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SUPPORT OUR TROOPS by zhouwenjuan


									                     SUPPORT OUR TROOPS Serving in Afghanistan and Iraq
                                        with Care Packages Organized by:
                                Mahwah Marine Moms and North Jersey Military Moms
      In an effort to continue sending care packages to all military serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, we are
                     asking for your help and appreciate any donations of the following items:

           TOILETRIES                        TRAVEL-SIZED ITEMS                     SNACK ITEMS
       Deodorant (non-aerosol)               Moisturizing body wash               Small packs of cookies
       Moisturizing body wash                Moisturizing face wash               Cheese & crackers packets
       Moisturizing face wash                Q-Tips                               Granola bars / Cereal bars
       Individual packs of tissues           Baby Wipes                           Power/Protein Bars
       Baby and foot powder (4 oz.)          Baby and foot powder                 Slim Jims/Beef Jerky
       Advil, Tylenol, Aspirin (24 ct.)      Moisturizing Lotion                  Mints / Gum
       Playing Cards                         Mouthwash (NO alcohol –              Fruit Roll-Ups
       Puzzle Books                          Crest, ProHealth, Listerine,         Pop Tarts
       Hand & Foot Warmers                   Biotene)                             Trail Mix
       Chapstick                                                                  Tuna kits (foil pack)
       Eye Drops                                                                  Dried Fruit
       Baby Wipes                                                                 Small bags of Nuts
       Q-Tips                                                                     Sunflower Seeds
                                                                                  Small boxes of cereal
                                                                                  Individual packs of powdered
                                                                                  drink       mix, Gatorade, iced
                                                                                  tea for adding to water bottles

           PLEASE ---- NO Bar Soap - NO Pork - NO Chocolate - NO Glass - NO Lighters - NO Aerosol Cans
                           For more information: Email –
                                                 or call – Terry Wendrychowicz – 201-891-9324

                    Tax-deductible donations may be made to Mahwah VFW Post 7124 (MMM)
If you know someone serving in Iraq or Afghanistan and would like us to ship a package to him or her, please contact us!

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