Vehicle thefts plague local residents

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					      May 27, 2009 • Vol. 7, No. 26

                     Multiple fatalities shock, sadden New River area
      Matt Loeschman                ATVs and three victims,” noted        trauma and was pronounced dead
      Managing Editor               Brian Lee of the MCSO.                while en route to the hospital on
                                      Just after 4 p.m., deputies         a medical helicopter.
  The days leading up to the        responded to the area along              The driver of the second ATV
Memorial Day weekend were           with the Daisy Mountain Fire          was transported to St. Joseph’s
marred by multiple tragedies in     Department.                           Hospital via helicopter with
the New River area.                   “It was reported by one of the      non-life threatening injuries.
  A pair of vehicle accidents       victims that the first ATV operated   The victim riding on the first
leading to fatalities shocked and   by a 17-year-old male slowed          ATV was transported to John C.
saddened those looking forward      down as the other ATV operated        Lincoln North Valley Hospital by
to a long weekend and a relaxing    by another 17-year-old male and       his parents with minor injuries.
few days.                           Wisdom struck the lead ATV               Reports state both victims on
  According to Maricopa County      from behind,” Lee explained.          the second ATV were wearing
Sheriff’s Office reports, Taylor      According to the report, the        helmets, but that the helmets
Wisdom, 16, of Phoenix died         impact caused all three victims       came off of their heads upon
May 20 in an ATV accident at        to be ejected from both ATVs          impact.
27th Avenue and New River           into the desert area west of 27th        As of May 22, Sheriff’s Office
Road.                               Avenue.                                                                                                                Karen Alexander/The Foothills Focus
  “The accident involved two          Wisdom suffered major head                   Multiple fatalities        A makeshift memorial was set up last week near the site of a motorcycle
                                                                                        continued on page 4   accident that claimed the life of local resident John Sasfai.

                     Vehicle thefts plague local residents
                           Law enforcement officials offer tips for prevention
      Matt Loeschman
      Managing Editor

  Residents of the Circle
Mountain area are tired of losing
                                                                                                                                                           Matt Loeschman/The Foothills Focus
their vehicles to local thieves.
                                                                                                                                                   Maricopa County District 3
  A large crowd attended a                                                                                                                         Supervisor      Andy     Kunasek,
community forum May 19 at the                                                                                                                      center, talks to Terry Marron, left,
Daisy Mountain Fire Department                                                                                                                     and Maricopa County Sheriff’s
administration office to speak to                                                                                                                  Office Captain Ken Holmes prior
law enforcement regarding the                                                                                                                      to a community meeting May
mounting problem.                                                                                                                                  19 at the Daisy Mountain Fire
                                                                                                                                                   Department administration office.
  Capt. Ken Holmes, District
                                                                                                                                                   An overflow crowd was on hand
4 commander of the Maricopa                                                                                                                        for the meeting to discuss vehicle
County Sheriff‘s Office, told an                                                                                                                   thefts that have plagued the Circle
overflowing room that vehicle                                                                                                                      Mountain area over the past few
thefts are on the rise.                                                                                                                            months. Capt. Holmes and other
  “Looking at the hard reports,                                                                                                                    law enforcement officials offered
                                                                                                                                                   prevention tips and residents
there have been 11 incidents
                                                                                                                                                   began to plan Neighborhood
reported in the past month,” the                                                                                                                   Watch meetings to combat the
captain explained.                                                                                                                                 problem.
  Capt.     Holmes       provided
              continued on page 4

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 May 27, 2009                                                                       The Foothills Focus                                                                             page 3

 John Charles Crawford
  Mr. Crawford was born
Dec. 8, 1958 in Crestline,
Ohio, and passed away May
18, 2009 at his home. John is
the son of John P. and Ellen
Crawford of New River.
  John was a well-known
mechanic and race car driver
for the past 26 years. He was
a friend to all. He resided in
Arizona for 31 years.
  John was predeceased by
his maternal grandfather
Gerald C. Hartman and                                                                                                                Bishara Dental
paternal grandparents John                                                                                                                 Opening in New River
R. and Eleanor Crawford
of Ohio. He is survived by
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Crawford of New River; his            Rapp, “brothers” Stacy Miner            to his friends and family and                                            Gum Disease,
maternal grandmother Betty            and his family, Jason Lee and           we will never forget him.                                                     Crowns,
Hartman; nieces Danielle,             Boston Mike, to name just a                                                                                           Veneers
Jamie, Heather and their              few.                                                                                                            White Fillings,
families of Ohio, and many              A celebration of John’s life                                                                                    Root Canals,
aunts, uncles, cousins and            will be held at the Gavilan                                                                                      Oral Surgery,
friends of Ohio, Florida,             Peak Pizzeria 1 p.m. May                                                                                    Teeth Whitening,
North Carolina and Arizona.           31. Please stop by and help                                                            Smile Makeovers & Emergency Dentistry
  Also, all of his New River          us remember John with                     A BREAKING POINT
                                      all of our stories and fond                                                                       Extractions starting at $50
friends, of which there are too                                                     Approximately 25 percent of all
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                      The Foothills Focus
                 46641 N Black Canyon Hwy
                    New River, AZ 85087

            623-465-5808 main • 623-465-1363 fax                                          Please call us at •
      Publisher:                                     Office Manager:              Foot care for the family is
                         Media Consultant:
    John Alexander                                   Karen Alexander              conveniently available at
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   Managing Editor:                                Graphic Designer:
   Matt Loeschman                                     Colleen York                       Anthem.
page 4                                                                                 The Foothills Focus                                                                  May 27, 2009

                                                                                Multiple fatalities continued from page 1
                                                                                traffic detectives were still                                              spokesman for the Daisy
                                                                                investigating the accident and no                                          Mountain Fire Department who
                                                                                citations had been issued.                                                 responded to the scene. “Our
                                                                                   Wisdom was a student at                                                 crews worked on him for a
                                                                                Boulder Creek High School in                                               considerable time.”
                                                                                Anthem who loved to dance,                                                   Mr. Dyer said Daisy Mountain
                                                                                according to her family.                                                   personnel assisted Mr. Sasfai
                                                                                   “We love you, baby girl,                                                before he was airlifted from the
                                                                                and we know you are the angel                                              scene to John C. Lincoln Hospital
                                                                                dancing above us forever,” the                                             where he later died.
                                                                                family wrote in an e-mail a day                                              “Our personnel did not remove
                                                                                following the accident.                                                    a helmet from the victim,” Mr.
                                                                                   Three days earlier, John                                                Dyer added. “If he was wearing
                                                                                Sasfai, known as “Big John” to                                             one, it was ejected at the time of
                                                                                area residents, was killed in a                 John Sasfai                the accident.”
                                                                                motorcycle accident along New                                                A memorial was held for
                                                                                                                      got the call to respond at about
           Jody’s Trucking                                                      River Road.
                                                                                   According to reports, the          7:05 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                           Mr. Sasfai on May 23 at the
                                                                                                                                                           Roadrunner Restaurant and
                                                                                                                        “Mr. Sasfai was the driver
    “Delivering Rock Solid Quality Service”                                     accident occurred in the
                                                                                approximate area of 1725 W. New       of a motorcycle that struck

                                                                                River Road. The fire department       the guardrail,” said Phil Dyer,
              • Granite • ABC • Sand
         •River Rock • Fill Dirt • Boulders                                     Thefts continued from page 1
             • Arena Sand • Rip Rap                                             documentation            outlining    with seven incidents reported        we are paying for,“ Walker said.

          602-481-6481                                                          calls for service in the Circle       from January to April 2009.          “Four to six hours to respond to
                                                                                Mountain area for 2007, 2008          In 2008, there were eight auto       someone stealing a quad is not
                                                and 2009 up until April 19.           thefts for the entire year and six   acceptable.”
                                                                                  Violent crimes (aggravated          in 2007.                               Capt. Holmes said the MCSO
                                                                                assault, homicide, rape and             The statistics on burglary and     responds to priority one calls in
                                                                                robbery) are minimal, with one        theft are constant. Two years        an average of seven minutes.
                                                                                aggravated assault so far this        ago, there were 34 incidents and       Residents believe they know
                                                                                year.                                 33 more reports in 2008.             one suspect who is responsible
                                                                                  There were no violent crimes          From January to April 2009,        for multiple incidents over the
                                                                                in 2008 and three aggravated          MCSO reports eight incidents         past month.
                                                                                assaults in 2007.                     of burglary and theft.                 Capt. Holmes confirmed one
                                                                                  Additionally, there were no           The reporting area is between      suspect is being watched “very
                                                                                cases of arson from 2007 to           the Jenny Lin Road alignment to      closely.”
                                                                                April 2009.                           the north and Joy Ranch Road to        In the past three weeks, there
               Private Independent Contractor                                                                         the south, and from New River        have been two theft arrests,
                                                                                  Auto thefts are up significantly,
                                                                                                                      Road to the west and 24th Street     MCSO detectives said.
                                                                                                                      to the east.                           Residents are trying to organize
  HAPPY HOUR 2-6 $2 WELL WINE & DRAFT - NEW HAPPY HOUR MENU                                                             In the past month, however,        Block Watch in the area. Two
                                                                                                                      the burglary and theft numbers       homes recently burned are also
                                                                                 The Silver Spur

                 Silver FronTiEr Town
                                                                                                                      are spiking.                         heightening resident concern.
                                                                                  is located in
                                                                                                                        Resident Scott Zehrung said          Detectives offered a number
                                                                                                                      he is very concerned.                of tips to residents for protecting
                                                                           6245 E. Cave Creek rd                        “We have already had a             their      property,      including

                                                                            Cave Cave, Arizona                        year’s worth of auto thefts,”        installing motion detectors,
                                                                                The Only Authentic                    he said. “Every time I go to a       varying up routes home and
                                                                               Old WesT TOWN                          mailbox, there is another flier      making it look like someone is
                                                                                in the North Valley!
                                                                                                                      about a missing vehicle. There       always home.

                    Saloon                               & Restaurant
                                                                                              FRi & s
                                                                                                                      is an escalation occurring and
                                                                                                                      this is taking place between 1
                                                                                                                      and 4 in the morning. I hear it
                                                                                                                                                             Additionally, detectives said
                                                                                                                                                           laying out gravel will prevent
                                                                                                                                                           “silent walking” and make it
                                                                                                                                                           difficult for criminals to trespass
                                                                                                      s                 Zehrung said residents and the     on private property.
                                                                                                                      MCSO need to work together.            The captain said it is up to
      Monday - Thursday • 2 Steaks for 2 • Choice of 6oz Filet or                                                       “We need to team up and            residents to band together and
    Ribeye •Choice of Potato •Sharable Dessert (Black Mountain                                                        communicate better,” he said.        call in if suspicious activity is
                                                                                                                        Another resident whose home        suspected.
    Brownie or our Famous Strawberry Shortcake) for only $25.00                                                       was burglarized is living in fear.     “You are the eyes and ears
                  With this ad only. Expires 6/30/09. Subject to change. Valid Mon - Thurs.
                                                                                                                        “I am a nervous wreck to even      for us out there,” Capt. Holmes
                                                                                                                      leave the house now,” she told       said.

                                                                                                                      the crowd.                             Residents also spoke briefly
                                                                                                                        Resident Andrew Walker said        to Maricopa County District
                                                                                                                      he is not satisfied with MCSO        3 Supervisor Andy Kunasek                                                                                     service.
                                                                                                                        “We are thinking we are not
                                                                                                                                                           regarding       various       issues
                                                                                                                                                           including taxes, roads and flood
    Free poker TournamenTs every monday                                                                               getting the safety and security      control.
 May 27, 2009                                                                   The Foothills Focus                                                                                                 page 5

   Boxing club rolls with the punches
        Matt Loeschman
                                                                                                                       Novelle Day Spa
        Managing Editor                                                                                                                Hair •Facial•Waxing •Massage •Nails
   Anthem Boxing Club owner
Matt Filep has a simple message
                                                                                                                                           34640 N. North Valley Pkwy #125 - Phoenix, AZ 85086
for anyone thinking of taking                                                                                                                     (I-17 & Carefree Hwy - South of Kohl’s)
up the “sweet science” for fun,                                                                                                  Mon - Fri 9AM - 7PM Saturday 9AM - 6PM Sunday 10AM -5PM
fitness or competition.                                                                                                        (With coupon only - cannot be combined with other offers or gift cards)

   Do not be intimidated.
   “I can understand why some
                                                                                                                         1 HR Facial
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people might not take to the                                                                                                 &
                                                                                                                                                Hair Cut
                                                                                                                                                                     Eyebrow                  Combo Plus
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idea of going to a boxing gym to                                                                                       1 HR Massage
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work out,” Filep explained. “But                                                                                                                with any               with any
our gym is a little bit different.
It’s a friendly atmosphere with
                                                                                                                         Exp 6/30/09
                                                                                                                                             Full Highlights
                                                                                                                                                Exp 6/30/09
                                                                                                                                                                        Exp 6/30/09
                                                                                                                                                                                             $99Exp 6/30/09
local residents here. There is no
reason to be intimidated.”
   Filep, a former personal
trainer and Army veteran,
opened the Anthem Boxing
Club about one year ago. Since
then, the popularity of the gym
has continued to rise.
   “As people found out about
us, the interest has definitely
risen,” Filep said.
   As the only boxing gym in                                                                                             Antique Emporium at Cave Creek
the Anthem area, Filep may                                                                                                                    6147 E. Cave Creek Rd.
eventually expand. But for now,                                                                                                            (at Basin Rd. Behind Flat Tire Bicycle)
he is satisfied with his location
in the Anthem Commerce
                                                                                  Matt Loeschman/The Foothills Focus
                                                                                                                          Thirty dealers to help you find that special or unique item. Glassware, primitives,
Center.                              Matt Filep, owner of the Anthem Boxing Club, stands in the boxing ring
                                                                                                                         furniture, cowboy and native American artifacts, aviation memorabilia, paintings,
   “This grew out of a need,” he     May 21 at his gym, 4220 W. Opportunity Way No. 8. Filep offers boxing
                                     classes for fun, fitness and competition for all ages and experience
                                                                                                                                               prints, toys, vintage fashions and more.
added. “I have been involved                                                                                                                    Stalls and display cases available.
in boxing since I was in the         levels.
Army. But the boxing gyms
have always been so far away         well.”                                   Jennifer Hoffman was working
for anyone that lives in the            For beginners, Filep explained,    out at the gym on May 21.
North Valley. This area was not      the gym staff will “build you            “This is my passion,” said
really served in that way, so        from the ground up.”                  Hoffman, a regular who has
that inspired me to open up this        “And if you are more               attended the gym for about a
gym.”                                experienced in boxing, we can         year. “I love it because it’s an
   Those who walk into the           handle that as well,” he added.       awesome workout and you get in
facility at 4220 W. Opportunity         Those attending the gym are        such great shape. Not to mention
Way No. 8 will notice everything     not required to spar. In fact, the    it is a good stress reliever being
you need to become a real            majority of those working out at      able to punch something.”
pugilist.                            the club never enter the boxing          Hoffman said she has made
   The gym features a 16-foot        ring.                                 many friends attending the
boxing ring; a dozen bags by            “I would say three quarters of     club.
Ringside, Everlast and TKO,          the people who come here have            “There’s a lot of great people
including heavy bags, speed          no desire to get in the ring,”        here,” she added.
bags and double-ended bags;          Filep noted.                             The Anthem Boxing Club
boxing gloves, headgear, and            Those who do, however, have        is an affiliate of USA Boxing.
other protective equipment;          been successful.                      The gym is open on weekdays
a full set of medicine balls;           “We had two guys who               and closed on Saturdays and
two complete sets of Russian         competed in Golden Gloves last        Sundays.
kettlebells; multiple pull-up        March and another two who are            For more information about
stations and a complete Olympic      headed to the upcoming Golden         the club, call 623-551-9315 or
barbell set.                         Gloves competition,” Filep said.      visit
   For anyone wanting to get            The gym owner said he was             “This gym is in Anthem
in tremendous shape, boxing          never really into team sports and     so the environment is very
offers the ultimate workout,         found boxing as a great outlet.       supportive,” Filep said. “It’s
Filep explained.                        “The challenge really got          not the stereotypical crowd you
   “We are pretty traditional as     me into it,” Filep said. “This        would see in a traditional boxing
far as the programs we offer –       sport really pulls out your inner     gym. There is no reason to be
it is an amateur boxing inspired     strength. Although it is not a team   intimidated – everyone was a
workout,” he said. “I used to        sport, there is a brotherhood you     beginner at one time and we
be a personal trainer so I throw     develop with the people who           realize that. We are like a family
some of those elements in as         attend the gym.”                      here.”
page 6                                                                       The Foothills Focus                                                                 May 27, 2009

                                                                        Longtime friends present vocal show
              Granny’s Thrift Store                                               Staff report
                    On Old Black Canyon Highway
                                                                           Euripides said “One loyal
            • Indoor Swap Meet • Discount Prices                        friend is worth ten thousand
                      • Monthly Specials                                relatives” – a quote that still
                                                                        rings true today, especially for
 if you can’t find it, granny has it!                                   jazz and pop vocalists Shana
                                                                        Bousard and Sally Jo Bannow.
          602-908-5745                                                     The longtime friends and
                                                                        professional singers will perform
                                                                        3-4:30 p.m. on Saturday, May
                                                                        30 at the new “Hey Old Friend”
                                                                        Cabaret & Cake Show. Presented
                                                                        by the non-profit Arts Council of
                                                                        the North Valley (ACNV), the
 Altered Tails Barnhart Clinic - 950 W. Hatcher Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85021   show takes place at a new venue      Sisters, Gorgeous, and Cause        Joe is a master musician, and
    lOW cOsT sPAY & NeuTeR seRVices                                     in the Opera House of Pioneer        I’m a Woman.                        can transpose any song to a
                                                                        Living History Village and              Bannow said the two became       comfortable range for both Sally
         PiT BULLS AnD PiT MiXES ALTErED FrEE                           Museum, 3901 West Pioneer            friends while doing a show          and I.”
               AHCCCS Discounts Provided                                Road, in north Phoenix.              “Mousetrap” by Agatha Christie         Bannow agreed and added:
                                                                           Kenda Newbury, ACNV               at Phoenix Theatre.                 “Really, the only challenge we
           Call 602-943-SPAY (7729)                                     performing arts chair, said the         “We have a similar sense         have is our schedules. We are
                  to schedule your appointment                          event is the fourth in a series of   of humor and warmth as              both moms who work and have
                                          “Cabaret & Cake” shows, each         performers and as people that       busy lives. Sometimes the best
                                                                        featuring new performers and         make our Cabaret shows fun          way for us to have time together
                                                                        music.                               to watch,” Bannow said. “And        is to work on a show together.”
                                                                           “Treat your friends and family    while we have done Cabaret             “We are very excited to be
                                                                        to the sultry sounds of Jazz and     shows together, this will be the    holding our first in a series
                                                                        the Best of Broadway in favorite     first time we perform a show        of performances at the Opera
      Pool Service & Repairs                                            songs in which Shana and Sally       about friendship.”                  House,” said Newbury. “It is an
  •Family Owned & Operated For 19 years                                 Jo team up with the renowned            Bousard said the two friends     historic building among many at
  •Affordable Monthly Rates                                             piano talents of Joe Bousard.        truly love singing with each        Pioneer Living History Village
  •Free Estimates                                                       Immerse yourself in an afternoon     other.                              and Museum.”
                                                                        of vocal delight and humor while        “Our voices blend well, and         The Opera House at Pioneer
  •$20.00 Off 1st Month of New Service (with this ad)                   enjoying delicious coffee and        we just have a ball together on     Living History Village and
                 George Rust - Owner                                    cake, which are included. You        stage. We also couldn’t ask for a   Museum, is located at 3901 West

                                                                        can also receive a 10 percent        better accompanist and arranger     Pioneer Road, Phoenix, which
                                                                        discount at Pioneer Restaurant       than my dad, Joe. It’s a gift to    is just 10 minutes north of the
                                                                        for lunch or dinner on May 30,       be able to perform wonderful        intersection of the 101 and I-17
                                                                        when you show your ticket to         material with someone you           on the west side of the highway

            ioneer Ranch
                                                                        the show,” Newbury said.             love,” she said.                    at the Pioneer Road exit 225.
          P                                                                Bousard, of Anthem, and
                                                                        Bannow, of north Phoenix, have
                                                                                                                Like any relationship, the
                                                                                                             two sometimes encounter
                                                                                                                                                    Tickets for the “Hey Old
                                                                                                                                                 Friend” Cabaret & Cake Show
            Come Join Us For A                                          been friends for 13 years. The       challenges.                         are $7.50 for seniors (age 65
     Western Evening Of Entertainment,                                  two will perform songs about              “Sometimes the range or        and older) and students; and $12
                                                                        friendship and the trials and        key of a particular song may        for adults. Tickets are available
                Food & Fun!!                                            triumphs of the female spirit:       be difficult to sing. Not every     at the door or can be purchased
   You will enjoy great Cowboy Cookin’ World                            a few songs from the program         song is written for every voice,”   online at or by
  Class Entertainment, Music & Cowboy Games                             may include Hey Old Friend,          Bousard said. “Luckily, however,    calling 623-516-2268.

      WHEN: 1st Saturday of Every Month
         TIME: Fun Starts at 5PM
                                                                           Council seeks volunteers for committee
                                                                                   Staff report              and encouraged to join.             are among the many topics
      WHERE: Pioneer Rd. & I-17, Exit 225                                                                       “The Utilities Committee         this committee will discuss,
                                                                          The Anthem Community               will have many challenges           work through and make
                                                                        Council is seeking volunteers        and opportunities to make           recommendations to council
          Horse Drawn Wagon Rides                                       with experience in utilities to      a significant impact on our         about.”
                 Pony Rides                                             join its Utilities Committee,        community,” said Pat Henson           Anyone interested in joining
               Bounce House                                             which is in the process of           of the Anthem Community             the Anthem Community
                                                                        being formed.                        Council, who is developing the      Council’s Utilities Committee
             ntic C
                                                                          Residents who have worked
                                                                        for a utility company and know
                                                                                                             committee charter and seeking
                                                                                                             its Chairperson and members.
                                                                                                                                                 should contact Pat Henson at
       uthe r And A
         Dinne ght Of                                                   how rates are set, or have city,        “Should we go solar, form        Click on the “Community
         Full     inmen
                              1 Child under 10 FREE                     county or state employment           an energy co-op, become a           Council” button on the top of
        En terta
                                 with Paid Adult                        experience dealing with              water district? What can the        the page, then click on “Contact
                              Additional Child $10                      utilities, as well as those with     council and residents do to         the Board of Directors” link at

                                                                        recycling, waste management          save money on utility costs?        the bottom of that page.
                                                                        or solar expertise are welcome       Are we wasting energy? These
 May 27, 2009                                                              The Foothills Focus                                                                                        page 7

                                  pet of the week
                                                                      North 13th Ave. in Phoenix.
                                                                        Her adoption fee is only
                                                                      $20 since she is a member
                                                                      of our Lonely Hearts club.
                                                                      This fee includes her spay
                                                                      surgery, vaccination, a follow-
                                                                      up veterinary exam, a colorful
                                                                      collar, an AHS I.D. tag and a
                                                                      pet carrier.
                                                                        For more information, call
                                                                      602-997-7586 ext.2045 and
                                                                      ask for animal I.D. number
   This adorable Bombay mix
named Bryanna is charming in
every way. She is looking for a
                                  sophisticated, this young kitty
                                  is famous for clowning around
                                  and having fun. She looses
                                                                                                                       CHILD CARE &                                  • New Location
human companion with a sense      all regal dignity when she is                                                                                                      at Carefree Hwy.
                                                                                                                   LEARNING CENTERS, INC.
of humor and will appreciate a    spotted bouncing off couch                                                   • Infants-Private Kindergarten   • Free diapers
spunky and charismatic. Like      cushions and clumsily playing                                                • Sharp, creative, certified     • Free hot meals & snacks
many pets that end up at the      her favorite game, chase. Seeing                                              teachers                        • Computer Learning Center
                                                                                                               • Pay only for the time your     • Large Outdoor Play Area
shelter, Bryanna was found as     this feisty girl dashing from one                                             child is here
a stray and was wandering the     end of the house to the other                                                                        “At Carefree”
streets alone before someone      and hugging tight corners while      Every child is a precious, God-                  OW
                                                                                                             REGISTER N E          2717 W. Carefree Hwy
                                                                       given being with basic needs:                      AT
found her and brought her to      desperately trying to catch up                                            FO R OUR PRIV
                                                                       social, physical, emotional &         KIND ERGARTEN           Phoenix, AZ 85085
the Arizona Humane Society        to a laser light is hilarious to
                                                                       intellectual. It is our purpose to                              (623) 780-1786                         FREE
where she could find a forever    watch.                               meet these needs when your                                                                          REGISTRATION
home.                                You can adopt Bryanna now at                                               “At Raintree”               “At Kierland”                       & 50% OFF
                                                                       child is in our care.                   13831 N 94th St.       6440 East Greenway Pkwy                  FIRST WEEK
   Although Bombays are           the Arizona Humane Society’s         www.scottsdale                                                                    PRESENT THIS COUPON
                                                                                                             Scottsdale, AZ 85260       Scottsdale, AZ 85245
usually distinguished and         Sunnyslope Facility at 9226          Ask About Employment Opportunities
                                                                                                                (480) 860-9500              (480) 368-1711
                                                                                                                                                                               EXPIRES 6/15/09

    Custom Pools and Spas for
    the Arizona Lifestyle
 Offering:                          • Water features                    • Hardscaping
 • Award-winning designs            • Remodeling pools                  • Outdoor kitchens
 • Quality pools & spas               to look like new                  • Custom designs

                                    Visit our gallery on line at
                                               No games. No gimmicks. Just good pricing & quality pools.

                                               call Tribal waters for a Free estimate
                                               Call us today at 623.587.8500
                                               1831 W. Rose Garden Lane Suite #4, Phoenix, AZ 85027
                                                                                                                                                Residential ROC# 224021 Commercial ROC# 251147
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                                                                Ownership changes, quality remains at Byler’s
                                                                      Matt Loeschman              the Bylers simply served great     breakfast buffet for $7.95 that
                                                                      Managing Editor             food.                              includes eggs, bacon, ham,
                                                                                                     Last summer, John and Gerry     sausage, home fries, biscuits
                                                                  The ownership may have          decided to retire from the         and more.
                                                               changed at Byler’s Amish           restaurant business.                  Additionally, Byler’s has
                                                               Kitchen, but the delicious food       New owner Alexander and         an adjoining store that offers
                                                               and excellent service customers    manager Jack Ekin, a previous      Arizona souvenirs, handmade
                                                               are used to remains the same.      owner of the Squaw Peak Steak      specialty items from the Amish
                                                                  “Not a lot has changed,”        House, are not going to toy with   and Mennonites as well as
                                                               said Katie Sortor, a Byler’s       the recipe that made Byler’s a     jams and jellies from the Byler
                                                               employee. “We get people           hit for more than a decade.        family.
                                                               coming in from all over the           Patrons can still experience       “There are nice crafts inside
                                                               place. They have heard about       traditional home-cooked Amish      the store,” Sortor said. “Some
    Byler’s Amish Kitchen                                      how good the food is here.”
                                                                  Those who stop by always
                                                                                                  food and pastries from recipes
                                                                                                  John and Gerry brought with
                                                                                                                                     are native to Arizona.”
                                                                                                                                        The location is open seven
                                                               remember the homemade Amish        them from Ohio.                    days a week, 7 a.m.-7 p.m.
                                                               food, with large portions served      House specialties include a     Monday through Thursday
                                                               at very reasonable prices.         Friday night all-you-can-eat       and 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday
                                                       Check      Original owners John and        fish fry featuring Alaskan cod     through Sunday.
                                                       Hours   Gerry Byler are from Ohio and      for $9.95.                            Byler’s Amish Kitchen is
                                                               brought with them to Arizona          From 5-8 p.m. on Saturday,      located at 34351 S. Old Black
         Traditional American Food                             traditional Amish
                                                               including how to cook and
                                                                                        values,   Byler’s offers a prime rib         Canyon Highway, about 10
   Great Food and Ample portions at reasonable prices!                                            dinner, Sortor said. That dinner   minutes north of Anthem in
                 Great homemade Pies                           serve excellent food. People       is $11.95 (queen) or $15.95        Black Canyon City. Use exit
                                                               from all around the Valley soon    (king).                            242 off Interstate 17.
   Weekend Breakfast Buffet   Restaurant Open 7 Days a Week
        8am to 12 noon
                                                               learned what Black Canyon             The restaurant also offers         The restaurant can be reached
                                  Mon - Thurs 7am to 7pm
     All-You-Can-Eat $7.95         Fri-Sun 6:30am to 8pm       City residents knew all along –    an all-you-can-eat weekend         at 623-374-9330.
         Homemade Fudge       $1.00 Bottomless Cup Coffee
  34351 S. Old Black Canyon Highway                             Gallery announces new summer exhibit
         Black Canyon City •Exit 242, Off I-17                                   Staff report

  Loan Modification
                                                                 Adelante Gallery at el Pedregal Shops and
                                                               Dining at the Boulders Resort has announced
                                                               the arrival of a new summer exhibit
                                                               with artwork by Argentine artist, Sergio
    Lower Your House Payment                                   Roggerone. Roggerone is a multi-talented
                                                               artist that draws inspiration from such

                                                               disparate cultures such as Byzantium, Central
                                                               Asia, native Argentine folkways and medieval
                                                               Catholicism. The works of Sergio Roggerone
                                                               express an intricate and magical combination
 Loan Audit by Attorneys                                       of Argentine culture and his Mendoza
                                                               birthplace. At the forefront of Mendocino art,
    Call Now 623-252-0413                                      his passionate style incorporates fabrics and
                                                               textures that define the depth and emotion of
            (800)981-2846 Ext 37                               his subjects.                       Viewers “experience themselves” through                                                 Submitted photos
                                                               his paintings, from the blessing of the fruit to    The works of Sergio Roggerone will be on display at
                                                               the parade of queens to the cosecha (harvest),      the Adelante Gallery this summer.
                                                               which emphasizes the Mendocino sun, golden
                                                               leaves and emblematic grapes. Beautifully           Pedregal in September. Adelante showcases
                                                               ornate, the frames are as much a part of his        paintings, sculptures, and jewelry by local
                                                               artwork as the paintings themselves, each with      and international folk and fine artists, whose
                                                               medieval elements and religious connotations        work runs the gamut from the devotional
                                                               that are delicate, with a touch of wit as well.     to the irreverent. For more information on
                                                                 Born in 1968, his defined style exhibits          Adelante Gallery, call 480-488-1285 or visit
                                                               his rare ingenuity to combine elements and
                                                               experiences that have shaped his life into            El Pedregal encompasses 80,000 square feet
                                                               great works of art. With a commitment to his        of space filled with boutiques, Southwestern
                                                               work, he is changing the conscience of art in       apparel, intriguing art galleries, and fun and
                                                               communities to create a place for Argentine         casual dining.
                                                               art in the rest of the world.                         Over 15 shops surround a courtyard and
                                                                 Adelante Gallery is known for its distinctive     amphitheater, which features a variety of
                                                               selection of art and jewelry. A featured gallery    entertainment offerings.
                                                               on CNN International’s program “Art Club,”            For more information, call 480-488-1072
                                                               Adelante is celebrating its 15th year at el         or visit
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     Pioneer receives donation to help
               get job done

                                                                                             Submitted photo
United Road Towing recently presented a reconditioned truck to the Pioneer Arizona Living History Village
and Museum. Pictured left to right are Bruce Raden, Kenneth Smithee, John Wicke, United Road Towing
manager; Dave Seibert, Todd Hullinger, Tony Gutowski, Jim Boniface, and Larry and Willine Evans.

       By Jeffrey Cody                   Todd Hullinger, Director      5 years of age are free.
     Special to the Focus            of Pioneer Arizona, added,          For more information,
                                     “URT has not only donated         call 623-465-1052 or e-mail

                                                                                                                                Pest Control
  “That’s a darn fine truck!”        this workhorse of a truck,        pioneerarizona@earthlink.
exclaimed Marshall Alamo.            but they have also offered        net.
  He was looking at the 1994         to donate the use of a bobcat       Pioneer Arizona board
Chevrolet One-Ton Flatbed            and dump trailer to further       members are Dave Seibert,
truck donated by United              expedite the summer cleanup       president, Tony Gutowski,                                    Bee Elimination
Road Towing of Phoenix.              at Pioneer. Both staff and        senior vice president; Larry                              Scorpions • Ticks • Ants
  John      Wicke,      General      volunteers who have been          Evans,     vice     president;
Manager of URT, officially           using their personal trucks to    Becky Patton, treasurer;                                  Guaranteed Service • Residential
presented the title for the
                                                                                                                                Cell 623-776-5952
                                     help at Pioneer for years are     Willine Evans, secretary,
freshly painted and totally          excited to see this addition.”    Jim Boniface, Bruce Raden,
reconditioned vehicle to                                                                                       Snake Removal
                                       Residents can see the truck     Kenneth Smithee, Joe Spikes.
Dave Siebert, President of the       in action by visiting Pioneer     Also Judy Lorch, Assistant
Pioneer Arizona Foundation           Living History Museum, exit       to Phoenix Councilwoman                 Pigeon Control
Board.                               I-17 at Pioneer exit 225.         Thelda Williams.                                         Lic # 1-5655-B
  Dave noted that the timing           During the summer, a
is perfect.                          museum-only status will be
  “This is the first reliable        maintained with all buildings
piece of equipment Pioneer           open for viewing only.
has received in years. Since           Summer       daily    hours,
we are planning major                Wednesday through Sunday,
renovations and cleanup              are 8 a.m.-2 p.m.. Entrance
during the summer, this truck        fees are $7 for adults, $5 for
with its ability to pull a trailer   students 6-17 years, $6 for
is invaluable.”                      seniors 60+. Children under
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                                                                    MTA invites youth to arts institute

   •Creating Beautiful Smiles In The Valley For Over 17 Years
                 •Complimentary 1 Hour Exam
 •No Interest Payment Plans •Most Dental Insurance Accepted
           2525 W. Carefree Hwy. Bldg. 6 #140

       Soards Trucking
               Gold Granite                                                                                                                                 Submitted photo
                                                                The Musical Theater of Anthem’s Summer Performing Arts Institute is popular among local youth.

                                                                          Staff report             Beauty and The Beast Jr.,          musicaltheatreofanthem.
                                                                                                   Little Women, Into the             org.
                                                                  Registration is under way        Woods and The Wizard of              The mission of MTA
                                                                for the Musical Theatre            Oz. There will be award-           is to develop youth and
                                                                of    Anthem’s       Summer        winning, experienced and           adults within the field
                                                                Performing Arts Institute, a       talented instructors from          of performing arts while
                                                                two-week intensive program         all over the Valley working        enhancing their intrinsic
                                                                for performers ages 6-20.          with the participants.             creativity and brokering
                                                                  Students      will   learn         The Institute will be held       their vast talents. MTA
 Gold Granite      Office (928) 501-3006                         vocal technique, basics            July 13-24 from 9:30-3:00          trains and educates youth
 Rip Rap           Mobile (602) 571-4470                        of dance, musical theatre          Monday-Friday with a half-         so that they can become the
                                                                style dance, tap, acting,          hour lunch break. There            artists, patrons, and leaders
 Boulders     Serving North Phx, Anthem                         improv, interpretation of          will be a free performance         of tomorrow while providing
 Sand              Cave Creek, New River,                       songs, advanced audition           on Friday, July 24.                opportunities to adults that
                                                                techniques,     and    stage         The first non-refundable         empower them and foster
 ABC                            Scottsdale                      presence, as well as get the       payment of $200 is due upon        their creativity.     MTA’s
            *Military Discounts*                                opportunity to showcase            registration and the second        principles include casting
                                                                their talents during a free,       payment of $190 is due             all who audition in select
                                                                live performance.        All       on the first day of classes.       productions, presenting high
                                                                levels are welcome, and            There is a 10 percent sibling      quality shows that everyone
                                                                performers will be grouped         discount available. Space is       can enjoy, and providing
                                                                by age.                            limited.                           a positive environment
                                                                  Led by Producing Artistic          The Performing Arts              where      performers     can
                                                                Director Jackie Hammond,           Institute will be held at the      practice teamwork and
                                                                the workshop will feature          Caepe School in Anthem.            communication skills while
                                                                numbers      from     MTA’s        Online           registration      experiencing the pride of
                                                                second season, including           is available at www.               accomplishment.

                                                                Clinic offers financial break to customers
                                                                         Staff report              Barnhart Clinic on March 2         $90 to spay a large dog,
                                                                                                   to the public and is dedicated     pit bulls and pit mixes are
                                                                  Altered Tails Barnhart           to offering accessible and         altered at no cost to the
                                                                Clinic wants to help to give       affordable spay/neuter and         customer, active military
                                                                people a financial break           some veterinary services.          personnel may qualify for
                                                                by providing free spay/            The organization wants             either free or significantly
                                                                neuter services to pit and         the community to be aware          reduced fees for altering
                                                                pit mixes. While consumers         that they are there to help.       and AHCCCS member
                                                                are looking for discounts          The Altered Tails Barnhart         discounts are provided.
                                                                to help them survive these         Clinic is centrally located          All services are by
                                                                hard economic times, many          (950 West Hatcher Road,            appointment only and
                                                                are forgoing important             Phoenix) and provides low          must be scheduled in
                                                                veterinary          services,      cost spay/neuter surgeries         advance by calling 602-
                                                                specifically     spay/neuter       to both companion animals          943-SPAY (7729). For
                                                                surgeries adding to the            and free-roaming cats.             more information on the
                                                                already intense over-pet             Not only are surgeries           organization, visit www.
                                                                population in the Valley.          offered at greatly reduced
                                                                  Altered Tails, a non-profit      prices, starting at $25 to
                                                                organization opened its            neuter a cat and up to only
 May 27, 2009                                                                                   The Foothills Focus                                                                                             page 11

                         Pig-n-Whistle prospers in
                              tough economy
              Staff report                         months.                                    The pit smokes the meat
                                                      According to the National            until it falls off the bone,
  Hungry      families      can                    Restaurant         Association,         adds flavor and creates a tasty
now enjoy Memphis-style                            restaurant sales nationwide             product.
barbecue and ribs at the                           are expected to total $556                 It operates 24 hours a
new eatery in the Outlets                          billion this year. While that           day with an average of 120
at Anthem’s food pavilion                          is an increase of 2.5 percent           pounds of meat smoked per
seven days a week.                                 from 2008, analysts say it              day.
  Pig-n-Whistle opened its
doors at a time when other
                                                   marks a 1 percent decline
                                                   when adjusted for inflation.
                                                                                              When asked about the
                                                                                           large grimacing pig as a
                                                                                                                                      Career Success Schools
local restaurants are closing                         Despite the statistics, Pig-n-       logo, Guest said, “New                                 ...a place where your student can be successful
their doors.                                       Whistle continues to prosper.           Memphis BBQ and Ribs                          we are now nCA Accredited and have
  “At a time when economic                            Pig-n-Whistle is one of              with Attitude is about the
times are tough, we have been                                                                                                         •Small Class Sizes - our classes average 10-15 students
                                                   seven restaurants currently             southern hospitality that has
able to operate successful                                                                                                            •Highly Qualified Teachers who have successful business
                                                   in the food pavilion at the             proud roots in the delicious
restaurants that are profitable                                                                                                        experience
                                                   outlet center. It serves chili,         flavor and distinction they
and building sales,” said                                                                                                             •Monday thru Thursday class schedule
                                                   salads and the most popular             are proud of.
owner Craig Guest.                                                                                                                    •Aims preparatory classes
                                                   items are the hickory smoked               “It is also a bit of fun,” he
  Guest also owns Fresca’s                                                                                                            •Teacher driven classes and A+ core course computer
                                                   ribs, pulled pork sandwiches            added.
Mexican Grill at the Anthem                                                                                                            driven classes
                                                   and barbecue chicken. The                  Pig-n-Whistle is located
food pavilion.                                                                                                                        •Foreign Language classes
                                                   restaurant operates a state-of-         in the food pavilion at the
  Brands such as Pink Taco,                                                                                                           •Business program and Art and Jewelry Design program
                                                   the-art stainless steel cooker          Outlets at Anthem off I-17
Fox Sports Grill, Black                                                                                                               •Summer school classes available to accelerate your
                                                   called a pit that has more than         and Anthem Way, exit 229.
Angus and Malee’s Thai                                                                                                                 program
                                                   60 square feet of cooking                  For more information, call
Bistro all have closed metro                                                                                                          •Students can graduate in 3 years
                                                   space and burns 25 pounds of            623-465-9500 or visit www.
Phoenix locations in recent                        hickory wood each week.                                  Our enrollment is limited to 110 students
                                                                                                                                      For more info on our 2009-2010 school year
                                                                                                                                        Please call (480) 575-0075

                                                                                                Grand Opening                                                                           GOLF CART TIRE
                                                                                                                                                                                        18/850-8 4 PLY
                                                                                                  C&R Tire                                                                                    $ 20

                                                                                               2010 W Parkside Lane • 623-580-0455
                                                                                               Happy Valley/Deer Valley Area (One Block South & West Of Pinnacle Peak & 19th Ave)
                                                                                                        Tire Sale
                                                                                                 (Some Quanities Limited)                     Oil Change $14.99
                                                                                                         Touring                           up to 5 quarts 5W30 Kendall semi-synthetic
                                                                                                 P175/70R13        $25                      oil plus $3 waste disposal. Expires 6/3/09
                                                                                                 P185/65R14        $35
                                                                                                 P195/65R15        $45                   WHY USE C&R TIRE:                      FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED
                                                                                                 P205/65R15        $45                   1. 12 month or 12,000 mile nationwide parts & labor warranty.
                                                                                                 P225/60R16        $50                   2. Nationwide tire warranties.
                                                                                                                                         3. 24/7 emergency roadside assistance on qualified tire brands.
                                                                                                      Performance                        4. Three stores open sundays and have mechanics on duty.
                                                                                                 P195/70R14        $35                   5. We are approved Arizona AAA Auto Repair facility.
                                                                                                 P195/60R15        $45                   6. We are member in good standing Arizona Better Business Bureau.
                                                                                                                                         7. We rotate and balance tires we sell, no charge.
                                                                                                 P205/60R15        $45                   8. We fix repairable flats on tires we sell, no charge.
                                                                                                 P205/55R16        $50                   9. We sell 3 year nationwide free flat repair & free replacement road hazard
    •Water Heaters and Faucets                     •Fast Emergency Service                       P205/60R16        $50                   warranty. On tires we sell or tires on your vehicle.
    •Water, Gas, and Sewer Lines                   •No Overtime Charges                                Truck/SUV                         10. We have Nitrogen for your tires. Go to www.getnitrogen for info.
    •Slab Leaks                                    •Video Inspection of Sewer Lines              P255/70R16        $89
                                                                                                 P265/70R16       $101                   C&R TIRE & AUTO REPAIR                                    FAMILY OWNED
   $250 OFF                                                    $100 OFF                          P265/70R17       $109                   Anthem 42215 N Vision Way (3 blocks So. of Walmart)             623-551-6255
                                                                                                                                         Happy/Deer Valley Area 2010 West Parkside Lane                  623-580-0455
                                                                                                        Closeouts                        Phoenix 17434 N Cave Creek Rd      Open Sunday 9-6              602-493-5258
   Tankless Water Heater                                     Any Tank Style Water Heater         LT215/85R16       $99                   Phoenix 17225 N Tatum              Open Sunday 9-6              602-867-7466
            Exp. 5-31-09                                              Exp. 5-31-09               LT225/75R16       $99                   Scottsdale 9580 E Raintree        Open Sunday 10-4              480-657-6656
                                                                                                 LT235/85R16       $94                     Tires call for prices. We sell Michelin, Goodyear, Continental, Bridgestone,
                                CALL NOW FOR IMMEDIATE APPOINTMENT!                              LT245/75R16      $109                     Yokohama, BF Goodrich, Hankook, Sumitomo, General, Firestone & More.
   Licensed •Bonded • Insured   623.587.0085                                                     LT265/75R16      $114
                                                                                                 State or Local Taxes or Surcharges
                                                                                                                                                                    Installation and taxes extra.
                                                                                                                                            We are Full Service including: A/C Brakes, Belts, Wheel Alignments,
                                                          for Environmental Protection will
                                                                                                 be an extra charge.                            Electrical, Emissions, Dealer Maintenance Services, and more.
                                                                                                                                                    Open Mon - Sat 7am to 6pm See Sunday Hours Above.
                     Our Punctual When we say we’ll be there, we’ll be there...
                  Promise to you... or we’ll pay you $5 for every minute we’re late!
page 12                                                               The Foothills Focus                                                                 May 27, 2009

                                                                                                  community events
          Angel Dominguez General                                HOA                                  in Education from George            480-239-4896 or go to www.
              Landscaping Inc.                                   Meeting set for May 27               Mason University in Northern
     Tree Trimming, Lawn Maintenance, Gravel,
                                                                   The Anthem Community               Virginia.
         Raking, Vacationer’s/Snowbirds,                         Council will meet 6:30                 Wylie, a Certified School         HEALTH
    Outdoor Maintenance, Landscaping,                            p.m. May 27 at the Anthem            Psychologist and accomplished       Doctor offers tips during
   New Timers, Irrigation System, Lights                         Community Center.                    athlete, has been hired to lead     lecture series
                                                                   Items expected to be discussed     the Physical Education Program        East-West            Integrated
  Call (602)721-9952                                             include the publication of the
                                                                 Freedom Way magazine.
                                                                                                      and serve as a consultant.
                                                                                                      A member of the American
                                                                                                                                          Healthcare and Curves of
                                                                                                                                          Anthem/New River are hosting
                 Licensed & Insured                                The public is invited to attend                                        Natural Medicine with Dr. Jen,
                                                                                                      Psychological      Association,
                                                                 the meeting.                         the National Association of         a health lecture series to help
                                                                                                      School Psychologists, and           women and their families gain
                                                                 NEW BUSINESS                         the American Association            and sustain healthy lifestyles.
                                                                 Clinic open house set                of Christian Counselors, Dr.          The next meeting is set for
                                                                 June 11                              Wylie specializes in the areas      May 27 when Calvo discusses
                                                         Desert West Obstetrics                       of child development and child      the Secrets to a Happy Bowel:
                                                      and Gynecology will hold a                      and adolescent personality.         Indigestion, Irritable Bowel
                                                      public open house of its newly                                                      Syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis
                                                      constructed Anthem office 3-7                   ART                                 and Crohn’s
                                                      p.m. Thursday, June 11. The                     Artists gather in New                 Natural      Medicine      with
                                                      office is located at 41810 North                River                               Dr. Jen Calvo is a series of
                                                      Venture Dr., Building E, Suite                    The Circle Mountain Art           free educational gatherings
                                                      156, Venture Court Professional                 Association will gather Monday      that teach health conscious
                                                      Plaza.                                          at the studio of Alan and Penny     women how to experience
                                                         The public is invited to                     Lowry in New River.                 optimal wellness using natural

                                                      explore the 3,000 square foot                     The group, consisting of          healthcare strategies. Natural

                                                      site featuring eight exam rooms                 artists of all fine art media,      Medicine with Dr. Jen monthly

                 Hair & Nails
                                                      and meet with the Desert West                   meet the third Monday of each       seminars will be offered the
                                                      medical team and office staff.                  month at the studio located         last Wednesday of the month
                                                      The celebration will also include               off Circle Mountain Road and        at 7 p.m. at Curves of Anthem,

                    May Special
                                                      details about service offerings,                22ns St.                            located at 42323 N Vision Way
                                                      prize drawings and take home                      Meetings are geared to            Suite 105, Anthem AZ 85086.
             Any Chemical Hair Service                giveaways. Refreshments will
                                                      be served.
                                                                                                      exploring the art media. A
                                                                                                      group show is in the process
                                                                                                                                          The topics covered are holistic
                                                                                                                                          in nature and deal with both the
                  w/Cut & Style $75                      “We’re eager to showcase our                 of being planned for the Fall       physical and emotional aspects
                                                      new location to the community                   of this year. Those interested in   of wellness.

                                                      and discuss the many services                   joining should contact Alan by        Please call Curves of Anthem
                                                      we offer,” said Cindy Bowen,                    e-mail at alowy@qwestoffice.        at 623-551-5100 to register for
                                                      administrator. “The event is a                  net or by phone from 9 a.m.-5       sessions or for more information
  48414 N Black Canyon Hwy, New River, AZ 85087 great opportunity to meet with                        p.m. Monday-Friday at 623-          regarding the lecture series. For
                                                      the public, answer questions                    465-1077                            regularly updated information,
                               Maricopa County, Arizonaget to know our patients in
                               Maricopa County, Arizona                                                                                   visit
                              Daisy Mountain Fire District setting.”
                                                      a casual                                        EQUESTRIAN
                              Daisy Mountain Fire District
                                   Proposed Budget                                                    Camp teaches youth                  AA group gathers in New
                                   Proposed Budget
                             FY July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010
                                                      EDUCATION                                       about horses                        River
                             FY July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010
                                                                 School adds new                        Desert Palms Equestrian             An Alcoholics Anonymous
                                                                 educators                            Center is offering five weeks       group meets at 7:30 p.m. every
                                                                   The         Caepe       School,    of summer day camps this year       Monday at the New River Bible
  REVENuES         Taxes                                                        11,432,568.53
                                                                 Anthem’s only private, non-
  REVENuES         Taxes                                                        11,432,568.53         from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. throughout       Chapel, off of 15th Ave and
                   Charges for Service                                             998,200.00
                   Charges for Service
                   Other income
                                                                                     K-8 school,
                                                                                   998,200.00         the months of June and July.        New River Road. Call Mary at
                   Other income
                   interest on investments                       will be adding two more
                                                                                    10,000.00           Located in Cave Creek, the        623-581-3457 for information.
                   interest on investments                                          10,000.00
                                                                 educators to their staff for the     four-day camps, opened to ages      Meetings are free.
                   TOTAL REVENuES                                2009-10 school year, it was
                                                                                12,544,968.53         7-18, cost $425. Campers ride
                   TOTAL REVENuES                                               12,544,968.53
                                                                 announced last week.                 twice a day with the first ride     AA group meets in
                                                                   Dr. Chris Wylie and Carolyn        focusing on having a proper         Anthem
  EXPENSES         Salaries and Wages                                            7,592,306.24
                                                                 King-Woerner, both residents         seat. During the second ride          An Alcoholics Anonymous
  EXPENSES         Salaries and Wages                                            7,592,306.24
                   Employee Benefits and Expenses                                2,377,063.43
                                                                 of Anthem, will begin their                                              group meets at noon Monday-
                   Employee Benefits and Expenses                                2,377,063.43         campers play games or learn to
                   Administration                                                  177,790.00
                   Professional Services
                                                                 respective tenures as faculty
                                                                                                      ride bareback. Other activities     Friday and at 5:30 p.m. Fridays
                   Professional Services
                   utilities and Communications                  members at the start of the next
                                                                                   436,620.00         will focus on all aspects of        and Saturdays at St. Rose
                   utilities and Communications                                    436,620.00 The
                                                                                    to keep
                                                                 academic year 93,000.00              horse education from colors         Catholic Church, located at
                   insurance                                                        93,000.00
                   Repairs and Maintenance                                         student-teacher
                                                                 Caepe School’s 237,350.00            and markings, horse health,         2825 W. Rose Canyon Circle in
                   Repairs and Maintenance                                         237,350.00
                   Operating Expenses
                   Operating Expenses
                                                                 ratio at 9:1.     757,766.00
                                                                                   757,766.00         barn safety, proper grooming        Anthem. Meetings are free.
                   Capital Outlay                                  King-Woerner, who has              and bathing. A miniature horse
                   Capital Outlay
                                   Buildings & Vehicles                             20,000.00
                                   Buildings & Vehicles          taught First Grade in the Deer
                                                                                    20,000.00         drive also is on tap, along with    Support group aids
                                   Machinery and Equipment                          80,000.00
                                   Machinery and Equipment       Valley School district for the
                                                                                    80,000.00         arts and crafts and other games     Alzheimer care takers
                   Debt Service
                   Debt Service
                                   Principal Retirement          past two years, will teach
                                                                                   476,372.86         including opportunities to go         AnAlzheimer’s support group
                                   Principal Retirement                            476,372.86
                                                                 kindergarten at 18,000.00
                                                                                      The Caepe                                           meets from 10-11:30 a.m. the
                                   interest and Fiscal Charges                                        swimming. Activities are led
                                   interest and Fiscal Charges                      18,000.00
                   Contingency                                                     200,000.00 three
                                                                 School. The mother of                by qualified instructors.           fourth Saturday of each month
                   Contingency                                                     200,000.00
                                                                 holds a bachelor’s degree in           For information or questions             community events
                   TOTAL EXPENDiTuRES                            English and 12,544,968.53
                                                                                a master’s degree
                   TOTAL EXPENDiTuRES                                           12,544,968.53         contact Michelle McVey at                        continued on page 13
   May 27, 2009                                                                                  The Foothills Focus                                                                     page 13

                                         community events                                                                       refresh Your Yard - Installation Available
continued from page 12                       coming to watch the Model                    anthemaz.
                                             Search, Outlets at Anthem
to provide a forum to share                  stores will offer event day only             Ranch hosting
feelings, concerns, information,             discounts.                                   fundraiser                                      AB • Top Soil • Fill Dirt • Boulders • River Rock
tools and encouragement.                       Outlets at Anthem is just                    Dreamchaser PMU Rescue              Arena Sand • Landscaping Rock • Madison Gold ...and Irrigation
  The free meetings take place               10 minutes north of Loop 101                 and Rehabilitation is holding          Local family owned company, serving greater No. Phoenix Area
at REMAX/First American                      at Anthem Way Exit #229.                     a yard sale on Friday, May 29
Title, located at 3701 W.                    For more information, call                                                                   Call Us • Free Quote and Measuring
                                                                                          and Saturday, May 30 to benefit
Anthem Way. For information
                                                                                                                                        Proud to be a
                                             623-465-9500 or visit www.                   the horse rescue. It will be held   Licensed Landscaping Contractor
call 623-910-6072.                                                                                          ROC 196476
                                                                                          at 1409 W. Joy Ranch Road in
                                                                                          Desert Hills.
                                             BENEFIT                                        Hours are from 7 a.m. to 3
Outlets host model
                                             Relay for Life meeting                       p.m. on both days.
                                             set                                            All proceeds from the sale
   The sixth annual Strike-
                                                Anthem Relay For Life 2009                will be used to maintain the
A-Pose Model Search will
                                             team captain and information                 horses and every rescued
be at 7:30 a.m. June 6 at the
                                             meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m.              animal at the ranch.
Outlets at Anthem. The search
                                             Tuesday, June 9 at the Outlets
is open to ages 4-40, of diverse
                                             at Anthem in Suite No. 435.                  Dinner raises funds for
backgrounds, shapes and sizes.
                                                Save money by registering a               breast cancer research
Previously the search was only
                                             team until June 30 and you also                Affinito’s Bistro is playing
open to those 5-19 years of age.
                                             get to choose your campsite for              host to the 3rd annual Save the
Registration is free and will
                                             $50 off your team registration.              Boobs Benefit Fundraiser from
take place at Outlets at Anthem
                                                Anthem Relay For Life 2009                6-9 p.m. June 1.                                               To Claim your Free $150.00 Gift Card
starting at 7:30am.
                                             is tentatively scheduled for 6                 The fundraiser, at the Anthem
   FORD/Robert Black Agency
                                             p.m.-6 a.m. Oct. 3-4.                        restaurant, will benefit Team
will offer a one year modeling
                                                For questions or comments,                W.I.S.H. (Walking In Spirit and
contracts to six grand prize
                                             contact Tari Skousen, Anthem                 Hope) Arizona.
winners. Those selected will be
                                             RFL Team          Development                  Tickets for the event, which
featured in Outlets at Anthem’s
                                             Co-Chair and Media Chair                     will include live music, food
year round print ad campaigns
                                             at 623-742-8150 or e-mail                    and pink drink specials, are
and televised appearances.
                                                              community events
   As an added bonus for those
                                                Visit                            continued on page 15

                                                                                                                                                                 In Cave Creek Since 1997
                                                                                                                                                                     Luxury Custom Pool
 Your new source for premium cigars, humidors and a complete line of cigar accessories.
                                                                                                                                                                 Builder/Remodel Specialist
                             off any TOO!
                  15% WINE TASTINGpurchase.
  Bring this ad in for
                         480-595-PUFF (7833)
                  4705 E Carefree Hwy Suite 116
     Sun - Wed 11-7PM New Extended Hours: Thur - Sat 11-9PM

                                                                                                      Call for your pool consultation
                                                                                                                               Licensed • Bonded • Insured

                                                                                                      37234 N Cave Creek Rd • Cave Creek, AZ 85331
page 14                                                       The Foothills Focus                                                                   May 27, 2009

                                                                                   around the bluhmin’ town
                                                                    Money can teach us many lessons
                                                                                               fellow was long gone. When           sitting on the countertop and
                                                                                               surveyed (conducted in New           I grabbed them and put them
                                                                                               Zealand), 20 percent of the          in my pocket. I don’t know
                                                                                               folks said that he did ‘the          why, but I felt very clever,
                                                                                               right thing.” Yikes, when does       even elated at first. Of course,
                                                                                               stealing become “right?” All         when I walked out of the store,
                                                                                               right, so many “supporters”          my father asked me what was
                                                                                               claim that the bank was stupid       jingling in my pants pocket.
                                                                                               and he didn’t steal anything,        When I told him I took four
                                                                                               since they “gave” him the            quarters, because “they were just
                                                                                               money. Sounds like people            lying there and no one wanted
                                                                  By Judy Bluhm                everywhere are pretty mad at         them,” I thought he might die
                                                                                               the banks.                           on the spot. My career as a thief
                                                            What would you do with ten            I have been to New Zealand        ended very abruptly. Back into
                                                         million bucks? Imagine the            and the only thing wrong             the store I went, confessing like
                                                         homes, the cars, the clothes,         with the place is that the           a hardened criminal what I had
                                                         the piles of cash that could          entire population loves to eat       done to the store- owner. It was
                                                         lie around while you happily          vegemite. Black, tarry, foul-        a miserable moment.
                                                         went on exotic vacations and          smelling, putrid tasting “hell          I was lectured, given extra
                                                         shopping sprees. Oh, and              in a jar,” they spread it on toast   chores and told to pray for
                                                         how fun it would be to give           like it’s peanut butter. I have      forgiveness. I had taken
                                                         generously to your favorite           always secretly concluded that       something that belonged to
                                                         charity. Retirement for you and       something is terribly wrong          someone else and I was scared
                                                         college for the kids could be         with the residents of this           that I might go to jail for my
                                                         secure. It would feel pretty good     beautiful land who can eat such      crime. After that experience, I
                                                         to stumble onto ten million big       a horrid substance. This could       was reformed. I always thought
                                                         ones.                                 explain why the poor bloke           bad things would happen to
                                                            Did I mention that a man in        took the millions and ran – the      me if I did something wrong.
                                                         New Zealand asked his bank            nasty vegemite had gone to his       Which makes me wonder about
                                                         for ten thousand dollars in           brain!                               the instant millionaire in New
                                                         overdraft protection to help him         Where in the world could you      Zealand (or wherever he is).
                                                         with his struggling business?         hide? I don’t think banks take       Did he think he won the lottery?
                                                         He was thinking about closing         losing money lightly (unless of      Did he feel that no one would
                                                         his gas station, letting go of his    course it’s to CEOs). Changing       ever notice? Someone said that
                                                         house and “voila,” a miracle          hair color and using a fake name     he had no strong family ties and
                                                         (and big mistake) occurred. His       in a far away place seems like       was probably “thrilled” to just
                                                         bank gave him ten million (in         it wouldn’t work for very long       get away. Oh great, are we to
                                                         New Zealand dollars) instead          when ten million is at stake.        feel sorry for him?
                                                         of ten thousand bucks. Oops,          Oh yea, I’d be so nervous, so           Life is filled with little (and
                                                         just a slight clerical error.         completely paranoid and guilty,      big) moments that we can learn
              BINGO                                      Oh, but it gets better. The guy
                                                         takes the money, transfers it
                                                                                               that I am sure I would become
                                                                                               physically (and mentally) ill.
                                                                                                                                    from. Money can teach us many
                                                                                                                                    lessons. Shopping has become
           NEW LOCATION                                  to an overseas account, grabs
                                                         his girlfriend and leaves the
                                                                                               Who wants to have to hide out
                                                                                               like a thief forever?
                                                                                                                                    America’s favorite pastime.
                                                                                                                                    The quest for having “bigger
                                                         country.                                 I once stole a dollar from a      and better” is now engrained in
                                                            When the bank finally              mom-and-pop grocery store            our culture. I certainly am not
                       wHErE: 3701 W. Anthem Way,        discovered        their     “little   when I was eight years old.          above the wanting of millions,
                     Anthem AZ (HOA Building corner      problem,” the suddenly rich           There were four shiny quarters       but I suppose I’ll be forced to
                          of Anthem Way & Venture)                                                                                  get it the old-fashioned way.
                                                                                                                                       But, oh, if I started eating
                           wHEn: 6:30pm Early Bird                                                                                  that disgusting vegemite, who
                              7:00pm Regular BINGO                                                                                  knows what might happen?
                            1st & 3rd Friday nights of                                                                              Quarters left carelessly on a
                                          each month                                                                                counter . . . . those are mine.
                                                                                                                                    A bank mistake? Not my fault.
                               SPonSor: Daisy Mtn                                                                                   See you in Aruba. I’ll be the one
                           VFW #12031 & Daisy Mtn                                                                                   with a dark wig, big glasses and
                               American Legion #128                                                                                 loads of cash. In the meantime,
                                                                                                                                    let’s all count our zeros on bank
                                                                                                                                    statements. No, I meant to say,
 Come Join Us For A Night Of Fun And Entertainment                                                                                  let’s all count our blessings.
 Proceeds Benefit Veterans, Veterans Families, Active                                                                                Dear Readers, if someone from
                                                                                                                                    “Down Under” tempts you with
 Duty Personnel, and The Community.
                                                                                                                                    a little jar of vegemite, run for
 Contact Bob Hackett 623-551-9805                                                                                                   your life.
  May 27, 2009                                                                         The Foothills Focus                                                                                 page 15

                                                                                community events
continued from page 13                Live, Jr. at 1 p.m. June 5-7 at               Registration is $249 per
                                      Boulder Creek High School’s                 student with a 20 percent sibling
$20. They can be purchased            Mini Auditorium.                            discount. Camps run Monday
at Affinito’s Bistro 623-465-           The show’s Jr. MTA                        through Friday.
0900 or by contacting Linda           performers range in age from                  At the conclusion of the
Kacmarsky at kramsky2@                7-14 and will include rock tunes            camp there will be rehearsals or 623-551-5185.            such as “Conjunction Junction,”             to perform in Beauty and the
   Team W.I.S.H Arizona will          “Just a Bill,” “A Noun is a                 Beast Jr., open to ages 6-18.
be participating in the sixth AZ      Person, Place or Thing,” and                Rehearsals will run from 8 a.m.
3-Day Breast Cancer Walk Nov.         “Interplanet Jane.”                         – noon from June 29 – July 17
13-15, 2009 in thePhoenix area.         Ticket prices are $18 for                   Final performances will be
   For the past five years, Team      adults, $15 for students and                July 17 - 19 at Boulder Creek.
W.I.S.H. Arizona has raised           senior and $12 for children 12              Registration for this 3-week
more than $750,000 for the            and under. Call (800) 595-4TIX              production is $299 with a 20
3-Day Breast Cancer Walk              (4849) for tickets or visit www.            percent sibling discount.
benefiting Susan G. Komen    to                 Online registration for both
for the Cure and The National         purchase tickets online.                    is available at
Philanthropic Trust.                                                              communityed.                                                                                            Submitted photo

   Those interested in being part     Summer camp offers                            For information call 623-          Danny Daniels will perform in early July at the Vineyard Church of
                                      acting tips for youth                       445-5018, or visit www.              Anthem.
of the Breast Cancer 3-Day and
being part of Team W.I.S.H.             Starlight Community Youth                 StarlightCommunityTheater.             Led by Vineyard Church at          at 623-551-1133 or dave@
Arizona,       should      contact    Theater will conduct a pair of              org. Participants may register       Anthem Associate Pastor Dave
Linda Kacmarsky. In order to          summer musical theatre camps                for all five weeks for $400 with     McPherson, the church’s “house
participate, each walker trains for   for youth ages 6-14 from June               sibling discounts available.         band” will perform original          Daniels appearing July 5
the event and must raise $2,300.      15-26 at Boulder Creek High                                                      and cover songs in a style he          Gospel meets the blues on
Anyone interested in donating to      School.                                     Vineyard presents June 7             describes as a cross between John    July 5 as Danny Daniels, one
Team W.I.S.H. Arizona and this          Older kids in the camp will               concert                              Mayer, Lifehouse, Matchbox 20        of the nation’s most prolific
cause may send a check payable        sing songs from Hairspray while               Encounter,     a      Vineyard     and U2.                              worship songwriters, will be
to Breast Cancer 3-Day to: Team       the younger performers will sing            Church concert, is scheduled           “Come enjoy a free concert         teaching and performing in
W.I.S.H., 3434 W. Anthem Way,         Disney tunes.                               for 7 p.m. June 7 in the Anthem      from a great band. It’s a great      concert at Vineyard Church at
Ste. 118, PMB #232, Anthem,             The camp runs from 8 a.m. to              Community Park Amphitheater.         place to bring the family,”          Anthem, 42105 N. 41st Drive.
AZ 85086. Please note Team            noon with a final showcase at               The open-air concert is free of      said McPherson. For more                     community events
                                      the conclusion of the camp.                 charge.                              information, contact McPherson                         continued on page 16
W.I.S.H. on the check memo.
   To learn more about the 2009
                                                                                                                                                                 Large Selection of Exotic
3-Day event, to participate, or to     Old West Cactus Farm                             One of Arizona’s                                                               and Native Cactus
volunteer, visit www.The3-Day.         43608 N. Black Canyon Hwy.                                                                                                 Desert Trees and Plants
org or call 800-996-3DAY.              Phoenix, Arizona 85087                         Largest Cacti Growers
                                       fax 623-465-4497
Musical Theatre presents
The Fantasticks                                                                                   Spring
  Musical Theatre of Anthem                                     Open 7 days
(MTA) will present “The                                      8:30 am - 4:30 pm                1/2 Price Sale!
Fantasticks” at 7 p.m. May 28-
30 and 1 p.m. on May 31 at                                                                                                                                Hundred of
Boulder Creek High School’s                       Box
                                              24” wood
                                                                                                                                                       Varieties All Sizes
Mini Auditorium.
                                             Iron ree 5                                                   Lar
  “The Fantasticks” is the
                                                T 9                         FREE Cactus Removal                                  24” Box s
                                                 $99                                                          aro             Mesquite Tree
longest-running musical in the
                                                                              Certian Varieties
world.                                                                                                     5                                                      All
  Jackie Hammond, MTA’s
Producing Artistic Director, is                                                                        $25 00                          95                             on
                                                                                                                                                                5 gall bs
directing the “The Fantasticks”                 24” B                                                                                                            Shru 0
                                            Golden ox
and is joined by award-
winning choreographer Sherry                        Barrel                           Huge o
                                                                                    Saguar                                                                           $ 75
Henderson, who has Broadway
                                               $75   00                              Now Availab
                                                                                                 le                            5 Gallon
                                                                                                                        Golden Ba
credits to her name.
  Tickets prices are $18 for
                                                                                       up to 18’
                                                                                                                                                                    We’ll Buy 5 & 15
adults, $15 for students while
seniors, and children 12 and
                                         $      FREE                            $                                             $17                                  gallon containers
under are $12. Call (800) 595-                                                                        Ocoti
                                                                                                  Freshly d llo
                                                                                                                                                      $                                        $
                                                        1 Gal.
4TIX (4849) for tickets or visit
www.musicaltheatreofanthem.                Golden Barrel                                                   ug 6’-10’                                           FREE
org to purchase tickets online.               with any purchase
                                                                                                  $20 00                                                     1/4” Saguaro
                                                                                                                                                           2no purchase necessary
                                       $      $
                                                  Must be 18 years or older.
                                                1 per customer. With this ad.
Schoolhouse Rock comes

                                                                                                                                                      $                                        $
to Boulder Creek

                                       Old West Cactus Farm
                                                                                                                                                                 Must be 18 years or older.
  Musical Theatre of Anthem                                                                                                                                    1 per customer. With this ad.
presents Schoolhouse Rock
page 16                                                                                             The Foothills Focus                                                                   May 27, 2009

                                                                                                                               community events
       H     ot Bagels & Deli
                         Grand Opening
                                                                                               continued from page 15
                                                                                                                                   RELIGIOUS                             SAFETY
                                                                                                 Daniels, with more than 100       Crocodile Bible School                Residents watch over
          Buy One Dozen Bagels Buy One Dozen Bagels & 1/2 lb of                                published songs to his credit,      offered in Anthem                     neighborhood
                                Cream Cheese & Get 2nd 1/2 lb                                                                        Vineyard Church at Anthem             Anthem Traditions neighbors,
            & Get 1/2 Dozen                                                                    will be teaching at the 9 a.m.
                 FREE                                                    FREE                  and 10:45 a.m. Sunday services.
                                                                                               At 6 p.m. he will lead a worship
                                                                                                                                   presents     Crocodile
                                                                                                                                   Vacation Bible School from
                                                                                                                                                                Dock     sponsored by the Traditions
                                                                                                                                                                         Neighborhood Watch, will meet
                                 Equal or lesser value.
                                   With Coupon only.
                                                          Equal or lesser value.
                                                          With Coupon only.                    concert. The concert is free of     9 a.m.-noon June 1-5 at their         for free coffee, juice, donuts and
                          623.516.2888                                                         charge, but donations to Daniels    42105 N. 41 Drive location.
                                                                                                                                     The camp is open to ages 4-11
                                                                                                                                                                         muffins from 9-11 a.m. May 30
                                                                                                                                                                         at Pocket Park at Integrity and
          34640 N North Valley Pkwy Ste 117 • Phoenix, AZ 85086                                will be accepted.
                                                                        Since the 1970s, Daniels          at a cost of $20 per child for        Exploration Trail.
                                                                                               has had more than 100 songs         the week for those that sign up
                                                                                               published and recorded. Some        before May 24. After May 24 the       Cave Creek garners
                                                                                                                                   cost is $25.                          award
                                                                                               of his best known tunes include
                                                                                               “Mighty Savior”, “You Are             Participants will have the            The Town of Cave Creek,
                                                                                               the Vine”, “Wounded Soldier”,       opportunity to enjoy music,           MGC Contractors and RBF
                                                                                               “Glory”, “The Call”, “No One        crafts, snacks, hyper-speed           Consulting      were       recently
                                                                                               Like You”, “Sons of Thunder”        games, and Bible adventures,          selected by the American Public
                                                                                               and “Hearts On Fire.”               centered around a Bayou               Works Association, Arizona
                                                                                                 His music and ministry was        theme where campers will be           Chapter, for their contributions
                                                                                               birthed in the Jesus Movement,      encouraged to spot evidence of        to a successful upgrade of the
                                                                                               and he was a founding member of     God in their daily lives.             Cave Creek water system.
                                                                                               Bethlehem, an early Maranatha!        Space is limited to 60 children.      The project received the 2009
                                                                                               Music Group. Daniels has served     Registration forms are available      Public Works Project of the Year
                                                                                               as a staff pastor and worship       at             Award for projects between $5-
                                                                                               leader at Vineyard churches in      or the church office, 4303 W.         $25 million in the Environment
                                                                                               California and Colorado, and        Diburgo Drive.         Completed      category. RBF was recognized
                                                                                               now travels the globe leading       forms and payment must be             for their planning and design
                                                                                               conferences and consulting on       received in order to reserve          of the Town of Cave Creek’s
                                                                                               worship. Daniels and his family     a spot. For information, call         Emergency Water System
                                                                                               currently attend the Smoky Hill     623.551.1133 or e-mail tonya@         improvements. This project
                                                                                               Vineyard in Aurora, Colorado.                   established reliable water service
                                                                                                 Vineyard Church at Anthem                                               for the residents and businesses
                                                                                               is located just two blocks          DANCE                                 of the town for the first time in a
                                                                                               south of the Hampton Inn. For       Dance group offers                    number of years.
                                                                                                                                   summer classes
                                                                                               more information, call 623-
                                                                                                                                      AZDance Group is offering          PETS
                                                                                               551-1133 or e-mail tonya@
                                                                                                                                   a series of classes by artistic       Park provides special
                                                                                                                                   director       Kenda      Newbury     offer
                                                                                                                                   throughout the summer.                   Anthem Pets, Inc./Jackass
                                                                                                                                      A course for children 6-11 is      Acres K-9 Korral Dog Park is
                                                                                               Summer camp offers
                                                                                               instruction                         open to those with a minimum of       having a special offer for new
                                                                                                 The Community Education           two years of training. The class      members who join before June
                                                                                               Department is offering Music        will include instruction in ballet,   1.
                                                                                               Rocks! Summer Day Camps             lyrical, dance team, jazz and            The membership year runs
                                                                                               for grades 4-9 this summer at       musical theatre. The two-week         August to August so the
                                                                                               Sandra Day O’Connor High            course will meet from 9:30-           membership committee is
                                                                                               School located at 25250 N. 35th     11:30 a.m. Monday, Wednesday          offering two months free for
                                   Live Music/DJ Friday & Sat Nights 8PM - Close                                                   and Friday beginning June 1 and       joining before the new year.
                                      Darts Thursday 7pm • Poker Tuesday 6:30- 9PM             Ave. in Phoenix.
                                                                                                 Two camps will be offered         ending June 12. Cost is $180.         Jackass Acres K-9 is located
                                               Karaoke Thursday 8 - 12PM
                                             Open Mic Wednesday 8 - 12PM                       during the camp, which runs            A course for teens 12-17,          between Anthem and New River
                                                Poker Sunday 3:30 & 6PM                        from 8-11 a.m. June 8-19.           with a minimum of two years           on the Frontage Road. It’s the first
                                                    Pool Sunday 2:00                           An experienced camp will be         of training will offer instruction    all green dog park in the U.S.,
     46639 N. Black Canyon Hwy               Bike Night Wednesday 7-10PM
                                                                                               offered for those that have at      in ballet, jazz, lyrical, Pilates/    and has become a solar model
        New River, AZ 85087                   Bike Night Sat Night 6-10PM                                                          yoga, modern, musical theater,        for parks across the country. The
                                       Industry Night Sunday 9pm - Close 20% OFF               least one year of instruction and
         Happy Hour                                                                            experience using their chosen       voice and photography. The class      membership fee is $35 per dog
     Mon - Fri 2 - 6PM                                         Now Serving Breakfast                                               runs from 12:30-4 p.m. Monday,        and you must have up to date
                                                                                               instrument. Instruments will not
    Reverse Happy Hour                                    Sat 6am - 12pm Sun 8am - 12pm                                            Wedneday, and Friday beginning        shots and rabies shots. All new
                                                                                               be provided.
  Sun - Thurs 10PM - Close                                               Friday                  The second camp will be for       June 1 and ending June 17. Cost       members that join prior to June
                                                                  All you Can Eat Fish         beginners in which students will    is $225.                              1 will have a membership to the
                  .50 C Wings                                     (Icelandic Cod) $9.95        receive the opportunity to learn       Classes are also available         park thru July 30, 2010.
                 Sun - Thurs 5-8PM                                     Wednesday               about all instruments before        for adults, individuals with             Visit       www.anthempets.
              Eat in only - minimum of 12
                 With drink purchase                        All You Can Eat Spaghetti $6.95    making an instrumental choice       disabilities, and for those seeking   com to download the 2009-
                                                                                                                                   private coaching.                     10 application and check out
                                                                    Thurs/Saturday             during camp (rental fees may
                                                                                                                                      A non-refundable registration      activities and videos.
                                                            All You Can Eat Spareribs $14.95   apply).
                                                                                                                                   deposit of $35 is required for
 Lunch • Dinner                                                 623-465-1020                     Cost for the camp is $200. For
                                                                                               information visit www.dvusd.        all courses by Saturday. For
                              FREE ENTRÉE                                                                                          information on any of the classes      For a complete listing of
           Buy One Entrée & 2 Beverages at Regular Price,                                      org/communityed.
             Get Second of Equal Or Lesser Value FREE                                                                              or to register go to      community events go to
                          Dine In Only-Not Available on Fridays                                                                    org or call 480-215-1916.
 May 27, 2009                                                           The Foothills Focus                                                                         page 17

                                                                    opinions & letters
            Hope for grads deep in debt
       By Terry Savage            that level, your required         to consolidation.
                                  monthly payments would be to learn about student
   College     students     are   calculated on a sliding scale.    loan consolidation through
graduating into an ocean          For example, the traditional      the federal government.
of debt, with limited job         10-year standard repayment          Then learn about the
prospects. How will they ever     might call for a $350-a-month     Income-Based Repayment
repay those student loans,        payment on a $30,000 debt.        plan for all of your federal
which average $22,000 -- but      But under the Income-Based        student loans. Even if you
could be much more than           Repayment program, the            have older, consolidated
$100,000? The idea that a         same person with a $30,000        loans but cannot afford
college degree will pay for       income would pay only $170        the payments because you
itself is wearing thin, as new    a month.                          have lost your job, you may
grads face the most dismal          If your payments are            qualify based on your current
hiring market in decades.
   Starting July 1, there will
                                  zero, or so low that they do
                                  not cover even the interest
                                                                    income. For older loans, the
                                                                    new lower payments will            Reader offers rebuttal to letter
be new help for recent grads                                                                              It is a pity that you would        posted speed limit quite so
                                  on your loan, the unpaid          be based on the amount of
-- or those who have been out                                                                          leave our fair state over a trivial   much? I guess 75 mph is not fast
                                  interest will accrue on the       your loan when you entered
of school for a while and are                                                                          item such as two speeding             enough for you. I’m sure you
                                  loan balance. But unlike          repayment.
struggling to repay student                                                                            tickets.                              were warned, by posted sign, at
                                  traditional deferral programs       Even if you’ve defaulted
loans. The new federal                                                                                    I am sure the DPS is taking        least once prior to encountering
                                  in case of hardship, the          on your student loans, you
Income-Based Repayment                                                                                 your threat seriously and             these photo radar units.
                                  interest does not compound.       might be able to get into
program will allow those                                                                               removing those radar units              I guess some of us learn by
                                  In other words, interest will     this plan -- after your loan
with low incomes to pay as                                                                             from your area so that you can        our mistakes, obviously you
                                  not be charged on interest.       is rehabilitated! And since
little as zero on their student                                                                        buzz down the highway as fast         don’t fall into that group.
                                    After 25 years of payments,     student loans are not erased
loans, as long as they qualify                                      by bankruptcy, this might be       as your little heart desires. May
                                  any remaining balance will
based on income and amount                                          your best chance to deal with      I offer an alternative?                 Don Paul
                                  be forgiven. And there’s a
of debt.                                                            the payment issue.                    Why not try not pushing the          Desert Hills
                                  special deal for those who go
   The rules are a bit            into qualifying public service      Yes, the government knows
complicated, but basically,       professions. Their        loan    this is complicated, and it is            Greater transparency in
if you owe more on student
loans than you earn in a year,
                                  balances will be forgiven
                                  after 10 years.
                                                                    still a work in progress. The
                                                                    idea is to remove the burden
                                                                                                               government needed
                                                                                                          By Byron Schlomach, Ph.D.          education institutions, in effect,
you will probably qualify.          After checking out the          of student loan repayments
                                                                                                                                             the arrangement had taxpayers
   Basically, any income          details of this program and       for those who have little            Arizona’s Auditor General           subsidizing efforts to send more
greater than 150 percent of       using the online calculator at    income and/or big student          recently released a report            taxpayer money to community
the federal poverty level is      the website to estimate your      loan debt. And the program         detailing how the Maricopa            colleges. The Auditor’s office
considered      “discretionary    payment, you’ll want to start     is also designed to encourage      County Community College              points out that by paying the
income” for purposes of           the process. Applications         graduates to go into public        District (MCCCD) fraudulently         employees and waiting for
this program. And no more         will be available July 1          service.                           put employees of three non-           reimbursement, the MCCCD
than 15 percent of your           (and while you can check            Student loans stay with you      profits on the district’s payroll:    essentially gave short-term,
discretionary income will         your eligibility, the Internal    for a lifetime, since they can’t   the Arizona Community College         interest-free loans to the non-
go to student loan payments       Revenue Service will verify       be wiped out by bankruptcy.        Association; theArizona Business      profits, too.
(that poverty level differs       if you qualify based on last      Eventually your education          and Education Coalition; and the         Sometimes, corrupt practices
depending on your family          year’s income).                   will help you land a better        East Valley Partnership.              become so common that they
size). For example, the 150         You’ll probably want to         job to make repayment easier.        Here’s how the scam worked:         are no longer considered corrupt.
percent figure for a single       consolidate all of your fixed-    But if you are struggling with     The non-profit boards would           The reply to the report by the
person would be $16,245 in        rate federal student loans,       student loan repayments,           make a high-level hire. That          MCCCD chancellor makes
the continental United States,    which mostly carry a 6.8          either because you’re just         board would then inform               clear that he doesn’t see the big
higher in Alaska and Hawaii.      percent rate for the life of      graduating and don’t have a        MCCCD of the hire date and            deal, claiming “the conclusions
   If you make less than          the loan. The only exception      job, or because you’ve lost        pay rate and the new non-profit       in the Report are the result of
150 percent of the poverty        would be for the older -- pre-    your job, this new program         employee would be added to            ‘incomplete and erroneous’
level (and therefore have no      2006 -- variable rate loans.      is designed to lift some of        the payroll. All direct costs to      information.”
discretionary income to put       Those may qualify for a           your burden. And that’s The        MCCCD would be invoiced                  Once again, the need for greater
toward loan payments), your       very low rate starting in July,   Savage Truth.                      to the non-profits, which then        transparency in government
IBR payment on your student       under the consolidation rate                                         eventually reimbursed MCCCD.          spending is evidenced. If
loans would be zero. Above        set by Treasury auctions. Go                                         These “employees” never               taxpayers had easy access to
  The Foothills Focus encourages submissions from the public for the editorial page.                   reported to MCCCD supervisors,        MCCCD’s payroll data--even if
  Respond to the columnists, fellow letter writers, or let us know about something all together        who supposedly had authority          it were only a list of employees-
  different making an impact in your community.                                                        over them.                            -this misuse of public resources
                                                                                                         This sweetheart deal allowed        could have been discovered and
  Submissions should be kept to less than 400 words. Send letters to          employees of these groups to          stopped sooner.
  If e-mail is unavailable fax submissions to 623-465-1363 or send them by mail to 46641               receive state-funded employee
  N Black Canyon Hwy, New River, Az 85087. Include your name, your city and a phone                    benefits. And because all of            Byron Schlomach, Ph.D, is
  number where you can be reached.                                                                     these groups aggressively pursue      director of economic policy at
                                                                                                       taxpayer money for higher             the Goldwater Institute.
page 18                                                                                                  The Foothills Focus                                                                   May 27, 2009

                                  Brewer, families help honor fallen DPS officers
        By Michelle Price                       her husband’s name. The                       yesterday that it happened,”              displaying their names. The             heroes that they are,” she said.
      Cronkite News Service                     Department of Public Safety                   said McCaleb, whose husband,              roll call was accompanied by              Jan Blaser-Upchurch of
                                                officer accompanying her gave                 DPS Officer William H.                    the sound of bagpipes playing           Tucson was there to remember
  Gwenn Murie McCaleb                                                                                                                   “Amazing Grace,” followed               her husband, Sgt. John M.
                                                a salute, and, as they walked                 Murie, 31, was killed Nov. 19,
placed a single red rose on a                                                                                                           by a helicopter flyover.                Blaser, 36, who was killed
                                                away, she cried a little.                     1980, when was struck by a
memorial wall, then kissed                                                                                                                 This year’s ceremony was             along with Officer David
                                                  “Every time there’s a                       passing vehicle while assisting
her fingers and pressed them                                                                                                            the first time Officer Bruce            G. Gabrielli, 43, on Aug.
                                                service like this, it’s like just             at a crash on Interstate 17 near
against a plaque bearing                                                                                                                W. Harrolle, an air rescue              31, 1990, when they were
                                                                                              New River.
                                                                                                “The tears flow just like they          paramedic, was honored.                 hit by a drunk driver while
                                                                                              always did,” McCaleb said.                Harrolle, 36, was killed Oct.           investigating a fatal crash.
                                                                                                Family members, friends                 13, 2008 when he was struck             Blaser had celebrated his third
                                                                                              and fellow officers met outside           by a helicopter’s rotor blades          wedding anniversary a month
                                                                                              DPS headquarters Monday                   during the rescue of two                before.
                                                                                              morning for the annual Fallen             stranded hikers in the Sedona             “My life changed forever,”
                                                                                              Officer Memorial Ceremony.                area.                                   Blaser-Upchurch said. “It’s
                                                                                                The      observance       gives            “I had prayed to be the first        something I never expected
                                                                                              surviving family members a                DPS director to get through a           to happen. I was just
                                                                                              chance to continue honoring               term without adding a name              devastated.”
                                                                                              the sacrifice of their loved              to this wall,” DPS Director               She said she attends the
                                                                                              ones, McCaleb said.                       Roger Vanderpool said. “But             memorial ceremony every
                                                                                                “When they say we will                  it was not to be.”                      year because it’s important
                                                                                              never forget, it’s like an acting            Gov. Jan Brewer said                 to continue to honor her late
                                                                                              out of that promise,” she said.           Harrolle and the 26 others              husband.
                                                                                              “We widows, we families,                  dedicated themselves to                   “It’s a wonderful way
                                                                                              never feel that our loved ones            protect the public.                     to remember officers, no
                                                                                              died in vain.”                               “Every day that they went to         matter how many years it is,
                                                                                                To remember their loved                 work; every day that they put           because we always remember
                                                                                              ones, family members and DPS              on their uniforms and strapped          them,”        Blaser-Upchurch
                                                                                              officers placed 27 roses, one for         on their equipment; every act           said. “They’re always in our
                                                                                              each of the fallen, on top of two         of courage they performed in            hearts.”
                                                                                              walls with memorial plaques               the line of duty, made them the

                                                                                       service directory
                 art                          air conditioning                      air conditioning                  air conditioning                     auto repair                    barber shops
 Custom Artwork                                                                             NNY’S
     & Gifts
                                                            Having it done
                                                          right the first time      MA                             Heating • Air Conditioning
                                                              PRICELESS!            Heating & Cooling                 Appliance Service
                                                                                    •Installation                  Maintenance • Installation
                                                        Your Local                  •Repair
                                                                                                                   •Same Day Service
                                                       •Air Conditioning          We Service All Major Brands
                                                                                   Residential • Commercial        •Emergency Repairs
                                                       •Heating &
                                                                                   Call 24 hours a day
                                                                                            ROC 189283
   602-518-0443                                                                  623-374-3482                                               •Plumbing                                                     Roc#242875 Bonded • Insured

                                                                                                                                                         623.581.2131                        cabinets

          adult care                                                                                                                                     480.710.7356

Grace Hill Adult Care
 Where Caring is our priority
                                             623-444-0611                                                             • Air Conditioning                   automotive                 •Contemporary Appearance
                                               Licensed•Bonded•Insured                                                • Heating
        2405 W Florentine Rd             Residential & Commercial                                                                                                                     •Professional Service
         Phoenix, AZ 85086
                                            Residential & Commercial                                                  • Residential                                                   •Superior Quality
                                                                                 Sales •Service • Installation
 623-734-5905                               Residential & Commercial             “We won’t sell you something
                                                                                                                      • Commercial                                                    •25 Yrs Experience
                                            Residential & Commercial                                               Sales -Service-Installation                                        •Complete Kitchen & Bath
 •24 Hrs supervised •Delicious home         Residential & Commercial                  you don’t need.”
                                                                                                                     Free new unit quotes                                              Remodeling
                                                                                      A/C Service
    cooked meals •Daily Laundry &           Residential & Commercial
                                            Residential & Commercial
                                                                                                                   Family owned and operated                                          •Lowest Price Guaranteed

                                                                                        $49  .95
      •Salon & Barber Services
                                                                                                                    11 YEARS OF HONEST AND
                                                                                                                                                      or replacements starting $159   •Family Owned & Operated
•Pharmacy & Transportation •Private or
                                                                                                                        RELIABLE SERVICE
                                                                                                                                                            Free Mobile Service       •Evening & Weekend
    Semi-Private rooms, furnished.                                               includes 2# refrigerant free                                             All Insurance Accepted       Appointments Available
 •Located near I-17 & Carefree Hwy. &
 John C. Lincoln urgent care hospital.
                                                                                  Licensed, Bonded, Insured for
                                                                                         your protection
                                                                                                                  MAKE THE WISE CHOICE!                                               •License #194714
                                                                                          Roc #106736             ROC#142594 -Bonded-Insured
May 27, 2009                                                                The Foothills Focus                                                                                  page 19

    carpet cleaning                    concrete               concrete                        construction                         electrical

                                                                                                                                                               •Horse Corrals
                                                                                                                                                               •Field Fences
                                                                                                                             Professional Service              •Gates
                                                       Over 20 years                                                         & Reasonable Rates
                                                                                                                              Got Trouble? No Problem!
                                                                                                                                                               •Chain Link
                                                                                                                                                               •Wrought Iron
                                                        experience                                                                  Fix All, Do All
                                                                                                                           Smart Lighting • Power for your
                                                                                                                                                               •Split Rail
    Summer Special 10% OFF       •Sidewalks                                                                                       Home or Business
                                                                                                                                                               •Automated Gate Operators
                                 •Patios               Barn Slabs • Driveways                                                Remodel & New Construction        •Construction Rental Fences
                                 •Driveways              Stamped Concrete                                                   Landscape Lighting Specialist!     •Do It Yourself Material
                                                                                                                                 Licensed - Bonded - Insured
                                 •Block Wall Repairs     Concrete Decking                                                       ROC#1169354, 55 Res & Comm
                                 •Colored Concrete       Patios • Sidewalks                                                  For all the Light reasons                  ROC#217412

          clocks                                                                                                           Call Jeffry
                                                       Call for FREE Estimate
                                                                                                                           480-437-1411                                  flooring
                                                       (623) 465-1047
                                                         Stacey Miner                                                      Creative Electric                    Scott Halloran
                                                        Family Owned &
                                                                                                                                New Construction
                                                                                                                                  Remodeling                     Floors
                                                        Licensed, Bonded                                                        Service Upgrades               The   GREEN is what you $ave
                                                                                                                                  Extra Circuits
                                                           & Insured                                                       Ceiling Fans & All Lighting              Quality
                                                           Lic#158614 K-09                                                      Troubleshooting                 Installations &
                                                                                                                           Best Service & Best Prices               Repairs
       computers                                       Concrete Upgrades                                                         Free Estimates                 •Carpet •Tile •Wood
                                                                                                                           602-320-6987                          •Custom Showers
COMPUTER SERVICES                                         Free Estimates                                                     Roc#199564 Res & Comm                 •Countertops
   PC and Laptop Repair                                   Residential or                                                                                            •Backsplash
   Wireless Installations                                  Commercial                                                                                           Mention ad for
   Network Installations
    Antivirus Removals                                    Over 25 years                                                                                           10% OFF
   Software Installations                                  Experience                                                                                                Shop at Home
Friendly & Reliable Service                                                                                                                                          Free Estimates
       $30 per hour
    12 Yrs. Experience
                                                       480-612-1347                                                                                            602-478-1701
                                                         Licensed • Bonded • Insured                                                                            Servicing Arizona since 1981
      Free Estimates                                                                                                                                                  Bonded / Insured


                                                                                       Daycare by Linda
                                                                                       Safe & Nurturing Environment
                                                                                       •Breakfast, lunch & snacks
                                                                                       •Kindergarten Readiness
         13                                                                            •Music & Dance
                                                            construction               •Large indoor & outdoor play area
                                                                                            Now accepting Children
                                                                                                  Ages 1-5
                                                                                        Before & After
                                                                                         School Care
                                                                                        Now Available

                                                                                        Call Linda                                   drywall                             gates
   We Come To You
 • Training • Installations •
    • Upgrades • Sales •
  • Consultation • Service •
                                                                                                                           Ron Garrett
 • Wired & Wireless Networks •                                                                                                  Drywall
   • Internet & Email Setup •
      • Peripheral Setup •
                                                                                                                           35 Years Experience
                                                                                                                                 Specializing in
        MAC & PC                                                                                                              Remodels & Repairs
     Sheila Sievert                                                                                                           Sheet Rock Hanging
    623 465-7473                                                                                                               Taping & Texturing
    480 488-0773                                                                                                                No Job Too Small
  Desert Foothills Resident                                                                                                 Commercial & Residential
In Business Locally For Over
          11 Years                                                                                                          480-209-0493
 Please Call For References                                                                                                        ROC# 205648
                                                                                                                                Licensed • Insured
page 20                                                                                    The Foothills Focus                                                                    May 27, 2009

             glass                                                                                                                            horse bedding

                                        HAnDYMAn                                                                                               No Waste
                                          A Solid Rock                                                                                       Grindings LLC
                                        Remodeling LLC                                                                                         ~Horse Bedding         We do Impeccable work,
                                       Licensed, ROC# 216432 & Bonded                                                                          ~Arena Footings        and the toughest jobs.
                                                                                                                                             ~Landscape Grindings
                                          $35 Hour                                                                                                                    •Move Ins & Move Outs
                                                                                                                                                                         •Carpet Cleaning
                                        Experienced, Efficient, Quality                                                                      No Load too Big
                                                                                                                                                   or                   •Window Cleaning
   (623) 374-9669                             Work Guaranteed                  All Job’s Small to Big                                                                             Too Small
                                                 Inside & Out
                                            Excellent References                                                                             We Are Not A Broker
                                            By Far The Best Prices
                                               Call Mike Allen                                                                                 Family Owned &

                                       602-350-5122                                                                                            Locally Operated
                                                                                                                                              We Also Offer                   SANDRA’S
                                             Local Resident                                                                                                             A Quality, Detailed
                                                                                                                                              Manure Removal
                                                                                                                                                                         Cleaning Service
                                                                                                                                             623-824-9972            Base boards, blinds, shutters, ceiling fans,
                                                                                                                                                                    cabinets, light fixtures cleaned, vacuuming
                                                                                                                                                                       of furniture etc.. Everything included
                                                                                                                                                                                 in one basic price.
                                                                          Jody’s Trucking                                                                                Move In & Move Out, One Time
                                                                                                                                                                    Cleaning, Weekly, Bi-Weekly & Monthly.
           J&S                                                            “Delivering Rock Solid
                                                                             Quality Service”
                                                                                                                                                                      Servicing Anthem to Cave Creek, New
                                                                                                                                                                          River, N. Scottsdale & beyond
 TRACTOR SERVICE                                                            • Granite • ABC • Sand                                                                         Bonded & Insured
                                                                             •River Rock • Fill Dirt                                                                   Call Sandra 480-807-0022
  WE SPREAD ROCK ,                                                                                                                                                         Cell 480-707-8610
                                                                                  • Boulders
  CUSTOM GRADING                                                           • Arena Sand • Rip Rap
     & BACKFILL                                                           602-481-6481
  623-824-9532                                                                                                                                                      Landscape, LLC.
                                           HOME                                                                                                                           Full Service
                                       IMPROVEMENTS                                                                                                                       Maintenance
                                        AND REPAIRS                       Private Independent Contractor
                                             40 yrs building
                                           industry experience
                                                                                                                                                                          Yard Clean-ups
                                         Carpentry, Drywall,                                                                                                              Tree Trimming
                                       Electrical, Ceiling Fans,
                                        Plumbing, Sprinklers,
                                         Light Tractor Work                                                 J&K
                                                                                                                                                                         Sprinkler Repair
                                                                                                                                                                    Pavers / Patios / BBQs
                                        Quality Craftmanship
                                                                                                               “No Job To small”
                                                                                                                                                                    Fireplaces / Flagstone
                                         Reasonable Rates                                                                                                                Block Walls
                                                                                                           30Years Experience
                                            Senior Discount                                                 •Cabinetry                                                Decorative Rock
                                                                                                            • Trim Work
                                                                                                                                                                    Thorough Knowledge
                                                                                                            •Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
                                                                                                                                                                    of HOA Compliance
                                       623-465-2689                                                         •Door & Cabinet Installation
                                                                                                             Call Joe Koneski                                            Visa/Mastercard
                                                                                                           623-512-0581                                                     Accepted
                                        Handyman                                                           E-mail                                   Locally Owned
                                         Service                                                             Licensed, Bonded & Insured
                                       •Electrical                          HAULING
Jack of All Trades                     •Drywall                                   By Rich                  Home repairs
& Master of Most                       •Welding                                                            •Drywall/Painting
                                       •Concrete                                 Single Items              •Electrical/Plumbing
    10% Off                            •Acrylic Decking                        Multiple Loads
  Semi-retired from General
                                       •Epoxy Garage Floors                                                •Carpentry/Cabinetry
   Contracting. Any type of
carpentry, home repairs, decks,        •Foreclosure Repair                Construction/Landscape           •Masonry/Tile
    patio covers, additions,
       door & windows
                                       •Tile Repair                                 Debris                 •Landscaping
  handyman to honey-do’s!               Clean-up/Hauling
                                                                            Just About Anything             25 Yrs Exp/Dependable
 No job too small, reasonable rates,
      satifaction guaranteed.                   Patrick                     $25 and up                      623-547-5579
  623-587-0706                          (602)399-4343                      602-703-4123                    Raw Design/Build LLC Roc#247395
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                                                                                                       landscape construction

                           Shipp Shape Services
                              It’s Getting Hot                ID D
                                                                     INGS & SONS
                                                                                                                                                                       Bill’s Painting Service
    Complete                                                   Landsca ing, INC
                            I’ll Trim Your Trees & All Your
                                                                 CREATIVE LANDSCAPE
                                                                                                             Licensed •Bonded                                            Interior - Exterior
                              Other Landscaping Needs!                                                 Custom Landscaping • Flagstones
   Installation                     •Trimming                      INSTALLATIONS &                      BBQs • Sprinkler & Drip Systems                                  25 Yrs. Experience
•Material Sales                •Corrective Pruning                                                    Installed & Repaired •Tree Trimming
•Decorative Rock
                                                              PROFESSIONAL MAINTENANCE                        Sod or Rock Installed                                         Free Quotes
                            •Landscape Maintenance
•Tractor Service               •Drip System Repair                •Irrigation/repairs                           Paver Installation
                               •Dead Tree Removal                 •Water features                          Free Estimates                                              Hard Times - Low Prices
                                 •Cactus Thinning                 •BBQ’s/fireplaces                    602.403.9674                                                     References Available
                           623-341-1896                           •Flagstone/tile                          Manuel Olguin
                                                                  •Landscape lighting
                                                                  •Rock work                              landscape grading                                            602-953-9254
 602-329-0769                                                     •Clean-ups                                       Let us create the perfect
                                                                environment for you!                                                                                             pet sitting

                                                               623-465-2546                                •Landscaping
                                                               623-297-7584                                •Light Welding
                                                                                                           •Arena Work
                                                                     FREE ESTIMATES                        •Irrigation
                                                              Bonded, Insured & Licensed #ROC166390        •Decorative Stone
                                                                                                                  Louie Sette
                                                                    Mesquite                           Home (623) 780-0944
                                                                             and                       Cell (480) 389)-8131
                                                               Sweet Acacia
                                                                     15gal - 27.77c&c
                                                                    24” Box - 95.77 c&c
                                                              Delivery & Planting Available

                                                                         Expires 4/15/09

                                                                  FREE ESTIMATES
                                                              Best Prices for Rock, Sand & Dirt
                                                                 Refresh Your Yard
                                                               Installation Available
                                                                       Residential &

                                                                                                                                              •Interior Painting
                              Angel Dominguez
                           General Landscaping Inc.
                                                                                                                                               •Wood Staining
                                                                                                                                                                      Pam’s Pampered Pets
                               Tree Trimming, Lawn                                                                                                                    Pet Sitting With Pride Since 1997
                           Maintenance, Gravel, Raking,
                                                                                                                                            •Honest Quality Work                   “Your Pet’s happiness
                              Outdoor Maintenance,
                            Landscaping, New Timers,
                                                                                                                                                     with                          is our top priority!”
                             Irrigation System, Lights                                                                                      •Old Fashion Service        Dogs, Cats, exotics.
                                                                                                                                               •Free Estimates        Vacant house visits, too!
                                                                                                                                                  Don Metz            623-551-8740
                                         Call                                                                                                623.587.5684              Int’l Association of Canine Professionals
                           (602)721-9952                                                                                                    References upon request    Insured • Excellent References
                                  Licensed & Insured
page 22                                                                                                                      The Foothills Focus                                                                                      May 27, 2009

            plumbing                                               pools                                  remodeling                               security systems                       transportation                         wells & pumps

                                                                                                        od      eling Expe
                                                                                                     em                                r
                               Having it done
                             right the first time


                        Your Local                                                               •Additions
                                                                                                 •Doors & Windows
                       •Plumbing Repair                                                          •Porches & Patios
                                                                                                                                                                                       Spring Special! 10% OFF
                                                                                                                                                                                          Expires 6-30/09-New Clients Only

                       •Plumbing Remodel
                       •Water Softeners                                                             623-742-6868
                       •Water Heaters                                                                        Roc#216515

                                                                                                                                                                                      Courtesy Ride
                                                                                                                                                 Sunset Shutters &                    Call for flat rate
                                                                                                                                                 Window Coverings                     623-330-3327
                            FREE                                                                                                                 Buy Direct from Manufacturer           •Airport •Phoenix
                                                     Licensed ~ Bonded ~ Insured                                                                                                       •Anthem • Prescott
                            24/7                    Weekly Pool Service                                        roofing
                                                                                                                                                 call Lynn Koglin to set               •Black Canyon City
 North Valley Inc                                   Full Service Repairs
Insured • Roc 194548 • Bonded
                                                           Pool Inspections                                                                      602-463-3033                              water service
 All Plumbing Repair                                                                                                                                                                      window cleaning
  & Drain Cleaning                                            Ponds &                                                                    
  Anthem • Desert Hills • Tramonto • New River             Water Features                                                                                                                       U C window
 623-551-2650                                       Family owned & operated                                                                                                                                                   Cleaning
  Cave Creek • Carefree • North Scottsdale
 480-794-0022                                        “Hire a Licensed Pool Contractor”                                                                     storage                                                                    JT-DC Inc
                                                              Lic.# ROC 216517                                                                                                                                                Residential & Commercial
                                                    602-692-7475                                                                                  BLACK CANYON                                                                   Valleywide Service
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Licensed •Bonded •Insured
                                                                 Sam Nies                                                                            STORAGE                                                                 All employees background
                                                             pool repair                                                                           Drive a little..Save a lot!                                                checked and drug tested
                                                                                                                                                     Computerized Gate Access
                                                    Pool Plastering                                                                                    Sizes from 5x5 to 10x30
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Screens, Tracks, Mirrors
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Cleaned no extra charge
                                                                                                                                                    RV & Boat Parking available
                                                     New Pool & Remodel                                                                                2 Year Price Guarantee         • Storage Tanks
                                                                                                                                                                                      • Spray Arenas, Roads &
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Multi neighbor discounts!!
                                                        •Basic Regular Plaster                                                                   Mail Boxes, UPS, Keys cut, Copies,                                             Owner ran & operated
                                                                                                                                                 Faxes, and Packing Supplies, too.     Construction                           References available upon
•Water Heaters and Faucets
                                                        •Pebble Finish                                                                                                                • Pools                                          request
•Water, Gas, and Sewer Lines                            •Mini Pebble Finish                      Abel’s Roofing                                         • We rent 1,000 gal.                       25 years Experience
•Slab Leaks
•Fast Emergency Service
                                                        •Waterline Tile
                                                        •Plumbing, Pump                             Repair                                        34695 S. Old Blk Cyn Hwy             pressurized tanks
                                                                                                                                                                                      • 8 trucks for fast service
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Don Church • Jon Taylor
•No Overtime Charges
•Video Inspection of Sewer Lines                        & Motor Installations                              •Patios                               (623)-374-0648                       • Largest truck in area

                                                           Free Estimates                                 •Shingles                                                                                                          602-478-2916
                                                                                                            •Tile                                                                                                                       Office
623.587.0085                                         602-577-0814                                          •Torch
                 ROC200353                                     Roc#199670 • Insured                                                                                                                                          623-374-5889
          Licensed •Bonded • Insured                                                                     •Walk Deck
                                                            pool service                                   •Frame
                                                                                                   All Work Warranty                                                                                                         Housecleaning
   Flow Right                                        VALLEY POOL CARE                                Easy Payment
                                                                                                    Free Estimates
 Backflow Service                                      Weekly Pool Cleaning
   Plumbing Contractor
•Repair, Test & Certify
                                                           and Repair
                                                       Green Pool Clean-up
                                                                                                   All Roofing Repair
                                                                                                       Since 1986
                                                                                                                                                     tile installation
                                                                                                                                                                                       2000 gal.
 Backflow Devices
•Whole House Filtration                                 Uniformed Employees
•Remodels                                            For Reliable and Professional                        Unlicensed Contractor

                                                              Service, call
                                                                                                              satellite                                                                Potable Water
•Water Heaters
                                                    (602) 402-0997
                                                                   Ron at
                                                                                                                                                                                          For details                          Windows Clean
•Water Pressure Regulators
                                                                                                  Magnum Satellite offers                                                                                                      Consuelo & Rudy
•RO Systems                                                                                                                                                      call
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Experienced & Honest
•Hot water Recirc Pumps                                  We are licensed by the National
•Water Softners                                      Swimming Pool Foundation as Certified        Direct TV Satellite, and High Definition TV
                                                                                                   sales and service as well as Home stereo
602.228.6192                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Quality Work
                                                                  Pool Operators
                                                    We do all thing Pool and Plumbing related.        sales and service, and Surveillance
      Jess Palacios                                   We are not your average pool guys!
                                                                                                 camera sales and service, for home or office!
      Licensed, Bonded & Insured
    RES/COMM Lic Roc 2011099-K37                      $25 OFF with this ad!                        623-465-0463 or
 May 27, 2009                                                                                               The Foothills Focus                                                                                                           page 23

Classifieds: Please visit our website at to place your classified. Rate for classifieds are $.50 per word and must be prepaid. Deadline for classifieds is
Wed. at 5pm for the following Wed. issue. Classifieds may also be faxed to 623-465-1363. Please note that no classifieds are accepted over the phone.
                NOTiCES                           633-1999. (AzCAN)                                  AZ, TX and GA to many destinations. Check           facility. Fully covered stalls, arena, roundpen,   Wanted to buy. US Silver coins 1964 & earlier.
Organic Produce Home Delivery Service!            BOX&BOLD>>Make $1200. over and over                us out at under            nearby trails. feed 3x day. 220. month             $8 x face value. 623-465-9872
Nature’s Garden Delivered now services            again without selling, recruiting. Company         Recruiting or call 1-866-764-1601. (AzCAN)          Horses also available for monthly lease. 602-      Wanted: Quad trailer, single axel, for 2 quads.
Anthem, Fountain Hills, Cave Creek, and           recruits and you get paid. Totally passive.        SLT - IMMEDIATE OPENINGS for CDLA                   999-0171                  6/3                      Cash/Trade. 623-742-0369/602-214-5692
Carefree.          One time $325 Investment! Email anboent@           teams, solo drivers willing to team. $1000          Hitching Post, Tack Sheds, Saddle Rack’s &         Wanted: Old cash registers. Old One Arm
              ADuLT CARE                                   6/3                    sign-on bonus. $1100/wk minimum pay.                Much More 623-742-0369 602-214-5692                Bandit’s slot machines. Cash Paid! 623-742-
Caregiver,adult - experienced. Will assist you       CONSTRuCTiON EquiPMENT                          Hazmat & 1yr experience. Background check                               MiSC.                          0369/602-214-5692
with bathing, meals, errands, exercise, etc.                                                         required. 1-800-835-9471.
                                                  Ford Tractor Front Loader & Gannon plus                                                                Pool Salt cell for Clearwater chlorinator          Wanted!! Old guns, wagon wheels, anvils,
Call Jackie at 623-551-1635                       HD fork lift 10,000lb. 4x4 $5000 ea. 623-533-      MILITARY JOBS High School & College                 system. Brand new $600. Priced at $300.            spurs, old safes. Cash Paid. 623-742-
SAY NO TO RETiREMENT HOMES,                       1675                                               Students. Earn money while in school. No            623-551-1129                  6/3                  0369/602-214-5692
WE OFFER: NEW DETACHED CASITA,                                   ELECTRONiCS                         GED, No High chool Diploma, No Problem.
                                                                                                     602-267-2823.                 Multiple size beveled glass shelves. 48inx16       Big Screen TVs, as is, 27”-100”, Statewide
HOME MADE MEALS, HOUSEKEEPING,                    Dell Dimension 8300 Computer. Complete                                                                 & down. Total 7. $30. 623-551-0844                 pick up. Quick response. Bob 602-271-4461
LAUNDRY, TRANSPORTATION, MOUNTAIN                 Setup + Manual. $750 OBO 602-363-6936                       HOME FuRNiSHiNGS
VIEWS, PRIVACY ON A 1.5 ACRE LOT. 623-                                                                                                                   My grandmother’s beautiful, formal china                      MuSiC LESSONS
                                                              GARAGE SALES                           1920’s Oak Wedding Chest, $500. 1920’s              set. There’s everything you need from entree
516-0139            5/27                                                                             French Chest, $500. 1920’s 5 piece                                                                     Guitar lessons for beginners. 623-465-8762
                                                  Moving out of state Garage Sale: Saturday,                                                             plates to dessert plates, bowls to cups, etc.
              APPLiANCES                                                                             Mohogany bedroom set, $800. 623-374-                79 pieces total. I looked these up online and               SERViCES OFFERED
                                                  May 30th. Household items, decorative              9251/623-980-9257   6/3
Maytag Electronic Dry gas dryer. Great price,     items, landscaping tools, planting pots,                                                               you’d pay $700 for this complete set. Will         GiRLS GONE GREEN- Eco-friendly Cleaning
runs great. $50. 623-551-1129                     large framed prints, kitchen nick nacks and        Retro naughahyde couch, good frame &                sacrifice for only $150. 623-521-2697              Services. Commercial/Residential. One-time,
Whirlpool Duet Washer and Dryer - Color:          more. 509 W Lavitt Ln. Off of 7th Avenue,          clean. $50. 602-327-1932 5/27                       Small truck bed trailor. Great for hauling trash   Monthly, Bi-Weekly, Weekly. Reliable. English
Almond $800/set OBO 602-363-6936                  North of Joy Ranch Road. 7am to noon               L Shaped Couch - Soft Brown Quality Leather.        or motorcycles. $125. 480-488-9661                 Speaking. Owner operated and ran. Call 623-
                                                  .                 5/27                             New $4,000. Asking 1500 OBO 602-363-                                                                   202-9819
            ATV/CYCLE/ETC                                                                                                                                customized     lock    boxes,   12”wide,
                                                               HELP WANTED                           6936                              5/27              9”high,6”deep.bare metal hanger, or not            Pest Control Services, Residential/
1986 Yamaha Moto 4 quad, 200cc, runs
                                                  Busy small Black Canyon City Salon needs                         iNSTRuCTiON                           lock 1 key.14.95+tax.othe sizes 20”wide,           Commercial.Scorpions,Spiders,Bees,Ants,
great, new rubber & battery, $950 obo. 623-
                                                  Hairstylist. F/T or P/T. Comm. 623-374-5285                                                            14”high,7”deep,completely customized 2             Crickets,Termites & Rodents. No Contracts!
465-9317              6/10                                                                           Summer is here! Time for TuTORiNG! Hart
                                                                                                                                                         colors,with handle, and 2 keys.for more            No Office Fees! Reasonable rates, Monthly
 1960 to 1976 Enduro or dirt bike wanted          Shipping/Receiving. Part-time position             to Your Heart Learning offers a unique style of                                                        or Bi-monthly with Professional Guaranteed
                                                  available, M-F, No Nights or Weekends. 7th         tutoring for children with learning challenges.     information call david at 623-879-7380
by private party. Must be complete 50cc to                                                                                                               6/3                                                Service! Chad 602-578-8745 or James 623-
500cc. Will look at all, running or not. 480-     Street/Carefree Highway. Fax Resume to             Holly Hart ,the owner, is a highly qualified                                                           755-4482 Call for a
518-4023                                          602-992-0174                                       special education teacher in the valley. She        briggs & statton,pro 8000 portable                 FREE Termite inspection! 6/3
                                                                                                     has worked with an array of developmental           generator(new in 06!),33hours used,electric
                  AuTOS                           Office Manager – will be responsible for ALL       disabilities and teaches based on your childs                                                          Need cactus removed? We remove most
                                                  functions of office for small manufacturing                                                            start, soft rubber tires!1,495$ obo New River.
2001 Suburban 3 quarter ton, 6.0L motor,                                                             learning style. Call Holly Hart with Hart to        phone number:623-879-7380                          types. Call 623-742-0369/602-214-5692
LT model loaded, all power, leather, detailed     facility. MUST have Expert Level experience        Your Heart Learning at 602-486-7071. Or
                                                  in QuickBooks AND manufacturing work                                                                   Murrey Outdoor Billiard Table - Outdoor cover                SPORTiNG GOODS
service records original owner, flawless                                                             visit her website at www.teaching2heart.
                                                  experience; will be tested on both so all others   com           6/3                                   and inserts/converts to buffet table - New         Tread MillPro Form cross walk dual motion,
cond., perfect tow vehicle. $9000. 480-390-
                                                  need not apply. Demanding, fast-paced,                                                                 $4,000. $1500 OBO 602-363-6936                     great price, $30. 623-551-0844 6/3
2524                6/3                                                                              ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE - from Home.
                                                  growing office requiring utmost attention                                                                                                                 TREK 750 Multitrack, 21 speed bicycle. Great
1993 GMC Sierra SLE 1500 pickup, blue,                                                               *Medical, *Business, *Paralegal, *Computers,        Mexican Iron Wine Rack - 40 Bottle - New
                                                  to detail. $15/hour start with incremental                                                                                                                for off-road competition fanatics, trail biking
good condition, 5 speed, Z71 off-road +                                                              *Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance.        $399. $150. OBO. 602-363-6936
                                                  increases during the first 6 months based                                                                                                                 or senior urban biking cruises. Professionally
towing, great a/c, p/w, p/l, stereo extras,       on performance is possible. Fax resume to          Computer available. FInancial Aid if qualified.     LC-35 Director Organ, year 2000. Not used
                                                                                                     Call 866-858-2121. www.CenturaOnline.                                                                  maintained, $150 OBO.       623-465-1967
running boards, bedliner, over $5K invested,      480-488-8207 Email to ezinfo@e-zpatch.                                                                 for 4 yrs. Perfect cond. 623-465-7617
174K miles, $5,500 obo, Perry 602-402-7066        com        5/27                                    com. (AzCAN)                                                                                                      PETS & SuPPLiES
                                                                                                                                                                      MiSC WANTED
1999 Cadillac SLS. Exceptionally clean, one       CASHiER/ATTENDENT. Carefree full service                  LiVESTOCk & SuPPLiES                                                                            Rattlesnake proof your dog now. Snake
owner, non-smoker, silver w/ grey leather         station. Full Time/Part Time, benefits, Must       1999 Apache 2 horse slant, front walk-in tack,                                                         proofing for all breeds of dogs. New River
interior, chrome wheels, loaded. 103k miles.      be flexible. 480-488-3451     6/10                 mats, 2 saddle racks, towed < 2500 miles.                                                              location. 480-215-1776 www.vipervoidance.
$5000 obo. 623-465-0119                                                                              $2250, OBO 623-465-5720                                                                                com                           UN
                                                  Immediate openings! For Customer Service
2001 4x4 Gold Chevy Tahoe. Leather                Clerks with data entry experience. Will train,     HORSE BOARDING/TRAINING LESSONS.                                                                       CUTE! Jack Russ/Queens Heel mix pups. 12
seats, Vortec 5.3 liter, 8 passenger. Tow         part-time positions only 12pm-6pm shifts,          If you are looking for a ranch that truly cares                                                        weeks. 3 males. $30.each. 623-376-6586
package, Onstar. Many other upgrades.             no weekends or nights. 7th St./ Carefree           for the well being of your horse look no further!                                                      AKC LAB PUPPIES FOR SALE. Mother
Excellent condition. $8,800. 602-478-6254         Hwy. Please email resume to spavlik@               We offer full care with all amenities. Feed, fly                                                       and Father are on sight. asking $500. born
5/27                                     or fax to 602-992-0174            spray system, auto waterers, bedding, turn-                                                            on 4-23. will be ready the 2nd week of June.
1964 to 1972 classic sports car, muscle car       5/27                                               out all included in $300 board. Horse & rider                                                          Only require half down to hold pup.
wanted by private party running or not. 480-      Drivers/CDL Career Training w/Central              friendly atmosphere. Arena plus trails. www.                                                           Have blks, brown, yellow & fox reds. Please
518-4023                                          Refrigerated. We Train, Employ w/$0 Down  602-810-7772                                                                         call 602-291-8902          5/27
1997 Ford F350 Turbo Diesel Dually Ext:           Financing.Putting Americans Back To Work           Saddle & Tack Repairs. English & Western. I                       •Jewelry                             REMEMBER TO ADOPT! Maricopa County
                                                  Now! 800-525-9277x6011                             back all my work, 23yrs exp. Same location
cab, white, full power opt. Lear shell, running
boards, ex cond. 122,000 miles. $9000. 602-                                                          for 18yrs. Buy – Sell – Trade. Circle Mtn. &                      •Gold                                Animal Care and Control 602- 506-PETS.
                                                  LOCAL MAGAZiNE is looking for friendly                                                                                                          
579-9954                 UN                       and hard working individuals. Few different        18th St. 623-465-7286                                             •Silver                              Sheltie & Collie rescue have beautiful dogs
                                                  positions available. *Great Pay Opportunity*       Mesquite Ranch Horseshoeing. Reliable,
                                                  Flexible hours, work from home or office....       Professional Horseshoeing. Preston Cline,                         •Platinum                            for adoption. 480-488-5711 SundustSDA@
99 Saturn 2 bucket seats, like new, only had                                                                                                                                                      
12,000, perfect for hot rod. $100. Lite gray.     no strings attached! Working for a 10 year         BWFA Certified Farrier. 623-776-6310                              •Diamonds                            Adopt kittens/cats. Volunteers, donations
623-533-1675 6/3                                  reputable business. Contact David at 480-          Trail Rides and Riding Lessons Available.
                                                  231-0085. Immediate openings!                                                                                                                             needed! Desert Hills ARCH shelter 623- 465-
New S/S Ford Ranger exhaust system, $75.                                                             Very Affordable. 623-776-6310 UN                                                                       1759
MT tires new BFG 33in. $150ea. 928-863-           Hair Stations Available. Rental Only. Contact      13 STALL BARN FOR LEASE W/HAY
0863              5/27                            Brandy at Magnolias. 623-465-2999                  AND LIGHTED ARENA,CLOSE TO
         BuiLDiNG SuPPLiES                        ADVERTISE YOUR JOB Opening in 90 AZ                STATE LAND. TRAINERS WELCOME.
                                                  newspapers. Reach over 1 million readers           602-799-8221
8in PVC drain pipe. $50 per length. 928-863-
                                                  for ONLY $330! Call this newspaper or visit:       COVERED STALLS FOR RENT W/HAY
0863             5/27
                                         (AzCAN)                 ,CLEANING, LIGHTED ARENA CLOSE
                                                  OWNER-OPERATORS with heavy duty truck/             TO STATE LAND. $275 602-799-8221
ALL CASH VENDING Do you earn $800 in a            tractor and 48-52ft wedge/stepdeck trailer.        5/27
day? Your own local candy route. Includes 25      Must have 9,000lb winch, ramps and center
machines and candy. All for $9,995. 1-888-                                                           HORSE BOARDING             Gated, family run
                                                  rail. Baker Transport hauls cargo trailers from

                                                                                                            real estate
     COMMERCiAL PROPERTY                          entrance, access to house, kitchen &               Cave Creek Horse Property for Lease!                2 BED 1 BATH HOuSE BLACK CANYON                    FORECLOSED        HOME     AUCTION
Historical CROWN kiNG SALOON and                  pool. Non smoking & no pets. $600mo.               1300+ sq ft, 3 bed, 2 bath, new flooring,           FENCED,CAR PORT,$700mo.623-374-                    Arizona statewide. 800+ homes must
cafe with 7 room hotel. $800K $300K               480-488-3215                                       indoor laundry hook-up, fenced back yard,           5040                                               be sold! REDC / Free Brochure. 800-
down, owner will carry. 928-632-9469                         RENTAL WANTED                           3 stall mare motel, desert landscape.               1 bedrm apt, unfurnished, utilities incl.          678-0190. RE Broker
                                                                                                     $1075/mo, $900 deposit call 480-595-                Close to everything. AAO. Non-smoking.             CO586378000. (AzCAN)
Commercial/Retail/Office. Non-smoking             3 bed/2 bath. Looking to spend between             0207 or e-mail
for rent in BCC. Main road. First, last, plus     $800-$900 a month. 602-803-2532 Ask                                                                    $600/mo, plus deposit. BCC 602-686-                            LAND FOR SALE
deposit. 602-686-1517                             for Lisa                                           Deer Valley & 35th Ave, near 101 & I-17.            1517       6/3                                     Desert Hills 43312 N 13th Ave.
                                                                                                     3 bedroom, 2 full bath, 1583sqft, washer            Carefree. 2 bedroom condo. Downstairs.             330’frontage Gorgeous View Lot on Daisy
OFFICE SUITES available -- 900sf to                                RENTALS                           & dryer, storage shed. Very nice house,             W/D. 1 covered pkg. No Pets. $900mo.               Mountain. Gentle Hillside, Afternoon
1400sf -- priced monthly from $550 to             CAVE CREEk APTS: For rent, 1 & 2                   no pets. $975/mo. Plus Deposit. 623-533-            623-444-4215                                       Shade 1.3 Acres - Shared Well - Approved
$1000 - GREAT opportunity for your                bedroom apts, $650 to $750, 10 unit                1675                  6/3                                                                              Access Road - Gated Entry. $165k Call
home business - Receptionist, wireless            building, walk to downtown, laundry &                                                                  CAVE CREEk APT. for rent; 2 large
                                                                                                     3 bed, 2 bath home with a beautiful mtn.                                                               866-972-0036
Internet, copiers, phones, furniture,             covered parking. One year lease. Call Jim                                                              bedrooms,ample closet and storage
conference rooms all in a pleasant                at 480-595-7756                                    view to the south, in the hills of Black            space. Tree covered fenced in backyard.            NEW RIVER. 8 acres for sale bordering
working environment! Carefree Hwy/I-17                                                               Canyon City. House is on 1/2 acre. Pets             Beautiful views. One year lease $850.              State Land. All or part. 623-465-5298
location- Call Bonnie for more info*623-          ROOM FOR RENT! $400. p/m includes                  welcome. 950 a month, onlly 10 minutes
                                                  util. female only. Must complete app and                                                               480-488-2752                                       335 Avenue Buckeye road 3.9 acres
445-9759                                                                                             from Anthem.Bad credit OK. Mike 602-
                                                  back ground check. Call btwn 9a-6p 623-            684-8471.                                                         REAL ESTATE                          25,000 10% down no qualify others
        ROOMMATE WANTED                           523-4067                                                                                               CALL REALTY HOMES FOR SALE                         avaliable 602-841-7127
Big House in gated area, NW of Cave                                                                  FOR LEASE MODuLE HOME VERY
                                                  FOR RENT Furnished 1 bed room                      PRIVATE 3/BR. 2 BATHS $800. A                       $115k to $200k+1/2 AC.40k O.C.
Creek Rd & Carefree Hwy. Dove Valley              mobile home on gated property in Circle                                                                JAMES 623-556-6484 BLACK CANYON
Ranch. 2 rooms & bath. Bedroom                                                                       MONTH W/WATER. DESERT HILLS,
                                                  Mountain Rd. area. Utilities included.             AZ. 602-799-8221   5/27                             5/27
furnished. Garage, cable & WiFi. Private          $650. mth. 602-999-0171

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