The Effects Of Vitamin D Deficiency

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					With children, rickets is the most common manifestation and consequence
of vitamin D deficiency, while with adults, the disease is known as
osteomalacia. Without enough vitamin D, the body cannot metabolize or
absorb calcium and phosphorus, the minerals with the most important role
for skeletal development. New-born babies and infants up to two years of
age require constant administration of vitamin D under pediatric
observation to insure that they develop correctly.Vitamin D is also
produced and temporarily stored by the body following sun exposure. Yet,
with the over-emphasized need to protect ourselves from sun radiation, we
have come to increase the phenomenon of vitamin D deficiency due to
insufficiency. Vitamin D deficiency is treated with supplements and a
diet rich in fatty fish. Only the doctor can determine the right dosage
considering the patient's age and the stage of the health condition.
Children and senior citizens pose the highest risks to develop vitamin D

The accelerated growth rate, dental eruption and skeletal development go
hand in hand with vitamin D deficiency in children. Mothers should be
careful to take their kids to periodical medical checkups and make sure
that they have a balanced nutrition and healthy open air activities. For
senior citizens, vitamin D deficiency appears because of the body's
incapacity to produce and store vitamin D. An older person will need
twice more vitamin D from food than a young person. This is one of the
reasons why so many middle aged and elderly women develop osteoporosis.
      Children with advanced vitamin D deficiency show a bowing of the
legs and a modification in the bone structure of the rib cage. Ribs
become protruding and the sternum will deepen into the chest. As for
adults, bone and muscular pains are often associated with severe vitamin
D deficiency. The examination involves the pressing of the sternum bone
and the tibia. These are the bones that usually reveal the consequences
of vitamin D deficiency.The treatment for vitamin D deficiency should be
immediate and intense, following the specificity of the condition and the
patient's health history. Blood tests, manual examination and radiology
tests usually make the basis for diagnosis. The calcium level in the
blood is often considered relevant for the diagnosis of vitamin D
deficiency. Enough sun exposure and a balanced diet help to the treatment
of vitamin D deficiency. Pay attention to the use of medication that
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