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									                                  M/V DESAFIO

Amazon… the very sound of it evokes images
 of jungle adventure, igniting the imagination
    like no other region in the world! Now you
can discover the mighty Amazon Rainforest in
  comfort and style on board the MV Desafio.

                             Our expeditions:
                             Novo Airão         1

                             Jaguarandí         2

                               Maguarí          3
              ITINERARY 03
              MAGUARÍ                                           4 days
              The cruises depart from Manaus, capital of the State of
              Amazonas, a city in the jungle that prospered during the
              rubber boon last century. There is a four days cruise visiting
              the Anavilhanas Archipelago, the largest river archipelago
              in the world, and its igarapés - permanent river channels
              - and igapós - non-permanent river channels. Due to its
              acid waters, endemic mosquitoes are practically inexistent.
              The cruise also includes daily explorations and activities
              in small motorized boats into the jungle, as well as a rich
              Amazonian cuisine served in the panoramic restaurant.


MAGUARÍ                                    3          Day 2                                                   Day 3

Day 1

                                                                                                              SAturDAy Rise early to admire the sunrise and
                                                                                                              see thousands of birds come out of their nocturnal
                                                                                                              hiding places in search of breakfast. After
                                                      FrIDAy Early this morning, leave on a jungle            “breakfast”, go on a fishing expedition to catch
                                                      trekking excursion to learn about the local flora,      one of the many hundreds of species found in the
                                                      amongst the richest in the world. After lunch, start    river, including the aggressive piranha. The balance
                                                      cruising towards the Samauma village, located           of the day is spent exploring the river and the
                                                      at the Anavilhanas Islands, the largest river           world’s greatest ecosystem.
                                                      archipelago in the world. Later this afternoon, board
                                                      a motor canoe to visit the surrounding lakes.
                                                      Following dinner, experience the excitement of
                                                                                                              Day 4
                                                      searching for and spotting fierce caimans.
tHurSDAy     Leave from Manaus’ Tropical Hotel
lobby to board the M/V Desafio, your floating
hotel for the next three nights. Once on board, the
multilingual naturalist guide will host a “welcome
to the Amazon” briefing highlighting the broad
spectrum of life in this unique region. The guide
will assist in the identification of the flora /
fauna, provide a historical framework and enrich                                                              SunDAy After another tropical breakfast, you’ll

your ecological understanding of this unusual                                                                 reach the “wedding of the waters”. This is where the
destination and of the natural world. After dinner,                                                           River Negro and Solimoes meet each other to form
enjoy an excursion by canoe to listen to the sounds                                                           the great Amazon River. After a stop to view this
emitted by the jungle at night.                                                                               fascinating sight, continue cruising back to Manaus.


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