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									                            Old Red English Bulldog Association & Registry®
        The Registry for Rare Breed Molosser Bulldogs, Bulldogges, Bandogs, Bandogges and Mastiffs

                                           Application For Registration of Dog

Registration fee is $25 if the dog is registered with a kennel and $35 if the puppy is not. All applications must be
accompanied by three photographs of the dog to be registered, proper pedigree information (if available) and the
registration fee. If the dog is currently registered with another registering office, please send a photocopy of the
registration certificate that shows ownership. OREBA policies do not all a dog’s name to be changed after six months
of age.

Breed of Dog      ______________________________________________
Name of Dog       ______________________________________________
Color/Markings    ______________________________________________
Sex               _______________ Date of Birth ________________

Owner Information

Name of Owner(s) _______________________________________
Phone _____________________
Address __________________________
City ____________________State _______Zip _________

Name of Dam       ______________________________________________ Dam OREBA # ______________
Name of Sire      ______________________________________________ SIre OREBA # ______________

I hereby apply for OREBA registration for this dog and certify that I am the owner of the above named dog. I further
certify that all of the information on this application is true and correct. By signing this application I agree to abide by
all of the rules and regulations of the OREBA.

Signature of Owner         _______________________________________ Date ____________

Mail this application with all fees to:
Old Red English Bulldogs Association & Registry
PO BOX 1680

All applications are property of the OREBA and will be kept at the OREBA registering office. All personal information is confidential
and will remain as such. Applicants will be approved or denied at the discretion of OREBA.

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