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The vision of The University of Texas at Arlington
Police Department is to develop a positive, respectful
environment with effective communication by em-
powering employees, seeking innovation, and estab-
lishing effective partnerships with the community we
serve to minimize safety and security concerns.

The mission of the University of Texas at Arlington
Police Department is to support the goals of the
University by working cooperatively with the commu-
nity to provide superior quality law enforcement,
security, and related services.

The Core Values of the UTA Police Department are:
    Community Partnerships
    Superior Quality Service
    The Importance of People as individuals and as
    a Vital Part of the Department

                                                                                                Our Community…
                                                         The University of Texas at Arlington   Our Mission...
                                                                 Police Department
                                                                  700 S. Davis St.                   ...Our Department
                                                                Arlington, TX 76019

                                                                Contact a Recruiter:
                                                                Phone: 817.272.0195
                                                                 Fax: 817.272.5190
                                                       We are Involved.
                                                       The UTA Police Department is increasingly an integral
                                                       component of the UTA Campus Community. Members
                                                       of the department take part in the Student Leadership
                                                       Retreat and members often participate at campus
                                                       events such as: Mud Volleyball, Balloon Bash, and the
                                                       Mav Cookout.

We are Professional.                                   Members of the UTA Police Department provide Crime
The UTA Police Department continually strives for      Prevention Presentations to a large spectrum of the
excellence. In pursuit of excellence, the UTA Po-      campus community. Other Crime Prevention Services
lice Department is a nationally accredited through     include the Campus Watch Program, Night Walk, Mav
the Commission for the Accreditation of Law En-        Escort Service, and the Rape Aggression Defense Pro-
forcement Agencies (CALEA). The Law Enforce-           gram.
ment Accreditation Process ensures that the UTA
Police Department attains and maintains the high       The Campus Community provides a perfect opportunity       We have Benefits.
standards that a professional Law Enforcement          to make a difference and the UTA Police Department is     The UTA Police Department provides a competi-
Agency should adhere to.                               an integral part of that equation.                        tive benefits package, including:

The focus on professionalism begins with training                                                                    Comprehensive Insurance Programs, includ-
                                                       We are Diverse.
and the UTA Police Department benefits from                                                                          ing medical, dental, vision, life, accidental
                                                       The UTA Police Department is composed of diverse
modern training programs, knowledgeable and                                                                          death, disability and long term care, are of-
                                                       individuals that work together to serve the community.
professional training officers, and partnerships                                                                     fered to benefits eligible employees.
                                                       What makes the UTA Police Department unique is the
with other agencies such as the Arlington Police       diverse backgrounds, skills, and experience that are          This school year there are 13 paid holidays.
Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation and        represented amongst all of our employees.
the Drug Enforcement Administration.                                                                                 Full time employees earn 12 days of vacation
                                                                                                                     per year. This accrual increases with length of
UTA Police Officers, as members of the University                                                                    employment.
of Texas System Police, attend the UT System
Police Academy in Austin, TX. The twenty three                                                                       Employees and their dependents are eligible
week program exceeds the state mandated basic                                                                        for half-price undergraduate tuition after one
peace officer training curriculum and begins the                                                                     year of service.
focus on professionalism and excellence. Upon                                                                        Most benefits eligible employees are mem-
graduation from the Academy, UTA Police Offi-
                                                                                                                     bers of the Teacher Retirement System of
cers progress through a fifteen week comprehen-
                                                                                                                     Texas (TRS). The employee contributes 6.4%
sive Field Training Program that focuses on Prob-
                                                                                                                     of gross earnings and earns 5% interest per
lem Solving and Community Policing.
                                                                                                                     year on the average year's balance. The Uni-
                                                                                                                     versity contributes 6.0%.
UTA Police Department Communications Opera-
tors and Public Safety Officers progress through                                                                     Police Officer Salaries
comprehensive classroom and field training pro-
grams specifically suited for the job duties of each                                                                     Police Cadet                $34,000.00
position.                                                                                                                Academy Graduate            $35,000.00
                                                                                                                         Field Training              $36,000.00
                                                       We have Career Opportunities.
                                                       The UTA Police Department offers many career oppor-               Police Officer I            $38,500.00
                                                       tunities, including Police Officer, Dispatcher, Public            Police Officer II           $41,000.00
                                                       Safety Officer, Locksmith, Administrative and Clerical
                                                       positions. The UTA Police Department is always look-              Police Officer III          $45,000.00
                                                       ing for qualified and motivated individuals to become a
                                                       vital part of the UTA Police Department family.
                                                                                                                               A Nationally Accredited
                                                        Apply online at                                 Law Enforcement Agency
                                                                                                                               Since 2006

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