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									Global Resorts Network is beefing up their compensation plan and rapidly evolving into the most attractive
big ticket product in the direct sales field. Started in 2006, this company has an A- rating with the Better
Business Bureau, and they frequently bring amazing customer service to both prospects and members.
What's All This About $7k Commissions?
The word on the street is that Global Resorts Network has taken their compensation plan to a completely
new level with $7,000 commissions. That's correct. The $7,000 checks can be made by a qualified affiliate
at the Platinum Plus level ($12,500). In the upcoming few years, Global Resorts Network will make an
attempt to become a household name amongst the whole nation. On a real level, for anyone who is
committed to making just one sale per month in GRN, this can be a gigantic money escalation. A single sale
every month for an affiliate could double or triple your monthly income instantly.
Getting A Global Resorts Network Membership
How can an individual secure their membership and position themselves to acquire these enormous pay
checks right now? First, you can join at the Platinum ($4,995) or Platinum Plus ($12,500) level. As soon as
the payment is complete, you are instantly secured to begin selling global resorts and start discovering
prospects and leads to start your grn direct sales business. From there, you're sponsor will be in contact with
you to get you the needed resources to get you dominating in sales and beginning your new lifestyle with
This company.
A Global Resorts Network Business
What does it take to have a business inGlobal Resorts? Right away, a simple website needs to be set up in
order to start grasping leads and driving traffic. After that's in place, prospects are simply sent to a quick
introduction video where you are branded as a leader and they can observe the product that is available in
GRN. Then it's solely a matter of closing the sale and receiving your commission check. Hint: After you
start to observe just a few sales streaming your way in GRN, it truly starts a flow down effect where your
income begins piling up pretty quick.
Global Resorts Network and You
How do you know if GRN would be a good fit for you? To positively anticipate if you would make a great
fit as a Global Resorts Network Affiliate, then go ahead and look at the presentation that is attached with
this blurb. It is important that you learn all about the compensation plan, the membership, and the business.
Get lost in it! Don't hold back at all, or else you will never really learn specifically what it is and how it can
change your lifestyle. As soon as you start to really get involved, all of this can be a truth for you and your

Does GRN Have An Annual Membership Fee?
No. Global Resorts Network, unlike most (if not all) of the competing businesses in this industry, does not
have an annual payment to stay a member. The one-time fee is all that's needed be contained in this club and
you're never charged if you don't use any of your weeks in the membership. It's so easy! Usually, the lack of
an annual fee is one of the greatest differences between GRN & most other vacation memberships and
Network marketing companies.

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