How to draw human body(main shape 1)

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					                       How to draw human body
                           (Main shape1)

First we need to know how to divide the
human body.

In that picture we see the division of the
body, these small dotted lines show the
main parts of the body. So we have to
practice on that shape.

person's height is 6 or 7 times the length
of their head.

All straight lines represent bones of the
body, these bones can be in different
position according to the position of the

When drawing figures in different
positions, keep the shoulder and hip
bones as straight lines (they don't bend
where they meet the spine.)

elbows, knees, shoulders and hips are
shown by black dots.

Elbows come just above the waist

Wrists come below the hips

Hands are as big as a face

Feet are as long as a head
The dotted lines show the following
1-Eye line

2-Vertical line in the middle of the

3-Neck line, it's in the middle of the

4-Chest line, it shows the area below
  the chest

5-Waist line

6-Thigh line, it's drawn on the thigh
  bone, but the upper part is the half
 of the bottom part

7-Knee line, it's drawn above the knee

8-Leg line, it's drawn in the middle of
  the leg bone

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