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					Can You Find Your Costume?
    What Are Your Career Goals?
   Acting?
   Personal Trainer?
   Dancer?
   Zookeeper?
   Doctor?
   Aerobics Instructor?
Once You Obtain That Perfect Career, You Can
      Select Where You Want To Live!
   To Figure Out What That Perfect Career Is,
Consider Doing More Than One Internship To Help
      You Develop Your Leadership Skills!
How to obtain them through your
skills and how to display them on
           your resume
      Internships-What are they?
   Typically are one-time work or service experiences
    related to a student's major or career goal
   Generally involve a student working in a professional
    setting under the supervision and monitoring of
    practicing professionals
   Can be paid or unpaid and the student may or may
    not receive academic credit for performing the
   Are structured educational experiences which
    incorporate productive work experience as a regular
    part of a college student's curriculum
           Why do an Internship?
   Obtain experience in your field and the
    opportunity to check out/hook onto a potential
   These connections will be the hot ticket to get
    you in the door for job interviews.
              Student Advantages of
   Build your resume.
   Confirm your career decision and major.
   Explore careers within your major.
   Experience different work cultures.
   Gain a competitive advantage over your
   Build a network of business contacts. Studies
    have found that interns are more readily
    employed after graduation.
       More Student Advantages:
   Expand oral and written
    communication, teamwork, and
    leadership skills
   Gain self confidence
   Gain motivation in your field of study
   Discover your strong and weak points
    and the skills you need to improve on
   Learn what is expected of you in the
    Why Do Employers Want You As
             An Intern?
   New talent and ideas
   Use the intern process as a recruiting tool. If
    they like you they will keep you
   You can help with projects they did not have
    the people power to do
   You are cheap labor! You lower labor costs
   You provide exposure for the company on-
    campus and in the community
   Help with diversity hiring
        Check These Stats Out!!
             We Retain:
 10% of what we hear
 15% of what we see

 20% of what we hear and see

 40% of what we discuss

 80% of what we experience

Guess what-internships are experience!!
Do more than one!!
Now You Know What An Internship
   Is-How Do You Obtain One?
   You must do your research and locate the
    organization you wish to intern with
   Look for posted internships anywhere you can-Use
    Career Services, your faculty, your contacts, etc.
   If they are posted-APPLY!
   If there is a company you want to do an internship
    with and they do not have an internship posted-
    DON’T GIVE UP! Contact them and inquire about
    internship possibilities if they are not posted
    Applying For An Internship
 Typically it requires a resume-a GOOD
 What skills do employers look for on that
  GOOD resume?
Honesty, Integrity, Interpersonal,
  Communication, Motivation, Initiative,
  Flexibility, Adaptability, Computer,
  Teamwork and Leadership Skills
    How Do You Show Your Stuff (Leadership
      and Teamwork) To An Employer??
          Through Your RESUME!!
   Click here for a good
   What do you see on this
   I see a great gpa
   I see internship experience
   I see many, many activities
    that display leadership and
   I see a resume that is very
    easy to read and follow
      Where Do You Pick Up These
    Leadership and Teamwork Traits?
   Clubs and organizations
   Work
   On-Campus job
   Classroom assignments
    and activities
   Organizations off
   Sports
     Here Some Leadership and Teamwork
    Resume Entries From Actual SU Students
   Assisted incoming students with transition to college as a Resident
   Organized and ran various promotional events for 900+ residents-
    Open houses, resident appreciation nights, weekend trips
   Led nine person trail crew on six day canoe and camping
   Oriented incoming freshman on such topics as Drugs/Alcohol,
    Student Life, Course Selection, etc.
   Responsible for health/safety of trail crew
   Participated in various volunteer activities including March of
    Dimes ‘Best of the Eastern Shore’ fundraiser
                     More Entries
   Served as Group Leader for camping
    and backpacking on the Appalachian
   Trained new employees about all
    procedures and policies of the
   Became President of Tae Kwon Do
    Club and helped raise over $1000 for
    local food bank
   Spearheaded Greek rush event,
    fundraising, and community service in
    fall; oversaw all activities associated
    with Greek Week in Spring
   Served as Tau Kappa Epsilon president
    and worked with local Rotary to create
    Listings of Leadership/Teamwork
   Member · Pi Gamma Mu Honor Society of the
    Social Sciences
   Vice President · Salisbury University Power Lifting
   Secretary · NAACP
   Past Chair · Political Awareness Committee
   Member · African American Student Union
   Acting President · African American Historical and
    Philosophical Society
      Now It Is Your Turn To Create
               Your Resume
   Get in groups of two and write
    your resume
   Use leadership and teamwork
    activities you have done or plan to
   Use this experience on your
   No high school information!!
   I will give you the resume you
    can use. Click here to see it
   We will read them out loud. Your
    partner can introduce you (name,
    major and where you are from)
    and then read the resume.
                 Great Job!!
   Go get that internship!
   Good luck
   Thank you for attending
   And Happy Halloween!!

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