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									January 2012

                                            Cruise the
                                                                  January 3-17, 2013

                           This year we are putting a spin
                           on our traditional Caribbean
                           cruise…We are beginning
                           in South America! This once-
                           in-a-lifetime trip will begin in
                           Manaus, Brazil on the Amazon
                           An Amazon River cruise is a
                           visual spectacle of images that
                           flow like the waters of this storied river, with each one more amazing and colorful than the
                           last. In the canopy you can hear the chatter of monkeys, as you float past native villages
                           to a city carved into the heart of the jungle. Without a doubt, South America is one of the
                           most exotically diverse cruises you can experience.
                           Following our exploration of the Amazon, we will begin our journey through the Caribbean
                           islands with a final destination of Ft. Lauderdale. A deposit of $750 per person is due at
                           time of reservation and it is completely refundable until October 2012. This is one of
                           Princess cruise lines small ships and holds only 680 passengers, so it will sell out and group
                           space is very limited. Call and get your name in early for best cabin locations and a full
                           trip brochure. With a refundable deposit, you have nothing to lose!

   Ft. Lauderdale • St. Maarten • St. Lucia • Tabago • Devil's Island
           Santarem • Boca da Valeria • Parintins • Manaus
                          A S pecial Note
                          From Chassidy
                          Happy New Year! I hope you not only had fun ringing in the New Year but that you have great
                          expectations of what 2012 will bring. Classic has lots of fun events and trips planned for 2012
                          and I’m so excited to see what our travels will bring. I’ve recently been asked “why would you
                          want to travel with a group and what’s the advantage?” Immediately I had a list of some of my
                          favorite reasons:

       1. Group tours are a fantastic value. So much is paid in advance and you know upfront what is included and what’s not.

       2. Relying on experts saves you time and energy.

       3. You are traveling with a pro. That means someone other than you is responsible for seeing that all runs smoothly
          on the trip. You get to relax!

       4. There’s safety in numbers, especially in an unfamiliar city.

       5. Someone else does the driving so you can sit back and enjoy the scenery.

       6. You meet new friends who share similar interests.

     I love getting to travel with you! I’ve met so many people through our Classic trips and look forward to getting to
     travel with you again. As for this New Year, I have another new beginning…maternity leave. As many of you know,
     we recently welcomed a new baby boy into our family, so I will be out of the office for another month or so. Not to
     worry, as Classic will keep trucking on with all of the busy plans that are currently scheduled. For the most part, Roger
     Frieze will be filling in for me. You can contact him at (417) 334-4355, ext. 4118 to place reservations or to inquire
     about upcoming opportunities.

     I look forward to getting back in the office and planning exciting vacations with you.

     Until then,

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2                                                                        Ozark Mountain Bank Classic · (417) 334-4355, ext. 4118
                                              G     liding along at a stately pace,
                                                    your mind has time to wander – back to a
                                              time when life was slower and more genteel, when mighty
                                              rivers served as American’s natural highways and an
                                              elegant paddlewheel steamboat was the epitome of travel.
                                              As you cross the gangway, you step into another era. A time
                                              of grace and civility. A time of luxury and elegance. A time
                           July 5-12, 2012
                                              when meals were unforgettable experiences and service was
                                              impeccable. You’ll relax in a warm, inviting atmosphere
                                              of antebellum charm. Dine on the acclaimed cuisine of
                                              famed American chef Regina Charoneau. Clap your hands
                                              to nightly showboat-style entertainment, and dance to
                                              Dixieland jazz, swing and big band music. Then settle into
                                              a luxurious stateroom with lush bedding, the finest linens
                                              and a wealth of amenities. As you are lulled to sleep by the
                                              distant rhythm of the paddlewheel, you’ll dream of the
                                              adventures that await you the next morning.
                                              On this adventure we will start with the spectacular
                                              fireworks and festivities in St. Louis and then travel
                                              through the very heartland of America. Your price includes
                                              the exciting 6 night voyage, shore excursions to fascinating
                                              river towns and cities, one night luxury hotel in Louisville,
                                              complimentary bottle water and soft drinks, complimentary
                                              wines and beers with dinner, an array of dining options,
                                              Captain’s Champagne Welcome Reception, hot and cold
                                              canapés at cocktail hour every evening, motorcoach to
                                              St.Louis and return from Louisville, tour in Louisville.
                                              Call right away so you can get the best cabin.

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               OcTOBer 1-16, 2012                                   It's a Classic Tradition...

                                                                        March 29-31, 2012
    Fall Foliage Land   &     cruise Tour
                                                                    It has become a Classic Club tradition to head
                                                                    to Hot Springs, Arkansas each spring for two
    Explore Eastern Canada’s stunning interior on a complete
                                                                    days of exciting horse racing and healing
    land and sea vacation with Classic. Cruise into the
                                                                    mineral waters.
    thunderous mist of Niagara Falls, and visit Canada’s            This year we’ve included two nights’
    historic UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Old Québec,               accommodations at the historic Arlington
    the only walled city in North America, and Rideau Canal,        Hotel and Spa, two days reserved seats at
    built after the War of 1812 to help protect Canada from         Oaklawn track, two continental breakfasts, a
    U.S. military attack.                                           dinner cruise aboard the Belle of Hot Springs
                                                                    on Lake Hamilton, reception, guided tour, and
    Cruise Eastern Canada and discover a decidedly French
                                                                    Classic escort. Cost: $360 per person double
    influence, from the idyllic coastal villages of Nova Scotia
                                                                    occupancy, $460 single occupancy. A $50
    to the Rue St. Louis in Québec City. See the best-known
                                                                    deposit is due with your reservation. Call Roger
    sights, such as the lighthouse at Peggy's Cove or the
                                                                    to save your seat. Call Classic at 417-334-4355
    churches of Saint John. Enjoy local specialties in charming
                                                                    ext. 4118 for more details.
    port cities, like Bar Harbor and Newport, where you can
    grab a bowl of clam chowder or a lobster roll, or even nibble
    on fresh Maine blueberries.

    Pricing starts at just $3,200 per person for cruise portion
    and $4,550 per person for land and cruise. Both prices
    include roundtrip airfare, travel insurance, shipboard
    gratuities, port fees and taxes and more.

4                                                                   Ozark Mountain Bank Classic · (417) 334-4355, ext. 4118
    IdentIty theft QuIz                                                                  VALENTINE'S DAY
Check your risk of becoming a victim of identity theft by taking this quiz. All you
have to do is check the option below that best describes you. Then tabulate
                                                                                         CARD CLASS
your results by adding up the corresponding number next to your answer. The
higher the score, the better off you are at deterring a thief from stealing your
personal information.

1. I check my credit report from         5. I review all transactions on bank,                   February 7th
    each of the three major credit            credit card, and/or brokerage                       @ 2:00pm
    bureaus regularly.                        statements when they arrive.
    1) I never do this                  	1) I never do this                            Martha Stanley, Stampin’ Up
    2) I sometimes do this              	2) I sometimes do this                        Representative, is back! Join
    3) I always do this                 	3) I always do this                           us for a card making class. No
                                                               Total Score               previous experience is required.
2. I use a crosscut shredder                                                             We meet for a fun time of
    to destroy pre-approved                                                              creativity. There will be different
    credit card offers, bank or                                                          Valentine’s cards available for
                                                                                         you to make and take home with
    brokerage statements, old
                                                                                         you. This event is FREE for Classic
    tax records, etc.
                                                                                         members, but please RSVP so we
	1) I never do this                                                                     have plenty of supplies available
 2) I sometimes do this                                                                 for everyone by calling Roger
                                         5 to 9: High Risk
 3) I always do this                                                                    Frieze at 334-4355, ext. 4118.
                                         you have indicated some weaknesses in
                                                                                         Non-Members/Guests are $5.
                                         your approach to protecting your identity,
3. I have my statements sent             which increases your odds of becoming
    to me by email instead of            a victim of identity theft. look closely at
    regular mail.                        the questions where you answered with
	1) I never do this                     a “never” or “sometimes,” and look for
                                         ways limit the opportunity for thieves to
	2) I do this with
                                         steal your information, such as taking
         some accounts
                                         your old personal records to Shred Day or
	3) I always do this                    getting Ozark Mountain Bank’s ID Fraud
                                         Protection Service to help you monitor
4. I have identity theft                 your credit.
    insurance coverage.                  10+ Moderate to Low Risk
	1) I have this                         Congratulations, you are taking the
	2) I don’t have this                   right steps to deter identity theft. Identity
                                         thieves are always out there looking for
For further information about Ozark
                                         ways to get your personal information, so
Mountain Bank’s Shred Days or            continue monitoring your credit and your
the identity theft protection services   accounts regularly, because there is no
offered through the Bank, please call    full proof way to prevent it from happening
(417) 334-4125.                          to you.

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    The Classic Christmas Party was a wonderful afternoon of socia

6                               Ozark Mountain Bank Classic · (417) 334-4355, ext. 4118
as Party
alizing & friendship and talking about Classic’s many adventures!

    Travel • Entertainment • Financial Services                     7
8   Ozark Mountain Bank Classic · (417) 334-4355, ext. 4118
More to a Revocable Trust than Avoiding Probate
Probate avoidance and estate tax savings are not the only
advantages to be obtained with the use of a Revocable Trust
Agreement. After all, probate avoidance at death can be
accomplished with Beneficiary Deeds, Pay on Death (P.O.D.)
and Transfer on Death (T.O.D.) beneficiary designations. And,
at least under the temporary tax code and currently in effect
with a $5 million exemption for federal estate tax purposes,
estate taxes are not a concern for most of us.

There are, however, substantial advantages (other than probate
avoidance and estate tax savings) which can be achieved
through the use of a Revocable Trust. Issues to be addressed
include:                                                            Additionally, where appropriate, trust provisions can be made
                                                                    for your heirs in a form which protects the trust assets against
1. What happens if I’m living, but incapacitated? Who will          those who may have claims against the beneficiaries (such as
have access to my assets? How will my estate be used for my         creditors, judgment creditors, spouses, etc.).
benefit and/or the benefit of those dependent on me? Who
will be responsible for the management of my estate during          3. What happens if, upon my death, an heir has predeceased
the period of incapacity?                                           me? What happens to that heir’s share of my estate?

A well-drafted Revocable Trust will address these questions and     A Revocable Trust Agreement will include provisions which
provide for the management of your estate during any period of      answer those questions on terms dictated by you.
                                                                    In short, Revocable Trust Agreements can provide the
2. What happens if, at my death, my children are minors             framework for avoiding the necessity of a probate administrator
or too young to responsibly handle an inheritance? Or are           at your death or in the event of incapacity, and can accomplish
spendthrifts? Or are disabled? Or have bad marriages or             tax savings goals. But, more importantly, Revocable Trust
creditor problems?                                                  Agreements can also incorporate a specifically tailored road
                                                                    map for the management of your estate for your benefit and
Again, well thought-out Revocable Trust provisions can              the benefit of those who survive you.
anticipate and address these issues. The Revocable Trust allows
you to provide a management structure to hold assets in trust       *This article should not be considered legal advice, please consult an attorney
                                                                     before making any changes.
after your death for the benefit of minor children, irresponsible
heirs or disabled beneficiaries. You can direct the terms upon
                                                                    By Jami Peebles, Executive Vice President, Southern Regional
which assets are managed and how they are to be utilized for
                                                                    Manager Central Trust & Investment Company
the benefit of your heirs.

                  Trust & Investment Services - Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 at 12:00pm
                            Renee Gross and Andrea McKinney will be here to discuss the
                      importance of asset allocation and diversification for one’s portfolio, as well as
                                        the overall role of a corporate Trustee.
       Please make a reservation with Chassidy by Friday, February 24th and join us for this educational seminar.
Travel • Entertainment • Financial Services                                                                                                           9
 9 Days • 22 Meals: 8 Breakfasts • 6 Lunches • 8 Dinners

                                                                        SePTeMBer 20, 2012

                                         NOVEMBER 4, 2012

 ❖ Spend 7 nights in Cuba’s cities of Trinidad and Havana
   and soak in the island’s culture, history and art.
 ❖ A Cuban Heritage tour will give you an in depth view        this VIP Red Carpet, luxury hotel Sky adventure
   of Cubans in Miami and the ties between the two             goes above and beyond the typical guided
   countries of Cuba and the US.                               tour. All aboard for a destination-hopping
 ❖ Enjoy a tour of Trinidad and explore charming cathe-        whirlwind week filled with strikingly beautiful
   drals, churches and unique houses frozen in time.           sights of Monterey and Carmel, supercool San
 ❖ Visit the Ernest Hemingway House (Lookout Farm),            francisco, Wine-tasting in Sonoma County,
   almost unchanged from the time the author left in           jaw-dropping yosemite, the Awe-Inspring
   1960, where he conceived his final masterpiece, The         Grand Canyon, and sinfully fun Las Vegas.
   Old Man and the Sea.
 ❖ Tour Old Havana and learn about the City’s archi-
   tecture and restoration efforts given by a local city

         Thursday, March 15 at 6:00pm
         Join us for a travelogue. An informative
         presentation about our upcoming trip will be
         given and questions will be answered. It is FREE to
         come. We will meet at the Main Bank in downtown
                                                               Newest & Most INNovatIve
         Branson. Dinner will be served. Please RSVP.           way to experIeNce Group
                                                               travel...oN a prIvate plaNe

10                                                               Ozark Mountain Bank Classic · (417) 334-4355, ext. 4118
           CLASSIC Memories

            A few pictures of our latest Classic adventures!
Travel • Entertainment • Financial Services                    11
            Call Chassidy at (417) 334-4355, ext. 4118, today!

JanuaRy 2             New Year’s Day Observance – BANK CLOSED

JanuaRy 16            MLK Jr. Day – BANK CLOSED

FEBRuaRy 1            Southern Caribbean Cruise Document Party

FEBRuaRy 7            Valentine’s Day Card Class

FEBRuaRy 15-26        Southern Caribbean Cruise – Sold ouT

FEBRuaRy 20           President’s Day – BANK CLOSED                             ENTER TO WIN
FEBRuaRy 28           Lunch & Learn – Trust & Investment Services    Each quarter, we will have a random drawing of
                                                                     all returned entries. The winners will be treated
MaRch 12              European River Cruise Document Party
                                                                           to lunch compliments of The classic!
MaRch 15              Cuba Travelogue
                                                                      Name ________________________________________
MaRch 27-6            European River Cruise – Sold ouT
                                                                      Guest’s Name ________________________________
MaRch 29-31           Hot Springs
                                                                      Date of Entry _________________________________
                                                                      Phone Number ________________________________

                                                                    Complete form and mail to: The classic at ozark
                                                                    Mountain Bank, PO Box 130 Branson, MO 65615.
Congratulations to Darrell Olesen for winning lunch                        Return by March 1st! Good Luck!
             in our Winter drawing!

  PERMIT NO. 255
      65616                                                                                      Branson, MO 65615
  BRANSON, MO                                                                                    Post Office Box 130
     Paid                                                                                        ozark Mountain Bank

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