Let Your Love Grow… Go GREEN For Your Wedding Centerpieces

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					                                             Beier’s Greenhouse offers a wide
Ideas for Intergrating Live                  array of Annuals, Perennials, Hanging
Plants into your Wedding                     Baskets and Beautiful Planted
                                             Containers to help you find the perfect
                                             natural décor for your wedding. We
Centerpieces                                 specialize in customer service and our
                                             design experts will help you in choosing
Centerpieces are the most popular            the right flowers.                                                 “Where quality has been our business for over 50 years”
use of plants at weddings. Making live
flowering centerpieces offers a great
opportunity to spend some time with your
                                                                                                                     Let Your Love
bridesmaids. Find cute containers and
fill them with small plants. Use one large
pot at a table or multiple small pots.
                                                                                                                       Go GREEN
Reception                                                                                                       For Your Wedding
Plants can be used anywhere at the           Beier’s also offers planting parties that can
reception. For an outside wedding,           be set up for the bride and her attendants
display beautiful, lush hanging baskets      or family to come in and make their own                                 With live flowers from
from the tent or from shepherd’s hooks.      Potted Arrangements or Centerpieces.                                     Beier’s Greenhouse
Potted arrangements can be used at           What a fun idea for the bridal party or a
an inside venue for centerpieces or          girls night out to celebrate the upcoming
displayed around your reception area.        wedding! Bring your own wine and we will
                                             provide hors d’oeuvres.

                                                      “Where quality has been our business for over 50 years”
                                                  Hwy. 169 East halfway between
                                                   Grand Rapids & Coleraine
                                                        2707 Midway Lane                                          Call to Set-up a
Church Decorations                                      Grand Rapids, MN                                        Wedding Consultation
Place pots at the entrance of the church.

                                                    Visit our website at
Hang baskets at the end of the pews or
put small potted plants at the end of the      www.beiersgreenhouse.com
pews. Decorate the altar with beautiful             then click on BLOG
baskets and arrangements.                         for great wedding ideas                                       www.beiersgreenhouse.com
     Centerpieces                                        Living Stones                                        Herbs & Plants
                                                       Considering                                           Chic brides keep
 New and Unique                                        a Zen themed                                          up with all the
                                                       wedding?                                              wedding trends
 Terrariums have made a comeback!                      Something                                             – stay savvy,
 The latest craze for                                  new on the                                            ladies! Herbs can
 wedding favors or                                                                                           help you have an
                                                       horizon are
 centerpieces is a                                                                                           environmentally-aware wedding.
                                                       Living Stones.
 terrarium. Combine
 art with nature in a                                  These are amazing plants that almost                   Lush, green centerpieces made with
 miniature, self-sufficient                            perfectly mimic the rocks in which they               herbs or a combination of herbs and
 environment.                                          grow. Each plant is made up of only                   flowers are an unconventional idea for
                                                       two succulent leaves rising directly                  the bride looking to stand apart from the
                                                       from a root system blooming in late                   crowd. These are really cute with small
                                                       summer. They range in color from                      pots containing herbs or plants. Use
                Modern                                 white to an array of darker colors
                                                       with varied patterns on top. A solitary,
                                                                                                             lavender, basil or rosemary to pleasure
                                                                                                             your guests’ senses.
                and Chic                               daisy-like flower is produced by each
                                                                                                             Create your own place card or use a
                                                       leaf pair in late summer. Why not try
                                                                                                             wooden stake to put each guest’s or each
                                                       something new and consider living                     couples names in the pots. When the
                                                       stones for your favors, centerpieces                  night is over, your guests can take them
                                                       and decorations? This cutting edge                    home and Let Your Love Grow.
 Traditional                                           trend will set you apart from all the
                                                       rest as you Let Your Love Grow.                       Free 1 hour Photo Shoot
                                                                                                               (with your own personal photographer)

      Spring                                                    Summer
                                                                                                                  at BEiER’s GREENhousE With all thE
                                                                                                                 GoRGEous FloWERs iNcludiNG ouR
                                                                                                               BEautiFul WEddiNG coRNER. this is BY
                                                                                                              appoiNtmENt oNlY WhEN You puRchasE
                                                                                                                             YouR FloWERs With us.
                                                                                                              this is a one of a kind photo opportunity exclusively for Beier’s Brides.
                      Pansy                                                        Geranium
                      Jasmine                                                      Orchid
                      Snapdragon                                                   Sunflower
                      Lavender                                                     Daylily
                      Gerbera Daisy                                                Mum
                      Viola                                                        Petunia

These are just a few suggestions. Check with our bridal consultant for MORE! Set up your personal wedding consultation today by calling 218-244-2491

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