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					              support the            215 5pm 12/16/2009 8:56 AM
show up and RIBS4YOU shelter tonight 6/25/2008 4/1/2011 Please attend tonights meeting at City Hall
               2009 Muncie,         2446 4/4/2009 1/16/2011 Meeting video:http://www.propertytaxrep
14 DecemberagedoldbeaverIndiana City Council Special meeting 12/15/2009 9:58 AM
              bikerbabe             5627 5/8/2008 1/4/2012
Muncie City Council December 7th video 12/9/2009 6:36 AM
              LivinGoodNMuncie 5:59 PM
County Commisoners 12/11/2009156 6/22/2009 3/3/2011 The state says an expensive perk that was p
              wizard56               150 5/10/2008
PILOT fees and Fire Protection 11/26/2009 9:12 AM 3/10/2011 I thought it would be a good idea to have a d
              max47369               926 5/18/2008
NO to LOIT and HYDRANT FEES 11/24/2009 9:22 AM 5/5/2011 Either of these 2 fees will give government
              agedoldbeaver         2446 4/4/2009 4:09 PM
Not Politcal But at Least It Will Get Read 12/10/2009 1/16/2011 OK, boys and girls of all ages...set your pc si
              MCEducator               39 5/19/2008 6/9/2011 Would our esteemed members of the Press
Muncie Community Schools Administrators Rob The Bank? 11/18/2009 11:01 PM
              PARTY candidate 11/25/2009 8:03 AM 4/1/2011 I have a friend who lives in the city of Munc
The MUNCIE RIBS4YOU                  215 6/25/2008
              halliepena             817 5/9/2008 2/7/2011 The following AM
Additional Information Regarding Your Indiana Property Taxes 12/3/2009 9:38information was obtained fro
              LarryRiley                11/14/2009 3:45 PM
Local Government Employee Unions15 5/23/2008 2/8/2010 This topic has come up repeatedly in respo
              Look for In             11/15/2009 9:47 2/7/2011 Lido Anthony (Lee) Iacocca's Nine C's of Le
What Do Youhalliepena A Leader?817 5/9/2008 PM
              TONIGHT (11/17/09) at 6:00 pm 11/17/2009 8:56 AM
Mayor's Chat cnhiatt                1713 6/13/2008 7/1/2011 ATTENTION!!Because of the Thanksgiving h
Working Hard 11/17/2009 8:19 PM     3721 5/7/2008 1/20/2012 I had a short discussion with someone the o
              bikerbabe             5627 5/8/2008 1/4/2012 Important
Budget Veto Meeting 11-13 Muncie City Hall @ 5:30 11/12/2009 10:01 PM information on what you as taxp
              Good Delaware County Citizens for Public 7/1/2011 Good Government EDT onWith YOU!! There
Calling Upon cnhiatt                1713 6/13/2008      Service! 7/23/2009 1:08 PM Begins
              bikerbabe             5627 5/8/2008 1/4/2012
Job Creation and Economic Development 11/15/2009 12:18 PM In the Business section of today's paper, yo
              mazola                 11:57 5/5/2008 11/8/2011 This is an article that is currently running u
Fees on Non Profits? 11/15/20092238 AM                                        .com/article/20091115/NEW
onights meeting at City Hall . Let the Mayor and Council know your opinion on the Shelter closing. They did not allow com
an expensive perk that was paid for by taxpayers was purchased under a fund meant for bridge repair and maintenance.D
uld be a good idea to have a discussion (debate) of the merits of having PILOT fees instead of a Fire Hydrant Tax to supple
 2 fees will give government more of OUR money while avoiding the necessary reductions in spending.Council should red
irls of all ages...set your pc sites to on Christmas Eve day for the kids in yourselves and for those wit
 emed members of the Press investigate the allegations that Muncie school administrators recieved as much as a 20% pay
who lives in the city of Muncie and I have begged him to run for office. He is not aligned with any political party at this tim
 nformation was obtained from Watchdog Indiana, a nonpartisan organization providing information regarding revenues
come up repeatedly in responses to today's Star Press story on Muncie City Council over-riding the mayor's line item veto
 Lee) Iacocca's Nine C's of Leadership:1. Curiosity.2. Creativity.3. Ability to communicate.4. Character--Knowing the diff
 ecause of the Thanksgiving holiday.....The Mayor's Chat has been rescheduled for TONIGHT at 6:00 pm at the Carnegie Li
 scussion with someone the other day in Story Chat (don't remember who it was) regarding a comment he/she had made
rmation on what you as taxpayers can do about the budget problems.It might be important to note that inspite of the Adm
 ent Begins With YOU!! There isn't much argument that Delaware County and Muncie are in desperate need of a major ove
  section of today's paper, you will find the local officials are now working on getting business from CA to come to Muncie
osing. They did not allow comments at the Monday Night meeting but if enough people show up they will get the message

 ge repair and maintenance.Delaware County purchased two hybrid SUVs, at a cost of about $50,000, for the use of part-ti
 a Fire Hydrant Tax to supplementally fund Fire Protection costs. PILOT is short for Payment In Lieu Of Taxes. It is design
spending.Council should reduce all employees to 36 hours weekly with no paid lunches. 5 hours weekly times 500 emplo
 yourselves and for those with youngsters or youngsters with youngsters with youngsters. I tried it one year when my bro
 cieved as much as a 20% pay raise? Nothing would surprise me, but if this is true heads need to roll. King is a joke!
 any political party at this time. I want him to run for City Council. Can we start our own party( like the Muncie party)? Wh
 rmation regarding revenues, spending, and long-term debt assumption of Indiana local and state governments. Please co
ng the mayor's line item vetoes, but the issue deserves its own discussion thread. I wrote about a week ago that the best
 Character--Knowing the difference between right and wrong and having courage to do the RIGHT thing.5. Courageous.6.
at 6:00 pm at the Carnegie Library!After the most recent City Budget issues, this could be an enlightening gathering....
  comment he/she had made about "hard-working citizens" and their "hard-earned money." I made the observation that,
o note that inspite of the Administration’s and City Council’s ability to resolve an Annual Budget to the satisfaction of the
 esperate need of a major overhaul. We would encourage every Delaware County Citizen to do some serious soul searchin
s from CA to come to Muncie. I believe that with all the problems CA is seeing, Indiana is looking like a place to start or m
up they will get the message. I will be out front with my dog so say hello. Thanks RIck

$50,000, for the use of part-time commissioners using the bridge fund, 6News' Joanna Massee reported.One of three coun
  In Lieu Of Taxes. It is designed for Tax Exempt properties to help pay for basic services that they enjoy without paying Pr
ours weekly times 500 employees @ $15 = about $252,000 per yearRequire more employee contributions to health care.(
ried it one year when my brothers' kids were here and it's since become a family tradition. Music, great animation and m
 d to roll. King is a joke!
y( like the Muncie party)? What is the deadline to get him on the ballot? I thought a new political party might be just the th
  tate governments. Please contact your State Senator and State Representative and ask them to change the Indiana Code t
out a week ago that the best solution to the city's financial crisis, and certainly for the long term (versus, say, cutting back
 IGHT thing.5. Courageous.6. Conviction--fire in the belly.7. Charisma--ability to inspire.8. Competency.9. Common sens
enlightening gathering....
 I made the observation that, in my years of working in all types of companies, being self-employed, being involved in com
 get to the satisfaction of the Taxpayers (remember the taxpayers?), there is an alternative to consider….IC 6-1.1-17-13 pr
 o some serious soul searching regarding their willingness to serve their community by considering a run at one of the bel
king like a place to start or move their businesses. Also interesting, is the role Brevini is playing. With BSU and the expan
e reported.One of three county commissioners takes advantage of the benefit of having a take-home SUV. The shiny, white
 they enjoy without paying Property Taxes for these services. Tylonius asked me to point out a Statute that allows the City
contributions to health care.(25%) (1.5 million $$ per year and support the mayor in her effort to make the 911 center co
 usic, great animation and much more.

ical party might be just the thing Muncie needs to get past the partisean politics that are tearing up the fabric of our comm
to change the Indiana Code to include a more sensible legal definition of "Homestead." Information on how to identify an
rm (versus, say, cutting back on police gasoline or streetlights) would be for City Council to suspend union recognition an
ompetency.9. Common sense.Iacocca believes leaders are made, not born, and that leadership is forged in times of CRISI

loyed, being involved in community service organizations, etc., I have seen only a handful that I would describe as "hard"
 consider….IC 6-1.1-17-13 provides for the Taxpayers to force a hearing in front of the DLGF (the FINAL authority on the C
dering a run at one of the below listed offices. If interested or you have questions, email the CDCPTR at info@propertytax
ng. With BSU and the expansion of IVY Tech, this area has some of the most talented and young work force available. I ce
-home SUV. The shiny, white SUV sits in the driveway of Commissioner Larry Bledsoe.Bledsoe wouldn't talk to 6News on
a Statute that allows the City to impose these fees; I already did, but I will point it out again. It is the Home Rule Statute, w
rt to make the 911 center cost more equitable. ($800,000 per year.Total reductions of $2.5 million per year. This should

ing up the fabric of our community and keeping us from moving forward in a meaningful and positive manner. The "MUN
mation on how to identify and contact your State Senator and State Representative can be found at http://www.finplaned
uspend union recognition and require all employees to pay 25 percent of their health care benefits costs (compared with
ip is forged in times of CRISIS.So, what do YOU look for in YOUR leader(s)?

at I would describe as "hard" workers. (And, no, I don't include myself among them.)I was thinking about this today as I w
(the FINAL authority on the City Budget) to address their concerns and objections.If there are those interested in signing
 DCPTR at info@propertytaxrepeal.comThe filing deadline is February 19, 2010, but you can't wait until the last minute!!
ung work force available. I certainly hope this pans out and I hope the Mayor is not forced into giving up EDIT funds whic
oe wouldn't talk to 6News on camera, but sent an e-mail that said, "It seems you are trying to imply wrongdoing. I have be
 t is the Home Rule Statute, which gives the City and other local units, powers that are not specifically prohibited by other
million per year. This should be done before any new fees/taxes.Reductions of holidays and personal/sick time allowed w

  positive manner. The "MUNCIE PARTY" could be a party for sincere citizens who care more about the long term well bei
 und at Indiana Code currently states that a "Homes
 nefits costs (compared with some municipal employees who pay as little as 8 percent).That's been batted around today.

  nking about this today as I waited at a stoplight next to a MITS bus. I looked over at the bus and thought about the job of
 e those interested in signing on to such an effort, please communicate that interest with the CDCPTR at: webmaster@pro
 t wait until the last minute!! The 2010 Ballot seats are listed below with current office holder in (parenthesis).......U.S. Sen
  o giving up EDIT funds which are tax dollars earmarked for economic development.
 imply wrongdoing. I have been honest, and when the error was made, we corrected it."The county transferred the vehicl
ecifically prohibited by other Statute or the Home Rule Statute itself. Some things that the City can't do is create Criminal
 ersonal/sick time allowed with pay could potentially save that much again. Yours, Maxine

about the long term well being of our city rather than party allegiance, or personal agendas. Any suggestions or links ap
 rrently states that a "Homestead" consists of a dwelling and not more than one acre of real estate immediately surroundi
s been batted around today. For example, Tylonius wrote, "The CC is not empowered to open anything. It's between the u

and thought about the job of being a MITS driver. And I wondered if anyone would describe the money earned by MITS d
CDCPTR at: webmaster@propertytaxrepeal.comIf you have problems emailing, please copy and paste the address into yo
r in (parenthesis).......U.S. Senator (Lugar)U.S. Representative 6th District (Pence)Secretary of State (Rokita)Auditor of Sta
ounty transferred the vehicles to highway engineering, but the state said nothing in the bridge fund statute pertains to pu
y can't do is create Criminal penalties; Impose newly created taxation(that hasn't been authorized by the State); or Impos

  Any suggestions or links appreciated. Thanks Rick
 state immediately surrounding that dwelling. The definition of "Dwelling" is limited to a house and garage.What this limit
n anything. It's between the union and the Mayor, and the only party that can open the contract while it is in force is the u

the money earned by MITS drivers as "hard-earned."Anyway, I'm curious about what others think and, specifically, what
nd paste the address into your email programThanks to cnhiatt for posting it.
 State (Rokita)Auditor of State (Berry)Treasurer of State (Mourdock)State Senator District 26 (Errington)State Represen
ge fund statute pertains to purchasing vehicles, and Bledsoe said he is now driving a hybrid purchased from the appropria
 rized by the State); or Impose Rent Control; One thing the City can do is impose fees for services that are within reason to

se and garage.What this limited homestead definition means is that a County Assessor cannot legally recognize a backyar
 ct while it is in force is the union. Again, I'm a little surprised I have to explain all of this."Not so. Years ago, the City Coun

think and, specifically, what it looks like when a citizen is a "hard-working" citizen. Describe for me, if you will, the aspec

6 (Errington)State Representative District 33 (Davis)State Representative District 34 (Tyler)State Representative Distric
 urchased from the appropriate fund.County Auditor Judy Rust first found the mistake."I shared my correspondence with
ices that are within reason to the relationship that it costs to provide that service. I believe the City can execise it's Home

t legally recognize a backyard storage building, a gazebo, a swimming pool, and a swing set as part of someone’s homeste
 so. Years ago, the City Council passed an ordinance recognizing three entities as representing police, fire and the civil w

for me, if you will, the aspects of a person's activities that result in their income being thought of as "hard-earned" incom

State Representative District 35 (Lutz)Judge of Circuit Court 2 (Dailey)Prosecuting Attorney of Delaware County (McKinn
ed my correspondence with the commissioners and told my staff should they get the bills, they were
e City can execise it's Home Rule authority and impose PILO

s part of someone’s homestead.The ramification of this situation is that the house and garage is incl
ng police, fire and the civil workers and granting them exclusive co

ht of as "hard-earned" income.

of Delaware County (McKinney)County Clerk of the Circuit Court (Craycraft)County Auditor

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