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                                                                                                 Volume 45                   Fa l l 2 0 1 1

Congregation Tifereth Israel
Long I sla nd’s oldest continuousl y oper ating Jewish Congrega tion

                                          Project Isaiah
“The fast that God desires is this—to share your food with the hungry, and provide the poor with shelter.” I SAIAH 58

From CTI’s hallway...

                                                                                                 ...To the INN at
                                                                                               Continental Place
                                                                                                    in Glen Cove.
                                                     Each year at Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur, CTI conducts a food collection
                                                     drive for CTI‘s annual donation to the INN (Interfaith Nutrition Network). This
                                                     effort is called PROJECT ISAIAH, and it marks only the beginning of the many
                                                     activities that members of our congregation put their hearts, souls, funds
                                                     and many long hours of volunteer work into to help and benefit needy citi-
                                                     zens of our Long Island community. This year we delivered over 110 bags of
                                                     food. We wanted to share, in pictures, part of the ‗high-tech‘ process of how
                                                     it gets there.

                                                     Also, every year when the ‗food schleppers‘ deliver the food, they are
                                                     thanked by the fellows who help carry them into the INN building. It‘s always
                                                     an ‗upper.‘ We wanted to let everyone know what one of the guys said this

                                                     “Oh my Lord! I never seen so many bags of food in my whole entire life!
                                                     Thank God for you folks”

                                                     Did you know? The First Baptist Church, that houses the INN on Continental
                                                     Place, was once the CTI synagogue.

                                                                                                       Photos by shlepper Mike Swirnoff
Page 2                                                                                                   Volume 45              Fa l l 2 0 1 1

                                                                                       gogue. That means
  Congregation Tifereth Israel     FROM          THE        RABBI                      turning down the heat,
  40 Hill Street Glen Cove, NY
  676-5080                         Rabbi Irwin Huber man                               reducing the use of
                                                                                       water and power, and
  RABBI IRWIN HUBERMAN             DREAMING OF A GREEN CHANUKAH                        serving as a collection
                                                                                       point used paper, bat-
                                   Over time, as American Jewry becomes more           teries, plastics and
  President                        intertwined with other religions and cultures,      other items.
  MICHAEL SWIRNOFF                 the true meaning of Chanukah has begun to
                                   erode.                                              The beauty of Judaism
  Immediate Past President
                                                                                       is contained within its
                                   For many of our children and grandchildren,         ability to adapt to
  Executive Director               Chanukah is about gift giving – or to be more       changing times.
  KIM SCHWEITZER                   exact, gift receiving.
  Gabbayim                                                                             At a time, when we
  CHUCK BRODY                      This time of the year, we often hear our            seem to be struggling to find a unique meaning
  SEYMOUR KARY                     neighbors pine for a White Christmas.               for Chanukah, perhaps its time to shift from
                                   But perhaps society is dreaming in the wrong        white to green.
                                   color.                                              This year during our Chanukah celebrations, let
  RUTH COWAN                                                                           us consider ways we can turn our homes into
  DANA DAVIDSON                    The Talmud itself says very little about Chanu-     mini-Temples, and to use these sacred places
  JOAN ESSEX                       kah. It notes, that about 2,175 years ago,          to perform Tikun Olam, the repair of the world.
  SUSAN FREELUND                   when the Temple was liberated from Greeks
  WILLIAM FRIEDLIEB                and assimilated Jews, ―although the Temple          And who can teach us most?
  MARILYN GENOA                    contained only enough oil to burn for one day,      It is our children and grandchildren, who are
  SUSAN GOLDBERG                   a miracle occurred, and the oil burned for          perhaps most aware of how the planet is dete-
  TINA HAMENT                                                                          riorating.
                                   eight days. A year later they (the Rabbis) desig-
                                   nated these days as Yamim Tovim (holidays)
                                   on which praise and thanksgiving were to be         It is from the mouth of babes that our own cele-
  PETER ORSHAN                     said." (Tractate Shabbat 21).                       bration of Chanukah can be enhanced.
  KAREN PARDO                                                                          Let us ask our children, ―how can we make our
  BEV PERESS                       The Talmud provides us some limited instruc-        Chanukah greener? ―How can we take the les-
  ELAINE SCHWARTZ                  tions regarding how to light the candles, but in    son of the Temple 2,200 years ago, and bring it
  LAURENCE SECHTER                 essence leaves the rest to us. Increasingly,        to life?‖ ―What can we do in our home to facili-
  PHYLLIS SPECTOR                  many rabbis have begun to assess Chanukah           tate the healing of the planet?
  CHRISTINE SWIRNOFF               within a new context.                               After all, Chanukah is a children‘s festival, and
  SANDY TOBACK                                                                         who more to lead the way than our children and
  Trustees                         Many note that the most important lesson of         grandchildren who radiate so much light and
  FROMA BESSEL                     Chanukah was that somehow, one day‘s worth          optimism.
  MOE BORDWIN                      of oil lasted for eight. We ask, ―Are there ap-
  BRUCE COHN                       plications to apply within our own homes and        Let them lead the way in helping us celebrate a
  PHIL ESSEX                       Temples?‖                                           Green Chanukah.
  IRENE HELITZER                   Many local residents endured extended peri-
                                   ods without power during the recent hurricane.      For as a proverb attributed to the Native Ameri-
                                   It forced us to consider how lucky we are to        can tradition reminds us:
                                   enjoy natural resources such as water, clean        ―We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors;
  LILLIAN MECKLER                  air and fuel.                                       we borrow it from our children.‖
  MARTIN SHOOMAN                   In keeping with the Talmudic theme of Chanu-
  LEN SHAPIRO                      kah ―thanksgiving,‖ many synagogues have            Chag Sameach (Happy Holiday) to everyone.
  BRUCE WALLER                     begun selling energy saving lights. During the
                                   eight days of light, considerable attention is      Rabbi Irwin Huberman
                                   paid to conserving energy within the syna-
             A Publication of
    Congregation Tifereth Israel
              40 Hill Street                                   The SOCIAL ACTION COMMITTEE is reprinting it‟s creative 2009
         Glen Cove, NY 11542                                   pamphlet. It is called The Eight Green Nights of Chanukah and con-
           (516) 676-5080                                      tains suggestions for how to make healing and quite easy choices
                                                               to help our Earth become more healthy. It will be available in the
         Temple Tidings Staff
               Co-Editors                                      front office and we will be sending copies home with our Nursery
             Kim Schweitzer
                                      TIKUN OLAM               School and Limud students. It might be fun to discuss and try to do
             Chris Swirnoff
                                     Repair the World          some of the suggestions with your kids.
T e m p l e T id in g s S u m m e r 2 0 1 1                                                                                            Page 3

FROM             THE PRESIDENT                                            December 15, 1936
                                                                          "there are very few in the Men's
Michael Swirnoff                                                          Club who are not members of the
                                                                          Congregation, and since it is their
Plus ça change, plus la même chose                                        only contact with anything Jewish
Vos geht arum, komt arum                                                  they should not be driven out."
Thanks to Jerry Wolkowitz, I was recently given a trove of old            February 1962
newsletters from CTI. Some of the items are worth reading:
                                                                          "The Oneg Shabbat topped off the
November 1915                                                             evening with a controversial panel
(as translated from the original in Yiddish)                              discussion entitled INTERFAITH
"Mr. Berlin - the Hebrew teacher - is to receive..an apartment            DATING.
in the building at a monthly cost of $12. He eventually backed
out from the deal."
"Parents are showing a lack of interest in the Hebrew School -            This is time travel at its best. We might not recognize the
small attendance"                                                         faces or the first names of the speakers, but the sentiments,
                                                                          the frustrations, and the issues are little changed from then
May 28, 1936:                                                             to today. People‘s last names in the records often have a
"there are too many bosses on the Board and therefore, noth-              familiar ring; Jospe, Canarick, Shapiro, Ain, Zendle, Bessel
ing is ever done."
"Dues should be $12 per year."                                            and Goldberg are just some of the hundreds of names in the
"There shall be no heat in the building except for the Talmud             records. Looking back in time means reversing the effects
Torah room."                                                              of inflation. Paying $12 dues must have been as shocking in
"No card playing in entire building."                                     1915 as paying $12,000 dues will be in 2065.
"There shall be no Rabbi."

                                                Adult Learning Opportunities
        CTI prides itself on providing Jewish "learning" opportunities within a wide spectrum.
                         Rabbi Molly Karp, a Reform rabbi and                                 Master Talmud teacher Rabbi Isaac Mann
                         teacher, will be returning to CTI on a monthly                       will join us for a weekly series titled "What
                         basis to teach the books of Joshua and
                                                                                              the Talmud says about..."
                         Judges. What do our scriptures tell us
                         happened once the Israelites reached the
                         Promised Land?                                                      Topics planned include cremation, conver-
                                                                                             sion, and the telling of "white lies." Rabbi
                   This class will help bridge the gap between                               Mann is an Orthodox rabbi from Long
                   the ending of the Torah (Deuteronomy) and                                 Beach who teaches Talmud in the "classic"
the Book of Samuel, which we studied last year.                                              line by line style. He will be teaching from
                                                                                             English texts.
CTI prides itself on providing Jewish "learning" opportunities
within a wide spectrum.                                                   This class will be held for eight weeks beginning Thursday, De-
                                                                          cember 1 at 7:30pm.
She will be here on November 19, December 10, January 14
and February 11 at 7:30pm

                                   Leaves on the CTI Tree of Life have been purchased for both
                                      Lillian Meckler and Stephanie Kaplan by their friends
                                            to honor them each on their special Birthdays
                               A very Happy Birthday,                        A very Happy Birthday,
                                      Stephanie!                                      Lillian!
Page 4                                                                                       Volume 45             Fa l l 2 0 1 1

                                A NOTE            FROM OUR CANTOR

                                Don’t Look the Other Way

      NORTH SHORE               As we just finished the High Holidays, a time
       SHELTERING               of repentance, balance…. I was reflecting if
        PROGRAM                 God only wants our prayers, repentance            I’ve been sleeping
                                and fasting.                                      as a volunteer at the
           ITEMS WE CAN                                                           shelter once a week
            ALWAYS USE:                                                           for the last 5 years.
                                The line from Prophet Isaiah gives us some        Spending time with
 Socks: White athletic/        direction:                                        these people became a blessing for me.
    tube                                                                          Listening to their stories has helped me be-
 Underwear: White stan-        Fasting like yours this day will not make
                                                                                  come more compassionate and more aware
    dard Jockeys or briefs                                                        of my blessings.
                                your voice be heard on high…Is not this the
    (Sizes M or L)
                                fast I have chosen?
 Long Johns                                                                      The residents of the Shelter are no different
                                It is to share your bread with the hungry,        than you or me. To be homeless doesn’t
 White T-Shirts (Mostly L,     and to take the poor into your home; when         change your character. It is based on a cir-
    but some M and XL)          you see the naked, to clothe them and not         cumstance.
 Gloves and Hats (new)         to ignore your own kin.
                                                                                  I asked one of our clients to describe the
      FOOD PRODUCTS             Did you ask yourself during services, ―What       hardest thing for him about being home-
                                can I do differently this year to be a better     less. He answered with no hesitation: ―It’s
    (NO NUTS IN ANY FOOD                                                          when people look the other way when they
                                person‖? Should I be paying more attention
         PRODUCT)                                                                 see me or cross the street to get away from
                                to the important things and people in my life:
 Fruit JUICE drinks
                                The verses from The Yom Kippur Haftarah           Each and every person begging for help on
 COSTCO/BJ‘S: cases of         speak of T’shuvah, Tefillah and Tzedakah.         the street, sleeping under a bridge, living
    assorted mini-cereal
                                Tzedakah teaches us about our relationship        secretly in an abandoned building, camped
    boxes,                                                                        and hidden away in the bushes, sleeping in
                                with other people. It’s not charity; it is only
 Cup O‘soups,                  about balancing the world. If you have more       their car or doubled up in someone’s home,
                                                                                  each one of them has a compelling story.
 Individual fruit cocktails,   today, you give. Maybe tomorrow you’ll
                                                                                  No one is born aspiring to homelessness.
  puddings, other small         have to take….and it’s not only giving away
―carry out‘ treats/snacks       money. It is giving of your time, your love,
                                your care which could be more important           At The North Shore Sheltering Program
 Granola/Health bars           and meaningful.                                   from Thanksgiving to the end of March;
      PERSONAL ITEMS                                                              homeless men are given food and shelter
                                                                                  every evening from 6:30 pm to 6:30 am.
 Toothbrushes,                 This year, as the first Jewish President of       They are examined by a nurse, given sup-
 Travel-sized toothpaste/      the North Shore Shelter Program (NSSP), I         per and light breakfast, shuttled to La
    mouthwash                   would like to explore ways we all together        Fuerza Unida on Sea Cliff Ave. in the morn-
                                                                                  ing where classes are taught in English and
 Travel-sized (or regular)     can do mitzvot to repair the world by apply-
                                                                                  computer skills, and where day labor pick-
    deodorant,                  ing Prophet Isaiah words: feed the hungry,
                                                                                  ups are made.
 After-shave                   clothe the naked and house the homeless.

 Small packets of "baby"                                                         Please, contact me if you can help.
    wipes                       The Shelter has openings for volunteers
                                who can
   Liquid Soap
   Disposable razor blades        Cook,

   Cans of shaving cream          Serve,
   Combs/Brushes                  Nurses – Doctors
   Mini bottles of sham-          Spend the night
T e m p l e T id in g s S u m m e r 2 0 1 1                                                                              Page 5

 LIMUD LIGHTS                                 BY   FREDDA KLOPFER
 Liimud is off to a wonderful start. This year we have grown to include
 Limud High with students engaged in both study with the Rabbi and
 helping as madrichim (assistants) in the school.
 Our Bubbie and Zayde program last year was incredibly successful. It became the impetus
 for our Brooklyn/Bronx Day which we will become an annual event. Bubbies and Zaydes                        FREE
 are needed once a month to come on Sundays AT 10:15AM to talk about Jewish memo-                         Children’s
 ries growing up. Our first one will be Sunday, December 18 right before Chanukah. Please
 email Cantor Gustavo if you would like to participate.                                                    Books!!!
 This year the theme of Limud is about blessings and gratitude. We will be looking at holi-           OUR CTI PJ LIBRARY
 days, Shabbat, and our daily lives through the lens of blessings. As part of this journey, we        has over 55 children
 will be holding five Family Shabbat services on Saturday mornings: November 5, January
 7 , February 4, March 3 and May 5. For Limud families, these Shabbats will be in place of                 enrolled.
 Limud on Sunday. Grandparents in the congregation are encouraged to bring your grand-
 children to join us for this special service.                                                            PJ LIBRARY IS A
 know.                                                                                                    JEWISH FAMILY
          Another innovation this year is Chugim (clubs) held at the beginning of Limud on        ENGAGEMENT program imple-
          Wednesdays. The first of these chugim will be Glimud (aka chorus) and Cooking              mented on a local level
          with a Jewish Flair. If any congregants would like to lend their talents to a special
          project please let Fredda know.                                                            throughout North Amer-
                                                                                                   ica. Through PJ Library, We
                                                                                                   mail free, high-quality Jewish
              From the pens of our students                                                          children's literature and
                                                                                                     music to families in our
 BEN KRIEGEL, one of our madrichim, created a questionnaire to find out about our students.
 This was vey helpful in helping us create a program which meets the needs and interests
 of our children.                                                                                 PJ Library is a program of the
                                                                                                  Harold Grinspoon Foundation,
 Here are samples of their answers:                                                                made possible through part-
                                                                                                  nerships with philanthropists
  What do you like about Limud: breakfast, everything,learning Hebrew, it is fun, eating           and local Jewish organiza-
   challah, the teachers,how friendly everyone is, seeing my friends,everyone is so accept-        tions. Families in hundreds
   ing, learning the blessings,                                                                    of communities across the
  singing the CTI Song, Brookyn/Bronx Day, singing, the cantor, the rabbi and Godcast            United States and Canada are
                                                                                                   able to explore the timeless
  Favorite holidays: Chanukah because you get presents,Passover because my grandpa                   core values of Judaism
    always hides the matzah and my 5 year old cousin and I, whoever finds it, get a lot of          through books and music.
    money, Chanukah and Passover because I get to spend time with my family, Purim, Rosh
    Hashanah because it is the beginning of the year.
  What are you looking forward to this year in Limud: Clubs, holidays, learning Hebrew, my
    birthday pencil, learning prayers, my bat mitzvah.
  What is your favorite song in musical tefilah: the prayer for healing, CTI Family Tree, the
    Shema, Hatikvah
  What is one thing you have learned so far in Limud this year: prayers and blessings, to
    read Hebrew, Hebrew letters, Hebrew words,Hebrew and Jewish culture , how to spell
    Shabbat in Hebrew letters.
 To experience how special our Limud students are, please join us on Sunday mornings at
 9:30 for our musical tefilha. It is bound to put a smile on your face!!!!                        “I do not recall a Jewish
 ….                                                                                                     home without
                                                                                                    a book on the table.”
 LIMUD HIGH                         by Ben Kriegel                                                       ELIE WEISEL
 Last year, Rabbi Irwin and Fredda met with the children who either had their bar or bat
 mitzvah, or who was about to have theirs. They talked about a new program for them that
 was starting this year. A Limud High was going to start at CTI for the first time. Limud High
 is every Sunday. Their schedule is much different than the pre bar mitzvah class. First,
 they meet with the Rabbi. The Rabbi talks about more mature topics with the Limud High
 students since they‘re all teenagers. Some of the things they talk about are comparative
 religion, gays and lesbians, and current events. The program also consists of community
 service. They help out the other Hebrew school classes. One of their favorite classes to
 work with is the Kindergarden and First Grade class with Alissa.
Page 6                                                                                                     Volume 45           Fa l l 2 0 1 1

                                           W E W ANT Y OU                   TO   K NOW …

CTI Welcomes Our                                     Wolpert Announces
New Member Families:                                 Newest Recipients:
Barbara & Jay Baron                                  Ms. Dona Danialzadeh                                     In our last issue we
Allison Bederman                                     Mr. Daniel Ben-David                                     mentioned that is was
Amy & Donald Bikoff                                  Mr. Matthew Danialzadeh                                  Rochelle Bordwin who
Meryl & Alan Cohen                                                                                            made the costumes for
                                                     Ms. Jenna Nelsen
Dina Epstein & Fredrick Eisenstein                                                                            the Purim Spiel. In fact it
                                                     Mr. Brandon Goldenberg
Caryn & Steven Farber                                                                                         was Nanette Bass who
Marjorie Schachter &                                 Ms. Molly Silvestri                                      created the beautiful me-
Richard Giesman                                      Mr. Kyle Essex                                           dieval costumes. Sorry for
Jemi Goodman & Gary Goldstein                        Mr. Warner Bass                                          the error and thank you,
Wendy Papalcure                                      Mr. Andrew Lazarow                                       Nanette.
Robbie Stillerman                                    Mr. Andrew Friedlieb
Fataneh & Touraj Zarnikhian                          Mr. Luca Ameri

                                  CTI TAG SALE: A HUGE SUCCESS
                                                                             Well, we put out the word that we needed dona-
                                                                             tions, and, OH BOY, did CTI come through!! At one
                                                                             point we were afraid we didn‘t have enough space
                                                                             to lay out everything that our fabulous membership
                                                                             brought in. There must be whole attics and base-
                                                                             ments whose floors haven't been seen in decades.

                                                                             The pictures tell the story. Our hardy volunteers
                                                                             worked nearly ‗round the clock for days to get it all
                                                                             ready, and had a few minutes to breath deeply be-
                                                                             fore the hordes came. It was hectic, but also ex-
                                                                             hilarating. We always welcome everyone who
                                                                             wants to have fun and bond with some great peo-
                                                                             ple, especially more strong and handsome guys.

Master donations promoter, Jerry Cohen and Lubah Cohen, master organizer.    Susan Goldberg: ready for action!.
T e m p l e T id in g s S u m m e r 2 0 1 1                                                                     Page 7

Join CTI CARES- a new initiative at CTI. Its purpose is to lend a helping hand.
We are here when:
 A congregant is in the hospital and could use a visitor.
 A new mom is at home with a newborn and can‘t do her errands.
 A member is recovering from a broken leg and can‘t drive, but needs to get to the

We are in the process of forming a squad of caring people to respond to a call, if needed.
Up until now our wonderful Cantor Gustavo had been doing this all by himself. He could          Contact Phyllis Spector
use a little help. Please put your name on the list. If you are available to help when the
need arises, you will have performed a wonderful mitzvah. We will all be the better for it.     to add your name to
                                                                                                the CTI CARES list.
                               Tikkun olam – repairing the world
                               He who saves a life saves the whole world
                                                                                                At the CTI office, 516-
                               If I am not for myself, who is for me
                                                                                                676 5080
                               If I am only for myself, what am I?
                               If not now, when?

Do these phrases sound familiar? They should. They are part of our heritage.
It‘s in our DNA to be kind and helpful to others.
We inherited a tradition of helping and caring for others.
Won‘t you put another link in that chain?
Join CTI Cares and make a difference in someone‘s life. You will end up making a differ-
ence in your own.

                                     AND A REALLY BIG THANK YOU...
  To the following merchants and individuals for their generous donations to the CTI Tag
             Sale. Their support made a difference. We urge everyone to do lots
                     of holiday shopping locally and support them too.

                 ACCENT ON THE HOME                                        THE PIANO EXCHANGE
                        10 Glen Street, Glen Cove                           150 School Street, Glen Cove
                          THE CAR SALON
                    178 Forest Avenue, Glen Cove                            SORENSON LUMBER
                           GREAT SHAPES                                     64 Glen Cove Avenue, Glen Cove
                    Roslyn         Woodbury      Merrick
             GLEN COVE WATCH WORKS                                         1464 Old Northern Blvd, Roslyn
        8B Forest Avenue (just East of Dosoris Lane)
                            CAROLE K.                                            STOP & SHOP
                         PETER ANDREWS                                     The Glen Cove Shopping Center
        Williston Park              Huntington     Farmingdale              Forest Avenue & Walnut Road
Page 8                                                                                                   Volume 45            Fa l l 2 0 1 1

CTI NURS ERY SCHO O L NE W S                                                     FALL 2011
By Beverly Romm, School Director

Nursery school children with lulav and etrog in the ‗big box‘ suckkah that they helped make.

Over this past summer, we experi-                      smile every day, and will be cared for    and adults. We practice our man-
enced the power of Mother Nature.                      and nurtured by our teachers. Par-        ners, sharing a fruit at snack time,
First we felt the effects of an earth-                 ents may expect to say goodbye at         waiting to take a turn, as the chil-
quake measuring 5.7 on the Richter                     drop-off and focus on their day know-     dren’s efforts are supported, allow-
scale. It was scary, it was unex-                      ing their children are in good hands.     ing them to function independently.
pected, and we were unprepared.
                                                       Expect children to engage in active
                                                       hands-on learning knowing that the        Expect a great deal of play where
Then we received a visit from Hurri-
                                                       teachers will plan activities based on    we develop our imaginations and
cane Irene. It was scary, we didn’t
                                                       the children’s interest that will moti-   creativity, exploring and experi-
know what to expect, and we, and
                                                       vate learning. We will use our            menting, as we try on different cos-
LIPA, were unprepared. Some of
                                                       senses as we taste the difference         tumes and act out different roles.
us are still reeling.
                                                       between red and green apples, smell       We have created a place where we
Now that it is fall, we are experienc-                 the banana bread we measure, mix          may practice problem solving in our
ing the power of a different source,                   and bake, hear stories and songs,         interactions with friends.
more of a Mother Goose than                            touch the blocks as we build our          Expect language skills to be pro-
Mother Nature. It is the power of                      tower higher than we thought we           moted through stories, puppets,
Preschool. Here at CTI Nursery                         could, and see the world as we take       and the use of flannel boards. We
School, it is the opposite of scary,                   nature walks to explore our               learn about holidays and seasons
we are very well prepared, and both                    ―backyard‖ through the seasons. We        through song using both English
parents and children know exactly                      will observe, ask questions, find an-     and Hebrew language. Conversing
what to expect.                                        swers, and construct knowledge to-        daily over juice and crackers at our
                                                       gether.                                   snack table is an excellent use of
One may expect to be welcomed                                                                    our skills, and highly informative f
upon entering our doors. Expect                        Expect children to learn through so-      or all!!
that each child will be greeted with a                 cial interaction with other children
T e m p l e T id in g s S u m m e r 2 0 1 1                                                                                       Page 9

Expect that each child’s individuality
will be recognized and celebrated, that
our varied cultural backgrounds and
family experiences will be respected.
We strive to discover what styles of
learning work best for each child.

And finally, expect the children in our
school to develop a love of learning
and curiosity which I believe is a life-
long asset to be fostered and encour-
aged. Our experienced educators,
Mrs.B, Miss Alissa, Miss Linda, and
Miss Vicki, are well prepared to take on
this undertaking, as is evidenced by
the smiling faces seen and the laughter
heard throughout our building. We are
off to a great start, and having cele-
brated the Jewish holidays, we look
forward to many events, including our
upcoming annual Fall Fun Day.

Having fun and learning together with
the children is what we all expect, and
it is what happens each and every day
in our very special school.

                                  A Very Jerusalem Sukkot in Glen Cove
It‘s not every synagogue that can boast a freshly cooked,
Israeli meal of falafel with all the trimmings served with
elan and pride in the CTI Sukkah. But then, it‘s not every
synagogue on Long Island that has members Ronen and
Donna Reinheimer slaving away in the kitchen (we‘ll
deal with the ‗slaving‘ at Passover) to produce one of the
best meals we‘ve had on this side of the Mediterranean.

Not only was the food superb, but we were blessed with a
beautiful evening and a standing-room only crowd of ea-
ger and hungry congregants. In fact, if we hadn't freed
the kitchen slaves, everyone agreed that we could have
gone on eating for hours. Fortunately, we had the Rabbi,
his guitar and a great bunch of spirited singers to take
our minds off our stomachs and into the joy of a musical
Sukkot.                                                  Falafel wizards, Donna and Ronen, performing their magic in the CTI kitchen
Page 10                                                                                        Volume 45            Fa l l 2 0 1 1

                               CTI PAST PRESIDENTS—THEN AND NOW...

At the 85th
Gala in
1982 CTI
honored all
Past Presi-
dents since
its founding
in 1897.
were pre-
sent to re-
ceive a

               Seated l to r: Leonard Shapiro (for his grandfather), Max Posner, Arthur Buxenbaum, Bernard Canner,
               Maurice Welt, Edward Zendle, Gerald Wolkowitz and Mayer Udell. Standing l to r: Charles Davids,
               Morton Levine, Joseph Shapiro. Dr. Herbert Rashkind, Jacob Ain, Henry Rothman and Philip Windler

At a recent
Dance hon-
oring long
time Mem-
bers, Fran
& Mayer
Udell and
Gus and
Past Presi-
dents as-
sembled for
this photo

               L to r: Phil Essex, Bill Friedlieb, Adina Orshan, Mayer Udell, Jerry Wolkowitz, Lillian Meckler, Chuck
               Brody and Richard Lazarow
T e m p l e T id in g s S u m m e r 2 0 1 1                                                                                             P a g e 11

There is no better way to cele-           Lubah and Jerry Cohen in mem-    Beverly Peress in honor of the      Limud Scholarship Fund
brate special occasions and life          ory of Vivian Schachter‘s        naming of Yael Mozes, grand-        Wendy & Andrew Carlson
cycle events; thank your chaverim         brother Daniel Sibener           daughter of Clara and John Mozes
or other cherished people in your                                                                              Rochelle & Moe Bordwin
                                          Fredda & Michael Klopfer in      Joy Posmantier in memory of
life; and honor and remember              memory of Chet Sherer            Rhoda DeBrowner Harvey              Martin Wertheim
loved ones… than through a do-                                                                                 Ronnie & Jerome Zisfein
nation to CTI. Your generous con-         Lubah and Jerry Cohen in mem-    Joy Posmantier in memory of
                                          ory of Beatrice Marcus, mother   Lenore Letterman                    Fredda & Michael Klopfer in honor
tribution to your synagogue will
                                          of Judy Rosalez                  Laurence and Cathy Sechter in       of the marriage of Monica and
help fulfill the organization's mis-
sion and support member pro-              Phyllis Spector and Carl Korn-   memory of Edith Bass                Lucas
grams and services we are able            feld                             Laurence and Cathy Sechter in       Victoria & Stephen Wexler in mem-
to offer.                                                                                                      ory of Judy Rosalez‘ mother, Bea-
                                          Lubah and Jerry Cohen in mem-    memory of Lenore Letterman
                                                                                                               trice Marcus
                                          ory of Lenore Letterman          Laurence and Cathy Sechter in
                                          Merry & David Swirnoff in mem-                                       Anne-Marie and Marc Starr
The Congregation gratefully                                                memory of Elinor Zatlin
                                          ory of Vinny Rosalez                                                 Binnie Goldhirsch in honor of
acknowledges the following                                                                                     Susan Freelund‘s Birthday
recent contributions:
                                 Donation Cards                                                                Carol and Philip Poll-Basse in
                                                                           Larry Meckler Day Care Fund         memory of Susan Friedlieb‘s
Beautification Fund              Betsy and Dr. Carl Schreiber in
                                                                           Lillian Meckler In honor of Judy    mother, Lenore Letterman
                                 memory of Irving Satler, brother
Murray Serether, in memory of                                              Rosalez‘ new granddaughter          The Udell Family in memory of
                                 of Jayne Ameri
Rhoda DeBrowner, mother of Kim                                             Lillian Meckler in memory of Edith Lenore Letterman
Schweitzer                       Betsy and Dr. Carl Schreiber in
                                                                           Bass                                Roslyn & Irwin Lutt in memory of
                                 memory of Elinor Zatlin
Murray Serether, in memory of                                              Lillian Meckler in memory of Elinor Lenore Letterman
                                 Betsy and Dr. Carl Schreiber in
Israel Wolman                                                              Zatlin                              Victoria Wexler in memory of
                                 memory of Chet Sherer
                                                                           Lillian Meckler in memory of Chet Lenore Letterman
Adult Ed Fund                    Betsy and Dr. Carl Schreiber in
                                                                           Sherer                              Augusta & Jerry Wolkowitz in mem-
                                 memory of Edith Bass
Rochelle & Moe Bordwin in honor                                            Lillian Meckler in memory of Bea- ory of Lenore Letterman
of David Weinstein               Susan Freelund in memory of
                                 Beatrice Marcus, mother of                trice Marcus                        Binnie Goldhirsch in honor of Can-
Sandy & David Levine in memory                                             Lillian Meckler in memory of Ger-   tor Gustavo and Gaby becoming
                                 Judy Rosalez
of Edith Bass                                                              shon Greene                         citizens of the United States
                                 Susan and Bill Friedlieb in
Doris Meadows in honor of Susan memory of Beatrice Marcus,                 Lillian Meckler in honor of the     Vivian & Mel Schachter in honor of
Freelund‘s Birthday              mother of Judy Rosalez                    naming of Yael Mozes, grand-        Cantor Gustavo and Gaby becom-
Sandy & David Levine in memory Betsy and Dr. Carl Schreiber in             daughter of Clara and John Mozes ing citizens of the United States
of Lenore Letterman              memory of Lenore Letterman,               Lillian Meckler in memory of the    Fredda & Michael Klopfer in mem-
Sandy & David Levine in memory mother of Susan Friedlieb                   father of Esther Mamanov            ory of Lenore Letterman
of Hyman S. Elias                Phyllis Spector and Carl Korn-            Lillian Meckler in honor of Binnie- Vicki & Stephen Wexler in honor of
Beverly Peress in honor of Helen feld in memory of Hyman S.                Goldhirsch‘s retirement             Helen Greene‘s Birthday
Greene‘s Birthday                Elias                                     Vivian & Mel Schachter in memory Fran & Mayer Udell in honor of
Beverly Peress in honor of Joan  Betsy and Dr. Carl Schreiber in           of Elinor Zatlin                    Helen Greene‘s Birthday
Essex‘s Retirement               honor of the naming of Eileen             Lillian Meckler in memory of        Elaine Schwartz in honor of Helen
                                 Abramson‘s grandson Shea                  Lenore Letterman, mother of         Greene‘s Birthday
CTI Forest Fund                                                            Susan Friedlieb
Beverly Peress                                                             Lillian Meckler in memory of Rhoda
                                                                           DeBrowner, mother of Kim            Prayer Book Fund
Phyllis Worby                    General Fund
                                                                           Schweitzer                          Jack Canarick in memory of Elinor
Roslyn & Irwin Lutt              Bill and Susan Friedlieb in
                                                                           Lillian Meckler in honor of Barry   Zatlin
Sandy & Jack Toback in honor of memory of Elinor Zatlin                                                        Phyllis Worby in honor of Stepha-
                                                                           Greene‘s birthday
Talia, Granddaughter of Fredda &
                                 Bill and Susan Friedlieb in               Lillian Meckler in memory of Nata- nie Kaplan‘s Special Birthday
Michael Klopfer
                                 memory of Edith Bass                      lie Siegel
                                 Vicky Wexler in memory of                 Lillian Meckler in honor of Cantor&
CTI Cares                        Hyman S. Elias                            Gaby becoming citizens and          Donations (continued on page 12)
Bill and Susan Friedlieb in mem- Vicky Wexler in honor of the              Gaby‘s birthday
ory of Chet Sherer               marriage of the son of David              Lillian Meckler in memory of Ber-
                                 Berkeley                                  nard Cohen
Defibrillator Fund               Eric Mosbacher in honor of                David Zatlin in honor of Lillian
Lubah and Jerry Cohen in honor   Stephanie Kaplan‘s Birthday               Meckler, Sandy Toback and Elaine
of Clara and John Mozes new      Beverly Peress in memory of               Schwartz for all of their help and
granddaughter, Yael              Rhoda DeBrowner Harvey                    support during my mother‘s shiva.
Page 12                                                                                                    Volume 45              Fa l l 2 0 1 1

Donations (continued)
                                                                      Yarhrzeit Donations
                                    Sandy and Jack Toback in          Marc Starr, in memory of Alita
Rabbi‘s Discretionary Fund                                                                                  Martin Lindenbaum in memory
                                    memory of Beatrice Marcus         Dee Starr
Victoria Wexler                                                                                             of Fern Lindenbaum
                                    Sandy and Jack Toback in          Irene & Morrie Helitzer in memory
Ruth Cowan                                                                                                  Debra Deneroff in memory
                                    memory of Lenore Letterman        of Aron Alperin
Lenore Letterman                                                                                            Robert Stein
                                    Sandy and Jack Toback in          Marilyn Genoa in memory of
Rochelle & Moe Bordwin in                                                                                   Phyllis Spector in memory of
                                    memory of Sheila Polkes           Miriam Kalenscher
memory of Lawrence DeBrowner                                                                                Sarah Migdal
Rochelle & Moe Bordwin in                                             Carol Poll in memory of Jerry Poll    Susan and William Friedlieb in
memory of Daniel Hirsch             Social Action Fund                Rose Goldstein in memory of           memory of Hyman Elias
Beverly Peress in memory of         Elaine Schwartz in memory of      Josef Herskovitz                      Carol Spinelli
Chet Sherer                         Ellie Zatlin                      Jerome Zisfein in memory of Irene     Victoria Wexler in memory of
                                    Elaine Schwartz in memory of      Brooks                                Margalit Avissar
Beverly Peress in memory of         Chet Scherer                      Bruce Katcher in memory of Doro-      Arnie Abrams in memory of Tes-
Elinor Zatlin                       Elaine Schwartz in memory of      thy Katcher                           sie Abrams
Beverly Peress in honor of Judy     Edith Bass                        Joanne and Lawrence Singband          John Mozes in memory of Armin
Rosalez‘ new granddaughter          Elaine Schwartz in honor of       in memory of Adolph Singband,         Mozes
Beverly Peress in honor of Rabbi    Andrew Forte‘s Bar Mitzvah        Jeanette Singband, David Kaplan       Rose Goldstein in memory of
and Patte‘s new home                Augusta & Jerry Wolkowitz in      and Rosalie Stern                     Malvina Herskovitz
Ellen & Hy Portnoy in honor of      memory of Elinor Zatlin           Gerald Wolkowitz in memory of         Ellen Koeppel in memory of
Millie & David Levine‘s 50th        The Udell Family in memory of     Rosalind Holmes                       Lena Greenberg
Wedding Anniversary                 Elinor Zatlin                     Jack Canarick in memory of Mor-       Lubah & Jerry Cohen in memory
Ellen & Hy Portnoy in honor of      Elaine Schwartz in memory of      ris Canarick                          of Si Cohen
Fredda & Michael Klopfer‘s          Lenore Letterman                  Monroe Lange In memory of
granddaughter Talia‘s Bat                                                                                   Theda & Philip Kashin in mem-
                                    Philip Poll & Carol Basse in      Margot Lange                          ory of Irving Schepps
                                    memory of Rhoda DeBrowner         Theda Kashin in memory of Jean        Susan & Aron Ain in memory of
Eric Mosbacher in honor of his
                                    Stephen & Victoria Wexler in      Schepps                               Sidney Morenstein, Nathan Ain
brother‘s 90th Birthday
                                    memory of Rhoda DeBrowner         Harold Levine in memory of Ann        and Doran Ponemon
Eric Mosbacher in honor of his
                                    Elaine Schwartz in honor of       Levine                                Jean Canarick in memory of
daughter, Diane‘s 60th Birthday
                                    Joan Essex‘s retirement           Rose Goldstein in memory of           Sidney Canarick
Susan Freelund in memory of
                                    Elaine Schwartz in memory of      Lena Goldstein                        Jack Canarick in memory of Sid-
Judy Rosalez‘ mother
                                    Rhoda DeBrowner                   Susan Freelund in memory of           ney Canarick
Judy Rosalez in honor of Susan
                                                                      Celia Kraut                           Ronen Reinheimer in memory of
Freelund‘s Birthday
                                                                      Susan Freelund in memory of           Steven A. Reinheimer
Judy Rosalez in memory of
                                                                      Louis and Bessie Kaufman
Lenore Letterman                    Sukkah Fund                       Susan Freelund in memory of
Susan Freelund in memory of
                                    Chris & Michael Swirnoff          Harriet Katz                          Every effort was made to en-
Lenore Letterman
                                    Dr. Helen Greene                  Ruth Sarnoff in memory of Paul        sure accuracy; I apologize in
David Berkeley in honor of Irene
                                    Gloria Jackel                     Riederman
Helitzer                                                                                                    advance for any errors.
Sandy & David Levine in honor
of Cantor Gustavo and Gaby
becoming citizens of the US
Augusta & Jerry Wolkowitz in
memory of Rhoda DeBrowner,
mother of Kim Schweitzer
Ellen & Hy Portnoy in memory of                In Memoriam                      In Memoriam                         In Memoriam
Rhoda DeBrowner                            We mourn our loss in              We mourn our loss                   We mourn our loss in
Elaine Schwartz in honor of Can-              the Passing of                  in the Passing of                     the Passing of
tor and Gaby Gitlin becoming US
Citizens                                    Long time esteemed               esteemed member,                    esteemed member,
Eileen Abramson in honor of her                  member,                        Chet Sherer                         Sheila Polkes
granddaughter‘s baby naming                     Elinor Zatlin
Sandy and Jack Toback in mem-                                                Our sincere sympa-                 Our sincere sympathy
ory of Rhoda DeBrowner Harvey              Our sincere sympathy             thy and condolences                  and condolences to
Sandy and Jack Toback in mem-               and condolences to               to his family at this              her family at this time.
ory of Hyman Elias                         her family at this time.                  time.
Ellen Rittberg in honor or Cantor
T e m p l e T id in g s S u m m e r 2 0 1 1                                                                                 P ag e 1 3

                             Sponsor an Oneg or Kiddush                                            ONGOING PROGRAMS
                                 And Honor Someone You Love                                             Rabbi‘s Classes
                                                                                                       Tuesdays at 7:30pm.
Thank you to our members who have recently sponsored Onegs and Kiddushes for various occasions:        Currently under study:
                                    Oneg/Kiddish Sponsors                                               The Book of Ezekiel

                                                                                                    Monthly Movie Nights
Millie & David Levine in honor of their 50th         Clara and John Mozes in honor of the Baby
wedding anniversary                                  naming of Yael Mozes                            Wednesdays at 7:30pm.
                                                                                                     Check website for schedule.
Chet Sherer in honor of the anniversary of           Irene and Morrie Helitzer in Memory of
Arianna‘s Bat Mitzvah                                Benjamin Rodman
                                                                                                     Post-Minyan Thursday
Fredda and Michael Klopfer in honor of their         Laurence Sechter in memory of his father,      ‗Coffee & Conversation
granddaughter Talia‘s Bat Mitzvah                    Irving Jacob Sechter
                                                                                                  A good schmooze after Minyan
Fredda and Michael Klopfer in honor of               Eileen Abramson In memory of Stuart             on Thursdays at 8:15am.
Mariel Guerrera‘s Birthright trip to Israel.         Abramson
The Forte Family in honor of Andrew‘s Bar            Phyllis and Arnie Abrams in honor of their          Israeli Dancing
Mitzvah                                              new grandson, Casey                               Thursdays at 7:45 pm
Martin Shooman in memory of Sylvia                   Stephanie Kaplan in honor of her birthday    Probably the best kept secret at
Shooman‘s 1st Yahrzeit                               Diane Stillerman Haut and Robbie Stiller-      CTI. Call Sandy at 671-2829
Lubah and Jerry Cohen in memory of Lubah‘s           man in memory of their father, Maxwell
mother, Dorothy Cohen                                Stillerman
                                                                                                    Join the latest rage at CTI.
Lubah and Jerry Cohen in honor of the CTI            Natalie Meyer in honor of the Bat Mitzvah
                                                                                                   We meet on Wednesdays at
Israel trip travelers                                of her granddaughter, Sabrina Meyer
                                                                                                  7PM. Call Joan at 759-4558.
Annette and Norton Paley as they move from           Binnie Goldhirsch, in honor of her retire-
Glen Cove – ―Thanks for the Memories‖                ment and in memory of her father
                                                                                                      The CTI Mitzvah Book
                                                                                                       Exchange Program
                                                                                                   Please bring current books
                                                                Let‘s All Kvell With...
                                                                                                    that you have finished to
                                                                                                     the bookshelf in the CTI
                                                      Irene & Morrie Helitzer on the Mar-
                                                                                                    lobby. Leave a $1 for any
                                                      riage of their daughter Evie to Matt
                                                                                                  book you take. Everyone wins
                                                      Tamra & Inan Eker on the birth of the              with this effort.
                                                      newest member of CTI, Jacob Eren
         “I felt there is a wealth in                 Eker, born October 29th. His proud
                                                      first time grandmother is Phyllis Spec-              Book Club
          Jewish tradition, a great
                                                      tor                                         Check with Ruth Cowan for the
         inheritance, I‟d be a jerk                                                                next book we are reading and
         not to take advantage of                     Theda & Philip Kashin in honor of their     the next scheduled discussion.
                                                      grandson, Dov‘s Bar Mitzvah in Israel
                                                                                                     FIND OUT WHAT‟S
                Herman Wouk                           Susan & Bill Friedlieb on the birth of
                                                      their granddaughter, Lillee                       GOING ON
                                                                                                   Our web-maven extraordinaire,
                                                      Roz & Irwin Lutt on the birth of their
                                                                                                  Froma Bessel, wears her fingers
                                                      grandson, Jack
                                                                                                   to the bone making CTI‟s web
                                                      Marty Lindenbaum on the marriage of          site beautiful and informative.
                                                      his son.
                                                                                                       GIVE A LOOK!
                                                      The Rizzo family on daughter Lauren‘s            www.ctionline.org
                                                      Bat Mitzvah

                                                      ...And check page 14 for other
                                                       kvellable reporting
Page 14                                                                                                       Volume 45             Fa l l 2 0 1 1

                                       KIM SCHWEITZER
                                       Many people ask if the syna-        clean up and lots of other
                                       gogue office is open or if I work   things.
                                       during the summer. Actually,
                                       while the traffic in the building   During a rather busy day, a
                                       during the summer months is         young kid (I must be getting
                                       lighter than most of the year, it   old when I call anyone under
                                       is planning season. We plan for     30 a kid!). Well this young           deal and the crew rented our
           Mazel Tov to                the holidays, months ahead,         man came to the office want-          parking lot for 4 days.
                                                                           ing to rent the parking lot for
Betsy and Dr. Carl Schreiber on                                                                                  The last day of shooting he
                                                                           a few days.                           called and invited me to
the birth of their first grandchild,                                                                             watch the show being filmed
                                                                           His name is Stephen Hartman           at the park.
Danielle Beth Schreiber. She is                                            and he is the Assistant Loca-
the beautiful daughter of Philip                                           tion Manager for one of my
                                                                           favorite TV shows, ―Royal             I was very well behaved and
and Jamie of Washington, D.C.                                              Pains.‖ The show was shoot-           had a wonderful time. He
                                                                           ing on location in Morgan             also sent us at CTI an auto-
                                                                           Park.                                 graphed picture of ―Dr.
                                                                                                                 Hank‖ as well as Director‘s
Judy Rosalez on the birth of her                                                                                 Chair signed by Mark Feuer-
                                                                           I immediately got so excited
granddaughter, Molly Aurora on                                             and acted like a childish teeny       stein that we will auction off
                                                                           bopper asking all sorts of silly      at an upcoming fundraiser.
June 10th. Little Molly weighted
                                                                           questions like, is Dr. Hank
in at 7 pounds and 7 ounces.                                               really jewish? How tall is            Life is funny. Just when
The proud parents are Jamie and                                            Divya? Is Wilma Valderrama            things are sort of mundane,
                                                                           really so cute in person and          something out of the ordi-
Jeff Kennedy.                                                              could I meet him. Actually he         nary comes along to spice
                                               Mark Feuerstein,            was rather amused with me             things up and make your
                                           Dr. Hank of ―Royal Pains‖       and we made a pretty good             day!
Phyllis and Arnie Abrams on the
birth of their grandson, Casey,
son of Kennedy and Chris Minton
of Seattle, Washington.                Kol Isha – What’s In It For Me?
                                       By Sandy Toback, Kol Isha President
     Members who recently
  purchased honorials that will        Kol Isha came into existence at CTI in 2009.
remain part of the fabric of CTI…      A large group of women felt that the time
                                       was right to create a women’s group that
                                       was not Sisterhood. While Sisterhood had
                                       an important role in our past, and still plays
  Our Deepest Condolences to           an important role in some Conservative con-
Harvey Bass on the passing of          gregations, we did not want to become pri-                 Working on a CTI Cookbook
his mother, Edith Bass                 marily a fund raising or catering group.                   Helping the Fund Raising Committee in
                                                                                                   Tag Sales
David Zatlin, on the loss of his       To decide what we did want the group to be,
                                       we met to brainstorm ideas and plan our                    Advancing the creation of beautiful new
mother, Elinor
                                       future. From this original meeting we de-                   donation cards
                                       cided that the role of Kol Isha would be to
Judy Rosalez on the passing of
                                       help initiate and facilitate programs that are
                                                                                                  Transforming the ―Women’s Shabbat‖ to
her mother, Beatrice Marcus                                                                        a Shabbat for all who wished to move
                                       open to the entire congregation, rather than
                                                                                                   up the ladder of participation
                                       limiting them only to members of the group.
Susan Friedlieb on the passing
                                       To this end we were successful in:                         Supporting a successful blood drive
of her mother, Lenore Letterman
                                                                                                  Presenting educational programs (Rosh
Amy Elias Kornfeld on the pass-           Restarting a book group (The Sharyn                     Chodesh and women’s prayer; Eco-
ing of her father, Hyman S. Elias
                                           Berliner Book Group)                                    Kashrut; Fair Trade; Enhancing the fam-
                                          Moving ahead the creation of a library                  ily seder; Potential new prayers/rituals
                                                                                                   for modern celebrations)
Kim Schweitzer on the passing of          Organizing a group to improve the
                                           sponsoring and quality of the Shabbat                  Working with Men’s Group on joint
her mother, Rhoda DeBrowner
                                           Oneg and Kiddush                                        initiatives

                                          Enabling a number of wonderful ―coffee
                                           house/Finjan‖ evenings
  T e m p l e T id in g s S u m m e r 2 0 1 1                                                                                           Page 15


                                                What a                                                              Giddyup!
                                                                                                                    This elegant
                                                At six years                                                        cowboy has
                                                old he was                                                          fortunately
                                                already building                                                    never galloped
                                                menorahs out of                                                     his horse up to
                                                Legos.                                                              the Bimah.

  Join the fun! Send/bring in your favorite CTI member‘s photo and let the guessing begin! We will scan the photo and return it. Photos will be
            chosen in the order received and published in the next issue. Give a couple of funny clues if you like. Answers on page 19

      Been Meaning To Send That Card? It‟s as                                             as 1-2-3
      1   Visit the CTI website www.ctionline.org to view our beautiful, CTI member-
      designed, original donation cards.

      2    Choose the one (there are 5 choices) you want and follow the information
      on the page. One of the 5 choices is pictured here.

      3     We will gladly send a card for you and list your donation in Temple Tidings.

                                Book Club News
                        The Book Group, named in memory of its founder
                        Sharyn Berliner, selects books of general Jewish
                        interest including fiction, biography, and non- fic-
                        tion. The Group, facilitated by Ruth Cowan and
                        Susan Freelund, meets every other month on
                        Sunday mornings at
                        10:15am—12:00 p.m.
                        We share our thoughts
                        and opinions in what is
                        always a good discussion
of the selected book and author for that meeting.                                             The Book Exchange shelf has been re-
                                                                                              located to the main lobby from the hall-
The next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, De-                                                 way. This should make it more visible
cember 11th, when the discussion will be on ―The                                              and hopefully more seductive to mem-
Hare with Amber Eyes” by Edmund De Waal.              NETSUKE                                 bers who can never be without a book
The plot of the book revolves around netsuke, small                                           to read. If this becomes as popular as
Japanese carved figures. Chris Swirnoff will bring a sampling                                 we hope it will, there will always be a
of actual netsuke (net-skee) to enhance the book’s experience.                                decent and cheap read available. It
Please read the book and join us for the discussion, and of course,                           could also become a small but satisfy-
                                                                                              ing revenue source for the shul.
Page 16                                                                                                Volume 45              Fa l l 2 0 1 1

          USCJ ACTIVITY REPORT                                      The figures for food and lodging in Israel are even greater. For
                                                                    the groups in Poland and Eastern Europe there will be over
             BY BILL FRIEDLIEB                                      2,000 Kosher meals provided by various Kosher kitchens in
                                                                    Europe .

                                                                    USYers will join us from 27 different States and two Canadian
 The USY Summer program season officially began on Sun-             Provinces and Israel from at least 210 USCJ congregations.
 day June 19 with the departure of one of our USY Israel            Our staff and volunteer will meet hundreds of different domes-
 Pilgrimage/Poland Seminar groups, followed by our first            tic flights at five different airports. We will answer thousands of
 shift Classic USY on Wheels group. This past week the rest         phone calls and e-mails from parents throughout the summer,
 of our summer staff gathered for intensive staff training and      while posting daily updates and photos from 13 different sum-
 preparation. Last summer close to 500 USYers and staff             mer program groups on our website.
 spent their summer with USY. This includes USY’ers who
 are registered for two brand new summer programs, our              All of this, and much, much more is coordinated by a relatively
 USY on Wheels Pacific Northwest trip, and our Israel Pil-          small and highly dedicated staff. While many other people look
 grimage L’Takayn Olam (Social Action) trip.                        forward to some ―down time‖ during the summer, we in the
                                                                    USY office are busy working almost round the clock to provide
 It is a massive undertaking. For example, we estimate that         these summer experiences.
 we will serve close to 22,000 meals on our various USY on
 Wheels trips with well over 3,000 hotel room nights. All of        As impressive as the logistics may be, what is even more im-
 our buses combined will probably travel at least 31,000            pressive is the impact of what we do. The summer program
 miles, spending the night in 34 different states and two Ca-       may last for three to six weeks, but the experience lasts a life-
 nadian provinces (and this includes our first ever visit to the    time. The impact on the participants’ Jewish identity and com-
 State of Alaska!) throughout the summer.                           mitment makes it all worth it.
                                                                    Hope you had a great summer!

                                                                    Editors note:
                                                                    Some Funds from The Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund sends
                                                                    students to these programs

                         A Benefit of Your Synagogue Membership

                                     We all know someone who is facing a challenge…
            Separation and Divorce ~ Parenting ~ Bereavement ~ Care giving ~ Cancer-Wellness ~ and more
                                         ‫ וננה‬You Need Us, We’re Here For You

                                                                           • Support groups
                                                                           • Short term counseling
                                                                           • Information and referral services
                                                                           • Synagogue workshops and event planning

                                              Audrey J. Bernstein, LMSW
                                                Randy Height, LMSW
                                               Margy Ringelheim, LMSW
                           Susan Broxmeyer, LCSW, ACSW, Clinical Social Worker Supervisor
                            Stuart Botwinick, MAJEd, MAJCS, Director of Partners In Caring

                                      There is no cost to speak with our caring, experienced
                                           social work staff. All calls are confidential.
                                                        (516) 484-1545, ext. 196
 T e m p l e T id in g s S u m m e r 2 0 1 1                                                                                Page 17

                                       2011-2012 Kol Nidre Honor Roll
     Mr. & Mrs. Bruce & Roberta Waller                                                   PARTICIPATING-$75 &UP
                                               PROMOTERS- $360 & UP                           Dr. Ron & Mrs. Marilyn Abrams
                                                Mr. Bruce Katcher & Mrs. Lise Carignan             Mrs. Jeanne Bernstein
GUARDIANS-$10,000 &                    UP
                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Phil & Joan Essex             Dr. Helen & Dr. Richard Forte
    Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Libby Shapiro
                                                Cantor Gustavo & Mrs. Gabrielle Gitlin               Mr. Alan Goldberg
   Mr. Marc Starr & Dr. Anne-Marie Starr
                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Hy & Ellen Portnoy         Mr. & Mrs. Borel & Ruti Goldenberg
                                                 Dr. & Mrs. Norman & Debra Turowsky                  Mrs. Diane Haut
 BUILDERS-$5,000 & UP                                     Mr. Martin Wertheim              Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Linda Hochberg
           Mrs. Sybil Bernstein
                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen & Victoria Wexler        Dr. & Mrs Philip & Theda Kashin
   Mr. & Mrs. Moe & Rochelle Bordwin
                                                           Mr. Samuel Ziegel               Dr. Kenneth & Mrs. Abby Kenigsberg
        Mr. & Mrs. Saul & Iris Katz
                                                                                                  Mrs. Deborah Langston
      Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Candy Udell
  Mr. & Mrs. Gerald & Augusta Wolkowitz         PROVIDERS-$300 & UP                                 Mrs. Lillian Meckler
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Harvey & Nanette Bass            Mr. & Mrs. Carl & Susan Miller
                                                          Mr. Charles Davids                Mr. & Mrs. Norton & Annette Paley
  SHOMRIM-$2,500 & UP                                    Mrs. Susan Freelund                Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey & Linda Perlman
    Mr. & Mrs. Maurizio & Jayne Ameri
                                                          Dr. Helen Greene                Mr. & Mrs. Roy & Pamela Rosenzweig
   Dr. & Mrs. Bradley & Jennifer Marsh
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Ellen Lazarow              Mrs. Elizabeth Saccone
     Dr. & Mrs. Carl & Betsy Schreiber
                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Peter & Adina Orshan                  Mr. Murray Serether
   Mr. & Mrs. Leonard & Caryl Shapiro
                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Jack & Lorri Prince        Mr. Michael Stoff & Mrs. Andrea Meyer
  Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Christine Swirnoff
                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Jenny Rubin               Dr. & Mrs. Robert Paltzik
                                                         Mrs. Elaine Schwartz
              Mr. Jay Berliner                                                                       $36 &       UP
                                               CONTRIBUTORS-$250 & UP                             Mrs. Blanche Bernstein
             Mr. Jack Canarick
                                                 Dr. & Mrs. Michael & Emily Bradford        Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin & Lucy Corin
             Mr. Paul Canarick
                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Jerry & Lubah Cohen          Mr. Ken Donow & Mrs. Shari Eiseman
    Mr. & Mrs. William & Susan Friedlieb
                                                         Mrs. Marilyn Genoa                         Mrs. Rose Goldstein
     Mr. & Mrs. Mayer & Francis Udell
                                                        Mrs. Binnie Goldhirsch            Mrs. Tina Hament & Mr. Patrick Silvestri
    Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth & Lois Weinstein
                                                   Mr. & Mrs. David & Millie Levine            Mr. & Mrs. Stuart & Nina Held
     Mr. & Mrs. Larry & Camille Windler
                                                          Mr. Burton Singer                          Mrs. Gloria Jackel
                                                    Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey & Corri Wolf                 Mrs. Gwen Jackness
                  Anonymous                                                                        Mrs. Stephanie Kaplan
              Mr. David Berkeley                  DONORS-$120 & UP                           Mr. & Mrs. Leslie & Meryl Lipton
                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Arnold & Phyllis Abrams                 Mrs. Doris Meadows
               Mrs. Ruth Cowan
                                                   Mr. Philip & Dr. Carol Poll-Basse                Mrs. Natalie Meyer
     Dr. & Mrs. Michael & Barbara Dubin
                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Fredda Klopfer           Mr. & Mrs. Carl & Susan Miller
   Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Doreen Eisenstadt
                                                             Mr. Mark Levy                          Mr. Eric Mosbacher
      Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Susan Goldberg
                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Irwin & Roslyn Lutt            Mr. & Mrs. John & Clara Mozes
 Rabbi Irwin & Mrs. Patte Jordan Huberman
                                                         Ms. Sabrina Meyer                          Ms. Beverly Peress
     Mr. & Mrs. Seymour & Isabelle Kary
                                                        Mrs. Edna Pearlmutter                Mr. & Mrs Ralph & Susan Pernick
     Mr. & Mrs. David M. & Sandra Levine
                                                         Mrs. Joy Posmantier               Dr. & Mrs. Richard & Ruth Poniarski
               Mrs. Judy Rosalez
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Morrie & Irene Helitzer      Mr. Robert Pfeffer & Mrs. Susan Prager
      Dr. & Mrs. Josef & Carol Sirefman
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Jack & Sandra Toback          Mr. & Mrs. Melvin & Vivian Schachter
    Ms. Phyllis Spector & Mr. Carl Kornfeld
                                                   Dr. & Mrs. Victor & Cathi Turow                  Mrs. Marilyn Seltzer
Dr. Laurence Sechter & Dr. Catherine Screnci
                                                          Mrs. Phyllis Worby                Dr. & Mrs. Howard & Esther Weiner
              Dr. Martin Shooman
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott & Randi Udell-Alper                                                           Mrs. Judie Weisel
       Mr. & Mrs. Scott & Jessica Udell
               Ms. Wendy Waller
                Mr. Stan Zeitlin
       Dr. Jerome & Dr. Ronnie Zisfein
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              Congregation Tifereth Israel

                                                                                           Betsy C. Schreiber
 is a proud participant in the 2011 COMMUNITY
             GIVE \ BACK PROGRAM!
                                                                                           Speech Language

                                                                                           ASHA Certified and
 Sept 15-Nov 6 2011                           Nov 26- Jan 8, 2012                          NYS Licensed

 Mention PROMO CODE*CTI to receive your ex-                                                Hours by appointment
  clusive Special Member Pricing $55.00 per                                                917-353-3823
       ticket - a $5.00 savings per ticket!
In addition, for each performance ticket sold us-
  ing PROMO CODE CTI, the John W. Engeman                           Diplomate, American Board of Dermatology
                                                                     Diplomate, American Board of Pediatrics
   Theater at Northport will donate $10.00 to
           Congregation Tifereth Israel
                                                                        ROBERT L. PALTZIK, M.D.
  ALL MEMBERS, THEIR FRIENDS AND THEIR                                   Adult And Pediatric Dermatology
         FAMILIES ARE ENCOURAGED TO                                           Dermatologic Surgery
              ―TAKE A PART‖ IN THIS                                        2 Hillside Avenue, Suite G
   ―DRAMATIC‖ FUNDRAISING OPPORTUNITY!                                     Williston Park, NY 11596
For further program information and to purchase                                 (516) 747-2230
         tickets call 631-261-2900 or visit

                                                                      TIDINGS ADVERTISING RATES:

                                                                                SINGLE         6 ISSUES
                                                                     Full page    $170          $850
                                                                     Half Page      95            475
                                                                     Quarter page    65           325
         178 Forest Avenue, Glen Cove, NY                            Business Card   40           200
             Complete Car Care Center
                                                                         Call Susan Goldberg at
                                                                             (516) 676-3207

Answers to: Before they came to CTI (page 15)
1. What a Cutie!: Brad Turow
2. Giddyup!: Henry Zendle
Page 20

    CTI MISSION STATEMENT                                     Congregation                                             Non-Profit Org.
Established in 1897, Congregation                             Tifereth                                                  U.S. Postage
Tifereth Israel is a small family Con-                        Israel                                                        PAID
servative congregation serving Glen                                                                                    Glen Cove, NY
Cove and its surrounding communi-
                                           40 Hill Street, Glen Cove NY 11542                                           Permit # 121
ties. We aspire to grow into a me-
dium sized congregation serving            Real People * Real Spirit * Real Community
the greater North Shore area.

CTI subscribes to the principle of
―Judaism without Borders‖ – we
are an egalitarian, all inclusive
congregation which serves its mem-
bership by respecting Jews of all
backgrounds, regardless of levels
of observance, orientation or family
structure. We welcome those who
have found God, those who are
searching for God, and those who
just aren‘t sure. We are open to
all Jews and their families, both on
their journey and beginning their
                                            We‘re on the web!
journey.                                    www.ctionline.org
We wish to honor and maintain the
tradition of being Long Island‘s oldest
continuously operating Jewish
congregation. CTI maintains a
Conservative Judaic tradition and
at the same time welcomes others
                                          T HIS ‘ N T HAT                                      Calendar Worthy Reminder
by opening up new windows to
Judaism.                                  We‘re thinking about…
Our commitment is to support eve-
ryone on their Jewish journey, no         A „Letters to The Editor‟                         We are planning a
matter where they find themselves.        Column and an                                 Chanukah Holiday Boutique
We encourage all interested indi-
viduals to become integral partici-
                                          Our Favorite Pet Column.
                                          Let us know if you like
                                                                                               on December 11
pating members of our wonderfully         these ideas . If you have                      While all plans are not yet firm, we will be
warm progressive community and            other suggestions, we‘re                      having jewelry and other items for sale. Our
to take advantage of the varied           interested in them!                            Judaica store will be open and there will be
programming we offer. We do so                                                            small, inexpensive items that the children
by anticipating the ideological and                                                     can shop for. We will have a kids’ Chanukah
spiritual needs, both current and                                                         wrapping      table with supplies and help
future, of our Congregation and                                                                          for the kids.
the surrounding Jewish community              CTI Services Schedule
at well.                                       Sunday        9:30 am
It is our mission to enrich the lives          Monday        7:15 am                          SAVE THE DATE:
of our members through prayer,                Thursday 7:15 am                            CTI’s PROGRESSIVE DIN-
learning, the performance of Mitz-               Followed by Coffee
vot and the joy of Jewish living; to             and Conversation                         NER       is on January 7,
support the State of Israel and to
transmit Jewish values and tradi-              Friday      8:00 pm                                 2012
tions to the next generation. We              Shabbat 9:30 am
provide spiritual, educational and
cultural growth for our members               On legal holidays,                          Watch for flyers and e-mails
and their families in a warm,
welcoming atmosphere.
                                            Weekday Services begin
                                                                                         announcing more information
                                                 at 8:15 am

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