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					  Methodist church
 By Niamh O'Connor ,Caoimhe
O'Hagan, Bona Nugent and Maria
•Baptism: Trinitarian baptism. "Baptism
 is not only a sign of profession and mark
 of difference whereby Christians are
 distinguished from others that are not
 baptized; but it is also a sign of
 regeneration or the new birth. The
 Baptism of young children is to be
 retained in the Church.
Who founded the Methodist church

• Methodism has at its roots one person whose vision,
  determination and faith inspired fellow seekers to re-
  assess their lives and renew their relationship with God.
  John Wesley (1703-1791) challenged the religious
  assumptions of his day, urging those to whom he
  preached to 'trust in Christ, Christ alone for salvation' for
  the assurance that we are all forgiven through Christ.
• When John Wesley was at Oxford University, he was
  part of a small group of students who held regular
  meetings for Bible study, prayer and Communion. This
  earned them the nickname 'The Holy Club' or
• Communion
• Believe Christ is present in a spiritual form in but not
• in a bodily form

• Believe the Lord's Supper is

• Representation of our redemption

• Memorial of the sufferings and death of Christ,

• Token of love and union which Christians have with
  Christ and with one another.
 •The Methodist
 church believes that
 confirmation is a very
 important moment in
 an individuals life.

•Those beliefs are founded on
the Bible and are summed up
in the creeds, which are
regularly used in Christian
services of all denominations.
               Sunday service
   The Methodist church usually has 3 main parts:
   Preparation: call to worship,
   Hymns focusing on God

   Ministry of the word:hymns,reading from the
    bible, a sermon and a creed.

   response: prayers for thanksgiving
   The offering
   Prayers of intercession and petition
   The lords prayer and hymns and dismissal.
          Structure of the church
   The Connexion The way individual Churches
    are connected by Methodism
   The Local Church The individual Church
   The Circuits Local resourcing and enabling of
    local churches.
   The Districts Geographical districts within
   Conference The governing body of the
    Methodist Church.
• Reading the bible is very important for
 Methodists and they are encouraged to
 study it on their own and in groups. They
 believe that it is the supreme guide to
 faith but that it can only be understood by
 the guidance of the holy spirit, in the light
 of tradition, experience and reason.
• Origin: John and Charles Wesley founded
  the church.
• Sacraments: baptism and communion.
• Main beliefs: confirmation and baptism.
• Sunday service:3 main parts.

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