2009. His duties included
investigations and arrests that occur in the schools or on school
property. This also extended to incidents that occurred on school
buses. Glenn made 69 total arrests for CDS violations, thefts, as-
saults and weapons in schools.
Corporal Libby also assists in running Camp Cops and the Junior
Police Academy in the summer months. He makes time to teach in
all of his schools about bullying, drugs, and decision making. An-
other duty of Corporal Libby is to ensure there is adequate security
at each school event including athletic events, dances, etc.
In 2009 Corporal Libby conducted an investigation where several
teachers were receiving obscene emails to their work email from a
hotmail account. During the investigation Corporal Libby was able
to locate an IP address for the computer that sent the email. Once
that was discovered Corporal Libby identified a suspect and was           DFC Phil Foote, Dep Andy Clas and Daren the D.A.R.E. Lion visit
able to obtain a confession and close the case with an arrest.                 the Calvert Memorial Hospital childcare program.

                                                                                                     2009 Annual Report                 7
                            Bureau of Patrol

Calvert County Sheriff's Office K9 Unit along with the Maryland National Capital Park Police and District Heights Police Department, agencies who train with them.

       K9                                                                               2009 was another good year for the K9 unit drug detector dogs.
                                                                                        They scanned a total of 312 vehicles and had 148 finds. The dogs lo-
       The Canine Unit obtained a new training facility in 2009. In 2008                cated various amounts of drugs, from small amounts considered
       the old Calvert Country School in Island Creek off of Broomes Island              “trace” amounts to large amounts in kilos. These K9 teams gener-
       Road was procured for use by the Sheriff’s Office. The K9 unit was                  ated the probable cause with a sniff and alert, which leads to a
       given office space and areas to set up for training. The unit took ad-             search and ultimately the discovery of illegal drugs and an arrest.
       vantage of this opportunity and went to work. They volunteered
                                                                                        The patrol dogs continued to have great success locating suspects,
       many hours of their own time to make this project a success. In
                                                                                        lost persons and evidence on tracks. Patrol dogs are a great deter-
       2009 the training facility was fully completed and very impressive.
                                                                                        rent to crime and in 2009 the K9 unit took advantage of that ability
       It has outdoor and indoor training areas with everything the K9’s
                                                                                        by conducting well over 2500 patrol checks, building checks and
       need for building foundation behaviors and advanced training tech-
                                                                                        foot patrols of Calvert county neighborhoods and business.
       niques. This facility provides a space for training our K9 teams along
       with outside agencies canines. Our police service dog’s proficiency
       on the street will only increase with this customized street oriented            Other Accomplishments of Note
       training facility. Training is conducted every Wednesday and the unit
                                                                                        • Obtained and put in service a new Mobile Command Vehicle
       encourages you to stop by and see your Sheriff’s Office working
       dogs in training along with the new facility.                                    • Sergeant Michael Bomgardner provided D.A.R.E. instruction
                                                                                          in Canada
                                                                                        • New Administration and Patrol Manual (CALEA)
                                                                                        • Trained 3 new Drug Recognition Experts (D.R.E.'s)
                                                                                        • Trained 3 new Accident Reconstructionists
                                                                                        • Obtained Tag Reader technology
                                                                                        • Incorporated a new class of uniform, Class C
                                                                                        • Established an agency newsletter
                                                                                        • Designed and distributed Patrol Bureau insignia uniform pins
                                                                                        Patrol Bureau Command anticipates 2010 will be another successful
                                                                                        year and hopes to reach many new goals such as: implementing 12
                                                                                        hour shifts that will put more deputies on the street at any given
                                                                                        time, increase minimum staffing levels of each patrol squad, in-
                                                                                        crease the number of Deputies assigned to CAT and other enforce-
                                                                                        ment, educational, and growth oriented goals.

                          K9 Intern Training

                                           Twin Beaches Patrol

                                                                                  a “resident deputy” program within the town. In December 1989,
                                                                                  the agreement was approved by the county and the town and went
                                                                                  into effect on July 1, 1990. At that time, four deputies were assigned
                                                                                  to patrol Chesapeake Beach.
                                                                                  In 1994, the town of North Beach requested to be included in the
                                                                                  resident deputy program and they funded three additional deputies.
                                                                                  At that time, the seven deputies were combined into the Twin
                                                                                  Beaches patrol. In 2006, an additional deputy was added to patrol
                                                                                  the two towns and the Chesapeake Beach resident deputy position
                                                                                  was created.

                                                                                  2009 Beach in Review
                                                                                  In August, 2009, Deputy Jeff Hardesty responded to an assist
                                                                                  sick/injured call on the North Beach pier. Upon arrival, he encoun-
                                                                                  tered a female who was depressed and threatening suicide. The fe-
                                                                                  male then jumped off the pier into the bay. Deputy Hardesty then
                                                                                  jumped into the water and pulled the victim to safety. Deputy Hard-
Cpl Jim Wahlgren and DFC Kevin Hall patrol the North Beach Boardwalk
                                                                                  esty was presented with a lifesaving award for his actions.
         The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office is contracted by the towns of           DFC Brianne Gray, the resident deputy for Chesapeake Beach, was
         Chesapeake Beach and North Beach to provide law enforcement serv-        selected as the 2009 Community Police Officer of the Year by the
         ices to the incorporated towns twenty-four hours a day, seven days a     Maryland Sheriff’s Association at its annual conference in Ocean
         week. This detachment, known as the “Twin Beaches Patrol”, consists      City. Brianne was nominated for her exemplary work with the youth
         of a First Sergeant who supervises the detachment and is a liaison be-   and the citizens within the town. DFC Gray was also recognized by
         tween the two towns and the Sheriff’s Office; a Corporal and six            the Mayor and Town Council of Chesapeake Beach for this achieve-
         deputies. In addition to the other deputies, Chesapeake Beach also       ment at their September town meeting.
         funds a “resident deputy” that is assigned solely to that town.
                                                                                  DFC’s David Gatton and Andrew Woodford, members of the Twin
         The Twin Beach deputies are responsible for enforcing all criminal       Beaches patrol, completed the 40 hour basic mountain bike officer
         and traffic laws within the towns; responding to citizen complaints        course and have obtained national certification of the Law Enforce-
         and making patrol checks at businesses, residential communities          ment Bicycle Association.
         and public areas to maintain high visibility and deter crime. In ad-
         dition to their normal patrol duties, the Twin beach deputies are also
         responsible for security, crowd control and traffic control during
         special events within the towns; such as Bayfest, the 4th of July fire-
         works display and the Blessing of the Bikes ceremony. In 2009, the
         Sheriff’s Office handled 10,366 calls for service within the two towns.
         The Twin Beaches patrol utilizes the “Community Policing Concept”
         in its approach to deal with problems within the community. The
         Community Policing Concept is a method of policing where
         deputies are assigned to the same area where they meet and gain
         a rapport with the citizens and business owners who live and work
         in the area. The citizens and the police work together to identify
         problems within the towns and find workable solutions to the prob-
         lems. The Twin Beaches supervisors, along with the Chesapeake
         Beach resident deputy, routinely attend town and neighborhood
         meetings to discuss the issues and concerns of the residents. The
         supervisors work closely with the Mayors of both towns to address
         these concerns and to determine the best course of action to resolve
         the problems.
         In July 1989, the Mayor of Chesapeake Beach contacted then Sheriff           Sgt Tim Fridman and Cpl Gary Shrawder patrol the Bayfest
         Adrian Joy and the Calvert County Commissioners requesting that                            activities on Patrol Bikes.
         the town and the Sheriff’s Office enter into an agreement to create

                                                                                                                2009 Annual Report                 9
                               Professional Standards Unit

     The Office of Professional Standards is committed to providing ex-                       trust between them. Professional Standards Investigator, Sergeant
     ceptional law enforcement services to the citizens of Calvert County                   Jay Goldsmith has currently been named to the board of directors
     by conducting investigations into citizen and internal complaints                      for the Community Mediation Center – Calvert, in an effort to ac-
     within the agency. The Office of Professional Standards strives to                       complish these objectives.
     accomplish such tasks with the utmost professionalism, integrity,                      During the 2009 calendar year, the Office of Professional Standards
     compassion, and respect, in order to maintain the highest standards                    supervised and/or investigated 27 complaints against personnel,
     of public trust. True to this mission, the Sheriff’s Office works in                      and 47 Agency vehicle accidents. The Office of Professional Stan-
     partnership with the Community Mediation Center – Calvert, to work                     dards also reviewed 90 uses of force reports in 2009 and found that
     with community members to enhance a better understanding of                            all use of force incidents were within Agency policy and procedures.
     each other’s perspective, thus, fostering compassion, respect and

       2008   Abduction Suspect             0   2009   Abduction Suspect             0    2008   Reaching Into Bag               0   2009   Reaching Into Bag               1
       2008   Assault Suspect               1   2009   Assault Suspect               0    2008   Reaching Into Console           1   2009   Reaching Into Console           0
       2008   Assault Suspect/ Dark Room    0   2009   Assault Suspect/ Dark Room    0    2008   Reaching into Pockets           1   2009   Reaching into Pockets           0
       2008   Attempt to Retrieve Weapon    0   2009   Attempt to Retrieve Weapon    1    2008   Reported Stolen Auto            0   2009   Reported Stolen Auto            1
       2008   Burglary Suspect              1   2009   Burglary Suspect              4    2008   Robbery Suspect(s)              1   2009   Robbery Suspect(s)              1
       2008   Felony Stop                   5   2009   Felony Stop                   3    2008   Stop Assault                    0   2009   Stop Assault                    1
       2008   Fled on Foot                  0   2009   Fled on Foot                  0    2008   Stop DOP to Agency Veh.         0   2009   Stop DOP to Agency Veh.         1
       2008   Fleeing in Vehicle            0   2009   Fleeing in Vehicle            0    2008   Suspct Atmpt Hide Frm Deputy    0   2009   Suspct Atmpt Hide Frm Deputy    1
       2008   Fleeing on Foot               0   2009   Fleeing on Foot               0    2008   Suspect displayed weapon        1   2009   Suspect displayed weapon        0
       2008   Foot Pursuit                  0   2009   Foot Pursuit                  1    2008   Suspicious Person               2   2009   Suspicious Person               1
       2008   Non-Compliance               42   2009   Non-Compliance               17    2008   Theft Suspect                       2009   Theft Suspect                   0
       2008   Overcome resistance           2   2009   Overcome resistance          35    2008   Vehicle Pursuit                 8   2009   Vehicle Pursuit                10
       2008   Passenger Fled on Foot        0   2009   Passenger Fled on Foot        1    2008   Vehicle Pursuit/Flee on Foot    0   2009   Vehicle Pursuit/Flee on Foot    0
       2008   Person w/Weapon               3   2009   Person w/Weapon              10    2008   Warrant Service/Felony          0   2009   Warrant Service/Felony          1

       2008   Agency Vehicle                2   2009   Agency Vehicle                 1   2008   Head Restraint                  0   2009   Head Restraint                 1
       2008   Applied Infra Orbital         0   2009   Applied Infra Orbital          1   2008   Hyperglossil PPCT               0   2009   Hyperglossil PPCT              0
       2008   Armbar                        0   2009   Armbar                        4    2008   Infra Orbital                   0   2009   Infra Orbital                  0
       2008   Armbar Takedown               0   2009   Armbar Takedown              28    2008   K9                              0   2009   K9                             0
       2008   ASP Baton                     0   2009   ASP Baton                     0    2008   Knee Strike                     5   2009   Knee Strike                    4
       2008   Body Takedown                 0   2009   Body Takedown                 0    2008   Leg Restraint                   0   2009   Leg Restraint                  2
       2008   C Clamp                       0   2009   C Clamp                       0    2008   Leg Sweep Takedown              0   2009   Leg Sweep Takedown             1
       2008   Carotid Pressure Point        0   2009   Carotid Pressure Point        0    2008   Mandibular Angle                0   2009   Mandibular Angle               4
       2008   Closed Hand Strike            0   2009   Closed Hand Strike             3   2008   OC Spray                        2   2009   OC Spray                       3
       2008   Closed Hand Strikes           2   2009   Closed Hand Strikes           0    2008   Open Hand Strike                0   2009   Open Hand Strike               1
       2008   Firearm                       1   2009   Firearm                       0    2008   P.I.T. Manuever                 0   2009   P.I.T. Manuever                2
       2008   Firearm Display              30   2009   Firearm Display              40    2008   Palm Strikes                    1   2009   Palm Strikes                   1
       2008   Flashlight                    3   2009   Flashlight                    0    2008   Placed Knee on Bck              0   2009   Placed Knee on Bck             2
       2008   Forearm Across Face           0   2009   Forearm Across Face           0    2008   PPCT                            3   2009   PPCT                           3
       2008   Forearm to Bck of Head        0   2009   Forearm to Bck of Head        0    2008   Pushed Away Using Hand          0   2009   Pushed Away Using Hand         3
       2008   Forearm Under Chin            0   2009   Forearm Under Chin            0    2008   Pushed Down On Shoulder         0   2009   Pushed Down On Shoulder        0
       2008   Grab Jckt & Seated            0   2009   Grab Jckt & Seated            0    2008   Pushed Suspct Dwn w/Foot        0   2009   Pushed Suspct Dwn w/Foot       0
       2008   Grab Shirt Took to Grnd       0   2009   Grab Shirt Took to Grnd        2   2008   Restraint                       2   2009   Restraint                      0
       2008   Grabbed Arm(s)                0   2009   Grabbed Arm(s)                0    2008   Shoulder Pin                    0   2009   Shoulder Pin                   2
       2008   Grabbed Arms                  0   2009   Grabbed Arms                  11   2008   Shoulder Strike                 1   2009   Shoulder Strike                0
       2008   Grabbed Hand(s)               0   2009   Grabbed Hand(s)               0    2008   Takedown                       39   2009   Takedown                       7
       2008   Grabbed Legs                  0   2009   Grabbed Legs                   2   2008   Taser                           5   2009   Taser                          8
       2008   Hand Restraint                0   2009   Hand Restraint                 1   2008   Tripped Suspect                 0   2009   Tripped Suspect                0
       2008   Hard/Soft Hand Tech.         42   2009   Hard/Soft Hand Tech.           2   2008   Wrist Lock                      6   2009   Wrist Lock                     7
       2008   Head Lock                     1   2009   Head Lock                      1

                                        Local Office of Homeland Security

       Local Office of Homeland Security (LOHS)                                  Customs Enforcement (ICE) to assist them in conducting a maritime
                                                                               counter terrorism/narcotics interdiction effort named Operations
       and Special Operations Bureau                                           Parasite. The goal of the operation was to intercept cargo ships on
                                                                               the Chesapeake Bay that might have a parasitic device attached to
       The Local Office of Homeland Security and Special Operations Bu-
                                                                               the ship underneath the water line. These devices are a concern as
       reau are responsible for handling the Sheriff’s Office high risk oper-
                                                                               they could potentially contain illegal narcotics or tools for terrorists.
       ations. This unit also conducts the planning and execution of the
                                                                               Calvert County Special Operations has extensive experience in mar-
       counties large events, such as the Annual Tiki Bar Opening, Blessing
                                                                               itime operations, and provided services ranging from boarding and
       of the Bikes, Fireworks Celebrations and other high profile events.
                                                                               occupant security to high risk dive operations and hull clearing.
       The unit is also tasked with Calvert County’s vast counter terrorism
       and special operations efforts. Calvert County has two pieces of crit-   During the summer of 2009 Special Operations conducted a Basic
       ical infrastructure, the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant and the      Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Maritime Operators School.
       Cove Point LNG Terminal. The Sheriff’s Office values its role as an        This SWAT school has developed a national reputation for delivering
       integral part of our nations protection from those who would do us      high quality training for police personnel wishing to join a SWAT
       harm. As a result, much of the efforts of this unit are classified. The   Team. The Sheriff’s Office conducts the school for our own person-
       unit maintains channels of communications with its Federal and          nel; however the school is open for members of other agencies to
       State counterparts. The unit holds the Sheriff’s Office position on        attend. This year the school was attended by members from local,
       the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF). Some of the unit’s ac-       state, and federal agencies including members of the United States
       complishments in 2009 are detailed below.                               Marshall’s elite Special Operations Group (SOG).
       In January of 2009 members of the Special Operations Team were          One of the most dangerous tasks that Sheriff’s Office personnel are
       called upon by the United States Secret Service to assist them with     called upon to perform is the service of Emergency Petitions upon
       the security at the Inauguration of President Barrack Obama. Special    mentally ill persons. These Emergency Petitions are issued by the
       Operations was responsible for counter assault operations at one        courts when the court finds probable cause to believe that persons
       of the sites where the newly inaugurated President walked along         are mentally ill or unstable and pose a threat to themselves or oth-
       the parade route.                                                       ers. The subjects of these court orders are often highly violent, and
                                                                               resist efforts to help them. Members of Special Operations are
       LOHS and Special Operations continued its partnership with the Do-
                                                                               tasked with serving these court orders, and transporting those men-
       minion Cove Point Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Terminal, and the
                                                                               tally ill persons to seek proper medical and psychiatric care. In 2009
       United States Coast Guard. Members of Special Operations con-
                                                                               members of this unit conducted these operations 74 times.
       ducted operations throughout 2009 escorting and securing LNG
       Tankers from possible terrorist attack.                                 In addition to the work in the counter terrorism field the Special Op-
                                                                               erations Team conducted 79 high-risk search and seizure warrants,
       In the spring of 2009, Special Operations was called upon by the
                                                                               6 hostage barricade situations, and many other high-risk details.
       United States Coast Guard, and the Federal Bureau of Immigration

Special Operation team members with the newly acquired robot, this ensures the safety of
     team members and citizens alike when explosive or suspicious situations arise.

                                                                                                              2009 Annual Report                    11
                        Local Office of Homeland Security

     Pier & Ship Fire in Solomons                                            and to see what assistance he could give. In desperation, Captain
                                                                             Diaz explained that he needed to save his ship but could only get
     On April, 28, 2009, Deputy Tom Rickard was off duty at the Navy          to it by water because the pier was engulfed in flames and smoke
     Recreation Center in Solomons when he noticed smoke coming              and no one could approach the Hugo from shore. DFC Sloane
     from the direction of the 100 foot pier on the Patuxent River. Deputy   coordinated with Lieutenant Thomas and Captain Diaz to pick up
     Rickard notified the Calvert Control Center of what he observed and      the crew of the Hugo at the Solomon’s boat launch with one of the
     they advised him that there was a small boat fire. Deputy Rickard        Special Operations Team boats.
     informed the control center he would respond. Had Deputy Rickard
                                                                             Lieutenant Thomas along with DFC Foote, DFC Smith, and Deputy
     not responded, the severity of this fire would not have been realized
                                                                             Mitchell quickly picked up the crew of the Hugo and transported
     as it was actually the 100 foot Navy pier that had caught fire by a
                                                                             them to their ship. Once at the Hugo, The Special Operations Team
     faulty electric wire and was threatening the 200 foot torpedo
                                                                             (S.O.T.) members jumped into action without regard for their own
     recovery ship the USNS Hugo.
                                                                             safety and began to extinguish the fire from the pier that was now
     The United States Navy Ship Hugo was docked alongside this pier         consuming the port side of the Hugo. S.O.T. members began ship
     at the time the fire started. Since 2005 Captain Robert Diaz and his     board fire fighting operations to extinguish fire that had now
     crew of the USNS Hugo have built a rapport with the Special             extended onto the Hugo, and into its superstructure.
     Operations Team allowing them to conduct numerous training              Simultaneously, Captain Diaz and his crew began to cut their way
     operations aboard the Hugo while static and underway. Deputy            from the pier to get the Hugo to safety.
     Rickards constant updates as to how much of the pier, and
                                                                             After several minutes the crew and the Special Operations Team
     subsequently the Hugo being on fire led to the brave actions of
                                                                             were able to get the Hugo away from the pier and the fire under
     several Special Operations team Members.
     Upon hearing Deputy Rickards updates, Lieutenant Ricky Thomas,
     Deputy First Class Phil Foote, Deputy First Class James Smith,
     Deputy Seth Mitchell and Deputy First Class Chris Sloane all
     responded to Solomons to assist without any orders to do so. D.F.C.
     Sloane telephoned Captain Diaz to inquire about his crews safety

                United States Navy Ship, Hugo Fire                                     Pier and Ship Fire, Solomons, Maryland

                                 Get to Know Your Deputies

First Sergeant Tim “Teebo” Buckmaster                                   Deputy First Class Joseph M. Kontra
                                          First    Sergeant      Tim                                               Deputy First Class Joseph
                                          Buckmaster was born and                                                 M. Kontra grew up in
                                          raised in Calvert County.                                               Munhall, Pennsylvania and
                                          The youngest of four boys,                                              graduated from Steel
                                          his parents gave him the                                                Valley    High     School.
                                          nickname “Teebo” when                                                   Following high school Joe
                                          he was very little. The                                                 went to the Electronic
                                          name has stuck with him                                                 Institute    where      he
                                          to this day. Tim attended                                               received an Associates
                                          Calvert High School,                                                    Degree in Electronics and
                                          where he played both                                                    Computer Technology. In
                                          baseball and football. He                                               1987 he moved to
                                          is currently married to his                                             Maryland and was hired by
                                          wife Jennifer and they                                                  Westinghouse where he
                                          have a 10 year old son,                                                 worked on a receiver
                                          Ryan “Rhino” and a 5 year                                               protector for the F-16 Jet
                                          old     daughter,    Emily                                              Fighter Program.
                                          “Emmy”. First Sergeant                                                In 1993 Deputy First Class
                                          Buckmaster         became     Kontra was hired by the Baltimore City Police Department and
interested in law enforcement after graduating high school and          served with that department for two years. He also served with the
going on a ride-along with then Trooper First Class Mike Evans, who     Prince Georges County Police Department for 8 months before
is now his boss, Sheriff Evans. The two became good friends and          being hired at the Calvert County Sheriff's Office in 1995.
would lift weights in Mike’s basement on a regular basis. First
Sergeant Buckmaster was later hired as a Cadet with the Maryland        Deputy Kontra served 8 years on road patrol in the county before
State Police in 1989. He worked for the Commercial Vehicle Division     transferring to the warrant squad. He served child support warrants
of the Maryland State Police and his first assignment was at the Bay     for three and a half years and during his first full year serving child
Bridge in Annapolis. He was later transferred to the scale-house in     support warrants, the warrant squad went from a 74% to a 92%
Upper Marlboro. Just weeks before entering the State Police             closure rate. The past three years with the Sheriff's Office Joe has
Academy, he was approached by a friend who was a deputy with            been assigned to the Civil Process Unit in the Administrative &
the Sheriff’s Office. His friend told him the Sheriff’s Office was hiring     Judicial Services Bureau. The unit maintains a 96 to 97% service
and suggested he apply. He completed an application and was hired       rate, which is the best in the state.
for the next Academy class, which began in January of 1990.             Deputy Kontra resides in Calvert County with his wife Karan and
First Sergeant Buckmaster spent the first 9 years of his career          their daughter Angel. His favorite pastimes are playing Texas
assigned to the Patrol Bureau, several of which he worked as a          Hold'em and weight lifting.
deputy in the Twin Beaches Patrol. Tim was later re-assigned to the
Criminal Investigations Bureau, where he served as a property-
crimes Detective. Upon being promoted to Corporal, he was
transferred back to the Patrol Bureau. Then later promoted to
Sergeant, he supervised a patrol squad, served as Intoximeter
Supervisor and as the Commander of the Twin Beaches Patrol. After
being promoted to First Sergeant, he became the Assistant
Commander of the Patrol Bureau.
In his spare time, Teebo enjoys spending time with his family,
playing golf, softball and working out.

                                                                                                      2009 Annual Report                  13
                       Get to Know Your Deputies

     Corporal Vladamir “Vlad” Bortchevsky                                  Deputy First Class Mike Tomlinson
                                           Corporal           Vladimir                                               Deputy First Class Mike
                                           Bortchevsky is a 4 year                                                   Tomlinson has been a
                                           veteran of the Calvert                                                    member of the Calvert
                                           County Sheriff’s Office.                                                     County Sheriff's Office for
                                           Corporal Bortchevsky’s                                                    20 years and has spent
                                           family immigrated to the                                                  most of his career in the
                                           United     States      from                                               Patrol Bureau. Mike served
                                           Russian in 1992, when he                                                  in the United States Navy
                                           was 15 years old. The                                                     for three years following
                                           family settled in Buffalo,                                                 his graduation from high
                                           New York where he                                                         school and became a
                                           attended Kenmore West                                                     deputy in 1990 following
                                           Senior     High      School                                               his honorable discharge
                                           graduating      in    1996.                                               from the Navy.
                                           Corporal      Bortchevsky                                                 For the past four years
                                           attended Canisius College                                                 Mike has been assigned to
                                           where      he       studied                                               the Warrant/Fugitive Unit.
                                           international relations and                                               He is responsible for
                                           political science.     Vlad     apprehending absent parents who default on their child support
     played football in both high school and college, playing in the       obligations. Mike also serves on the Sheriff's Office Honor Guard. In
     Western New York High School All-Star game as an offensive             2004, DFC Tomlinson was awarded a Sheriff's Commendation for
     lineman in 1996.                                                      bravery and was nominated for the Valor award through the
     Corporal Bortchevsky moved to the DC area in 2002 and began his       Maryland Sheriff's Association. Mike has received outstanding
     law enforcement career with the United States Capitol Police. After   performance awards on several occasions and recently received a
     one year, Vlad completed a lateral transfer to the Metropolitan       Unit Citation for outstanding performance in the 2009 Child
     Police Department in Washington, D.C. where he was assigned to        Support Sweep. In addition, Mike volunteers his time on various
     7th Police District as a patrolman and later to MPDC-ATF taskforce,   committees within the Sheriff's Office.
     Project Safe Neighborhood. Vlad concentrated on investigations        In his off time Mike enjoys spending time with his children, Megan
     involving drug and firearms violations. Cpl. Bortchevsky received a    and Nicholas. He also enjoys playing softball and dabbling in art and
     Washington DC Meritorious Service Medal for his contributions to      has created incredibly impressive backdrops for several Annual
     the taskforce.                                                        Awards Banquets. Mike is extremely talented in his artwork. An
     In 2005 Corporal Bortchevsky was appointed to a position of a         example of his artwork can be found on page 36.
     Deputy Sheriff with the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office and was
     assigned to the Patrol Bureau. After nine months on the road
     Corporal Bortchevsky was transferred to Bureau of Criminal
     Investigations where he worked as a detective in the task force
     known as the Criminal Investigative Team (CIT). Corporal
     Bortchevsky investigated various crimes, including a homicide
     which occurred on September 25, 2007 in St. Leonard, MD. In July
     of 2008 Vlad was promoted to his current rank of Corporal and
     returned to the Patrol Bureau as a supervisor.
     Corporal Bortchevsky is the recipient of 2006 Rookie of the Year
     Award, 2006 Performance Award and 2008 Excellence in Law
     Enforcement Award all presented by the Calvert County Sheriff’s
     Corporal Bortchevsky is married to Kelly, they have a daughter and
     enjoys woodworking, cooking and outdoor activities in his spare

                                 Get to Know Your Deputies

Corporal Gary Shrawder                                                 Sergeant Kenneth W. (Kent) Gregory
                                        Corporal Shrawder was                                                    Sergeant Kent Gregory
                                        born in Prince George’s                                                  was born in 1971 in
                                        County, Maryland and                                                     Fairbanks Alaska. He then
                                        moved to Calvert County                                                  moved to St. Mary’s
                                        when I was three years                                                   County where he grew up.
                                        old. He graduated from                                                   He graduated from Great
                                        Northern High School in                                                  Mills High School in 1989
                                        1989. Gary was a volunteer                                               and went on to attend
                                        firefighter for Dunkirk                                                    Charles           County
                                        Volunteer               Fire                                             Community College for
                                        Department from 1988                                                     the next two years.
                                        through 1993. During that                                             In 1992, Sergeant Gregory
                                        time he became a certified                                             enlisted in the United
                                        Emergency           Medical                                           States Air Force. He spent
                                        Technician,        certified                                           the next four years
                                        Firefighter as well as being                                           working as a Law
                                        certified in Hazardous                                                 Enforcement Specialist
                                        Materials Awareness and                                               Military Working Dog
                                        Operations.       Corporal     Handler (MWD). During his enlistment he was stationed at Hill AFB
Shrawder was also elected to be Recue Lieutenant in 1990. He           Utah, Kunsan AFB Korea and Laughlin AFB Texas.
worked for a private ambulance service as an EMT for several years
where he met his wife, Paula.                                          In 1996, Sergeant Gregory was honorably discharged from the Air
                                                                       Force and returned to Southern Maryland. He was hired by the
In 1997, Corporal Shrawder was hired by the Metropolitan Police        Department of Defense, Patuxent River Naval Air Station as a police
Department (MPD) in Washington, D.C. While with MPD Corporal           officer and worked there for approximately one year.
Shrawder was certified as a member of the Civil Disturbance Unit
and 250cc scooter operator. Gary worked for MPD until he was hired     In 1997, Kent was hired by the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office and in
by the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office in 2003. Gary was promoted         1999 he transferred from Patrol into K9 where he worked K9 Hassan,
to Deputy First Class in 2005 and then to the rank of Corporal in      a dual purpose German Shepherd trained in narcotics and patrol. At
2008. In 2005 Corporal Shrawder was selected to be a Field Training    that time Kent and Hassan were the only K9 team in the Sheriff’s
Officer. In June of 2007 he became certified as a Car Fit Technician,     Office. Since then Sergeant Gregory has helped with and seen the
as well as becoming certified as an Intoxometer Operator. Gary is       K9 unit increase in size.
also certified as a Standardized Field Sobriety Test instructor,        Sergeant Gregory is currently the Agency K9 unit supervisor and
Radar/Laser Operator and a Mountain Bike Patrol Officer. Corporal        head K9 trainer responsible for five handlers and ten working dogs.
Shrawder has also taken a huge interest in the Accident                In addition, he is the head K9 trainer for Maryland Park Police and
Reconstruction field completing several courses including levels        District Heights Police Department. Kent is also still a full time
one, two and three of Basic Accident Reconstruction. Gary has been     handler with two K9’s; a German Shepherd named Biz trained as a
certified in Pedestrian Reconstruction and Motorcycle                   patrol dog and a Belgian Malinios named Major trained as an
Reconstruction and recently completed Excel for the                    explosive detection dog.
Reconstructionist, Photography for Reconstruction and CRUSH
                                                                       Sergeant Gregory has a son and is planning to be married at the
Energy Analysis.
                                                                       end of 2010. In his spare time he enjoys training dogs, traveling and
In 2005, Corporal Shrawder was awarded Deputy of the Year for the      spending time with his family.
Sheriff’s Office and received the first Lusby Featherstone Award
presented by the Sheriff’s Office. Gary was also recognized at the
annual Smooth Operator Luncheon and received a ribbon for
outstanding achievements in traffic safety. In 2006 and 2007 he was
awarded the Police Officer of the Year for The Baltimore Sun. He
has also appeared in a couple of the first episodes of the television
show Speeders.
Gary resides in Calvert County today with his wife and two kids
Robert 17 and Amanda 15 years old.

                                                                                                     2009 Annual Report                 15
                        Progress Through Technology

                                                                            We have also been able to obtain surveillance camera systems and
                                                                            a pole camera system, both of which are actually surveillance pieces
                                                                            of equipment. The surveillance system also has the capability of
                                                                            working in virtually no light conditions. Each system is viewable off
                                                                            site through the computer and if need be can be recorded real time.
                                                                            The low light system was used when we were having vandals strike
                                                                            the Cove Point Pool Park in Lusby. One evening after set-up, the
                                                                            system recorded the actions of three individuals causing several
                                                                            thousand dollars worth of damage. As a result of this recording the
                                                                            culprits were identified and arrested.
                                                                            We have also been very fortunate to obtain two grants from the
                                                                            Department of Justice and one grant from the United States
                                                                            Attorney’s Office to purchase in car computers. The grants
                                                                            amounted to over one million dollars and have allowed our office
                                                                            to outfit the entire patrol bureau units as well as many of the
                                                                            investigative units with in car computers. In addition this funding
                                                                            has provided needed system security, licensing and storage
                                                                            memory. Having computers in their vehicles allows the deputies to
                    Mobile Command Vehicle                                  access information in real time, monitor and access calls for service,
                                                                            provide roll call information as well as motor vehicle and licensing
     In the past seven years the Sheriff’s Office has acquired some            records on individuals and check them for being wanted. This
     significant tools through the use of grant filings. It is an absolute    technology provides another level of safety and security for the
     necessity to seek grant funding for high dollar equipment we would     deputy on patrol.
     never be able to afford through the normal budget process. We
                                                                            In addition to the in car computers, we have also used grant funding
     have been very fortunate to receive the funding for projects that we
                                                                            for in car digital video recorders. This single piece of equipment has
     have as it is a very competitive world when it comes to grant
                                                                            provided excellent video for court cases thereby reducing the
                                                                            number of trials and the time deputies spend in court, it has reduced
     Some of the equipment we have been able to secure through grant        and in many cases ended complaints against personnel when
     funding includes, but is not limited to: a mobile command vehicle,     reviewed by the complaining individual and being able to manually
     digital cameras for our deputies, surveillance cameras, pole           activate the video provides the deputy with the ability to begin
     cameras, in car computers, digital video recorders for our deputies    taping when arriving on crimes scenes.
     patrol vehicles and tag readers. This equipment is valued at over 2
                                                                            The single largest purchase using grant funding was the purchase
     million dollars.
                                                                            of our Mobile Command Vehicle. This vehicle is state of the art and
     The following is a brief description of some of the equipment we       provides all the technology of an office on wheels. Having such an
     have obtained, their benefits and their use.                            asset will benefit all of public safety during manmade and natural
     Road Patrol is the first responders to nearly all incidents and yet     disasters, during public events and in special instances where
     they were without decent photographic equipment. A BRYNE               communications and technology is needed in the field. The vehicle
     Memorial Grant for the project titled “Photographic Evidence           will be used in barricade and hostage situations when needed as
     Collection and Storage” provided Digital hand held cameras for all     well. The Sheriff’s Office is named in the Nuclear Regulatory
     road patrol deputies to be used for photographic evidence              Commission’s regulations as the primary response agency to
     collection at accident and crime scenes. In addition to the cameras    terrorist acts at the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant. During an
     the grant also provided funding for a storage system for the           annual audit and review in 2008 the Commission praised our
     photographic evidence. The deputies can now take excellent quality     response and action to their needs with one exception; they
     photos and download them into a secure storage system known as         requested we acquire a mobile command vehicle to handle
     the Photo Evidence Pro Software Package for later use. The final        situations at the plant. We have now accomplished that goal.
     beauty of this system is that the State’s Attorney’s Office, our local   We have also been able to obtain other equipment to benefit our
     prosecutors, have controlled access to the system and can view the     operation such as lighting and technical evaluation and examination
     photos for quality and evidentiary purposes.                           tools for the crime scene technicians.
                                                                            We will continue to seek grants to keep the Calvert County Sheriff’s
                                                                            Office on the cutting edge of technology for the betterment of our

                                  Progress through Technology
                                  Preparing to Go Live with New World Systems (NWS)

For several years now we have had a team of individuals in place
from the Sheriff’s Office, Calvert Control Center, Public Safety, the
Detention Center and Technology Services working with New World
Systems to implement a new CAD, records management, law en-
forcement, fire EMS and false alarm computer system in the county.
Unfortunately, there have been problems and stumbling blocks
along the way and the “Go Live” time table for the system has been
delayed on several occasions.
During 2009, the Sheriff’s Office continued to work with other pub-
lic safety agencies in the county to prepare to “Go Live” with the
New World Systems public safety software. New World will replace
a system which is over thirteen years old. The New World Systems
public safety solution will include computer aided dispatch (CAD),
law enforcement and fire records, corrections management and mo-
bile computing.
Over the course of the year, key personnel met with representatives
of New World Systems to make changes and tailor the software to                   Karleigh Taylor, shown here with her parents is
the specific needs of the agency. These meetings included end              presented with a Sheriff’s Salute by Sheriff Evans. Karleigh was
users; the personnel who are going to use the software on a daily         out shopping with her mom when her mom suffered a medical
basis, which included patrol deputies, detectives, supervisors, front     emergency and Karleigh dialed 911 and got medical personnel
desk staff and records personnel.                                                                to her mother’s aid.
Finally, as 2009 draws to a close, there is a light at the end of the
tunnel and we DO have a “Go Live” date of January 24, 2010. Every-
one is working hard to ensure this “Go Live” date is met.
The system will be far superior to our current system and although
we certainly anticipate some glitches upon going live, it is the belief
of all involved in this project that the end product will be worth the
wait and the opening day jitters.

           Calvert County’s History making snow storm.                      Senate President Mike Miller introducing Sheriff Mike Evans
                                                                           as the new MD Sheriff’s Association President at their annual
                                                                                            conference in Ocean City.

                                                                                                  2009 Annual Report                17
                        Calvert Investigative Team (CIT)

     The Calvert Investigative Team (CIT) is comprised of Deputies from        Cases handled by CIT
     the Sheriff’s Office, Troopers from the Maryland State Police in
     Prince Frederick and members from the Calvert County State’s At-           Part I Crimes                     2008              2009
     torney’s Office. CIT is charged with the responsibility of investigat-
                                                                                Homicide                          2                 0
     ing all serious crimes that occur in Calvert County including drug
     violations, homicides, robberies, burglaries, serious assaults, rapes      Rape                              18                22
     and child abuse. Detectives from CIT also investigate more complex
     and time consuming crimes, such as identity theft and computer             Robbery                           15                31
     and internet crimes.                                                       Aggravated Assault                26                36
     In 2009 the Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) initiated 216 cases, made          Burglary                          96                96
     80 felony and 58 misdemeanor arrests. DEU seized $151,792 in US
     currency, 15 vehicles and 17 guns.                                         *Larceny/Theft                    176               158
     Notable case: In response to complaints of drug dealing at a local         Motor Vehicle Theft               4                 7
     bar, members of DEU conducted extensive surveillance on the bar
     as well as sending undercover officers into the establishment. As a          Arson                             0                 0
     result of the DEUs efforts 3 search warrants were issued and served,        *Forgery, fraud and embezzlement offenses are captured here.
     which resulted in 5 arrests and the seizure of approximately 184
     grams of cocaine hydrochloride HCL, one semi auto handgun and 2
     vehicles.                                                                  Part II Crimes                    2008              2009
     During the 2009 Calendar year, the Calvert Inves-                          Sex offenses                       54                45
     tigative Team was tasked with investigating sev-                           Drug Investigations               238               216
     eral challenging crimes. Some of those crimes
                                                                                Gambling                          0                 1
                                                                                *Assault See other
     An armed robbery at the CVS store in Dunkirk where a white male
     suspect entered the CVS just minutes before closing, armed with a          *Vandalism/DOP                    See other
     handgun. The suspect approached the pharmacy and ordered the
                                                                                *Weapon Offenses                   See other
     head pharmacist to open the safe and give him all of the store's
     Oxycontin. The Pharmacist provided the suspect with over 2,800             *Disorderly Conduct               See other
     Oxycontin pills having an estimated street value of $120,000. Inves-
     tigation of this robbery is ongoing. Detectives have identified a sus-      *Other                            133               172
     pect who is currently incarcerated and charged with two similar CVS        Administrative Investigations     57                66
     robberies in Towson, Maryland. It is anticipated that this case will
     be closed with the arrest of this suspect.                                 Search Warrants Served            70                90
     The investigation of a series of residential burglaries in the southern    Sex Offenders Registered           108               103
     portion of Calvert County where the suspect targeted homes during
                                                                                Arrest Closure %                  33.21%            36.68%
     daylight hours and stole high end electronics including televisions,
     games consoles, computers and digital cameras. The investigation           Case Closure %                    68.06%            70.69%
     culminated in the arrest of the suspect, Kenneth Charest, and he
     was charged with three separate counts of 1st Degree Burglary. His         Total Cases                       2008              2009
     arrest resulted in the closure of an additional five cases administra-      Part I Crimes                     369               350
     tively. Charest plead guilty to the offense and is now serving his sen-
     tence at the Department of Corrections.                                    Part II Crimes                    363               438
     The armed robbery and home invasion of a residence in St. Leonard,
     Maryland, where three armed suspects entered a residence bran-
     dishing firearms and ordered the occupants of the home to the floor.
     The home was subsequently rummaged through and a quantity of
     prescription medication was stolen from the home. Investigation
     into this case resulted in the recovery of several items of evidence
     which was tossed into the woods by the fleeing suspects as well as
     the recovery of one of the firearms. This case was closed with the
     arrest of four suspects; Carlene Danielle Pedersen, 19, of Lusby,
     Derek Craig Bradley, 21, of Lusby, Bryan Edward Seay, 20, of Port
     Republic, and Stephen Greenlee Joseph, 19, of Lusby.

                                 Calvert Investigative Team (CIT)

                       Warrant Unit                                    Southern Maryland
                                                                       Information Center (SMIC)
                                                                       The missions of the Southern Maryland Information Center (SMIC)
                                                                       are to collect, evaluate, analyze and disseminate information on in-
                                                                       dividuals and groups suspected of being involved in gang and other
                                                                       illegal activities. SMIC is one of several Regional Information Centers
                                                                       (RIC) located throughout the State. Our SMIC is a task force opera-
                                                                       tion involving the Maryland State Police, the Charles County, Calvert
                                                                       County and St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Offices. The SMIC is a repos-
                                                                       itory for the collection and dissemination of information and intel-
                                                                       ligence between local, State and Federal law enforcement agencies
                                                                       in an effort to be proactive in initiating criminal investigations.
                                                                          SMIC stats for 2009:
                                                                          Intelligence Bulletins                        141
                                                                          Request for Service                           339
                                                                          Threat Elements                               57
                                                                          Cases                                         105
                                                                          Interviews                                    43
                                                                          Search Warrants                               1
The Warrant Unit consists of one Sergeant, four Deputies and two
                                                                       SMIC also validated “Get Money Goons” also known as “GMG” as a
Office Assistants. The Child Support Deputies primary
                                                                       criminal street gang and identified twenty-five subjects as being
responsibilities are serving child support warrants and assisting in
                                                                       members or affiliates of GMG.
Child Support Court. The Criminal Warrant Deputies are reasonable
for serving all Criminal Warrants, Civil warrant and Criminal
Summons that come from either District Court or Circuit Court.
                                                                       Crime Lab
The Warrant Unit conducts a child support sweep each year in
hopes of collecting unpaid child support for the children. The 2009    The Crime Lab Unit is staffed by two civilian employees providing
sweep was one of the best years’ ever serving 248 warrants,            support for the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office, the Calvert Inves-
capturing five of the most wanted and collecting $68,111.15.            tigative Team, and when requested, the local barrack for Maryland
                                                                       State Police and the Fire Marshal’s Office.
In November 2009 at Ocean City Maryland the Maryland Joint Child
support Conference was held. The Supervisor of the Child Support       Duties include, but are not limited to the identification, collection,
/Criminal Warrants Sgt Craig W. Kontra received the Maryland Joint     and preservation of items of potential physical evidence. The iden-
Child Support Council Presidential Award for his dedication and        tification effort includes crime scene photography and latent fin-
support to the Maryland Child Support Program. This award is only      gerprint processing and examination. The Crime Lab also prepares
given to one person each year and is the most prestigious award        and evaluates cases for examination, and submits them to various
given form the Maryland Joint Child Support Council.                   Forensic Laboratories in State and out of State. Other duties include
                                                                       fingerprinting of citizens twice a week and other special requests.
In January 2010 the Warrant Unit received a Unit Citation for
outstanding performance for 2009.                                         2009 Crime Lab Stats
   Warrant Unit Statistics                                                Assault                                       10

   Criminal Warrants Served          1,118                                Auto Accidents/Reconstruction                 6
                                                                          Bomb Threats                                  1
   Criminal Summons Served           1,021
                                                                          Burglaries                                    75
   Child Support Warrants Served     511
                                                                          CDS Investigations                            6
   Civil Warrants Served             23
                                                                          Death Investigations (including suicides)     13
   Fugitive Warrants Served          11                                   Destruction of Property                       16
                                     2,684 Total                          Fraud/Counterfeit Money                       2
   The Warrant Unit also handled 58 extraditions in 2009.                 Harassment                                    1
                                                                          Internal Affairs                               2

                                                                                                     2009 Annual Report                   19
                        Calvert Investigative Team (CIT)

     Drug Enforcement Unit
     During the calendar year of 2009 the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office                                                           ● Marijuana

     Drug Enforcement Unit consisted of six (6) Detectives and one (1)                                  9%                       ● Plants
                                                                                  1%                                             ● Cocaine HCL
     Corporal. One (1) additional Detective was assigned to High                                  7%
                                                                                 1%                                              ● Crack Cocaine
     Intensity Drug Trafficking (HIDTA).
                                                                                 2%     3%                        37%            ● Heroin
     Members of the Drug Enforcement Unit initiated two hundred and                                                              ● Ecstasy
     sixteen (216) cases and executed one hundred and four (104) search                                                          ● Psilocyban
     and seizure warrants. As a result of these investigations one                                                               ● Steroids
     hundred and thirty four (134) arrests were made for violations of                                                           ● Methadone
     various controlled dangerous substance laws. One hundred and                                      20%                       ● Oxycodone
     twenty two (122) of these arrests were adults and twelve (12) were                                      7%                  ● Hydrocodone

     juveniles. Eighty (80) of these arrests were for felony violations.                                                         ● Prescriptions

     The Drug Enforcement Unit seized $151, 792, seventeen (17) firearms
     and fifteen (15) vehicles with an estimated total value of
     approximately $77,960.
     The chart to the right shows the arrests that were made by drug          Sex Offender Unit
     and the overall percentage.                                               In 2009 the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office registered 103 Sex
     Notable cases                                                            Offenders. Under Maryland Law, sex offenders are to register every
                                                                              6 months and Sexually Violent Offenders must register every 90
     In September 2009 the Drug Enforcement Unit executed a search            days. We currently do not have any Sexually Violent Offenders
     warrant on a residence in Lusby in reference to a subject distributing   residing in our jurisdiction.
     a large amount of crack cocaine in Calvert County. During a search
     of the residence Detectives found 71.9 grams of crack cocaine,           We registered 92 of the 103 sex offenders twice. The other 11 were
     digital scales, packaging material and $1622.00 in U.S. Currency. This   registered once. This was due to moving in or out of our jurisdiction
     case was adopted federally and the subject accepted a plea               or they were released from a correctional institution. Also, in 2009
     agreement for possession with the intent to distribute crack cocaine.    (1) of the sex offenders died as a result of an overdose.
     This subject is currently serving a forty (40) year prison sentence.     The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office does at least (2) Address
     The money and the subjects Nissan Maxima were forfeited to the           Verification visits a year as this is a Maryland Law requirement. If
     county in the plea agreement.                                            the Sex Offender is on Parole or Probation they are also checked by
     In September 2009 Drug Enforcement Unit Detectives conducted             that agency. Depending on the sex offender some are checked more
     an investigation regarding a theft of prescription narcotics from a      frequently. We have a schedule set up that we either Register or
     pharmacy in Lusby. The investigation revealed that a female suspect      complete an Address Verification every quarter.
     stole over six hundred (600) Oxycodone 30 milligram pills from the       In 2009 Senate Bill 425 was passed into law. This Senate Bill closed
     pharmacy. Several interviews were conducted and one hundred              the loophole in Maryland’s Retroactivity Requirement. On October
     (100) of the stolen pills were recovered from the suspect. The           01, 2009 all persons convicted of a qualifying sexual offense after
     suspect was charged with possession with the intent to distribute        the original implementation of the Sexual Offender Registry will be
     narcotics.                                                               required to register no matter how far back the crime was
     In November 2009 Drug Enforcement Unit Detectives began an               committed. As long as the sexually violent offender or the sexually
     investigation regarding the distribution of marijuana and cocaine in     violent predator was convicted after July 01, 1997, or the Child sexual
     Calvert County. During the six month long investigation four (4)         offender was convicted after October 01, 1995 they are required to
     search warrants were executed. As a result of the search warrants,       register. Also passed was Chapter Law 657 of the Act of 2009,
     seven (7) subjects were arrested and nine (9) Grand Jury                 which requires the registering agency to update the photograph of
     Indictments were issued for distribution of narcotics. A Mitsubishi      the registered sex offender every 6 months. Our agency had already
     Eclipse and $5,400.00 in U.S. Currency was seized as well as a           implemented this prior to 2009.
     quantity of marijuana and cocaine.                                       On June 15, 2009 the public sex offender website,
                                                                     began to provide more
                                                                              information to the public such as: Primary Residence, Temporary
                                                                              Residence (girlfriend/boyfriend), School Address and Employment

                                  Detention Center
                                  Administrator’s Message
                                                                         The Detention Center has increased work programs that have
                                                                         included in the past – Litter Detail and Labor Projects for various
                                                                         county related functions. We have implemented new programs to
                                                                         include: a Vocational Sign Painting Apprentice Program, Building
                                                                         and Grounds snow removal process, and the Solid Waste Division
                                                                         Recycling Program. These inmate work programs relate to hundreds
                                                                         of thousands of dollars in potential labor cost savings to the county.
                                                                         A veteran’s assistance and identification program in cooperation
                                                                         with the State of Maryland has been developed to help veterans
                                                                         identify needed medical / mental health aftercare programs as well
                                                                         as vocational opportunities to assist in their re-entry back into the
                                                                         Automation is continuing to be developed in order to assist in cost
                                                                         savings and in saving staff time. An automated commissary system
                                                                         has been put into place where each inmate through the phone
                                                                         system, without staff assistance, can initiate their orders. A money
                                                                         kiosk machine has been placed in our lobby so that family members
                                                                         or friends are able to deposit funds into an individual’s account to
                                                                         be used for inmate needs. The county’s Technology Service
                                                                         Department completed the final stages of the integrated Public
As the Calvert County Detention Center Administrator, I am pleased       Safety New World System for Corrections to enable our part in the
to present to you our 2009 Annual Report reflecting some of the           “Go Live” that was just established after approximately 3 ½ years
highlights of our programs, accomplishments, and endeavors               of development and testing.
undertaken throughout the year. I commend our staff for providing
                                                                         We have embarked, after several years of study on a long term
outstanding service to our county’s citizens and all of the outside
                                                                         capital improvement plan, to address the Detention Center’s age
agencies they interact with on a daily basis.
                                                                         and specifically the severe overcrowding dilemma. Expansion
As in years’ past, the Calvert County Detention Center’s inmate          improvement projects progress include:
population has steadily increased, and our correctional staff
                                                                         • Work Release-completed the final planning stages during 2009
continues to be up to the challenge of keeping our work
                                                                           and began the actual construction and renovations.
environment a safe and secure place for inmates and staff alike. The
Detention Center houses inmates that are sentenced locally and also      • Completed the initial formal submission to the State’s Public
holds a few with federal commitments as well as those awaiting trial.      Safety and Capital Projects Division to initiate the planning phase
In 2009, our daily average population was 247 with an average of           for an expanded and renovated Detention Center. Work on this
226 males and 21 females, which is approximately 68% over                  project will cover four to five years and will also involve a shared-
capacity. The population has reached as high as 288. There were            funded master plan extending out for approximately 15 to 20
3588 admissions to the facility and 3587 releases. Transports of           years.
prisoners are conducted 24 hours per day to provide medical, legal       • Initiated the planned alterations to double the size of the booking
and jurisdictional transfers. There were approximately 172 vehicle         and medical beds as well as converting some designated office
transports of prisoners from our facility to their destinations. The       space into a booking intake holding area for increased deputy
total number of Incident Reports written by our officers relating to         and correctional officers’ safety. This should be completed in the
in-house incidents reached over 1,222.                                     first quarter of 2010.
Some unique challenges have confronted us as a result of the             It has been my extreme pleasure to offer the insights and
economy. The state budget cuts have resulted in a drastic reduction      information presented here and to have served as Administrator this
of approximately 90% of funding, which Calvert County received in        past year. We were awarded early this year with the “Recognition
the past regarding reimbursements for prisoner housing. This, of         of Achievement Award” for the State’s Commission on Correctional
course, has had a dramatic negative impact on our operating              Standards for a 100% compliance involving a department wide
budget.                                                                  audit. I am happy to have had the opportunity to work with the
During the past year, however, we have been able to initiate a special   dedicated, devoted and professional men and women of the
“Life Skills” educational program through our chaplain services. This    Detention Center, the Sheriff’s Office, and the other members of the
program is to aid in preparing inmates in their re-integration back      Public Safety Team. I would also like to personally thank Capt. T.D.
into the community. Additionally the Detention Center has begun          Reece, Deputy Administrator; Lt. Kevin Cross, Lt. Paul Norris, and
the research process necessary in order to add GPS monitoring to         Mr. Larry Welch for going beyond all expectations to assist in
our Community Supervision Programs. This program will involve            making the Detention Center safe and secure.
both pre-trial and home detention inmates whose numbers have
increased by over 100% during the past year.

                                                                                                       2009 Annual Report                  21
                            Detention Center Operations

         Security                                                                       • An additional holding cell was created for the purpose of
                                                                                          housing new arrivals.
         The security of the Detention Center is maintained by a staff of 52
                                                                                        • This cell is also used for the purpose of securing violent inmates
         Correctional Officers led by Lieutenant Kevin Cross, Chief of
                                                                                          or inmates who could potentially harm themselves.
         Security. These officers work 24 hours a day, seven days a week to
         make sure the facility operates as safely as possible. To help ensure
         safety and security, the Emergency Response Team responds to all
         disturbances that occur within the facility. The Emergency Response
                                                                                        Emergency Response Team
         Team is comprised of 16 highly trained officers who volunteered and
         were subsequently chosen to be members of this team. The
         Emergency Response Team is responsible for Housing Unit
         searches, riot control, handling fights when they occur, dealing with
         violent and combative inmates, or any other emergency that may
         Lieutenant Cross also founded a team to combat the flow of
         contraband into the facility. The Contraband Control Team is made
         up of three highly dedicated officers per shift responsible for
         searching all inmates that come into the Detention Center. Since the
         Contraband Control Team’s inception in 2008, the contraband being
         introduced into the facility has been reduced significantly, proving
         the team to be a success.
         Many changes have been implemented this past year which has
         greatly improved security and will make the facility much safer as
         the population continues to increase. A couple examples of those
         changes are the following:                                                    Left to right: Lt. Kevin Cross, CFC Joshua Buck, Sgt. Richard Nauman,
                                                                                 CFC Ryan McGaffin, CFC Clifton Scott, CFC Joseph D’Agostino, Captain T.D. Reece,
         • Food chutes were placed in cell doors that house violent and or       CFC James Flynt, CFC Tammy Underwood, CFC Michael Shaw, CFC John Hotchkiss,
           mentally ill inmates so officers do not have direct contact with          and CFC Collette Bivens. Not pictured: Sgt. Philip Bradford, Sgt. Charles Poff,
           those inmates.                                                                              CFC David Saul and C.O.1 Stacy Goldring.

         Average Daily Population




                                                                                                                                                  ■ 2007
150                                                                                                                                               ■ 2008
                                                                                                                                                  ■ 2009


     0         January   February    March      April      May        June       July        August   September   October   November   December

                                                        Detention Center Operations

Inmate Telephone System                                                       Detention Center adds new services
The telephone system was upgraded in the third quarter combining              -1- Veterans Program
telephone and accounting services for staff and inmates. The system
allows the inmate to check their balance, order commissary and
                                                                              “Maryland’s Commitment to Veterans”
place collect and debit calls. A kiosk machine has been placed in             This program is designed to connect incarcerated Veterans who are
the lobby of the facility for the public to make deposits for inmates.        eligible for VA services, including transition and community re-entry
Monies can be placed in inmate accounts via the website as well.              services, to the VA and community services. An Incarcerated
                                                                              Veterans Re-entry Specialist will work with the incarcerated Veteran
Food Services                                                                 in the last 6 months of their sentence by assisting them in signing
                                                                              up for VA services, sharing information about VA care and benefits
ABL Management, Inc. is the contractor responsible for preparing              and doing a community re-entry assessment prior to release. Up to
three meals a day for inmates. All meals are prepared in a timely             4 months after their release the Re-Entry Specialist will assist the
manner and staff is responsible for ordering and inventorying all              Veteran by providing support and short term case management.
food and kitchen supplies. Inmate detail is utilized to minimize labor        They will work closely with the parole and probation agency, link
costs associated with this operation. A registered dietitian approves         the Veteran with resources and link the Veteran with VA Health Care
menus annually and the overall function of the kitchen is in                  services. These services and resources include Health Care for
compliance with all Health Department codes and regulations. In               Homeless Veterans, Primary Care, Mental Health Care, Substance
2009 approximately 291,027 meals were served, with regulations                Abuse Treatment, Crisis and Emergency Services, Vocational
and dietary meals approved.                                                   Programs and Area Resources and Referrals.

Health Services
                                                                              -2- Rehabilitate Empower
The Calvert County Detention Center has medical services provided
by CONMED Healthcare Management, Inc. CONMED is a nationally                  Structure Transition (R.E.S.T.)
recognized correctional healthcare provider. CONMED employees
                                                                              The administration of the Calvert County Detention Center, along
are certified through the Maryland Board of Nursing. CONMED
                                                                              with Point of Change Jail and Street Ministry set out to enhance the
provides twenty four hour medical coverage and psychiatrist
                                                                              current Life Skills Program offered to the inmate population. The
coverage to the Detention Center. In 2009, CONMED employees
                                                                              acronym R.E.S.T. stands for rehabilitate, empower, structure and
completed almost 13,000 intakes. The PA and nurse sick call visits
                                                                              transition. R.E.S.T. is designed to educate and redirect the lifestyle
were over 22,000. Calvert County Health Department provides
                                                                              of inmates confined to the Calvert County Detention Center. The
mental health care as well. All inmates released from the jail receive
                                                                              inmates are selected by the Detention Center and the program is
                                                                              executed by Point of Change Jail and Street Ministry via the Office
This past year the Detention Center began to compile DNA                      of the Chaplain. Some of the components offered are resume
collections for the Maryland State Police. 113 DNA’s were completed.          writing, money management, bible studies, parenting skills,
The jail is starting to see a great deal of inmates with substance            CPR/First Aid, blood borne pathogens, sexual harassment and many
abuse problems and mental health illnesses. These are drastic                 other reentry skills. R.E.S.T. has meet with a success rate for
changes, and they are steadily increasing. Medical housing housed             recidivism reduction of 100% and continues to utilize the
over 623 inmates in the booking area due to mental health illnesses           cooperative approach of working with the community volunteers
and detoxification.                                                            so that it does not become a burden to the taxpayer.

Revenues                                                                      Expenditures
Other Revenue                                                                 $140,916
                                                                              Maintenance & Repair
Keefe & Vending Commission
$49,790                                                                       Food
Electronic Monitoring
$24,473                                                                       Contracted Services
Sick Call                                                                     Inmate Care
$4,945                                                                        $114,713

Room & Board                                                                  Utilities
$89,578                                                                       $455,516

Lab Fees
$13,576                                          State & County Inmates

                             Telephone Service                                                         $4,933,143

                                                            Federal Inmates

                                                                                                                    2009 Annual Report          23
                          Detention Center Operations

     Community Supervision Unit                                                         Pre-Trial Release           Home Detention
                                                                                      Intakes     Released        Intakes  Released
     The Community Supervision Unit was established for the
                                                                          January        1           1               1          3
     supervision and monitoring of defendants who present minimal
     danger to the community if released while in the program. This       February       0           1              0           0
     specialized unit monitors sentenced and pre-trial inmates through    March          4           1              3           0
     various levels of supervision as ordered by the Court. The release
                                                                          April          4           1              5           2
     options available through the Community Supervision Unit include:
     Pre-Trial Release, Home Detention, Live-In Work-Out Program          May            5           1               1          5
     (LIWO) and Work Release II.                                          June           0           1              4           2
     Inmates in the LIWO and Work Release II programs remain confined      July           1           2              6           4
     at the detention center in minimum security but are permitted to     August         4           1              3           2
     go out for employment and educational purposes. The inmates in
                                                                          September      7           4              2           3
     these programs are referred to any necessary treatment or
     educational programs in an effort to ensure that they return to the   October        0           4              6           1
     community as responsible, productive citizens.                       November       1           3              3           3
                                                                          December       1           3              2           4
     Community Supervision Revenue
                                                                                             Average Program Participation for 2009
                         $12,109                                                               7.26                      10.19
                                                                                         Work Release I             Work Release II
                                                                                      Intakes   Released          Intakes  Released
                                                                          January        1           0              5          14
                                                                          February       0           0              12          8
                                                                          March          1           1              19          11
                                                                          April          0           0              21          7
                                                                          May            0           1              16         15
                                               Child Support
            Room & Board                       $131,212                   June           0           1              19          11
                                                                          July           1           0              10          11
                                                                          August         2           0              17          11
                                                                          September      1           0              18         23
                                                                          October        0           1              11         17
                                                                          November       0           0              9          15
                                                                          December       0           2              6          19
                                                                                             Average Program Participation for 2009
                                                                                               6.35                      39.71

                                                Detention Center Operations

          Work Detail                                                              Calvert County Detention Center
          The inmate work detail provides selective work programs inside and       Expansion and Renovation Program
          outside of the facility. These programs utilize an inmate labor force
                                                                                   The Calvert Detention Center was built in the current location in
          that benefits the entire county through cost savings estimated at
                                                                                   1978 with a design capacity to house and support 92 inmates. In
          $581,297.00 each year while providing the inmates with programs
                                                                                   1991, an addition was constructed to increase the design capacity
          and work experience to help in their transition into the civilian pop-
                                                                                   to 132 inmates, subsequent double-bunking increased the number
                                                                                   of inmates housed to 172. The expansion did not include the addition
                                                                                   of ancillary support facilities. The current average daily population
                         Grass Cut
                         $6,496                                                    exceeds design capacity by nearly 70%.

                         Car Wash
                                                                                   Past and present studies commissioned by the county have all
                         $3,712                                                    highlighted the facilities inadequacies and emphasized the need to
                                                                                   upgrade and expand the correctional facility in Calvert County. Over
                                                                                   the past four years the administration has been working on the
                                                                                   concept plan for the future growth of the Detention Center. The new
                                     Grounds                                       Work Release Facility will open in late 2010 and will house 80 work
                                                                                   release inmates and the necessary support staff.
                                                                                   The administration is seeking state funding for a future expansion
                                                                                   of the Main Detention Center Facility. This expanded facility will help
                                                                                   overcome the present deficiency of space, and help with future
                        Sanitation                        Kitchen
                        $125,280                          $226,548                 housing, programs, service, and support needs. This expansion will
                                                                                   address the need to carefully redefine and replace the existing
                                                                                   structure with contemporary detention environments that speak to
                                                                                   safety, minimum standards, effectiveness and efficiency. Current
                                                                                   planning estimates for the project focus upon the interval from FY
                                                                                   2011 through FY 2014.
County Bus
$696                                           Other
Apprent Prog
                                                                                   The following Correctional Officers were promoted to the rank of
Litter/Road                                                                        Correctional Officer First Class:
                                                                                   C/O Charles Lindsay, C/O Jason Vercoe, C/O Phillip Brady
Fleet Maint.                                                                       C/O Joshua Underwood

                                                                                   New Hires
$2,436                                                                             The following Correctional Officers were welcomed additions to the
                                                                                   Detention Center’s security staff following the completion of a six
                                                                                   month academy:
                                                                                   Carlos Mays, Daniel Morrison, Miguel Gonzalez, David Roberts

                                                                                   The following Civilian employees were
                                                                                   welcomed to the Detention Center:
                                                                                   John Lippert – Building Maintenance Mechanic
                                                                                   Willard Ward – Investigator / Community Supervision Unit
                                                                                   Jeffrey Hamilton – Investigator / Community Supervision Unit
                                                                                   Leah Townsend – Office Specialist I / Community Supervision Unit

                                                                                                                 2009 Annual Report                   25
                                Detention Center Operations


   Correctional Officer of the Year              Supervisor of the Year                                      Team Excellence Award:
        CFC John Hotchkiss                      Sgt. Philip Bradford                   Lt. Paul Norris, Burgess Wood, Leah Townsend, Donna Grover,
                                                                                       Detention Ctr Administrator Milton Crump and Sheriff Evans.
                                                                                          Not pictured: Willard Ward, Phyllis Lester, Jeff Hamilton

                                                                                 Pride & Professionalism
                                                                                 CFC Shawn Brooks, C/O1 Breanne Kohlieber,
                                                                                 CFC Travis Harrod, Cpl. Wayne Brooks

                                                                                 Sgt. Richard Nauman, Lt. Paul Norris

                                                                                 Academic Award
                                                                                 C/O1 Miguel Gonzales

                                                                                 Team Excellence
                                                                                 SGT. Philip Bradford, CPL. Wayne Brooks,
                                                                                 CFC Ruth Shields, CFC Michael Shaw,
                                                                                 CFC Caroline Briscoe, CFC Ronald Richardson,
          Rookie of the Year            Top Gun Award (Best shooting score)
                                                                                 CFC Jonathan Poland, CFC Collette Bivens,
        C/O1 Christopher Gray                    Sgt. Carter Gray
                                                                                 CFC Richard Hood, CFC Joshua Underwood,
                                                                                 C/O1 Jay Haines, C/O1 Christopher Gray,
                                                                                 C/O1 Thomas Mohler, LT. Paul Norris,
                                                                                 Donna Grover, Phyllis Lester, Burgess Wood,
                                                                                 Leah Townsend, Willard Ward, Jeffrey Hamilton

                                                                                 Special Recognition
                                                                                 Donna Grover, Amanda Mills
                                                                                 Administrator Award
                                                                                 Susan Evans
                                                                                 Lt. Paul Norris

CFC Carolyn Briscoe working a post at           Civilian of the Year
       the Detention Center                        John Lippert

                                  On Board in 2009

Deputy Jeffrey G. (J.D) Denton, Jr.                                       Hill Station. After two years, he was transferred to the Special
                                                                         Operations Division and was assigned to a tactical team. Upon
                                          Deputy “J.D” Denton was        completing three years as a tactical officer, Mike returned to patrol
                                          born and raised in Calvert     and was assigned to the Clinton Station where he remained for 7
                                          County. He attended and        years. In June 1998, Mike returned to the Special Operations
                                          graduated from Patuxent        Division and was assigned to the newly formed Aviation Section.
                                          High School in 2000.           Mike remained in the Aviation Section as a helicopter pilot until his
                                          Following graduation, J.D      retirement in December 2009. He then joined the CCSO in
                                          was hired by the Calvert       December 2009.
                                          County Government to
                                                                         Deputy Economes currently lives in Prince Frederick with his wife,
                                          work for the Technology
                                                                         Tammy, of 16 years, and his daughter, Breanna. Mike also has a step-
                                          Services Department. J.D
                                                                         son, Steven, who lives in Virginia.
                                          spent nine years in the
                                          Department         before
                                          transferring over to the
                                          Sheriff’s Office in August        Deputy Nathan A Funchion
                                          2009.                                                                   Deputy Nathan Funchion
                                        Deputy Denton resides in                                                  was born and raised in
                                        Calvert County with his                                                   Anne Arundel County MD.
                                        son, Thomas. He enjoys                                                    He        attended      and
fishing and hunting during his spare time. Growing up in the county,                                               graduated from Southern
and being influenced by his many friends and family in the Calvert                                                 Senior High School in
County Sheriff’s Office, are among the top reasons J.D chose to be                                                   2002. After graduating
a Deputy. He also hopes to be able to positively impact the youth                                                 High School, Deputy
of the community.                                                                                                 Funchion enlisted in the
                                                                                                                  United States Navy as a
                                                                                                                  Hull Technician. During his
Deputy Michael A. Economes                                                                                        6 ½ year enlistment
                                                                                                                  Deputy Funchion spent a
                                          Deputy      Michael    A.                                               total of 4 years overseas.
                                          Economes was born and                                                   Nathan spent a 3 year tour
                                          raised in Birmingham,                                                   on the USS Juneau out of
                                          Alabama. Mike graduated                                                 Sasebo Japan where he
                                          from Banks High School in                                               served as the ships Fire
                                          Birmingham. At the age of                                               Marshal and then a tour
                                          19, Mike was recruited         with the Navy Riverine Squadron II out of Little Creek Virginia where
                                          by the Federal Bureau of       he finished up as a patrol leader. Nathan was honorably discharged
                                          Investigation          in      from the United States Navy as a Hull Technician First Class in
                                          Washington, DC to work         February of 2009 and began working for the Calvert County
                                          as a clerk in NCIC. Mike       Sheriff’s Department in August of 2009.
                                          moved to Washington DC
                                                                         Deputy Funchion’s hobbies and interest include anything that keep
                                          and worked for the FBI
                                                                         his mind and body active. He wanted to work in Calvert County
                                          until 1984.
                                                                         because it provides the opportunity to make a difference and serve
                                         Deputy Economes began           the community.
                                         his police career when he
                                         joined the Washington DC
                                         Metropolitan          Police
Department in October 1984. Upon graduating the police academy,
Mike was assigned to the permanent midnight shift at the 7th
District in Anacostia. Mike remained at the 7th District in patrol for
4 years.
In February 1988, Deputy Economes was hired by the Prince
George’s County Police in Maryland. Upon graduating from his
second police academy, Mike was assigned to patrol at the Oxon

                                                                                                       2009 Annual Report                 27
                        On Board in 2009

     Deputy Stephen “Steve” Esposito                                         Detective Homer R. Rich
                                              Deputy Stephen “Steve”                                                  Detective Homer R. Rich
                                              Esposito grew up in South                                               was born and raised in
                                              Williamsport,                                                           Anne Arundel County,
                                              Pennsylvania          and                                               Maryland. Throughout his
                                              graduated from South                                                    junior and high school
                                              Williamsport High School                                                years he participated in
                                              in 1994. Following high                                                 soccer and lacrosse,
                                              school, Deputy Esposito                                                 captained both teams his
                                              started       his     law                                               senior year and also met
                                              enforcement career by                                                   the woman he would later
                                              working as a Correctional                                               marry. He graduated from
                                              Officer for 6 years.                                                      high school in 1978 and
                                                                                                                      enrolled at Gettysburg
                                            In 2006, Steve Esposito
                                                                                                                      College. In June 1982,
                                            accepted a position as a
                                                                                                                      Detective Rich graduated
                                            Deputy Sheriff with the
                                                                                                                      from Gettysburg College
                                            Prince Georges County
                                                                                                                      with a Bachelor of Arts
                                            Office of the Sheriff.
                                                                                                                      Degree in Psychology.
                                            While working for the
                                                                             Prior to graduation, he had applied to the Maryland State Police to
     Prince Georges Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Esposito worked in several
                                                                             become a State Trooper.
     areas including courts, domestic violence, and was a member of
     their Specialized Services Team.                                        Detective Rich was hired by the Maryland State Police in January
                                                                             1983. He graduated from the academy in June 1983 and was
     Deputy Esposito left that position in November 2009, and accepted
                                                                             assigned to the Prince Frederick Barrack. He developed into a hard
     a position with the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office as a Deputy
                                                                             working and focused Trooper. In 1986 he was selected as the Prince
     Sheriff. He is also currently an active member of the Special
                                                                             Frederick Barrack Trooper of the Year. That same year the Maryland
     Operations Team.
                                                                             State Police Alumni Association chose him to be the Agency
     Steve’s interests include chess, swimming, and actively participating   Trooper of the Year. Detective Rich remained committed to the
     in his son’s sports.                                                    Maryland State Police and rose through the ranks while performing
     Deputy Esposito resides in Calvert County with his wife Tina and his    numerous roles and functions. In 1994 he was assigned to the
     two sons, Tyler and Cameron. Steve has always wanted to be a            Bureau of Criminal Investigation where his investigative skills and
     police officer for as long as he can remember. He is honored to be        exceptional work ethic led to his recognition as the Barrack’s
     working for Calvert County and policing where his children will grow    Investigator of the Year. In 1997 he was promoted to the rank of First
     up, and keeping his community safe.                                     Sergeant and was assigned to the Leonardtown Barrack. In 2000,
                                                                             he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and eventually returned
                                                                             to the Prince Frederick Barrack where he remained until he retired
                                                                             on January 1, 2009.
                                                                             As Detective Rich’s retirement date approached, he was offered an
                                                                             investigative position within the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office. He
                                                                             accepted the position and started on January 12, 2009.
                                                                             Detective Rich has lived in Calvert County since 1988. He enjoys
                                                                             hunting, kayaking, bicycling, running and doing anything outside.
                                                                             Detective Rich has been married to his high school sweetheart for
                                                                             over 25 years and they have two adult children. Their daughter is
                                                                             an art teacher in Charles County and their son is completing his
                                                                             education at Virginia Tech. Those closest to Detective Rich know
                                                                             that he has worked hard and enjoyed many successes in his life.
                                                                             However, they will attest that Detective Rich is most proud of his
                                                                             marriage to Lisa and the fact that their two children have grown into
                                                                             exceptional young adults.

                                   Bureau of Administrative
                                   & Judicial Services
Civil Process Unit                                                          the collection of past due child support monies by deputies as-
                                                                            signed to this project. The contract provides for full and part time
During 2009 Civil Process received 20,989 pieces of process for             law enforcement, support personnel, and operating expenses. The
service. This is a decrease of 3.33% from 2008. Personnel served            contract covering fiscal year 2009 reimbursed our agency $77,212
19,989 of these actions for a service rate of 95.24%. The effective          of the overall $499,013 program cost.
disposition of these cases also resulted in the collection of
                                                                            Bureau personnel research and apply for these grant funds and con-
$88,566.50 in fees for these services.
                                                                            tracts on an annual basis, monitor program effectiveness, provide
 Civil process is responsible for the timely service of all civil actions   budgetary preparation and management, and statistical and finan-
received from courts throughout Maryland and nationwide. Witness            cial reporting as required by the funding agencies.
summons and subpoenas, civil complaints, various orders and writs
are some of the types of process served by this section.
                                                                            Special Recognition
                                                                            Suzanne McClanahan, Civil Process Specialist served the Calvert County
                                                                            Sheriff’s Office for over 20 years and worked for a total of 5 Sheriff’s.
                                                                            Sue was recognized in 2008 for taking on several daunting tasks in
                                                                            the Administrative and Judicial Services Bureau (AJSB) when a co-
                                                                            worker was injured and would be out of the office for several
                                                                            months. Her quick response to obtain the necessary paperwork to
                                                                            hire a temporary employee paid off. Within days the AJSB employed
                                                                            a temp to fill the temporary void.
                                                                            In the same year Sue also our, Electronic Security System’s Admin-
                                                                            istrator, worked closely with the Maryland court system and Hart
                                                                            Security to assist in the many added security features in the Court-
                                                                            house. In addition, a lap top was purchased which Sue agreed to
                                                                            tote around after work hours to trouble shoot after hour problems
                                                                            with our electronic security system.
                                                                            For the past 15 years Sue served as Grants Fiscal Officer for the Mary-
                                                                            land Child Support Enforcement Cooperative Reimbursement Agree-
                                                                            ment and the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention
                                                                            (GOCCP), for monies
Funding Sources                                                             received through Do-
The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office Domestic Violence Court Deputy             mestic Violence Grant
Program provides a deputy sheriff for protective order hearings to           Pilot Program (DVUP)
interview respondents regarding access to firearms and also inter-           and STOP Violence
views petitioners for lethality assessment screening. This on site          Against Women Act
deputy prevents respondents with firearms from leaving court un-             (VAWA). The grant
attended to access weapons. The deputy also provides lethality as-          monies handled annu-
sessment screening services to petitioners to connect them with             ally reached over
outreach services. Grant monies from the Governor’s Office of Crime           $550,000.
Control and Prevention (GOCCP) received through the STOP Vio-               On Thursday, Septem-
lence Against Women Act (VAWA) provide salary support for this              ber 10, 2009, our
deputy sheriff.                                                              beloved Sue passed
Protective and Peace Order actions are effectively handled by per-           away due to cancer. In
sonnel because of the assistance received in the form of grant              remembrance to Sue,
monies from the GOCCP. Grant funds received through the Domestic            Sheriff Mike Evans will
Violence Unit Pilot Program (DVUP) ensure the timely processing             purchase a plaque to
and entry of these orders into our local area networks as well as           hang within the Sher-
state and national databases. Prompt service of these orders en-            iff’s Office west wing,
sures the safety of petitioners in the community.                           in her honor.
Child support enforcement activities are funded through a reim-
bursable contract with the Maryland Department of Human Re-
sources (DHR). Federal funding received through DHR supports the
timely execution of summons, orders, civil body attachments, and

                                                                                                          2009 Annual Report                  29
                         Bureau of Administrative
                         & Judicial Services
     Civil Process Service 2000-2009
        Service                                  2000      2001      2002      2003     2004      2005      2006     2007      2008     2009

        Process Received                        10,426    11,404    12,382     13,154   14,840   17,305     18,179   21,314    21,711   20,989

        % Received Increase/Decrease             5.26      9.38      8.58       6.2      12.8     16.6      5.05     17.25       2       -3.33

        Papers Served                           10,012     11,022    11,901    12,530   14,203   16,787    17,348    20,471   21,067    19,989

        Percent Served                            96       96.66     96.11     95.3      95.7      97        95        96       97      95.24

        Increased from 2000 to 2009 - %Received Increase 80%

     ANIMAL CONTROL UNIT                                                           found to be out of compliance with the license law, citations are
                                                                                   issued resulting in fines, court costs and possibly criminal charges.
     The Animal Control Unit consists of six Animal Control Officers                 Licenses are conveniently sold at all of the county’s veterinarian
     (ACOs) and works closely with all law enforcement agencies in the             hospitals, local animal welfare groups, Woodburn’s Market in
     county. The Calvert Investigative Team often calls upon the Animal            Solomons, North and Chesapeake Beach town halls, the County
     Control Unit when executing search warrants and when making                   Treasurer’s Office, and the Sheriff’s Office.
     arrests when animals are present and need to be removed to protect
                                                                                   ACOs are involved in the local communities and schools having
     their safety. ACOs also assist with automobile crashes, evictions,
                                                                                   performed presentations about animals and being an ACO
     domestic violence cases, and residential fires where animals are
                                                                                   throughout county schools. They have also provided demonstrations
     present and need to be removed to ensure their safety.
                                                                                   at the CCSO and the Maryland State Police Open Houses, the Calvert
     One ACO is on duty during evening hours during the week. A                    County Fair, Neighborhood Watch meetings, National Night Out and
     rotating on-call schedule ensures that an ACO is available to                 Camp COPS. ACOs continue to provide educational support for adults
     respond to animal emergencies any time of the day or night.                   and children.
     Examples of after hour emergencies are animal bites/exposures,
                                                                                   The Animal Control Officers continue to attend specialized training
     injured stray domestic animals, and stray aggressive dogs.
                                                                                   courses as they become available. To date, five ACOs have attended
     As indicated in the County Ordinance, an owner having a dog or cat            and successfully completed the East Coast Animal Control Academy.
     over the age of 5 months must obtain a current pet license. A total           Two ACOs have been nationally certified through the National Animal
     of 3,234 county licenses were purchased in 2009. In an effort to               Control Association. Two ACOs have received certification through
     encourage licensing their dogs and cats, owners were given an                 Code 3 Associates and the Law Enforcement Training Institute of the
     amnesty week, which offered pet licenses at a reduced rate. This               University of Missouri-Columbia as Certified Humane Investigators
     effort met with great success. These licenses ensure rabies                    and two ACOs have been certified as Equine Investigators. All of these
     vaccination compliance as well as registering the pet owner in the            courses are between 80-120 hours of instruction.
     county computer system. If the pet license is displayed on the dog
                                                                                   The Animal Control Unit continues to pursue new tactical
     or cat’s collar, ACOs are able to reunite pet owners with lost animals.
                                                                                   approaches to animal control and provide the necessary services to
     License compliance is increasing yearly. If a cat or dog owner is
                                                                                   the citizens of Calvert County.

                                  Focus on the Future

Focusing on the Future                                                    Other areas of commonality included the need for a public safety
                                                                          complex, a sub-station in the Dunkirk area of the county and en-
Each of the Command level staff was asked what they envisioned             hancing the capabilities of our crime tech personnel in the area of
for the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office in the future. There was a myr-      evidence analysis.
iad of information submitted revealing much thought on the part of
                                                                          “I envision the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office moving into
the Commanders. Embedded in this article are excerpts and infor-
mation gleaned from the submissions. It was also interesting that         the future towards a new state of the art law enforcement
many of the ideas and direction were similar from each of the Com-        complex where public safety as a whole would be housed
manders as well.                                                          within the same building. This would ensure equitable com-
                                                                          munication between all branches of public safety and would
Each Commander spoke of the immense progress the agency has
made in the past five to ten years. Much of the progress focused on        further ensure an immediate and informed response to all
technology with each of the Commanders looking forward to addi-           public safety issues within the community and surrounding
tional measures to aid in policing and most notably touting the ad-       jurisdictions.”
vance of electronic ticketing or “E-Ticketing.”                           In yet another response the writer spoke to technology and crime
“I foresee a time in the not-so-distant future when all patrol            lab capabilities.
deputies are assigned a lap-top computer with all the agency              “In the coming years I see our agency continuing to modern-
forms available for use on the street, limiting the time spent            ize our operations with technology. I see computers and cam-
in the office and sub-stations. This technology, along with                 eras integrated together to help solve crimes. I see our
the implementation of electronic ticketing “E-Ticket” will be             agency increasing its crime lab with state of the art forensic
very beneficial to the patrol deputies.”                                   capabilities. I believe we will continue to stay on the cutting
Another common theme among the Commanders was growth                      edge of technology in an effort to focus our resources and
within the agency and realignment within the structure of the             manage our efforts.”
agency to promote our current focus on community policing.
                                                                          The citizens of Calvert County can be proud of the work that the
“I would like to see our Community Action Team (CAT) ex-                  Command Staff does on a daily basis and equally as proud that they
panded to a full scale Community Services Bureau. These                   are in tune with the community needs in terms of public safety and
would be full time positions that would be responsible for                security and what we need to be to ensure such. As means of a
                                                                          commentary I would emphasize that the remaining sworn staff and
community policing projects. They would address the con-
                                                                          civilian staff are hard working dedicated individuals as well.
cerns of neighborhood watch groups/homeowners associa-
tions, regularly contact business owners within their area and
address nuisance complaints.”
Each Commander was also attune to the need for additional staffing
both at the sworn and civilian level. In addition to the increase at
the staffing levels most of the Commanders noted that with staffing
level increases responsibility will as well and in keeping in line with
paramilitary law enforcement standards there should also be an el-
evation in rank for certain command positions; such as the Bureau
Commander and the Assistant Bureau Commander.
“The command staff positions would be changed, a Captains
position would oversee the four major components of the
Agency; the Patrol Bureau, Criminal Investigative Bureau,
Administrative Bureau and the Local Office of Homeland Se-
curity and Special Operations. The Bureau’s would then
break into several components which a lieutenant would
oversee, such as the following: a Lieutenant would be re-
sponsible for the Community Action Team (CAT) which would
consist of the Traffic Safety Unit, the D.A.R.E. Program, the
Neighborhood Watch Program, School Liaison positions, the
Motor Unit and the Crash Reconstruction Team.”

                                                                                                       2009 Annual Report                31
                             Special Recognition

        Civilian Duty Officer (CDO)                                                 Local Awards
        Jennifer Hardesty                                                         Deputy Roscoe T. Kreps
         CDO Jennifer Hardesty’s actions on February 19, 2009, while work-        In 2009, the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office had many award recip-
        ing the late shift were greatly responsible for preventing further        ients of Sheriff’s awards for various activities such as work efforts,
        brain damage or actually saving an individual’s life. Jennifer received   meritorious service and valor; however it is interesting to note that
        an initial phone call from one party regarding an injury to a subject     three individuals from the Sheriff’s Office were actually “Employees
        and then she had the actual injured subject call her to tell her he       of the Month” for the entire county government with one of them
        did not need assistance. This aroused Jennifer’s intuition that some-     being the Calvert County “Employee of the Year” for 2009.
        thing was amiss. Then, by noticing the subject’s speech was slurred
                                                                                  Deputy Roscoe T. Kreps, who, on March 9, 2009, after assisting with
        during the conversation, she made the decision to keep the person
                                                                                  a motor vehicle crash at Md. Rt. 4 and Stoakley Road, was advised
        on the phone until the EMS arrived to provide primary care. It was
                                                                                  by the Control Center of a speeding vehicle that would not stop.
        discovered that the person was having a stroke and Ms. Hardesty’s
                                                                                  The vehicle was headed directly for the scene of the earlier crash.
        prompt action in all likelihood resulted in preventing further damage
                                                                                  Deputy Kreps, knowing that fire and rescue personnel were still on
        from the stroke or actually saving this individual’s life.
                                                                                  the scene and fearing for their safety, pulled in front of the erratic
                                                                                  vehicle in an attempt to slow or bring it to a stop. However, the
                                                                                  driver did not stop and collided with the rear driver’s side bumper
        Civilian Duty Officer (CDO) Raquel Bowlan                                   of the squad car, before swiping the entire length of the driver’s
                                                                                  side. The driver of the vehicle was making no attempt to avoid the
        CDO Raquel Bowlan provided a myriad of assistance in a child sex-
                                                                                  earlier crash scene. Deputy Kreps then used the Precision Immobi-
        ual assault case where the defendant received 40 years straight
                                                                                  lization Technique {P.I.T.}{action where by the deputy placed the
        time for his actions. This case involved the violent molesting of an
                                                                                  squad cars side front bumper against the vehicles’ right rear pas-
        individual’s grandson from the time he was six years old until he
                                                                                  senger side in an attempt to force it away from the scene}. The ma-
        was sixteen years old as well as the granddaughter on at least one
                                                                                  neuver was successful and forced the car over to the shoulder of
        occasion. CDO Bowlan altered her schedule so she could travel to
                                                                                  the road where Deputy Kreps then pinned the vehicle in with his
        another state with last minute notice giving up time with her family,
                                                                                  cruiser. Deputy Kreps then made contact with the driver and dis-
        she performed a one party consent call to the perpetrator where he
                                                                                  covered that he was a disoriented elderly male. He had not been in-
        admitted to the abuse, interviewing the victims and translating the
                                                                                  jured as a result of the P.I.T. Demonstrating quick thinking and fast
        entire time all the information from Spanish to English, this case
                                                                                  reactions, Deputy Kreps put his own life in danger in order to pre-
        may have not ended in the positive manner it did. CDO Bowlan re-
                                                                                  vent the possible injury or loss of life to others. Deputy Kreps re-
        ceived accolades from the primary investigator in this case telling
                                                                                  ceived the county “Employee of the Month” for his actions in
        her that now the cycle of violence this man inflicted on his own rel-
                                                                                  addition to receiving a life saving award from the Sheriff’s Office.
        atives and perhaps others, will now be stopped, and has provided
        peace of mind to many people.

                                  Left to Right:                                             Deputy Rosco Kreps receives recognition from the
 Sheriff Evans, Jennifer Hardesty, Jessica Jones, Raquel Bowlan and Lt. Col Hejl                  Calvert County Board of Commissioners.

                                    Special Recognition

Frances Lopez                                                          Sergeant Mike Hurlock
In addition to her huge workload in the Civil Process section of the   On July 14, 2009, Sergeant Mike Hurlock was dispatched to a home
Sheriff’s Office, Frances Lopez undertook the project of issuing new      in the Prince Frederick area for a report of an attempted suicide.
identification cards to all county employees. This involved the         Upon his arrival at the home he peered through a window where he
scheduling, set-up, photographing and processing of information        could see a subject with a bag over his head and a tube running
to be included in the project. Frances completed the project and is-   from the gas stove directly into the bag. Sergeant Hurlock also
sued new badges to over twelve-hundred (1200) county employees.        noted fire department personnel on the scene outside and they ap-
Frances juggled her duties and was able to complete this task in a     peared ready to enter the home. Fearing for the safety of the fire
timely manner and for her efforts she was recognized as the county      fighters and the subject attempting suicide, Sergeant Hurlock im-
“Employee of the Month” for February 2009.                             mediately made entry into the home and pulled the bag from the
                                                                       subject’s head. For his quick action in potentially saving several lives
                                                                       Sergeant Hurlock was awarded a life saving award from the Sheriff’s
                                                                       Office. Sergeant Hurlock was also nominated for other awards.

                                                                       Lt. Colonel Thomas C. Hejl

Lt. Col. Hejl, Frances Lopez, Sue McClanahan and Lt. Bobby Jones

                                                                            Lt. Col. Tom Hejl was awarded both Employee of the Month and
                                                                             Employee of the Year by the Board of County Commissioners.
                              Deputy Jeffrey Hardesty
                        On August 28, 2009, Deputy Jeffrey              Lt. Colonel Thomas C. Hejl was the county “Employee of the Month”
                        Hardesty responded to a call for a suici-      for December 2009 for obtaining federal grant funds in the amount
                        dal subject sitting on the pier in North       of $748,000.00, to purchase a mobile command vehicle. The vehicle
                        Beach at the boardwalk. Deputy Hard-           is state of the art and will provide law enforcement, public safety
                        esty approached the female and discov-         and others the ability to command from the scene of a myriad of
                        ered she was deaf. He wrote her a note         events. Calvert County has long been in need of a command vehicle
                        asking what the problem was and if she         and Lt. Colonel Hejl persisted in his quest to obtain one. The vehicle
                        was going to jump. The subject shook           has the same capabilities as the control center only it is on wheels.
                        her head in a manner to signify no, but        It also has the ability to integrate communications on the scene of
                        before Deputy Hardesty could act the           an event giving all parties from various agencies the ability to com-
                        subject did in fact jump off the pier and       municate with each other; interoperability. Lt. Colonel was also
                        into the water. Deputy Hardesty looked         named the Calvert County “Employee of the Year” for 2009 as a re-
                        down and saw the subject face down in          sult of his efforts in obtaining grants for equipment needed for the
                        the water. He immediately took off his          Sheriff’s Office that would have a significant draining effect on the
                        gun-belt and jumped in the water where         county budget. In the course of seven (7) years Lt. Colonel Hejl has
                        he grabbed the subject and took her to         received grant awards exceeding 2 million dollars. Some equipment
                        shore. For his actions Deputy Hardesty         purchased with these funds include the mobile command vehicle,
                        was issued a life saving award from the        in-car computers, in-car digital cameras, surveillance cameras, in-
Sheriff and was nominated for recognition elsewhere as well.            frared nighttime surveillance cameras, digital cameras and a

                                                                                                      2009 Annual Report                   33
                         Special Recognition

     plethora of other equipment. For his efforts in obtaining high dollar             & Girls Club of Calvert County and mentored youth in the Twin
     equipment through the grant process Lt. Colonel Thomas C. Hejl                   Beaches area. She maintained a contact with the residents of the
     was awarded the Calvert County “Employee of the Year”.                           beaches even when not on duty. For her contribution to the com-
                                                                                      munity good Deputy First Class Brianne Gray was also awarded the
     In 2009 the Calvert County Board of Commissioners recognized
                                                                                      Law Officer of the Year by the American Legion.
     Deputy First Class Brianne Gray for her outstanding service in
     Calvert County and particularly for her work with youth in the Twin
     Beaches area. Deputy First Class Gray worked closely with the Boys

                                                                    Left to Right:
      Sheriff Evans, Cpl Todd Smith, Sgt Mike Bomgardner, D/Sgt Brent Parrott, F/Sgt Craig Bowen, F/Sgt Dave Payne, Lt. Steve Jones and Lt. Col. Hejl
                                                          with the newly promoted officers.

     Promotions                                                                       Sergeant Brent Parrott was promoted to Detective Sergeant and
                                                                                      remained in the Professional Standards Unit as the commander.
     Promotions in 2009 included the pictured individuals with the Sher-
                                                                                      Sergeant Craig Bowen was promoted to First Sergeant and as-
     iff and Assistant Sheriff. From left to right are: Sheriff Mike Evans,
                                                                                      signed to command the Twin Beaches Patrol.
     CORPORAL Todd Smith, SERGEANT Mike Bomgardner, DETECTIVE
     SERGEANT Brent Parrott, FIRST SERGEANT Craig Bowen, FIRST                        Sergeant Dave Payne was promoted to First Sergeant and remained
     SERGEANT Dave Payne, LIEUTENANT Steve Jones and Assistant                        in the Dominion Project as the assistant commander.
     Sheriff Lt. Colonel Thomas Hejl.                                                  First Sergeant Steve Jones was promoted to Lieutenant as the com-
     Deputy First Class Todd Smith was promoted to Corporal and re-                   mander of the Bureau of Investigations and the Criminal Investiga-
     mained in the K9 Unit.                                                           tive Team (CIT).
     Corporal Mike Bomgardner was promoted to Sergeant and as-
     signed to the Community Action Team (CAT)

                                                        Special Recognition

                                                                   Members of the CCSO provided assistance to the DC Metropolitan        Special Operations Team (SOT) members are recognized by
   Ms. Patti Scroggins & DFC Joseph Kontra pose with a few
                                                                    Police Department during the 2009 Presidential Inauguration of            the US Park Police for their assistance during the
           members of the 2010 Mentorship Proram.
                                                                                           Barack O’bama.                                             2009 Presidential Inauguration.

 Members of the Community Action Team (CAT) participated          Calvert Board of County Commissioners present MSP Cpl Eric White        Agency Explorer members completed a Trail Restoration
 in the 2009 Smooth Operator Campaign in June 2009 in our         & Sgt Todd Ireland with a proclamation recognizing the 2009 Click It        Project. Second from right is DFC Tom Rickard,
                     Nations Capital.                                      Or Ticket campaign for their respective agencies.                                a Explores Advisor.

      Torch Run 2009 brought out members of various                                                                                         Patrick Smith, a Law enforcement officer from Florida
                                                                    Sgt Brian McCourt helps a student from Calvert County School
Law Enforcement agencies, both sworn & civilians, local schools                                                                           (and his dad) came by to meet Cpl Tony Moschetto, after
                                                                    have a seat on his Police Motorcycle during the 2010 Torch Run.
                  and a few volunteers.                                                                                                      Cpl Moshetto’s apperance in the TV show Speeders.

         One of “Speeders” youngest fans came by to                    Cpl Michael Bomgardner and Shefiff Evans pose with the               NAM motorcycle club members present the Sheriff with
                    meet Cpl Moschetto.                                           2010 CAT Poster contest winners.                                a donation for the Sheriff’s Office.

                                                                                                                                                 2009 Annual Report                        35
                                       Special Recognition

                                                                Members of the CAT Team and Calvert Alliance Against Substance
            2009 Crash Reconstruction school members.                                                                                        Booking post at the Detention Center
                                                                 Abuse (CAASA) join forces with the White Sands Community.

                                                                                                                                   Detention Center employees and their van are on hand to
          Ms. Scroggins and CDO Johnny Coates folding our                  DFC Jeffrey Hardesty mans his post at the
                                                                                                                                 transport prisoners to the Detention Center should the need
                            flag properly.                                          Annual Tiki Bar opening
                                                                                                                                        arise allowing Deputies to remain on location.

       Sheriff Evans and Sgt. Roscoe Jones discuss a situaton
                                                                        1/Sgt. T. Buckmaster receives a H1N1 vaccination.                      A Road Patrol shift at Roll call
                      at the Tiki Bar opening.

 Sheriff's Explorer members receive Ground Fighting training                                                                      DFC Tomlinson with one of his banquet backdrops, this one
                                                                              Inside the mobile command vehicle
by SOT members, Dep. Justin Livingston and Sgt. Mike Hurlock.                                                                           is of the Calvert County Detention Center.


       This Wing of the Calvert House
       which houses the Administrative and
       Judicial Bureau is dedicated in the
       memory of:
       Sue McClanahan “Civil Process Specialist”

       Lost much too early; Sue was a vibrant, energetic, intelli-
       gent, fun loving, professional woman who was always
       willing to help, loved by her family and friends and will
       be dearly missed by all.

              Sheriff Mike Evans
              Assistant Sheriff Thomas Hejl

                                          2009 Annual Report         37
The Calvert County Sheriff's Office and Sheriff Evans would like to thank Constellation Energy for their
                              generosity in the production of this report.

                              Calvert County Sheriff’s Office
                                         30 Church Street
                                    Prince Frederick, MD 20678

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