THE “WARM-UP” by zhouwenjuan


									                                                   THE “WARM-UP”

                                       EXERCISE - THE BEST PRESCIPTION
                                       The human body thrives on movement, which
                                       brings pleasure and stimulates creativity.
                                       Medically, exercise stimulates blood flow and
                                       tissue growth in muscle and bone. It also
                                       relieves the fatigue of nervous tension and
                                       sedentary activity. And the benefits extend even
                                       further: Exercise is also a potent tool for
                                       preventing and treating disease.

                                       CONVINCING EVIDENCE
                                       In recent years researchers have learned a lot
                                       about the benefits of exercise. More physicians
                                       are asking about their patients' fitness levels
                                       and making specific exercise recommendations
                                       because exercise has proven to give patients an
                                       extra edge when it comes to avoiding or
                                       minimizing diseases:
                                           • Heart disease. Exercise helps reverse
                                              established disease and helps control
                                              the risk factors for heart disease (high
                                              blood       pressure,    high    cholesterol,
                                              obesity).       Exercise     also     lowers
                                              triglycerides and raises high-density
                                              lipoproteins (HDL)--the "good" fats.
                                           • Stroke. Exercise prevents strokes and
                                              helps restore function after a stroke.
                                           • High blood pressure. Exercise is a
                                              nondrug therapy for treating mild-to-
                                              moderate high blood pressure, and it
                                              helps patients who are on drug therapy
                                              for severe high blood pressure.
                                           • Diabetes. Exercise can prevent or delay
                                              the serious vascular complications of
                                              diabetes; regular exercise can reduce
                                              the need for insulin.
                                           • Arthritis. Exercise improves endurance,
                                              strengthens muscles, and increases joint
                                              flexibility and range of motion.
                                           • Osteoporosis. Exercise can prevent
                                              and reverse bone loss, which can stave
                                              off the disabling effects of fractures and
                                              bone degeneration.
   •   Excess body weight. Exercise helps                     •    Contract and relax all muscle groups
       patients achieve and maintain healthy                       (upper body, abdomen, leg) during
       body fat levels.                                            sitting activities.
   •   Depression.        Exercise    reduces              Get up and move for 5 to 10 minutes of each
       depression and anxiety, increases                   hour of sitting activities, or use breaks to walk or
       feelings of well-being, improves the                stretch.
       ability to handle stress, and improves
   •   Cancer. Exercise reduces the risk of
       colon and breast cancer.
   •   Chronic       obstructive   pulmonary
       disease. Exercise is an effective
       rehabilitation component that provides
       physiologic and psychological benefits--                             UPCOMING EVENTS
       even for those who have severe air-flow
       obstruction.                                        P.E.F.S RE-REGISTRATION
                                                           YEP - It is that time again. We will be asking
GETTING STARTED                                            each and every one of you to please re-register
Any fitness professional can and will help you             with us. Re-registration means to fill out a new
plan an exercise routine that you can                      form for this year, with, most importantly, an
comfortably accommodate. You'll find it's easier           update on your health status. In addition, the
to stick with your routine if the activities you           annual fee of $5.00 shall be collected with each
choose are (1) fun and (2) accessible--meaning             form, in order to complete the process. Watch
safe, nearby, and inexpensive.                             for the posters concerning re-registration week
The bulk of your exercise program will focus on            or pick up a form, fill out the necessary
aerobic activities that are moderately strenuous-          information, clip $5.00 (cheque or cash) to the
-for example, walking, running, cycling, or                form and send it all to the address at the top of
swimming. The objective is to get the lowest               the form. Thanks.....
possible heart rate at rest (40 to 50 beats per
minute) and to get 120 to 150 beats per minute
during exercise. To spice up your weekly                   MARCH / APRIL
routine, your doctor will advise you to vary your          INSTRUCTOR EVALUATIONS
program to include nonaerobic activities such as           We will be distributing Instructor Evaluations
golf, bowling, gardening, or strength training.            during classes in March. We would appreciate
It is important to perform stretching exercises            your input in order to enhance our programme
before and after any physical activity; their              and meet your needs.
purpose is to prevent muscle strains, and when
performed regularly, they also increase                    APRIL                  -              SOCIETY
flexibility, strength, and circulation.
                                                           During the months of March and April, we will be
EARN EXTRA ACTIVITY POINTS                                 distributing a short questionnaire concerning our
Staying active throughout the day can add to               Society. As with the Instructor evaluations, your
your daily exercise totals. Simple ways to                 input is valuable and assists us in focusing on
achieve this are to:                                       areas that require improvement.
   • Walk briskly during chores, shopping, or
   • Restrict sitting to activities that require it,
       such as eating, learning, writing or
       keyboarding, and essential driving.

                                                                TUESDAY / THURSDAY (12:00 - 1:00)
MAY/JUNE - ‘WELLNESS FAIRS”                                     STARTING TUESDAY, JANUARY 28th

                                                                  BEGINNER’S RUNNING CLINIC
                                                                TUESDAY / THURSDAY (12:00 - 1:00)
We are organizing two wellness fairs in May at                  STARTING TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9th
the following locations:
                                                                 INTERMEDIATE RUNNING CLINIC
                                                                TUESDAY / THURSDAY (12:00 - 1:00)
             4000 SEYMOUR                                       STARTING TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9th
        1515 BLANSHARD STREET                                        539 SUPERIOR STREET
                                                                  BEGINNER’S RUNNING CLINIC
There will be a great variety of health, wellness               TUESDAY / THURSDAY (5:00 - 6:00)
                                                               STARTING TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 23rd
and fitness-oriented businesses involved in
these fairs, so make sure that you watch for the
date and times - to be announced soon!!                      “LUNCH AND LEARN”
MAY/JUNE - “BIKE TO WORK                                 Heather Woodland-Huck will again be presenting a
                                                         series of three seminars involving starting and
WEEK”                                                    continuing an exercise programme. These seminars
The annual “Bike-To-Work week is during the              will be held during lunch hours at 1515 Blanshard
week of May 31st to June 4th this year. Check            Street. The sessions are titled as follows:
out the upcoming workshops (noted below)
presented by the “Bike To Work” Society in               #1 - EXERCISE: HOW TO GET STARTED.
preparation for this event. This annual event is                     (TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2nd)
always alot of fun and a great way to get                #2 - HOW TO STAY MOTIVATED.
yourself motivated to dust off your bike and ride                     (THURSDAY, MARCH 4th)
it to work. There will be daily prizes, with the         #3 - WHAT TO DO AFTER THAT.
promise of some grand prizes on the last day of                         (THURSDAY, APRIL8th)
the event.     We need as many people to
participate as possible, as we will be entering          You will find each session informative and realistic
                                                         with practical steps that any “body” can follow. You
two teams this year. Please contact Heather at           do not have to be a member of the P.E.F.S. in order
387-8801 in order to pre-register, or for more           to attend. However, everyone must pre-register, as
information.                                             space will be limited. In order to register or for more
                                                         information, contact Heather at 387-8801, or E-mail:

                                                         couple of times and offer you tips!!).
                                                                    “FOR THE HEALTH OF IT”

               “RUNNING CLINICS”
We are holding several running clinics starting in
January and February. They are as follows:

           4000 SEYMOUR PLACE

 ENLIGHTENED TALK ABOUT WEIGHT                                   are well worth the effort. (It's a good idea to check
                                                                 with your doctor before starting.)
                                                                 Walking is not only the most accessible form of
                                                                 exercise for most people but one of the best activities
                                                                 for losing weight and gaining fitness. The trick to
                                                                 successful exercise is to implement changes you can
                                                                 manage. Start with small changes--from walking
                                                                 around the living room between TV programs, to
                                                                 walking around the block, to walking to the store, to
                                                                 going on daily walks. For weight loss, the ultimate
                                                                 goal is 60 minutes of walking or other comfortable
                                                                 exercise every day. But start with whatever you can
Consider this irony: The same culture that prizes                comfortably achieve.
slender figures bombards us with advertising images              As you become more active, you might want to look
of high-calorie, high-fat indulgences. It's no wonder            into community exercise programs. Your local YWCA
women have such a love-hate relationship with food;              is a good place to start. Or see if there's a health club
we love the intense flavors and bountiful choices, but           in your area that offers weight-loss programs or a
we hate what they do to our waistlines.                          shopping mall that has a walking program. You might
                                                                 also try exercising with a partner to help keep you
With all the mixed messages, it can be hard to focus             motivated.
on the real problem: what to do about the health risks           And remember that the benefits of exercise extend
associated with excess weight.                                   beyond weight control and added fitness. Regular
                                                                 physical activity lowers your risk of heart disease,
So how can you regain a healthy perspective? The                 stroke, high blood pressure, and diabetes. It can also
first step is to decide to make friends with your body.          boost self-control, self-confidence, and well-being,
It's the only one you have, and it deserves your                 and decrease stress and depression.
kindness and care. Then you can begin making daily
choices to walk (or run or swim or bike) away from a             WHAT’S ON YOUR GROCERY LIST?
lifestyle that keeps you chained to those extra                  Eating well is the other cornerstone of effective
pounds. When you begin to include more physical                  weight loss. You need to eat nutritious food even if
activity and healthier foods in your every-day life,             you are trying to lose weight. Crash diets are not only
you'll soon find that you're carrying a lighter load, both       dangerous, they just don't work. Most people quickly
mentally and physically.                                         regain the weight they lose on such diets.
                                                                 Instead, eat nutritious, low-fat foods in moderation,
THE TYRANNY OF THE SUPERMODELS                                   and limit your intake of high-fat foods. You don't need
Before you decide you're too heavy, though, take a               to swear off high-fat favorites forever, but reserve
realistic look at your expectations. If you're trying to         them for special occasions and then savor them in
achieve the rail-thin look of the supermodels, but you           small portions.
come from a genetically heavyset family, you may be              Here are more strategies to help you maintain better
setting yourself up for frustration. Mother Nature               control:
makes women in different sizes and shapes. Weight,
                                                                     • Learn to pay attention to your body's cues
like height, is largely under genetic control.
                                                                          and eat only when you're physically hungry.
This doesn't mean you should resign yourself to
                                                                          Many people eat when they're bored, tired,
obesity, however; it just means you should try to find
                                                                          depressed, or upset. Start noticing the
your body's natural weight. Keep in mind, too, that
                                                                          feelings or situations that make you want to
women are supposed to have some body fat. Set
your sights on having a healthy and fit body that is full
                                                                     • Be on fat patrol when you're in the kitchen.
of vitality, rather than on conforming to someone
                                                                          Trim the fat from meat and poultry before
else's idea of beauty. The important thing is to feel
                                                                          cooking, and bake, broil, boil, or steam foods
good about yourself.
                                                                          instead of frying them. Replace high-fat
                                                                          foods, such as whole milk, butter, cheese, ice
TREAT YOURSELF TO EXERCISE REWARDS                                        cream, and salad dressings, with low-fat or
Exercise, combined with good nutrition, is the key to                     nonfat versions.
lasting weight loss. Though it may seem difficult to                 • Stock your kitchen with lots of fresh fruits and
begin exercising if you are out of shape, the rewards                     vegetables instead of sweets and chips. Take

        healthy snacks to work, such as grapes,               daily physical activity is an important part of a healthy
        bananas, or nonfat yogurt.                            lifestyle.
                                                              Goal for it. Set short-term and long-term goals. A
CHOOSE A SOUND PACE                                           short-term goal could be starting from scratch and
Remember: When it comes to weight loss, slow and              adding a minute a day to your exercise regimen. A
steady wins the race. Be patient with yourself and the        long-term goal could be losing weight or lowering your
changes you're making in your life. You've gained             blood pressure.
weight over the course of years, so give yourself time        Break it up. Exercise doesn't have to be structured.
to lose it.                                                   Busy people can get much the same benefits when
And don't be too hard on yourself when you eat too            they exercise in bits and pieces throughout the day as
much or exercise too little. Instead of fretting about        when they work out in one block of time.
how much ice cream you ate yesterday or whether               Pencil yourself in. On especially busy days, you may
you'll lose 10 pounds in time for your class reunion,         not be able to spontaneously get a minimal amount of
focus on the healthy choices you can make now.                physical activity, so you need to plan ahead. Pencil in
                                                              an exercise appointment, and consider it a mandatory
(Source: HEALTHTRACK - July/August’97)                        meeting.
                                                              Avoid the all-or-nothing trap. If circumstances
                                                              prevent you from doing everything you planned for
                                                              the day, do what you can and don't worry about it.
                                                              Tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities to
                  “WELL-NEWS”                                 Keep perspective. If you fall off your routine for a
                                                              time because of injury or illness, just get back on.
      FITTING IN FITNESS: EXERCISE                            Interruptions are part of life.
       OPTIONS FOR BUSY PEOPLE                                Be realistic. Don't focus on exercises you find
                                                              unpleasant or uncomfortable. Choosing activities you
Being physically inactive is as damaging to your
                                                              enjoy will help you stick with your program.
health as smoking cigarettes. A large majority of
                                                              Gear up. Spontaneous exercise may depend on
Americans shun smoking because of the health
                                                              having walking shoes or a change of clothes
implications. Why, then, aren't more Americans
willing to exercise?
Part of the reason may be the word "exercise."                Have equipment on hand. Buy a piece of exercise
Exercise seems to imply rigid, "no-fun" workouts that         equipment, place it in a convenient location at home,
make us huff and puff and sweat. Workouts also can            and jump on it when you have a few minutes to
be time-consuming: It's hard to find time in a busy           spare.
day to get to a gym, change, work out, shower,                Recruit a friend. Engaging in physical activities
change again, and drive home. Unfortunately, for              together is a good way to keep a friendship alive.
many Americans, exercise is viewed as an                      Jump on spare time. On weekends or other "down
impractical burden that complicates rather than               time," take a long walk or a hike in the woods.
complements a busy life.                                      Balance your workouts. New guidelines from the
But there is another option. Moderate physical                American College of Sports Medicine suggest three
activities like brisk walking can promote health nearly       to five days of aerobic workouts, two to three strength
as much as vigorous workouts. This means we can               training sessions, and two to three flexibility workouts
set aside the boot-camp mentality in favor of physical        per week. You may need to work up to that level, but
activities that are less demanding and more                   try to incorporate all three types of exercise into your
enjoyable.                                                    week. Working three types of exercise into an already
                                                              tight schedule may sound like a lot, but it may take
MAKING WORKOUTS WORK                                          less time than you think (see "The Mini Workout"
Softening the rules doesn't mean, though, that you            below).
can play checkers on your lunch hour to satisfy your          The aerobic workouts (like running, biking, or brisk
body's need for physical activity. You need to get at         walking) should ideally total 20 to 60 minutes a day.
least 30 minutes daily of moderate physical activity          Strength training (also called weight lifting or weight
that involves moving your whole body. Try some of             training) should involve one set each of 8 to 10
these tips on fitting exercise into your busy day.            exercises that work all major muscle groups.
Commit yourself. You owe it to yourself and your              Flexibility exercises should stretch the major muscles
family to be as healthy as you can be. Committing to          throughout the body.

Create exercise. The possibilities for physical activity       Strength. Even resistance exercise (weight lifting or
are limited only by your imagination (see "Creative            weight training) can be adapted to a stingy schedule.
Takes on Exercise," below).                                    Take an unloaded barbell and perform as many
                                                               repetitions (reps) as possible of an exercise like curls
                                                               in 30 seconds. Shoot for 30 reps, or 1 per second,
                                                               and maintain strict form throughout. Rest only 30
    •   Use stairs instead of the elevator or                  seconds, then shift immediately to the next exercise
        escalator. When at home, climb to the                  and perform as many reps as possible in 30 seconds.
        second floor as often as possible. For variety,        Continue this work-rest pace through 8 or 10
        take the stairs two at a time, or step up the          exercises that challenge the major muscle groups of
        pace.                                                  the body
    •   Walk when you can. Park an extra block from            in minutes.
        your destination or at the rear of the parking         A word of caution: Although you will use a barbell that
        lot. Look for the longest, rather than the             is much lighter than you normally would use, this mini
        shortest, route.                                       workout is tough. If you have little or no experience
    •   Get up from your chair (permanently lose the           with weights, rest longer between sets. If you are
        TV remote) or out of your car more often               more experienced, add a little weight to the bar, and
        (avoid drive-through windows).                         don't rest between exercises.
    •   When unloading groceries from your car,                Flexibility. Many flexibility exercises can be done
        carry one bag at a time into the house.                almost anywhere. Some examples are stretching the
    •   Start a hobby like gardening that makes you            calf muscles by leaning forward against a wall with
        move.                                                  one leg extended back, stretching the hamstrings at
    •   View chores like lawn mowing, dusting, and             the back of your thighs by lying on the floor with legs
        vacuuming as opportunities to exercise.                extended up a wall, doing side-to-side looks and ear-
    •   Turn off the TV and play with the children,            to-shoulder stretches for the neck, doing shoulder
        which will tax you as much as you allow.               shrugs and rolls, and tracing circles with arms
    •   Try dancing. There are styles to suit any              extended out to the sides.
    •   Learn a new sport. Take golf, tennis, or               (Source: THE PHYSICIAN AND SPORTSMEDICINE,
        racquetball lessons.                                   Vol.26 - No.8 - August ‘98)
    •   Do double duty. When you shop for
        groceries, move quickly down the aisles. You
        may miss some items and have to backtrack,
        but that only adds to your workout.
    •   Join groups that are active, like mall walkers,
        hikers, or bicyclists.
                                                                                “NUTRITION NEWS”
THE MINI WORKOUT                                               FAKE SUGARS AND FATS: NET
If you enjoy vigorous workouts but can't seem to find
the time regularly, try an abbreviated workout when            BENEFITS OR REAL RISKS?
time is tight. The key is increasing the intensity to          Have you ever wondered whether that packet of
compensate for the reduced duration.                           sugar substitute you put in your tea is really safe to
Heart-lung fitness. One example is to run faster               use? Or whether potato chips made with fake fat will
over a shorter distance. Running as little as 1 mile           help you cut back on fat and calories? These
three times a week at a fast pace can sustain a                questions are not only on the minds of many
reasonably high level of fitness. But be careful. High-        consumers, but also are among the most important
intensity exercise can be hard on joints and may               concerns of nutrition scientists and federal food
require an extended warm-up. An alternative may be             regulators today.
a vigorous activity that is not so punishing, such as
swimming or in-line skating uphill.                            DO FAKES REALLY HELP?
Another option is splitting your exercise time in two by       People use sugar substitutes and fat replacers for
doing some exercise in the morning before work, then           three reasons: to help control their weight; to limit the
more later in the day. Research suggests that the              symptoms or risk of conditions like diabetes,
fitness benefits of segmented exercise may be as               cardiovascular disease, and cancer; and to prevent
great as one longer effort.                                    tooth decay. Whether these products actually
                                                               accomplish these goals is debatable.

Artificial sweeteners are a boon for people who have          Louis, told a television news reporter recently (5). He
diabetes, but current research does not show that             is not calling for a ban on aspartame. "I'm not saying
they help people reduce calorie intake or prevent             that aspartame has been a proven cause of brain
obesity. In fact, saccharin may even stimulate the            tumors," he said. "I'm saying that there is enough
appetite. When used in combination with a total               basis to suspect aspartame; that it needs to be
weight management strategy, artificial sweeteners             reassessed."
may help to limit calorie intake (1), but casual use
often leads to overeating as a reward for calories            FAKE-FAT CONTROVERSIES
saved by using sugar-free foods (2). Studies do               Artificial fats may or may not provide nutritional value.
indicate, however, that artificial sweeteners help            Some contain usable fiber, fat, or protein. The one
prevent tooth decay (3).                                      product that contains no usable nutrients and has
As with artificial sweeteners, when people substitute         been approved for use in the United States is Olestra-
fat-replaced, low-calorie foods for high-calorie, high-       -marketed by Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati, as
fat foods, they often overcompensate for the calorie          Olean.
savings. However, short-term studies indicate that            Controversy surrounding fat substitutes has been
people who use this strategy do tend to consume less          focused on Olestra. Because your body cannot digest
fat, reducing the negative effect of fat on blood             it, Olestra is virtually calorie free. Some people may
cholesterol and lowering cancer risk (2).                     experience a mild to severe laxative effect from its
                                                              use. Reports that Olestra may also block the
FAKE-SUGAR CONTROVERSIES                                      absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and carotenes
There are several artificial sweeteners to choose from        (vitamin A-like substances) caused the FDA to
(table 1: not shown). The oldest artificial sweetener         require that all Olestra products be fortified with
on the market is saccharin, developed in 1900.                vitamins A, D, E, and K. The FDA approved Olestra in
Cyclamate was introduced in the 1950s, but by the             1995, and a reevaluation of its effects on large
1970s, claims that it increased the risk of cancer in         numbers of people will be conducted in 1998.
animals caused the Food and Drug Administration
(FDA) to ban its use in foods. Then in 1977, because          WISE USE OF STAND-INS
of research suggesting that saccharin caused bladder          The bottom line is that, to lose weight, you must
tumors in rats, the FDA required a warning label on           create a calorie deficit by reducing calorie intake and
all saccharin-containing foods.                               increasing energy output. Fake sugars and fats might
The FDA approved the use of aspartame in 1981, but            help you cut back on calories or fat, but you can't trick
no sooner was it approved than its apparent safety            your body into a calorie deficit simply by using foods
came into question. It was already well known that            that contain them. Also, because the safety of some
aspartame could be dangerous for people who had               of these products is still in question, if you choose to
phenylketonuria (PKU), an inability to process                use them in your diet, do so in moderation.
phenylalanine, a component of aspartame. Products
containing aspartame must carry a warning for                 (Source: THE PHYSICIAN AND SPORTSMEDICINE,
individuals who have PKU. Depressed patients may              Vol.25 - No.4 - April ‘97)
also be adversely affected--one study had to be
halted because of severe mood disruptions in
patients who had a history of depression (4).
Questions about the risks of aspartame use by
normal, healthy people are now also being raised.
Whether the substance causes brain tumors in rats
was a prominent FDA concern prior to its approval.
Some researchers are claiming that there were flaws
in the original FDA research and review process that
showed the safety of aspartame.
The FDA stands by its decision to approve
aspartame. However, John W. Olney, MD, who has
been studying aspartame's effects on the brain for
more than 20 years, disagrees with the decision.                  “AEROBICALLY SPEAKING!!”
"Since about 5 years after aspartame was approved,
there has been a striking increase in the incidence of
malignant brain tumors," Olney, a neuroscientist and
professor of psychiatry at Washington University in St

                  LETTERS TO “HATTIE                          “INSTRUCTOR OF THE MONTH!!”
                                                              PHIL THORNTON-JOE
Dear Hattie:                                                  Phil Thornton-Joe is an extremely welcome addition
I have often wondered if it makes any difference              to our team of group fitness instructors. Phil has
that I eat the majority of my calories at dinner.             been leading classes and teaching fitness for the last
Has there been much, if any, research on this                 20 years!! He has taught numerous class types,
topic, and if so,what can yo tell me?                         formats and levels. Phil is currently certified in
                                                              Exercise to Music, Strength Training and is even a
                         Signed,                              Trainer of Fitness Leaders!! Phil has just completed
                                                              a Masters degree at U.Vic. in “Recreation
                                “Dan the Diner”
                                                              Administration” (and is very thankful that it is over!!!)
                                                              His current major occupation is a B.C. Transit Bus
Dear Dan:                                                     Operator. Phil
If you tend to eat most of your calories because              is married to Charlayne, and has a wonderful “baby”
of your hectic work or training schedule, you                 called “Akela” (a Malemute pup!!).
may indeed have wondered if the huge evening
intake makes you fat!! Maybe yes, maybe no.
One survey of 1,800 women found no
connection between weight and big evening
meals (Kant et al. 1995). But the night eaters
did consume more fat, protein, and alcohol, and
less carbohydrate, vitamin C, B-6, and folic acid
- indicative of a fast food diet. In comparison, a
smaller research study (Halberg 1983) suggests
otherwise. When subjects were allowed to eat
as much as they wanted but only in one meal
per day, when they ate their one meal at night, they
tended to eat 600 calories more than when they had
their one meal as breakfast. It seems that if you do
not eat much food before evening, you cultivate an
enormous appetite that is hard to satisfy; you will
likely overeat and gain weight. The voices in your
head may sound like this, “I feel as though I deserve
to eat whatever I want. I have starved myself all day,
I have worked hard, I am tired, and I need a reward.”

The bottom line for dieters is that you should eat
appropriately during the day and then eat less at
night. You will not only have more energy for training,
but you will also prevent yourself from getting too
hungry and overeating. Remember that when you get
too hungry, you may no longer have the energy to
care about how much you eat. You simply want to
eat and eat!!!!

efinition: Inflammation of the tendons on the inside of the            overpronation. Ultrasound and anti-inflammatories may
front of the lower leg. (Sports-medicine specialists don't             also be prescibed. Surgery is rarely required.
like to use the the term "shinsplints" because it commonly             Alternative Exercises: Nonimpact exercises such as
refers to several lower-leg injuries. We'll use it anyway but          swimming, pool running, walking, cycling in low gear.
focus on the specific problem that is the most common:                 Preventive Measures: To stretch and strengthen the
tendinitis of the lower leg.)                                          tendons and muscles in the front of the leg, sit on a table or
Symptoms: An aching, throbbing or tenderness along the                 chair and loop an ankle weight around your foot. Without
inside of the shin (though it can radiate to the outside also)         bending your knee, move your foot up and down from the
about halfway down, or all along the shin from the ankle to            ankle. Or have a partner grasp the foot to provide
the knee. Pain when you press on the inflamed area. Pain is            resistance.
most severe at the start of a run, but can go away during a            You can also strengthen the lower leg with band exercises.
run once the muscles are loosened up (unlike a stress                  Anchor one end of an exercise band to a heavy object, such
fracture of the shinbone,          QUICK TIP:                          as the leg of a sofa. Stretch the band, then loop it around
which hurts all the time). With Error! Bookmark not                    the end of the foot. Move foot up and down and side to
tendinitis, pain resumes after     defined.                            side against the band's resistance to exercise different
the run.                           You'll find more health,            muscle groups. The band can be ordered from a doctor or
Causes: Tired or inflexible        training, & motivational            bought at some sporting goods stores. Ask for "tension
calf muscles put too much          tips in every issue of              tubing."
stress on tendons, which           RUNNER'S WORLD.                     Finally, make sure to wear motion-control shoes--and
become strained and torn.          Click Error! Bookmark               orthotics if your doctor says you need them. Don't run in
Overpronation aggravates this                                          worn-out shoes. Warm up well and run on soft surfaces.
problem, as does running on        not defined.for                     Avoid overstriding, which puts more stress on shins.
hard surfaces, such as             More
concrete sidewalks.
Beginning runners are the
                                   Information.                        ANTIOXIDANTS AND ASTHAMA
most susceptible to shinsplints Error! Bookmark not                    Eating fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants such
for a variety of reasons, but                                          as vitamins C and E and beta carotene helps keep
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common cause of shinsplints
among beginners is poor                                                (SOURCE: UC Berkeley Wellness Letter, Sept., 1998)
choice of running shoes, or
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who have started running after
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susceptible to shinsplints
because they often increase
their mileage too quickly.
Self-Treatment: Many runners experience mild shin
soreness, which usually can be tolerated. "If shinsplints hits
you at the beginning of a season, a certain amount of
running through it will help the body adapt," says David
O'Brian, D.P.M., a podiatrist in Roselle, Illinois. "But if it's
a persistent problem, you shouldn't run through it."
If it does persist, ice the inflamed area for 15 minutes three
times a day and take aspirin or ibuprofen. Ice immediately
after running. To hasten recovery, cut down on running or
stop altogether. Recovery time: two to four weeks.
Medical Treatment: If the injury doesn't respond to self-
treatment and rest in two to four weeks, see a podiatrist,
who may prescribe custom-made orthotics to control


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