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BCBS Outreach Enrollment Strategy_Sept2011


									Name of Organization

African Community Health Initiative
Berkshire Medical Center

Boston Public Health Commission

Brockton Neighborhood Health Center
Community Action Committee of Cape Cod and
the Islands

Community Health Center of Franklin County

Community Health Connections
Community Health Programs

County of Dukes County/Island Health
Ecu-Health Care
Heywood Hospital-Gateway Health Access

Hilltown Community Health Center
Joint Committee for Childrens Health Care

Latin American Health Institute at Lowell

Manet Community Health Center

Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers
Mercy Medical Center

MetroWest Legal Services

Outer Cape Health Services

People Acting in Community Endeavors
Stanley Street Treatment and Resources

Tapestry Health Systems
Whittier Street Health Center
Outreach Enrollment Strategy

During a health fair in Roxbury, an ACHI staff spoke to the community about the importance of preventative care and
encouraged them to accept and use the services offered by ACHI and the community health centers. They were also advised to
reduce their drug-intake and self medication. The ACHI staff encouraged the participants to come forward to get help from
ACHI. People came forward and were assisted with application for health insurance and getting a primary care physician.

During the month of September, the Mayor's Health Line focused its outreach efforts on Back to School time. We utilized
MassEOHHS flyers that had been previously printed to add our programatic information on the back (running them through a
printer a 2nd time). We also conducted Back to school outreach at:
- Back to School Rally held at the People's Baptist church (combining leadership with our faith-based contacts)
- Smart from the Start Fair at the Franklin Field Resource Center in Dorchester(mostly Spanish speaking clients)
- 2 other health fairs targeting youth are returning to school in dochester on the weekend of 9/2-3
The unique and effective Outreach & Enrollment strategy this month that we could share with grantees are: we bought
vegetables from CSA/ LNG FARM and gave them out to our Vibrant Lifestyle patients to use when cooking with their families. I
received phone calls from those patients expressing their gratitude and blessing our facility; they said, “My entire family was
very happy and we enjoyed the dinner. We will never forget the kindness that you bestowed upon us. There should be more
people like you guys in this world!” This means that with this bad economy a lot of people out there is suffering. It’s very difficult
to hear so many of them telling us that their lives consist of walking around, looking for Food Pantries just to sustain their
families’ nutritional requirements.

Holiday programs, all clietns signing up for Holiday programs are screened for health insurance.

I was contacted by the jail to come on a monthly basis to assist soon to be released inmates with their coverage.
A unique and effective outreach strategy that was utilized this month was, working closely and collaboratively with our partnering
agencies in order to optimize client contact and needs despite limited staffing. This month there was a lot of inter-agency phone
communication resulting in positive outcomes for our patients sekking services/care.

When we get termination or renewal letters for clients we call them to make sure they know and to see if they need any
assistance. We also call all people who have been approved for Com Care or MH Essential to remind them that they need to
enroll in order to get the coverage.

I continue to run a series of articles concerning the benefits of Health Safety Net and Community Health Centers which have
initiated some calls to our offices and have gotten interest in other MassHealth , CommonWealth Care as well as

LHI has been providing stronger education and has been educating members on how to navigate the system by providing
appropriate resources for members to contact; such as masshealth inforamtional flyers, commonwealth care, flyers and a list of
available enrollment sites in the Merrimack Valley area .
Manet's Community Outreach team, reconnected with Quincy Career Center for Medical Security Plan enrollment due to a
ongoing and growing need for the unemployed population. Manet received a call from the Manager at the Career Center
requesting Manet to recommit to a bimonthly enrollment schedule because the need continues to be strong.

Because of the large number of clients who needed assistance at one time with Medical Security Plan enrollment, a new strategy
was created to hold the educational session in a classroom style setting in order to connect with a larger group in one session. At
the first session, there were 40 participates.
On 09/11 we attended the Brazilian Independence Day Festival at Soldiers Field Road in Brighton and at this huge event, we
had information on masshealth and we also answered questions that individuals had that pertained to health insurance and how
to apply. For us, this outreach was effective within the Brazilian community.
Participated in the Veterans "Stand Down" in Springfield
weekly outreach at Open Door (free medical clinic in Hudson), screening and educating individuals on the benefits of
MassHealth and Health Safety Net.
We had an outreach booth at the annual 'Windmill Festival' in Eastham on September 10th. We answered many questions
about MassHealth programs and eligibility. Also, we received comments from out-of-staters about how well mandatory health
insurance in MA seems to be working. A few showed concern about long-term affordibility.
We sent out 13 followup letters to clients to remind them of their ERV's and offer our assistance with filling them out.
We purchased a small AD for the Portuguese Newspaper informing them of our services.
During United Community Partnership meeting this month staff presented to meeting attendants making a new contact with Early
Intervention Director to come together in keeping the children in their program enrolled. Scheduling a meeting with providers at
SSTAR Family Health Care Center.
This past month we launched a refresher course for all of our trained enrollment staff. This has resulted in more efficient and
successful applications. The increased success of the applications has spread the word of mouth from our clients about our
outreach and enrollment services. This has resulted in and increase of appointments for applying for health insurance at our
Working to conduct enrollment for employees of The Ride at different sites.

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