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                                               AMAZON CRUISE
                                           ABOARD THE M/V AQUA
                                         Luxury Natural History Voyage

DURATION:                 10 days / 9 nights
SEASON:                   Year round
DEPARTURES:               Guaranteed with a minimum of 2 participants
TRIP RATING:              Easy/Moderate River Cruise & Nature Tour, Grade (I) - This active, soft adventure
                          includes a 7-night cruise and 2-3 hour hikes on occasionally unmaintained rainforest trails
                          plus sightseeing on motorized boat excursions.

2012 DATES:               On request every week subject to availability.

The mystique and allure of the Amazon beckons those who are fascinated with the natural world. The Peruvian
Amazon is home to the most biologically diverse wildlife on earth with 293 species of mammals; over 3,000 species of
colorful, tropical birds and butterflies; myriad insects, reptiles and amphibians; and waters rich with an abundance of
fish and aquatic wonders such as the pink river dolphin. Over 25,000 plant species have been identified in Amazonia,
and it is hypothesized that at least that many remain as yet undiscovered.

This voyage takes us deep into the heart of the world’s greatest wilderness through an ever-changing vista of lush
tropical rainforest. Our elegant riverboat, the new 24 passenger M/V Aqua, plies these waters with comfort and grace,
affording superb wildlife viewing from her observation deck. The 12 air-conditioned modern suites feature panoramic
windows, private bath, and en suite sitting areas. Following daily excursions we return to gourmet meals paired with
vintage South American wines. Some nights, after dinner, we have the opportunity to partake in night expeditions to
experience the nocturnal wildlife that inhabits the region. We begin the journey in Iquitos after a spectacular flight over
the Andes from Lima. Navigating upriver on the mighty Amazon, we explore several of its tributaries on the way to
Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve. Our expert naturalist guides accompany us on daily excursions aboard small,
motorized boats or on trails through the rainforest. The guides’ ability to spot wildlife is uncanny, though by the end of
our journey we’ll be astounded at our own prowess. We visit ribereños (river dwellers) in their villages, experience
sustainable resource management projects, meet local subsistence farmers, go fishing for piranha, and seek out rare
plants and animals such as the world’s largest aquatic plant, the giant water lily. Following our expedition we return to
Iquitos for a brief city tour, then fly back to Lima and connect home.
                                       Peru: Amazon Cruise


DAY 01 (FRI):             LIMA
Guests arriving this evening to Peru=s capital city, Lima, are met at the airport and transferred to the elegant JW
Marriott Hotel in the coastal suburb of Miraflores.

After breakfast, the morning is at leisure to explore the upscale Miraflores district and the Larcomar shopping
promenade. Lunch is on your own to try a typical seafood meal such as ceviche at one of several gourmet restaurants
in this part of the city. By early afternoon we transfer from the hotel to the airport’s Domestic Terminal with check-in
assistance for our 1 hr 45 min flight over the Andes to Iquitos. We are met upon arrival and drive through the city on the
way to the port to embark on our vessel. Cast off and begin a journey of discovery into the greatest wilderness on
Earth. Tonight, enjoy a nightcap as we cruise slowly up the Amazon, the stars above present an incredible spectacle of
both northern and southern constellations.                                                              (B,D)

Wake this morning on the mighty Amazon. As our boat continues upriver, we are amazed at the ever-changing
panorama of jungle life. Embark on an early morning skiff ride to watch the sun rise over this verdant ecosystem. We
return to the boat for a sumptuous breakfast of traditional dishes, Peruvian specialties, and fresh-squeezed fruit juices.
With full stomachs we board comfortable excursion skiffs to explore the Tahuayo black water river. As we pass
fishermen paddling their dugout canoes, we are on the lookout for wildlife such as terns, orioles, black collared hawks,
monkeys and sloths. Upon arrival at Charo Lake we try fishing for piranha while naturalist guides tell the story of the
lake and its inhabitants. We return to the M/V Aqua for lunch and are greeted with cold hand towels to refresh from the
heat and humidity of the Amazon. After our gourmet meal in the air-conditioned dining room and some time to relax, we
begin our afternoon excursion to the Yacapana Islands. Locals call them the “Iguana Islands” due to their large
population of the reptiles. As the sun sets we’ll have the opportunity to witness and photograph grey and pink
freshwater dolphins, and learn about interesting folklore associated with these stunning mammals. We return to the
vessel for dinner onboard as we navigate toward the headwaters of the Amazon River.                     (B,L,D)

After an early breakfast our naturalist guide takes us on a jungle walk in the primary forest to learn about sustainable
resource management projects in Amazonia. We meet villagers that are planting palms to obtain the oil. Then we
venture deeper into the rainforest, encountering wildlife and learning about the medicinal value of jungle plants.
After seeing the famous Kopak Trees, the tallest in the Amazon, we return to the vessel for lunch and a siesta. This
afternoon we explore the river for dolphins and the jungle canopy for the 13 species of primates in the five-million-acre
flooded forest of Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, including tamarins, howlers, dusky titi monkeys and pigmy
marmoset monkeys. With our binoculars ready, we search for some of the 200 species of birds present in this part
of the Amazon. As the sun sets, we use searchlights to spot caimans, tree boas and frogs, then return to the M/V
Aqua for dinner.                                                                                        (B,L,D)

Rise early to be on the skiffs at 06:30. Birdsongs greet the day as we venture into the jungle to see the world’s largest
aquatic plant, the giant water lilies, or “Victoria Regias.” You will be one of a very small number of people who have
ever seen these plants bloom. After breakfast we skirt the edge of this vast reserve to view one of the greatest
spectacles of the Southern Hemisphere, the birthplace of the Amazon River. Here, at the union of the Ucayali and
Marañon rivers, we glide past riverbanks filled with large-billed terns, laughing falcons, gray tanagers, sandpipers, five
kinds of parakeets, the exotic short-tailed parrot, and a multitude of other birds. Next, we head to Puerto Prado native
village, where we can meet and interact with the hospitable native Cocama Indians. Along with sharing their culture,
traditions and folklore, we also have the opportunity to purchase handicrafts and folk art. Lunch is back onboard,
followed by a visit to the town of Nauta, where we say goodbye to our 4-day passengers and greet new friends for the
remaining 5-day journey. Founded in the 1930’s, Nauta is the oldest town in the state of Loreto and vital to life in the
local river communities, as it is their only port and trading connection with Iquitos. After a leisurely walk through town
we return to our vessel for dinner. Passengers arriving for the 4-night cruise land in Iquitos and travel by air-
conditioned private vehicle 1 hr 45 min through the Amazon rainforest to Nauta. Once onboard, settlle into your
spacious suite and join those already on board for a welcome dinner.                                      (B,L,D)

                                       Peru: Amazon Cruise
Our day begins by exploring the Amazon’s largest tributary, the Ucayali River. This area is home to the slow-moving
three-toed sloth, iguanas, orioles and horned screamers. Following breakfast we walk through the village of
Magdalena, a small community of ten families, meeting lots of lively and curious children. We continue to a beautiful
jungle lake, home to the Victoria Regia giant water lilies. After lunch onboard we cruise the majestic Ucayali River,
where we have the chance to see and meet native balseros, or fisherman, demonstrating their skill and their catch. We
should see a type of “armored” catfish, with a shell-like skin, that they take to the Requena village market. Along the
way we will see “banana balsero” rafts loaded with hundreds of clusters of bananas heading for the same market.
Enjoy dinner back on the riverboat.                                                                    (B,L,D)

Our day begins with a jungle walk near Hatum Posa Village, where our guides will introduce us to native people doing
subsistence farming. After learning how they cultivate wild plants and trees, we delve deep into the primary forest to
see the wealth of fruit trees and medicinal plants hidden in the jungle. We return to the M/V Aqua for lunch and a mid-
day break. This afternoon we take the skiffs along the Pacaya River, viewing the abundant life that is hidden in the
deep rainforest. We may see saki, capuchin, and the easy-to-hear howler monkeys. As sunset approaches the jungle
is filled with the warning signals of howler monkeys delineating their territory. Nightfall ushers in a rainforest symphony
as nocturnal animals send out their calls among the rainforest canopy. We use spotlights to look for nocturnal creatures
along this section of river. Tonight our vessel is docked by Ranger Station No. 1, with an optional night excursion to
Yanayacu Lake.                                                                                    (B,L,D)

In the vibrant morning light we board the small expedition boats, where our guides will show us parrots, macaws,
toucans, and a variety of monkeys. We have the unique opportunity to visit dolphin feeding spots, and enjoy a light
breakfast and fresh juice on the skiffs while surrounded by these delightful creatures. With poles and bait we have the
opportunity to try our hand at catching some of the more than 3,000 species of tropical fish in the Amazon Basin.
One of our objectives will be to catch piranha, the small carnivorous fish with a fearsome reputation that is considered
a good food source by the locals. While back on the riverboat for lunch we begin our navigation back towards Iquitos.
This afternoon we are offered the option of taking a short informational walk into a riverside village to meet the local
fisherman and farmers. Tonight we sit down for a gourmet farewell dinner in the ship’s dining room, followed by a
farewell presentation by the crew.                                                                     (B,L,D)

After breakfast we have the opportunity for a skiff trip for those who want a final chance to photograph wildlife, take in
the scenery or to visit the lively riverside community of Belen and its bustling food market. Some may instead take
a short skiff ride to visit the Boras indigenous community, on the Momon River. The Bora tribe has made every effort
to maintain its traditional culture since arriving from deep inside the rainforest more than 30 years ago. After a light
lunch we disembark and drive into Iquitos and are treated to a tour of this unique and remote city. With a population of
almost 400,000, it is the largest city in the world that is unreachable by road, with planes and boats the only mode of
transport. This bustling town was once a rich center of the rubber industry, and even has a house built by Gustave
Eiffel. After a city tour we stop at the Manatee Rescue Center, where biologists and volunteers take care of
endangered Amazon manatees and dolphins seized by conservation authorities. Following a presentation by staff
biologists, we visit the San Juan Amazonian Indian Market for a last chance to shop for local crafts. We arrive to the
airport in the afternoon and say goodbye to the staff as we board the flight back to Lima. Upon arrival in Lima, connect
on your own with a short walk to the International Terminal for your overnight flight home.            (B,L)

DAY 10 (SUN):            USA
Arrive in the US this morning and make onward connections home.

Please note that the day-to-day schedule must be considered approximate. The exact order of the activities and
specific features may be altered due to air schedules, water levels, wildlife sightings and navigational considerations.
The itinerary indicated above is for the dry season (June-November), with some changes during the flooded season
(December-May). For example, we visit Corrientes Lake instead of Charo Lake, the Yarapa River instead of the
Yacapana Islands, and the Dorado River in place of the Ucayali River on Day 06. This program is suitable for
physically fit participants accustomed to outdoor activities age 7 and up. Regular departures may include some families
and children on the cruise.

                                       Peru: Amazon Cruise
2012 LAND COST:                   Suite Cabins                                Master Suite Cabins
                                  $6,345 ppd                                  $6,695 ppd (2-3 participants)
                                  $6,275 ppd                                  $6,625 ppd (4-12 participants)
                                  $1,665 Single Supplement                    $1,755 Single Supplement
p.p.d.=per person based on double occupancy on the main or upper deck.
Price does not include international nor the in-country Lima-Iquitos-Lima flight.

Accommodations: All cabins feature large outward-facing panoramic windows, AC and in suite sitting areas with
either 2 twin beds or 1 king bed. For families traveling with children, all cabins are equipped with a sofa sleeper. There
are also 4 interconnecting Suites (#=s 101-103 & 102-104).

Suites (8):               230 sq ft (4 on main deck #=s 101-104 & 4 on upper deck #=s 201-204).
Master Suites (4):        240 sq ft (2 on main deck #=s 105 & 106 & 2 on upper deck #=s 205 & 206), located at
                          the bow with larger sitting areas & larger windows.

Children’s Discount: Children 7-11 years old at the time of travel are entitled to a discount of $1,180 ppd on the
Suites & $1,260 ppd on the Master Suites of the Amazon Cruise Land Cost. If a child 7-11 years old shares a Triple
Suite with the parents, the discount will be $3,050.

AMAZON CRUISE SHORT VERSION (7 days/6 nights): Travelers with limited time can choose a 5-day
cruise aboard the M/V Aqua. The itinerary is the same as the 8-day cruise beginning with a Monday arrival to Lima
(Day 04) and Tuesday flight to Iquitos (Day 05). Upon arrival to Iquitos we drive on a paved road for almost 2 hours to
the small port town of Nauta where we catch the M/V Aqua that evening. The cruise continues until the end of Day 10.

Outlined 7-day Itinerary:

                    Suite Cabins                                              Master Suite Cabins
                    $3,795 ppd                                                $3,995 ppd (2-3 participants)
                    $3,725 ppd                                                $3,925 ppd (4-12 participants)
                    $1,025 Single Supplement                                  $1,075 Single Supplement

p.p.d.=per person based on double occupancy on the main or upper deck.
Price does not include international nor the in-country Lima-Iquitos-Lima flight.

Children’s Discount: Children 7-11 years old at the time of travel are entitled to a discount of $670 ppd on the Suites
& $710 ppd on the Master Suites of the Amazon Cruise Short Version Land Cost. If a child 7-11 years old shares a
Triple Suite with the parents, the discount will be $1,750.

$ All transfers and ground transportation in private vehicles with professional drivers.
$ Luggage handling, flight check-in assistance in Lima and Iquitos and return flight reconfirmation.
$ Native, English/Spanish-speaking guide for all excursions.
$ All meals as outlined (B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=dinner). Gourmet dinner on board includes fine South American
        wines. Vegetarian diets accommodated on request (advance notification required). For other diets, consult
        your travel specialist before making a reservation.

                                         Peru: Amazon Cruise
$ All accommodations in first-class (5 star) hotels as listed (or at similar hotels), on a shared basis with private
        baths. Double beds for couples (primarily king/queen-sized) can be requested in advance, but cannot be
        guaranteed, as most hotels offer few rooms with double beds.
$ Cruise ship accommodations as described on a double basis with private bathrooms and hot water showers.
        Cabins are equipped with two twin beds that are convertible to a king size bed.
$ All guided excursions as listed or similar. Riverboat excursions are conducted by English-speaking naturalist
        guides. Other travelers on the cruise will join in. Guests will be divided into 3 groups. There will be 2
        excursions per day and one excursion per night. Includes all necessary entrance fees.

$ US domestic or International flights, or flights within Peru. (see Estimated Airfare on page 7)
$ Peru airport departure taxes (approx. $15 per person).
$ Two (2) meals at about $25-30 each, not including alcoholic drinks, sodas or bottled beverages.
$ Tours or services not indicated on the itinerary.
$ Personal gear or clothing nor items of a personal nature like laundry or telephone calls.
$ Tips to the local staff.
$ Expenses incurred in preparing for this program such as, but not limited to, non-refundable airline tickets
         or traveler's insurance, and additional expenses resulting from flight delays, schedule changes, cancellations,
         or missed connections.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: We strongly recommend purchasing a plan to protect your trip investment. Travel
insurance helps to cover unexpected events prior to departure causing the need to cancel or change your dates.
Weather, geologic events, local strikes, a personal injury/illness to you, family member or your traveling companion
could cause interruption or changes to your itinerary, missed connections, delayed arrival, lost/delayed baggage or
need for medical attention on the trip or evacuation which is why coverage is important. We recommend the
Worldwide Trip Protector (WTP) plan offered by Travel Insured International (TII). Kids 17 and under are free with
related adult on the WTP plan. Information and an application are sent upon receipt of your deposit (sooner if
requested). Policies can be purchased securely online at: If you, your
traveling companion or a family member has a pre-existing medical condition, you should purchase the WTP policy
within 21 days of your deposit in order to be reimbursed for non-refundable costs if a recurrence of the condition forces
you to cancel your trip (some restrictions apply). Please call our office or visit our website for more information.

Built in 2007, this 130-foot flagship designed by renowned Peruvian architect Jordi Puig, is the finest vessel cruising
the Peruvian Amazon. The luxurious riverboat accommodates 24 passengers in 8 Suites and 4 Master Suites (see
description of suites on page 4). Every need is catered to by a crew of 17 professionals, plus 3 skilled naturalist guides
that will share with guests their intimate knowledge of this fascinating ecosystem during daily excursions on the
riverboat’s three skiffs. After intriguing expeditions spotting rare wildlife or hiking in the rainforest, adventurers return to
a world-class gourmet meal paired with some of South America’s finest vintage wines. The menu of glorious fresh fish
and local delicacies has been created by Executive Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, one of Peru’s culinary stars. The
M/V Aqua’s three decks include an elegant dining room, indoor bar/lounge, outside lounge, boutique, and an
observation/sun deck. Passengers also have the confidence of an on-board paramedic at all times. The M/V Aqua is
truly an extraordinary experience in the middle of one of the world’s most remote environments.

Excursions during the Amazon Voyage are aboard three 8-passenger open-air, comfortable skiffs with padded seats
along each side and spacious standing room, giving passengers ample room for wildlife viewing and photography.
These stable boats, equipped with life preservers and constant radio communication, are powered by low-emission
four-stroke outboard motors and driven by an experienced captain; naturalists/guides accompany each excursion.
Drinks and snacks are provided, as are packed lunches and breakfasts for some of the daily expeditions. Passengers
enter the skiffs from a stable platform on the sides of the riverboat.

                                        Peru: Amazon Cruise
As of mid 2011, the M/V Aria joined its sister ship, the M/V Aqua, to offer an unrivaled premier luxury cruising
experience in Peru's remote Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. The upgraded M/V Aria's fine interiors, furniture, and
finishes have been entirely custom-crafted to provide guests the ultimate in onboard comfort while at the same time
highlighting the jaw-dropping scenery of the Peruvian Amazon. Peruvian interior designer Jordi Puig was responsible
for outfitting the new M/V Aria along with the newly opened embarkation lounge in Nauta. The vessel features floor-to-
ceiling windows on all 16 guest suites; a fully air-conditioned top deck with a cool and contemporary observation
lounge; an exercise room with elliptical, treadmill, and spinning machines; a rooftop Jacuzzi plus redesigned excursion
skiffs with larger seats. Celebrity chef Pedro Schiaffino's fine dining menus highlight regional dishes and local
ingredients enjoyed onboard. The 24 crew-member vessel will run 8 and 5 day cruise itineraries alternating with
the M/V Aqua's departures to provide more options for travelers. The M/V Aria will venture to a different area of the
Pacaya Samiria Reserve offering similar wildlife viewing capabilities as the Aqua. Please contact your Southwind
Travel Consultant for further details.

Travelers with extra time may consider extending to visit one of the new “Seven Wonders of the World,” Machu Picchu.
Although this extension is described following the Amazon Cruise, it can also be added before the main program.

DAY 09 (SAT):             IQUITOS/LIMA
Arrive in Lima from Iquitos and check-in to the Costa del Sol Hotel near the International Terminal. (B,L)

DAY 10 (SUN):              LIMA/CUSCO
Assistance is provided checking in this morning for the spectacular flight over the Andes to Cusco (11,150'), the former
capital of the Incan Empire. We are met at the airport and transferred to the historic Libertador Hotel near the main
plaza, with the rest of the morning at leisure for acclimatization. This afternoon we enjoy a guided orientation tour, by
foot and van, of the city's colonial and Incan sites, including the nearby ruins of Sacsayhuaman and Tambo Machay.
Dinner is on your own to try some of the gourmet restaurants in town.                                  (B)

DAY 11 (MON):              MACHU PICCHU
After an early breakfast, transfer to the station, board the Vistadome or similar train for a 3.5-hour ride to the village of
Machu Picchu (formerly Aguas Calientes) located below the famous Lost City of the Incas. Check-in to the charming
Inkaterra Machu Picchu Hotel in town before joining your guide for a tour of the Sun Temple, Royal Tomb, the
ceremonial water fountains and baths and the Sacred Plaza. Dinner is at the hotel.                        (B,L,D)

DAY 12 (TUE):             MACHU PICCHU/CUSCO
The day is at leisure for further personal explorations of this magnificent citadel. There are several optional hikes
available for more active group members. A one-hour climb along a very steep and exposed trail ends at Huayna
Picchu, or Young Peak (8,860'), providing an excellent panoramic view of the sanctuary. An hour-and-a-half downhill
hike ends at the Temple of the Moon; or an easy 30-minute walk will take you to the Inca Drawbridge. As the day is
flexible, those who prefer can relax or explore their favorite spots at their own pace. After lunch at the Inkaterra Hotel
we catch the early afternoon train for the 1.5 hour scenic return to Ollantaytambo. We=re met upon arrival and
transferred by private vehicle to Cusco and the Libertador Hotel. Dinner is on your own.                 (B,L)

DAY 13 (WED):              CUSCO/LIMA
Return to the airport late-morning, fly to Lima, reception upon arrival by our guide and drive into the city. Private tour of
colonial Lima and the renowned Larco Herrera Museum, with an extensive collection of Pre-Columbian artifacts. Lunch
and dinner are on your own. Those leaving tonight will have a transfer to the airport included.           (B)

DAY 14 (THU):            USA
Arrive in the US this morning and make onward connections home.

2012 EXTENSION LAND COST:                            $2,285 p.p.d. (2 participants)
                                                     $2,185 p.p.d. (3 participants)
                                                     $2,085 p.p.d. (4-6 participants)
                                                     $ 590 Single Supplement
p.p.d.=per person based on double occupancy

                                        Peru: Amazon Cruise
NOTES ON EXTENSION SERVICES: An additional $500 per person deposit is required to reserve this
extension. Services are similar for the main tour; first-class (4-5 star) accommodations as listed (or similar hotels), on a
shared basis. All meals, transfers and tours as indicated conducted on a private basis by local English-speaking
professional guides. On occasion, other SWA travelers may share the same vehicle for transfers and the Lima tour.

OPTIONAL TRIP EXTENSIONS: Travelers with additional vacation time may wish to extend their trip to Lake
Titicaca, Northern Peru, the Paracas Reserve & Nazca Lines or the Galápagos Islands. Your Amazon Cruise will
combine perfectly with our World of the Incas tour. The cruise can also be used as a component of a customized
adventure, which can be designed and quoted separately. All extensions require a minimum of 2 participants and
are subject to space availability. Call our office to request our 2012 Peru: Summary of Trip Extensions or view them
on our website, click on Trips>Amazon Cruise>Extend Your Trip.

WEATHER: The M/V Aqua cruises the Amazon every week of the year, giving adventurers the option of
experiencing this captivating ecosystem during either the Dry Season (June-November) or the Flooded Season
(December-May). Both seasons offer rich rewards, fabulous sites, amazing opportunities to view plant and animal life,
along with hot weather and some rainy days. Our recommendation, though, is to travel from April to December to avoid
the heaviest rains from January through March. The Amazon basin receives an average of 12 feet of rain per year,
adding up to over 200 rainy days, which means there will be rain even in the dry season. Flooded season is slightly
cooler (temperatures average in the 80’s to 90’s year-round, with nighttime lows in the 70’s), but the main difference is
that the river level is 23 feet higher. This means that most rivers, creeks and lakes are navigable, putting us closer to
the jungle canopy where monkeys play and birds roost. The flip side is that walking and hiking are more limited, and
there will be more mosquitoes. The dry season is a little hotter (about 98°F), while still receiving some days of heavy
rains. The river level is lower, giving more access to hiking trails with fewer mosquitoes, but some of the creeks and
lakes visited during the flooded season are inaccessible. Guests have the opportunity to see more migratory birds
during this season, with a better chance of seeing mammals during the flooded season.

ESTIMATED AIRFARE: The Land Cost DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY FLIGHTS. Round-trip international air from
US gateways (New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, Atlanta) is approximately $800-$1,000 per person.
Airlines offering service to Lima include American, United/Continental, Delta and LAN. In-country flights on (Lima-
Iquitos-Lima) are estimated at $400 per person. If you add the Machu Picchu extension (Lima-Cusco-Lima), budget on
$750 per person for all the in-country flights. Upon receipt of your deposit, Southwind will send you more information
about booking your flights to match your land itinerary. Please send us your flight schedule at least 45 days before
departure so we can arrange your transfers.

HOW TO SIGN UP: Submit Southwind's Trip Reservation Form along with a $1,000 per person per trip deposit
(payable by check or credit card). The form and deposit can be completed securely online at by clicking on "Book a Trip" at the top of our homepage. If you prefer, you can print the
Trip Reservation Form and mail/fax it to our office with your deposit. You can also call us at 1-800-377-9463 to make
payment arrangements (your deposit will be charged and your reservation confirmed once we receive your Trip
Reservation Form).

Due to the popularity of the Peruvian rainforest, we recommend making reservations at least 4-5 months in advance.
Once your trip is guaranteed to operate, you will receive a comprehensive pre-departure planning packet.

Land Balance: Final payment is due at 90 days by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express or check. You will
receive a trip invoice indicating your balance due. Provided services and space are available, reservations can be
accepted up to 21 days before departure.

Cancellation Fees and other policies are outlined under the 2012 Terms & Conditions on Southwind's website (click
Book a Trip>2012 Terms & Conditions).

     PO Box 621057 Littleton, CO 80162 $ Tel: (303) 972-0701 or (800) 377-9463 $ Fax: (303) 972-0708


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