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					 “Service Above Self”                                                 Rotary District 7300 Newsletter • SEPTEMBER 2011

                                  September Greetings to my fellow District 7300 Rotarians,
                                      Can you believe it? Summer is over! If you have been half as busy as I have, I guess we shouldn’t
                                  be surprised.
                                      The District 7300 Golf Outing chaired by Kevin Flannery, Quaker Valley Rotary Club, held on
                                  August 12, 2011 had the most perfect weather you could want for playing golf. Montour Heights
                                  Country Club was most gracious to us as their guests and a good time was had by all. The
                                  “Women In Rotary” Business Mixer arranged by Ruth Forsythe and Kay Phanse, Carnegie-
                                  Collier Rotary Club, held at The Club at Nevillewood on August 19, 2011 was also a huge
                                  success with 60+ women attending. My thanks to everyone who made these events happen and
                                  to those who participated.
                                      My official visits continued in August with 23 visits, and again, I am so impressed by the warm
                                  and friendly welcome I have received from the clubs. Sandy and Eddie Grimes, Green Tree
                                  Rotary Club, gave me quite a pleasant surprise by inviting my aunt and uncle, Jane and Phil
                                  Evans, and good friends Adele and Ron Kunz to my official visit to their club.
       2011-2012                      September is New Generations month in Rotary and I am pleased to say that Chairman, Dick
                                  Beck, Bethel-St. Clair Rotary Club, has been doing a great job of bringing all of our youth activi-
    District Governor
                                  ties together under one Avenue of Service. Dick has had several meetings with the various
        Sue Kelly                 youth-related chairmen and committee members in an effort to get us all on the same page.
Carnegie-Collier Rotary Club      Dick’s umbrella covers Rotary Youth Exchange, Chairman Robin Zoufalik, Rotary Club of
                                  Pittsburgh, Interact, Chairman Betty Dunn, Forest Hills Rotary Club, Rotaract, Chairman Tom
                                  Kelly, North Boroughs Rotary Club, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), Chairman Gary
 THE FOUR-WAY TEST                Wobb, Pleasant Hills Rotary Club, and Youth Protection Officer, Kelly Riddle. Dick is also in the
                                  process of putting together a brochure to be distributed to all high schools (100+) in our District
 Of the things we think,          which outlines all programs offered to our youth. Please note, while these dedicated Rotarians,
       say or do...               along with their committee members, are doing a great job, there is always room for YOU on their
                                  committees. Each faces different challenges in being successful in reaching out our Rotary hand
1. Is it the truth?               to serve our youth. Won’t you consider reaching out your hand to help us in these efforts? Contact
2. Is it fair to all concerned?   me or any of the chairmen listed to join one of these committees.
3. Will it build goodwill             The Interact Conference this year will be held on Tuesday, October 25, 2011 at the Radisson
   and better friendships?        Hotel in Green Tree. This will be our 17th Annual Interact Conference! Considering that most
4. Will it be beneficial          districts don’t even have a conference, this is quite an important event in our district. I am urging
   to all concerned?              all clubs to support their students in their local Interact clubs and to participate with them in every
                                  way possible. These students represent our next generation of Rotarians. Just a heads up – we              have raised the cost per student this year to $40.00. The cost for non-student lunch is $20.00. This
                                  is the first-ever price increase and I’m sure you can recognize our need to cover costs. Registration
                                  forms are currently being sent to all schools.
                                      The World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh in cooperation with the Rotary Club of Pittsburgh
                                  will hold their 41st Annual World Affairs Institute on Friday, November 18, 2011. This long-
                                  running collaboration between the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh and Rotary International
                                  engages high school student leaders in a discussion of key issues in international affairs so that
                                  they can understand and think critically about their world.

                                  Yours In Rotary Service,

    Allegheny County,
Beaver County and parts of
  Westmoreland County             Sue Kelly
                                  Rotary District 7300 • District Governor
                                  H: (412) 341-9450 | C: (412) 260-8128 | E:

    Rotary District 7300 | P.O. Box 44305 | Pittsburgh, PA 15205 | P: (412) 429-7300 | F: (412) 429-7300
                       Rotary District 7300
                       Membership Chair
                       Karl Ohrman                                                                  2011-2012
                       Rotary Club of Pittsburgh                                                    Rotary District 7300
                                                                                                    Foundation Chair
                                                                                                    Dennis Crawford (PDG)
                       “20/20 Foresight”                                                            McCandless Rotary Club

   Everyone talks about 20/20 hindsight. This is the ability to review past                          “New Generations”
mistakes in light of more current knowledge on the subject. With such
knowledge, one can have the proverbial perfect 20/20 hindsight.                  September is “New Generations” month. New Generations in
   But I’m talking about 20/20 foresight. More specifically where will        Rotary is our term for concentrating on our youth - Interact, Rotaract,
Rotary District 7300 be in the year 2020, especially in the membership        and our focus on securing younger members to perpetuate Rotary.
area. Let’s explore two options. One is to continue the membership            To me there’s another facet or definition to “New Generations”
growth that we experienced under the leadership of Past District              and that is our legacy. It’s our ability to pass on to the newer
Governor, Cindy Sakala and District Governor, Sue Kelly.                      generation of Rotarians the morality, the values and all of the good
   We experienced a strong 5% membership growth this past year                works that Rotary does locally, nationally, and internationally. What
(1200 in July 2010 to 1260 in June 2011). If we continue this aggres-         better way to secure the future of Rotary and our programs than to
sive 5% membership growth per year pace, we would have 1,954                  support The Rotary Foundation. Our district has had a long,
members in the year 2020. It may be a stretch, but it would be                proud tradition of supporting The Rotary Foundation and its
exciting! Can Rotary District 7300 pull it off? What can dedicated            programs. But past performance is exactly that - it’s past. To
Rotarians do if they put their collective minds to it? We’ve proven           secure the future of Rotary and our “New Generations” we must
that Rotarians can do amazing things. 5% membership growth per                make sure that we provide for the future. A very simple and
year. That is a doable goal.                                                  painless way to help secure the future of Rotary and our programs
   Let’s not think about the other option where our membership                is to bequest a gift to The Rotary Foundation in your estate.
rolls decline, we are forced to merge with an adjoining district and             I heard a very interesting, yet disturbing statistic the other day at
we find ourselves going to President-Elect Training (PET) meetings            a Rotary committee meeting: 70% of Rotarians in North America
in Johnstown, PA or district assemblies in Erie, PA.                          do not have a will. That figure includes Central America for Rotary
   Let’s use 20/20 foresight and shoot for that five percent goal!            purposes, but still to me it’s staggering. It falls in line with the
                                                                              United States national average - only 50% of Americans have an
Yours In Service,                                                             estate plan and will. If you fall into that category I would strongly
Karl Ohrman                                                                   advise you to meet with your attorney or financial advisor as soon
                                                                              as you can to start the process of estate planning. When you do,
Rotary District 7300 • Membership Chair                                       talk to them about including a gift to Rotary in your will. By doing
P: (412) 391-7425 | E:                                     so you can help to carry on the traditions and programs of Rotary
                                                                              in “New Generations” and at the same time provide, what in many
                                                                              cases can be, a significant tax advantage for your heirs. If you
                                                                              already have a will and estate plan, please consider a gift to Rotary
“Faces In The District”                                                       as well, for all of the same reasons. A huge plus will be all of the
Article Submitted by PDG Rick Martin                                          good that your money can continue to do long after you’re gone.

   For the members who attend our Rotary District 7300 Conference             Yours In Service,
you will see him. Actually maybe not. Few Rotarians attend our                Dennis Crawford
Annual Business Meeting at the Rotary District 7300 Conference. Stu
Benson has conducted the Annual Business Meeting since 1990. If               Rotary District 7300 • Foundation Chair
you want a lesson on how to run a meeting, this is your chance.               P: (412) 889-5389 | E:
   Stu is married to Ruth and they have three daughters. He received
his Bachelor of Arts degree from Northwestern University and his
Juris Doctorate from The University of Pittsburgh School of Law.                                              Rotary’s US$200 Million Challenge
Yes, he is an attorney; one with good wit and is dedicated to service                                                          US$185M*
and his family. His law practice concentrates in the area of Workers’
Compensation and Employment Law.
   Stu is an active member of the North Boroughs Rotary Club                                                               *As of August 5, 2011
where he served as Club President in 1985-1986. Stu worked on the
task force that drafted the Sexual Abuse and Harassment Policy
adopted by the Rotary District 7300 clubs. Besides being the District
Parliamentarian, Stu also serves as Chairman of the Rotary District
7300 Foundation Corporation, a 501(c)3 organization.
   Stu is also an active soccer player. He plays for the Hampton
Azzurri team in the Over-50 Pittsburgh Super Master Soccer
League. He’s coached youth soccer and teaches Sunday School at
his place of worship.
                                                                                                                                             page 2
  The Youth Exchange Committee is in desperate need of a new
computer. The old computer crashed! A replacement was donated,                                   2011-2012
but it’s doubtful it can be refurbished and used. Anyone who has a                               Rotary District 7300
computer they would like to donate or can offer at a discounted                                  Literacy Chair
price, please contact Rotary District 7300 Governor Sue Kelly, at                                Gladys Maharam                                                                         Forest Hills Rotary Club

  The Parkway West Rotary Club presented Sue with a check for
$250.00 during her official visit to be used at her discretion. She is                           “Focus on Literacy”
happy to direct these funds towards a new Youth Exchange
Committee computer. Please ”reach within” to help out!                       Clubs in Rotary District 7300 have been engaged in a variety of
                                                                          literacy initiatives including tutoring, helping libraries with projects,
                                                                          providing 3rd graders with dictionaries and more. This column
                                                                          features a new project that might be of interest to your club.
                                                                             The Black Chronicle (Pittsburgh, PA: Wilson Group Network,
                                                                          1999) is a folio-size paperback compilation of original news articles
                                                                          from 1778 to 1956. Aspects of slavery including revolts, the Civil
                                                                          War, Jim Crow laws, race riots, black troops in various wars, and
                                                                          civil rights are just some of the topics covered. The Black
                                                                          Chronicle provides stories of courageous leaders and the major
                                                                          contributions of African Americans in the culture and history of the
                                                                          American nation.
                                                                             Rotary clubs are able to purchase
   Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) 7300 is building a               The Black Chronicle at a discount
legacy of tradition and excellence. The third RYLA program was            to provide to local schools, youth
hosted at La Roche College from July 10-15, 2011. The program             groups or other community organi-
commenced with an opportunity for RYLArians (former RYLA                  zations. This project would be
participants) to interact with the current RYLA campers. The event        appropriate in February for Black
provided a chance for former participants to give back to the             History Month or March for Rotary
program and share their enthusiasm and love for what these                Literacy Month.
students term “a life changing experience” while assisting new               For additional information, please
campers with their transition to the RYLA program.                        contact the World Chronicle Inc. at
   The week enabled high school students to gain and develop              (412) 281-1899. If your club would
leadership skills, interpersonal skills, take time for personal reflec-   like a presentation for a program,
tion, and offer opportunities to create new relationships with other      just request one.
students from the Pittsburgh area. A service component was
introduced during the week to encourage students to truly         
embrace the Rotary’s motto of “Service Above Self.” Students
inventoried their interests and passions to identify a group,             Yours In Service,
program, or organization they wanted to assist. Over an eight             Gladys Maharam
month period, they are asked to get involved with the group,
program or organization in some way. Students have a chance to            Rotary District 7300 • Literacy Chair
submit an application in early March, 2012, highlighting their            P: (412) 243-8723 | E:
accomplishments by providing a description of the program,
organization, project, or event with which they were affiliated.
Originality of the program, organization, project, or event will be
                                                                             Become a fan of ROTARY DISTRICT 7300 on FACEBOOK!
evaluated. The winner will receive the opportunity to present at the
2012 RYLA Service Spotlight at the 2012 RYLA Camp.
   Speakers, workshops, and social events were means by which the
program was delivered to the campers. Daniel Sepulveda, punter for
the Pittsburgh Steelers, and former Survivor participant, Ian Rosen-
berger, delivered motivating keynote speeches. The Pittsburgh East
Rotary Club (PERC) hosted an abbreviated meeting during the week
and introduced campers to Rotary and how it works. Students were
addressed by Club President, Tom Baker. Former RYLA 7300 partici-
                                                                                   Rotary District 7300 has a Facebook Page!
pant, Jake Cawley, came back to the program to serve as a
                                                                          Rotary District 7300’s page is intended to keep you up to date
counselor-in-training on the counseling staff.
                                                                                          on all happenings in and around
   If you would like to find out more about the Rotary Youth Leadership
                                                                              Rotary District 7300 as well as Rotary International.
Awards (RYLA) program or how to sign students up for this program for
June, 2012, please E-mail Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)              Use Facebook to promote YOUR Rotary club's event, post
Chairman, Gary Wobb, at                             pictures, ask questions, and spread the word about Rotary!

                                                                                                                                          page 3
         District Governor’s Official Visit Marks Milestone
                    at Green Tree Rotary Club

   Rotary District 7300 Governor, Sue Kelly, officially visited the
Green Tree Rotary Club on August 25, 2011. Her visit marked the
half-way point in her official visit schedule. Club President, Dave
Wandrisco, presented Sue with a "green tree" ... a tradition with
their club, and a bottle of wine. As a special surprise, the club
invited some of her family and friends to lunch that day.
   Sue said she is enjoying getting around to all of the clubs and                  Paul Ajak, who's well known in our community, was
meeting the Rotarians of Rotary District 7300. She is impressed with                been a member of the Fox Chapel Area Rotary Club
all of the good work the clubs are doing, both in their communities,                in the past and re-joined on Thursday, July 21, 2011.
and around the world.                                                               He's the second-generation owner of the Weddell-
                                                                                    Ajak Funeral Home in Aspinwall, which has been in
                                                                                    business since 1945.

                                                                                    On Wednesday, August 10, 2011, the Fox Chapel Area
                                                                                    Rotary Club welcomed Robert Martrano. Bob is an
                                                                                    interior designer and owner of Apropos Interiors. He’s
                                                                                    also president of the City Hall Employees Credit Union.

                                                                                 Pittsburgh’s South Side Rotary Club Charters!

                                                                          Rotary District 7300 Governor, Sue Kelly, District Officers, and
                                                                       Rotarians from several clubs in Rotary District 7300 came to
                                                                       Penny's Glass House Bistro in South Side on Tuesday, August 23,
                                                                       2011 to celebrate the charter of our newest Rotary club:
                                                                       Pittsburgh's South Side Rotary Club.
                                                                          The official charter date was June 14, 2011. The club chartered
Pictured (left to right): Dave Wandrisco (Green Tree Rotary Club       with 26 members, but have already added two more members
President) and Sue Kelly (District Governor).                          since then. Pittsburgh's South Side Rotary Club is a young, vibrant
                                                                       club ... the perfect profile for such a young, vibrant community as
                                                                       South Side.

                                                                       Pictured (left to right): Sandy Grimes (Green Tree Rotary Club), Sue
                                                                       Kelly (District Governor), Sandra Rebholz (Green Tree Rotary Club),
On Wednesday, August 17, 2011, the Rotary Club of Pittsburgh           Heather Dieckman (Club President), Cindy Sakala (Past District
welcomed new member, Caitlin Wykoff, Assistant Controller for          Governor), and Kathy Crawford (Past District Governor).
RoData, Inc. Pictured (left to right): Andy Dlinn (2011-2012 Club
President), Caitlin Wykoff, and Linda Fischer (Past Club President).                                                              page 4
                        Rotary District 7300
                      “Wings Over Pittsburgh”                                                  2011-2012
                                                                                               Rotary District 7300
  Rotary District 7300 was well represented at the annual “Wings                               Newsletter Editor • Webmaster
Over Pittsburgh” event at Greater Pittsburgh Airport over the                                  Lenore M. Wetzel
September 9-10, 2011 weekend. Banners from several clubs in                                    Forest Hills Rotary Club
Rotary District 7300 were on display. Rotary District 7300 provided
a Shelter Box, which was laid out to show all of the components and
a Shelter Box video played on a wide screen monitor.                                    “All that glitters is not gold ...”
  District 7300 sponsored ShutterBooth, which provided free
photographs for close to 300 families. Please visit                        September is Rotary’s “New Generations” month. Now is when to see if you recognize any              we turn our focus toward youth; the next generation of Rotary.
familiar faces!                                                          However, your club’s focus should extend well beyond September!
  The air show, hosted by Pittsburgh's 911th Airlift Wing of the Air     Often clubs will focus in on their short-term goals and lose sight of
Force Reserve, featured static displays, tactical demonstrations,        their long-term aspirations. So in the spirit of keeping focus, my
numerous flybys of military aircraft, performances by a precision        message this month is simple, short, and sweet ... don’t let the
aerobatic military team, plus ground activities showcasing the           glitter wear off and your club’s hard work tarnish!
military's day-to-day operations. Lt. Col. Brian Schill (Retired) was      As always, the Rotary District 7300 Governor's Newsletter will
Rotary's liaison for this exciting event.                                continue to be published between the 1st and the 5th of each
                                                                         month. The submission deadline for club articles and events will
                                                                         continue to be the 25th of each month.
                                                                           If your club is having an event, let me know about it. I’ll help
                                                                         your club spread the word! If your club has had an event and
                                                                         would like to have it highlighted in the newsletter, please send
                                                                         your club's article and photographs to me as soon as possible after
                                                                         the event has taken place. Be sure to include the “who, what,
                                                                         where, when and why” in your article as well as the names of the
                                                                         people in your photographs in order from left to right!
                                                                           The 25th of each month deadline date is VERY important! In
                                                                         order for me to publish “...from the Heart” by the 5th of each
                                                                         month, I need time to sort, edit, and proof.
                                                                           Please visit Explore! Learn! Enjoy!
                                                                         Encourage club members and others to visit the site. Utilize the
                                                                         district website as a tool to promote your club, to gain the interest
                                                                         of prospective club members, or to find your way to a Rotary
                                                                         meeting location!
Pictured (left to right): Sandra Rebholz (Green Tree Rotary Club),
Roxanne Buckles (Parkway West Rotary Club), Denise Corrie                Yours In Service,
(Greater McKees Rocks Rotary Club), and Lt. Col. Brian Schill,           Lenore M. Wetzel
Retired (Upper St. Clair-Bethel Park Rotary Club).
                                                                         Rotary District 7300 • Newsletter Editor • Webmaster
                                                                         P: (412) 735-8429 | E:

ALL Rotary District 7300 Rotary clubs should submit their attendance
figures within the first two weeks of each month. This gives your club
members the opportunity to attend “make-up meetings” for meetings
that were missed during the last two weeks of the previous month.

1. Sharpsburg-Aspinwall Rotary Club                             92%
2. Green Tree Rotary Club                                       88%        Rotary District 7300 is scheduling a trip to the Rotary International
3. Quaker Valley Rotary Club                                    88%      Convention to be held in Bangkok, Thailand. The dates will be April
4. McCandless Rotary Club                                       78%      28, 2012 through May 10, 2012. We will fly from New York to Hong
5. New Brighton Rotary Club                                     77%      Kong for two nights, then to Chiang Rai/Dusit Island for two nights,
6. Carnegie-Collier Rotary Club                                 76%      Chiang Mai for two nights, and then on to Bangkok, Thailand for the
7. Moon Township Rotary Club                                    76%      Rotary International Convention. The cost is $3,885.00 per person
8. Mt. Lebanon Sunrise Rotary Club                              74%      (double occupancy).
9. North Boroughs Rotary Club                                   73%        For immediate details, please contact Joanne Letcher (J&L
10. Pleasant Hills Rotary Club                                  72%      Travel) at
“Top 10” Rotary club attendance % as of September 1, 2011:
(... with 16 clubs NOT reporting attendance!)                                                                                          page 5
                                September 2011
                              New Generations Month                                                                            Rotary District 7300

       Sunday                     Monday                 Tuesday                 Wednesday                   Thursday                   Friday                   Saturday
                                                                                                                              1                       2                          3
                                                                                                                 North Boroughs
                                                                                                                     Rotary Club
                                                                                                                    Golf Outing
                                                                                                                   at Shannopin
                                                                                                                   Country Club

                                                                                                             DG Sue Kelly visits
                                                                                                          Greater McKees Rocks
                                                                                                          New Brighton 6:15pm

     First Quarter     4                         5                       6                          7                         8                       9                        10
                                       Labor Day                                                            RALLY IN CHICAGO          RALLY IN CHICAGO         RALLY IN CHICAGO
                                                                                                                 Zone Institute            Zone Institute           Zone Institute
                                                                                                                                                               Rotary District 7300
                                                                                                                                                             Wings Over Pittsburgh
                                                                                                                                                                          Air Show
                                                                                                                                                                     Quaker Valley
                                                                                  DG Sue Kelly visits                                                                  Rotary Club
                                                                               Duquesne-West Mifflin                                                                Harvest Festival
                                                                                  Fox Chapel 12NN

                     11          Full Moon     12                      13                         14                        15                      16                         17
        Patriot Day                                                               Rotary District 7300                                                         Citizenship Day
                                                                               Technology Committee
      Grandparent’s                                                                                                                                         Pittsburgh’s South Side
                                                                                                                                                                        Rotary Club
                Day                                                                                                                                           Dragon Boat Festival
          Zone Institute
    Rotary District 7300
  Wings Over Pittsburgh                                                             DG Sue Kelly visits
               Air Show                                  DG Sue Kelly visits   Crafton-Ingram 7:15am
                                                            Plum 12:15pm          Pittsburgh 12:00NN

                     18                        19      Last Quarter    20                         21                        22                      23                         24
                                                                               Aliquippa & Ambridge                                  Autumn Equinox
                                                                                        Rotary Club’s
                                                                                     90th Anniversary
                                                                                                                                             Rotary Club
                                                                                                                                          SIP for Hunger

                                                                                                              DG Sue Kelly visits
                                                         DG Sue Kelly visits       DG Sue Kelly visits         Oakland 12:15pm
                                                       Steel Valley 12:15pm        Swissvale 12:00NN      Bethel-St. Clair 6:00pm

                     25                        26      New Moon        27                         28                        29                      30          October 1
    Bridgeville-S. Fayette   Macy's Christmas Parade                             Rosh Hashanah                                                                Mt. Lebanon Sunrise
              Rotary Club       Rotary Float Meeting                                                                                                                  Rotary Club
5th Annual Chili Cook-off                                                                                                                                    Annual Art in the Park
             Competition                                                                                                                                    Green Tree Rotary Club

                                                         DG Sue Kelly visits       DG Sue Kelly visits
                                                        Monroeville Sunrise         New Kensington            DG Sue Kelly visits
                                                                    7:30am                 12:00NN            Hampton 12:00NN

                       2                         3     First Quarter     4                          5                         6                       7                          8
    Mt. Lebanon Sunrise                                                                                            ADG Meeting                                      Upper St. Clair-
            Rotary Club                                                                                                                                     Bethel Park Rotary Club
   Annual Art in the Park                                                                                                                                              23rd Annual
 Green Tree Rotary Club                                                                                                                                          Chicken Barbecue

                                         2011-2012 Rotary District 7300 Contacts
Rotary International President                                                                                 
Kalyan Banerjee, Rotary Club of Vapi, Gujarat, India                                                   
Rotary District 7300                                                                                 
District Governor, 2011-2012: Sue Kelly, Carnegie-Collier                    
District Governor-Elect, 2012-2013: Thomas Fallon, Lawrenceville             
District Governor-Nominee, 2013-2014: Walt Sickles, Ambridge                 
Past District Governor, 2010-2011: Cindy Sakala, Burrell Area                                                 
District Secretariat: Sandra Rebholz, Green Tree                                       
District Secretary: Sandra Rebholz, Green Tree                                           
District Treasurer: Adrianne Jellison, Carnegie-Collier                                  
District Webmaster: Lenore M. Wetzel, Forest Hills                                             
District Governor’s Newsletter Editor: Lenore M. Wetzel, Forest Hills                                
Rotary District 7300 Special Advisors to the District Governor
Past District Governor: PDG Dick Beck, Bethel-St. Clair                                                   
Past District Governor: PDG Kathy Crawford, McCandless                                              
Past District Governor: PDG Lou Piconi, Bethel-St. Clair                                                       
Past District Governor: PDG Bob Rupp, Turtle Creek                                                        
Rotary District 7300 Assistant District Governors
Maryanne Barnes, Fox Chapel Area                                                                              
Herman Dieckmann, Bethel-St. Clair                                                                  
Paul Eiben, Pleasant Hills                                                                               
Linda Fischer, Pittsburgh                                                                             
Sandy Grimes, Green Tree                                                                                  
Jim Hahn, Ambridge                                                                                         
Jim Kerr, Moon Township                                                                                   
Rege Krol, McCandless                                                                                       
Nina Stahlberg, Forest Hills                                                                            
John L. Sullivan, Braddock                                                                                  
Deborah Vingin, New Kensington                                                                             
Rotary District 7300 Officers
The Rotary Foundation: PDG Dennis Crawford, McCandless                                         
Annual Giving Fund: PDG Rick Martin, New Brighton                                                       
Foundation Dinner: PDG Mark and Vicky Brilmyer, Carnegie-Collier                                    
Grants: PDG Robert Rupp, Turtle Creek                                                                     
Group Study Exchange: Ron Gaydos, Braddock                                                               
Paul Elder Chapter of Paul Harris Society: PDG Cindy Sakala, Burrell Area                                   
Permanent Fund: PDG Bob Arbuckle, New Kensington                                                           
PolioPlus: Mark Romanus, Pleasant Hills                                                            
Scholarships: Jeffrey Klink, Crafton-Ingram                                                                 
District Trainer: PDG Christopher Beck, Three Rivers                                                  
Assistant District Trainer: PDG Bob Rupp, Turtle Creek                                                    
District Historian: Gladys Maharam, Forest Hills                                               
District Awards: Rich Deitrick, Upper St. Clair                                                               
Parliamentarian: Stu Benson, North Boroughs                                                                 
Public Relations: John Chamberlin, Pittsburgh                                   
District Conference (Seven Springs, PA): PDG Bob Rupp, Turtle Creek                                       
International Convention (Bangkok, Thailand): Joanne Letcher                                                    
Networking: Marcie McKivitz, Parkway West                                                                
2014-2015 District Governor Nomination: PDG Rick Martin, New Brighton                                   
Finance: Adrianne Jellison, Carnegie-Collier                                                           
Membership Development: Karl Ohrman, Pittsburgh                                                   
Rotary Leadership Institute: Bella Kennelly, Monroeville                                             
Extensions/New Clubs: PDG Kathy Crawford, McCandless                                              
Long Range Planning: DGE Tom Fallon, Pittsburgh East                                            
Golf Outing/Dinner (Montour Heights Country Club): Kevin Flannery, Quaker Valley              
Literacy: Gladys Maharam, Forest Hills                                                         
Water: Tom Nunnally, Forest Hills                                                                  
Community Service: Marcia Petkovich, Carnegie-Collier                                          
Interact: Elizabeth M. Dunn, Forest Hills                                                                                   (412) 243-8795
Rotaract: Tom Kelly, North Boroughs                                                                   
Christmas “Celebrate The Season” Parade: PDG Bill Harvanek, Oakmont                                
Rotary Youth Exchange (ESSEX): Robin Zoufalik, Pittsburgh                                               
Rotary Youth Exchange (Outbound): Bob Polczynski, Burrell Area                                            
World Community Service/International Service: Craig Esterly, Green Tree                                  
Vocational Service: Diane Karcz, Carnegie-Collier                                                          
World Peace Fellows: PDG Bob Arbuckle, New Kensington                                                  
RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards): Gary Wobb, Pleasant Hills                                    
New Generations: PDG Dick Beck, Bethel-St. Clair                                                          
District 7300 Youth Protection Officer: Kelly Riddle                                      


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