Fife Drug and Alcohol Action Team by yaohongm


									Fife Drug and Alcohol Action Team

Minute of meeting held on Wednesday 21 May 2008 at Kingdom House, Saltire
Centre, Glenrothes

Present: Stephen Moore (Chair), Jim Bett, Simone Ledraw, April Adam, Angela
Swift, Cllr Tim Brett, Lucy Cockayne, Mike Roworth, Alex Baldacchino, Alan Briggs
and Bill Lawrie.

In Attendance: Rita Keyte, Eric Corstorphine

1.0     Welcome and Apologies

1.1     The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and apologies were noted from
        George Cunningham and Graeme McArthur.

2.0     Minute of Previous Meeting

2.1     Approved as an accurate record

3.0     Matters Arising

3.1     Drug Deaths Report

3.1.1   Dr. Baldacchino reported on the level of interest generated by the publication
        of the report and the sensitive reporting of the findings by the media.
3.1.2   There was full discussion on how best to create an Action Plan that actively
        involved a range of partners in the implementation of recommendations.
3.1.3   The Chair and Dr. Baldacchino will meet to:
             agree who/ which organisation is best placed to take lead
                responsibility for key actions
             consider potential resource implications
                                                               Action: AB/SM

4.0     Financial Reports

4.1     Report from A Briggs
4.1.1   AB reported on expenditure to 31 March 2008, covering funds held by NHS
        Fife and Fife Council; the allocation of non recurring funds and the DAAT
        Support budget.
4.1.2   There is still no confirmation of this year’s allocation of drug misuse funds
        from Scottish Government.
4.1.3   It was agreed that a decision must be taken as soon as possible on funds
        held as a contingency and carried forward to 2008-09
4.1.4   Consideration was given to the Joint Commissioning Group’s suggestion that
        DAAT agree in principle to considering an inflationary uplift should additional
        funds be allocated by the Government.
4.1.5   Further discussion led to a decision to hold an additional meeting by the end
        of June to focus exclusively on the allocation of new funds. All members are
        asked to make every effort to attend. RK to organise.
                                                                Action: RK

4.2     Alcohol Funds

4.2.1   EC reported on the allocation of £1.6 million of alcohol funds. £674,000 is
        included in the allocation, leaving just under £1 million to allocate.
4.2.2   The Government’s guidance indicates that some of this should be targeted at
        delivering brief interventions in line with SIGN guideline 74 in order to deliver
        the new HEAT target. The remainder should be used to support additional
        treatment and prevention services.
4.2.3   Government expects that expenditure on prevention and treatment will be
        determined collectively by DAAT.
4.2.4   NHS has indicated that an estimate for expenditure on brief interventions will
        be available by the end of June. Funding may be directed towards additional
        areas of NHS in order to meet the HEAT Target. This might include GP
        Enhanced Service.
4.2.5   Following considerable discussion about DAAT’s role and its wish to be
        involved in the planning process at as early a stage as possible it was agreed
        that SM discuss this with GC at the earliest opportunity.
                                                               Action: SM
4.2.6   EC will forward the Alcohol Care Pathway to GC as a basis for planning
        services for people with alcohol problems. DAAT needs to be proactive in
        making clear what its priorities are.
                                                               Action: EC

4.3     Joint Commissioning Sub Group Minutes

4.3.1   The minutes of meetings held on the 19 March and 14 May were approved.

4.4     Joint Commissioning Group Funding Recommendations

4.4.1   All the recommendations were approved.
4.4.2   The Chair indicated that there is ongoing dialogue with LOST and gave
        information released recently on Training materials developed by Re-Solv.
4.4.3   The two voluntary sector representatives met recently with LOST’s
        chairperson and Mr. O’Brien and were able to offer information on potential
        sources of longer term funding.
4.4.4   RK will discuss with Next Steps the need to have clear outcomes, although
        some of the evidence of outcomes was included in the funding submission
        and the need to prepare an exit strategy should efforts to identify ongoing
        funds prove unsuccessful.

5.0     Strategic Direction

5.1     DAAT Review

5.1.1   RK circulated a paper outlining the decisions agreed at the event on the 23
5.1.2   Any comments or questions should be with RK no later than the end of June
        and RK will prepare a report for Health and Social Care Partnership for
        submission to the August meeting.
                                                            Action: ALL/RK
5.1.3   RK will further scope the work to be done to implement the decisions and it
        was agreed that TB will discuss the key changes with the Vice Chair of the
        Health and Social Care Partnership.
                                                            Action: TB

5.2     NHS Review of Addiction Services

5.2.1   It was noted that the report will not be submitted to NHS Board giving rise to
        ambiguity about the status of the report. It would be helpful to know if NHS
        Fife intends implementing any of the report’s recommendations.
5.2.2   DAAT agreed the following:
             DAAT members to consider the document and pass comments to RK
             The document needs to be considered in light of proposed changes to
                DAAT’s role, structure and governance arrangements and together
                with other plans, for example the new national drugs strategy
             A meeting with the Review Group should take place once comments
                have been received from DAAT members
             DAAT cannot deliver the aspirational aspects of the report

5.3     National Drugs Strategy

5.3.1   The new strategy will be launched on 29 May.
5.3.2   DAAT agreed to invite Joe Griffin from Scottish Government to deliver a
        presentation on the new strategy to DAAT and its partners
                                                           Action: RK

6.0     Operational Issues

6.1     NHS Addiction Services: Drop In Facilities
6.1.1   LC provided DAAT with information about the increased demand on the Drop
        In facilities. There are now serious concerns about quality of service given
        the very high caseloads carried by nursing staff.
6.1.2   The service has done all it can to cope with the increasing demand and has
        discussed the situation with Management.
6.1.3   It was agreed that it would be helpful to issue a statement to colleagues to
        make them aware of the current situation without creating huge anxiety
6.1.4   Colleagues indicated that Fife Council and the Constabulary might be able to
        help out, on a temporary basis, with accommodation
                                                              Action: BL/LC/AS/TB

        Due to time pressures the Chair invited members to prioritise the
        remaining agenda items.

7.0     Children’s Services Plan

7.1     LC reported her concern that there was no reference to or recognition of the
        impact of substance misuse in the Plan. RK to write to Fiona Power about
        these concerns.
                                                           Action: RK
        LC left the meeting

8.0     Essential Care Report

8.1     This report follows on from reports published last year by Scottish
        Government on methadone prescribing. It was agreed that Task Groups
        should consider and advise DAAT on the implications of the report’s findings
        for Fife.                                            Action: RK

9.0    Alcohol Partnership Pilot Group

9.1    Alex B and BL agreed to meet to clarify the point at 3.3. of the APPG Minute
       to ensure it accurately reflected Alex B’s position.
9.2    A meeting has been organised to brief Councillors Brett, Rodger and Kay
9.3    It is hoped that a secondee will be identified shortly

10.0   Fife Licensing Forum

10.1   MR reported on the development of the Forum. Priorities have been agreed
       and specific actions will be discussed at the next meeting.

       The Chair commented on his surprise at seeing an item ‘Alcohol Strategy
       across Fife’ on the agenda for the next meeting of the Fife Partnership Group.
       It was crucial that such items were discussed at DAAT in the first instance to
       ensure a collaborative approach.
       MR agreed to discuss this with Dr. Radford
                                                            Action: MR

11.0 Joint DAAT/CPC work

11.1   RK informed DAAT that both consultants will be submitting their final draft
       reports by the end of the week.
11.2   DAAT agreed to take a presentation from the consultants in the near future
       and RK was asked to combine this with the presentation on the new national
       drugs strategy as discussed at item 5.3.
                                                         Action: RK

12.0 Date of next business meeting

       Wednesday 23 July 2008 at 14.00 at Kingdom House, Saltire Centre,


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