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									               Good Shepherd News
                                        No. 200 June 2007
                   Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd

Contemplatives prepare for international community in Angola
The new international community
of contemplatives will be in
This was the result of the
discernment of the
Congregational Leadership
Team with the Contemplative
Life Commission regarding the
new location for the new
commuinty of contemplatives in
Some years back a
contemplative community was
being planned in Kenya.
However, difficulites regarding
location of the building kept the
plans on hold.                        SHARING FAIR. The garden of the Good Shepherd Generalate serves as
                                      venue for the Sharing Fair held June 23-24 in Rome. Handcrafted
The CLT and CLC met in Rome           products by women from Asia, Africa and Latin America were on sale
recently and discerned about the      over the weekend. Sharing Fair aims to help women earn better
                                      salaries for themselves and their families and away from poverty and
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  Treasures from the 2003 General Assembly
                                                                               What’s inside?

“St. Mary Euphrasia said: Live happily with                                    Contemplative Corner:
your God and think only of him; do not seek                                Celebrating Jubilees in Austria
anything else but him, concern yourself only                                           page 3
with him, breathe and live only for
him.” (Conf XVII)                                                         Germany: Learning a Language
                                                                                     page 4c
It was said of Maria Droste that a simple                                    Austria: Witness to History
glance at God was enough to reassure her,                                              page 6
and in her heart the fire of love grew
steadily. She herself would add: “My hands                                    Ireland: a Unique Honor
are busy with work, my head is full of                                                 page 8
worries, and my heart is full of love for Our                                Chile: Mission of My Love
Lord”. What has this fire which burnt in the                                          page 10
heart of Maria Droste in common with the fire which burnt in the heart
of Mary Euphrasia? Of Aguchita? Of our four Filipina sisters who           Latin America: Teaching and
gave their lives 20 years ago? Of the Sisters today who are the             learning the Link Language
                                                                                    pages 11-14
presence of the Good Shepherd among the poor? Is the fire of my
zeal still so ardent?”                                                    Italy/Malta: Weaving together our
From the Opening Talk of Sr. Liliane Tauvette, June 8, 2003                             page 15
CONTEMPLATIVE COMMUNITY ... (Continued from page 1)                                         Srs. Ae Sun Hyun, Northeast
                                                                                            Asia; Anabel Barahona Funes,
future of the contemplative                 getting to know one another                     Central America; Cassia Maria
community.                                  and building community while                    Martins Cordeiro, Recife, Brazil;
The sisters preparing for their             they await departure for                        Manel Liyanarachi, Sri Lanka;
International contemplative                 Angola.                                         and Tresina Padigarakkara,
community are now in Korea,                 The Missionaries for Africa are:                India.

Good Shepherd Sisters, apostolic and contemplatives, during their June meeting in Rome in preparation for
the 2008 Intercontinental Assembly. Also in the photo are the translators.

In this issue:     Languages and the need to forge global solidarity
As this 200th edition of Good Shepherd News was being              open to the many ways by which the language can be
planned what came to mind was the Fourth General As-               learned, the possibilities that the other can be understood,
sembly of Contemplatives that opened in Angers, France             and the variety of themes that could motivate Sisters to
on June 8, 2003, the feast of Blessed Maria Droste.                talk and write. Many other sisters in various countries ex-
                                                                   ert effort to learn another congregational language.
With the General Assembly news on hand, it was easy to
look back on what happened five years ago and to see               Sr. Elizabeth Mrkvicka from Austria, gave a testimony of
how the whole congregation has moved forward to imple-             her life. She shares it with the young. Hers is a moving
ment the directives of the Assembly and eventually the             story, one that speaks of forgiveness, reconciliation, love.
2003 General Chapter that followed.                                Hers is a life that invites us to open our hearts to the other
                                                                   no matter what a person’s race or belief is. Hers is a testi-
The richness of the talks, reports and reflections offered
                                                                   mony that teaches us that as always, there is something
new insights that some of the highlights were reprinted
                                                                   to learn from history. The world, has to continually learn
here. The challenge of being lifebearers with and for the
                                                                   from it. Sr. Ma. Theresa Pfiffner , likewise, invites us to
poor of the world called us to action.
                                                                   open our hearts to people of all nations.
It was also during that occasion when the contemplatives
                                                                   In Sri Lanka, the Contemplative Sisters opted to open a
dreamt of opening a community in Africa that drew mis-
                                                                   community in a village with the tsunami victims-- a witness
sionaries to volunteer for an international contemplative
                                                                   to our continuing search to be in solidarity with the poor. A
community. While the sisters were awaiting the final lo-
                                                                   museum showcases Chile’s rich heritage, while the Sis-
cation of the community, they have started getting to
                                                                   ters live up to the charism of compassion by accompany-
know one another by living together in Korea in prepara-
                                                                   ing girls and students in our institutions and constantly
tion for their mission. Coming from different countries,
                                                                   renewing ties with former students. Sr. Brigid Keane of
they also started learning the link language. Very re-
                                                                   Ireland was given award for her tenacity to be with the
cently, the sisters learned of what is now the definite site
                                                                   poor and needy, a service that she does with joy. The
of the community, Angola.
                                                                   units of Malta and Italy are undergoing restructuring, and
Interesting conversations at the Generalate generate new           like the Province of Great Britain, look forward to their
ideas. News about the course on the link language being            Chapters.
held in Latin America was reason enough to find out
                                                                   Looking at all the stories call us to greater sensitivity to
more about it. Communicating with Sr. Carol Beairsto
                                                                   the needs of the world, makes us aware of the efforts in
who was in Mexico for sessions proved interesting. And
                                                                   each unit to be faithful to our mission, and challenges us
so while in Mexico doing classes, she managed to write
                                                                   to be creative in our responses. Our love and care for one
something on her experience of accompanying our sis-
                                                                   another give us stronger and wider arms to embrace oth-
ters learn the English language, thanks to the means of
                                                                   ers especially those who are in need. The God of com-
communication, especially email and the digital camera.
                                                                   passion who embraced us first and who became one of us
Creativity spurs more enthusiasm from each one to be
                                                                   invites us each day to be in solidarity with the world.

                                    REGINA KUIZON, Communications Coordinator
   Good Shepherd News               Casa Generalizia, Suore del Buon Pastore, Via Raffaello Sardiello 20- 00165 Roma, Italia

           Contemplative Corner
                                                                         tions coming in. That the prayer,
                                                                         the primary aspect of our life be
                                                                         fruitful, and my love for God be
                                                                         intensified as I continue in this
Province of Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic                         earthly life through the expres-
                                                                         sion of our charism and spiritual-
                 Celebrating Jubilees                                    ity     of   the    Congregation.
                                                                         „Gratitude is the memory of my
The province of Austria, Switzer-    God and the salvation of hu-        heart“ - the song of my soul dur-
land and Czech Rep celebrated        mankind. Sr. Caritas turned 90      ing these 70 years of loving
the yearly traditional Jubilium in   years old on June 13, 2007.         God.
Salzburg.                            She shared her vision, wishes,
                                     desires and strength:               Let us continue to be united with
A Mass, in thanksgiving for the                                          her and all our sisters who are
fidelity and untiring services of    The gift of my baptism and          journeying towards a grace-filled
our sisters, was celebrated by Fr.   fidelity to God is my strength.     old age.
Sebastian Manzl, a diocesan          Contemplative life here will
priest. A group of lay people led    grow and bloom according to         Contemplative Sisters of the
the choir.                           His Will and in His own time.       Good Shepherd
                                     That there will be more voca-       Innsbruck, Austria
On this occasion, Sr. M. Caritas
Raber CGS, marked her 70
years of religious profession.

Sr. M. Caritas was born on June
13, 1917 in Graz, when the
Blessed Mother appeared for the      Contemplatives in Sri Lanka open community
2nd time in Fatima– a precious       in Kalamulla, a village for victims of Tsunami
moment to be remembered. She
entered the Contemplatives of
                                     Today even the Contemplative
the Good Shepherd in Graz in
                                     Sisters are expected to live in
1934 at the tender age of 17.
                                     solidarity with the struggles
                                     and difficulties of the people of
During World War II, the Russian
soldiers confiscated and took
over the convent. They forced
                                     This is the purpose of our small
the Sisters to take care of the
                                     community of Sisters at Kala-
wounded soldiers in the military
                                     mulla (the area where the
hospital. Both the apostolic and
                                     Good Shepherd Sisters have
the contemplative sisters lived in
                                     provided housing for the vic-
the cellar of the convent, where                                         perience His love for them.
                                     tims of the 2005 Tsunami). By
Sr. M Caritas helped in the
                                     our prayers and listening, we
kitchen. It was indeed a terrible                                        We invited all the children of
                                     encourage them to have a
and      dangerous      situation.                                       these families to come everyday
                                     deep faith in the providence of
                                     God and learn to trust in Him at    to pray the rosary with us. At
When the country gained free-                                            first six or seven children came,
                                     all times.
dom and independence, the con-                                           now the number has increased
templatives started afresh in                                            to 25 -30 a day. These children
                                     We invite the people of Kala-
Salzburg and Baumgartenberg.                                             have deep faith they come to us
                                     mulla to come and pray with
Sr. Caritas was missioned in                                             for ask for prayers for their family
                                     us, and this they find very con-
Salzburg and worked as a gar-                                            needs, or their own studies and
                                     soling. They join us during the
dener and helped in household                                            examinations.
                                     celebration of the Eucharist, at
chores. Several years later, in
                                     our adoration of the Blessed
1985, the two communities were                                           We treasure them as the future
                                     Sacrament, and the daily pray-
united as one in Baumgarten-                                             of the village, and hope that vo-
                                     ing of the rosary.
berg because of the diminishing                                          cations to the priesthood and
number of sisters. It was a sad                                          religious life will sprout from
                                     During Lent we were really
and lonely experience, but the                                           among them.
                                     touched by their devotion at the
lively hope of the contemplatives
                                     Way of the Cross. Many days
kept on burning like an offering                                         Sr. Callista CGS
                                     they came as individuals or
of incense lifted up to God.                                             Taken from the Newsletter of the
                                     families to accompany Jesus
Prayer was their strength as they                                        Sri Lanka/Pakistan Province
                                     on the way to Calvary and ex-
continued to work for the glory of                                       May 2007

                   Contemplative Corner
Province of Germany

Learning a language: A fruitful time for me
In order to make progress with
the English language I spent six-
weeks in Belfast in Ireland. I
lived with the community of the
Contemplative Sisters. This was
a good and fruitful time for me.
Thanks to the help of a retired
teacher and the Sisters, I really
could improve my English.

A very special experience for me
was the opportunity to participate
in a meeting of the different Irish
contemplative congregations in
Dulgan near Dublin. We were
together for two days. Fr. Marc
Ephrem Nolan OSB from the
monastery in Rostrevor gave the
talks. I was very happy to be
able to understand most of it as
they were valuable talks.             Sr. Dolorosa , standing, fourth from left, with the sisters of Dulgan,
It is wonderful to be able to con-
verse with others and to under-       Thanks to all who have helped          Sr. Dolorosa Pennekamp,
stand them. I would like to en-       me during this time.                   CGS, Münster, Germany
courage everyone to learn one of
the congregational languages.

Prayers and Discernment

                                      Rome. A noon Mass on the
                                      feast of the Immaculate Heart
                                      of Mary on June 9 gathered the         Srs. Vitoria Antonio and Rosalia
                                      Sisters, apostolic and                 Nguelia with the maracas, lead
                                      contemplative, to pray with the        the Sisters in the singing of an
                                                                             African hymn.
                                      Congregational Leadership
                                      Team and Contemplative Life
Sr. Shalini Podimattam, with the      Commission as they began               Africa. In the afternoon, the CLT
tambourine, and the Sisters           their discernment for a                and CLC met at the SME oratory
during the Mass                       contemplative community in             to continue their discernment.

Province of Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic

Presence of Jesus, the Good Shepherd in the ‘Justinus-Werk’
Cité St. Justin is part of the
‘Justinus-Werk’ which promotes
the formation of young people
from developing countries for
developing countries.
Come to visit Cité St. Justin.
There you will meet people from
all continents without regard to
origin, religion or nationality.
Here you will meet people who
try to build a community where
tolerance, intercultural dialogue,
living together and collaboration
are fostered.
You will also meet Sr. M.                                                to me saying that she always felt
Theresia Pfiffner RGS, who is                                            very much at home at these litur-
working here since autumn 1990.                                          gies and with gratitude she sent
Some of her numerous tasks                                               me this embroidery. It is a little
are: secretarial work, writing of                                        affirmation of my work.
letters to about 950 devotees of
St. Rita, arranging the Mass lit-                                        Jo is from Eritrea and belongs to
urgy, help with the sending out of                                       the Jehovah’s Witness.         She
the       so-called     ‘Justinus-                                       works very hard and well in the
Blätter’ (Justinus brochures),                                           restaurant of Cité St. Justin. The
organizing of feasts… but espe-                                          Jehovah witnesses normally do
cially to create warm relations by    Sr. Maria Theresia Pfiffner        not accept gifts. I am happy that
being aware of personal feasts,                                          she accepts some clothes here
jubilees, birthdays, bereavement      bourg but when I see her it is     and there and also wears them.
etc. It is about presence – to be     always a happy meeting.
                                                                         Hatun from Turkey is a Moslem
there, to be with… and thus she
                                      “B” for years works in the of-     and responsible for the house-
is living in the midst of this col-
                                      fice next door to mine. When I     keeping with 300 rooms in four-
ourful, diverse community and is
                                      got to know him first he was       houses. When her mother died
trying to live in such a way that
                                      very inhibited and anxious.        she asked me to light a candle at
these people sense: here I met a
                                      Sometimes we talk about            the altar of St. Rita.
human person… I met God in a
                                      something, also about religious
human person.                                                            I feel very close to many devo-
                                      questions. I am very happy
                                      that he now participates in a      tees of St. Rita. They often
Sr. M. Theresia shares with us
                                      Bible group. He is meeting its     share their sorrows and joys with
some precious encounters:
                                      members regularly. Now he is       me – these are real meetings.
When I really have met HIM in         more relaxed and open.             Sometimes we meet in the
the Eucharist then it can happen                                         house of a lady.
that, when I go to work, I meet       “A” in her own opinion is terri-
                                      bly committed through work         There are also meetings with
people in the city whose face for
                                      and financial support for the      priest students. Quite a few see
a moment lights up – and I have
                                      cause of God. No-one could         their mother in me as one wrote
met HIM – and we have met
                                      do what she does but she is a      to me …’your son in Christ’!
each other…
                                      sick person and thinks that only   All these are meetings of daily
Maguy is ten years younger than       I can help her. Meeting her is     living. HE knows what will come
me. Obviously she is touched by       always something ‘special’. In     out of it and this is enough for
the Lord and is incredibly com-       many situations I only can pray.   me. I can just be a Good Shep-
mitted for his cause: as catechist                                       herdess who with zeal is there
for children, in children’s adora-    On Sundays I help to arrange
                                                                         for the people as promised at
tion groups, in preparing them for    the liturgy in Cité St. Justin.
                                                                         profession.     Whoever reads
First      Communion,        Rita-    About 50 students participate.
                                                                         these few lines, may help me
admiration, visiting of sick peo-     A student from Eastern Europe
                                                                         through prayer. Thank you!
ple, organizing of pilgrimages to     who is continuing her studies at
Italy. She does not live in Fri-      the university of Geneva wrote     Sr. Maria Theresia Pfiffner
                                                                         Pentecost 2007

Province of Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic

WITNESS TO HISTORY – A call? A vocation?
By Sr. Elisabeth Mrkvicka, RGS
                                       screaming: “The Jews are to           final fighting around Vienna and
For some years now I speak as a        blame for all the evil in the         expulsion and attacks of the oc-
so-called ‘witness to history’ at      world; they are vermin which          cupying forces.
the University of Innsbruck within     has to be exterminated; they
the context of lectures on                                 are scum          My father died. I nursed my
“education”. I also give talks in                          to     be         mother in her last illness and
schools in Tyrol and at events of                          wiped             when I was alone after her
parishes. What does this mean                              out.”    I        death, the decision grew in me to
to me?                                                     was not           enter the congregation. I lived
                                                           allowed           for many years in the congrega-
Thinking about my life story it                            to study          tion but I was still determined to
became clear to me that soon                               and               hide my origins. I was convinced
there will be no one alive any                             again             not to have the right to live, that I
more who experienced the time                              and               was scum, inferior, not wanted. I
of National Socialism in Austria                           again    I        lived constantly in fear that if
during the years between 1938                              was ex-           someone hears that I am a Half-
and 1945. Only very few know                               posed to          Jew they would despise and
how it really was at that time.

What makes me speak as a wit-
ness to history to young people?
When I open myself “meeting”
happens and this can contribute
to reconciliation.

I was born in 1925 in Vienna and
came from a totally areligious
home. My father was a con-
vinced social democrat and
against the church. We three
children attended the Catholic
religious education classes but at
home we never spoke about re-
ligion. Until up to the age of 14, I
did not know a single prayer.

From one day to the other
(through the connection of Aus-        Sr. Elizabeth with the students in Innsbruck.
tria with Germany in 1938) I
found out (I was 12 ½ years old        humiliation.   Thus I experi-         avoid me. A sister who through
at that time) that my mother was       enced myself as not wanted            an indiscretion learned of it said
a baptized Jew and that I was          and always at risk.                   to me that she did not want to
considered a Half-Jew according                                              live in the same house with a
to NS-laws. From now on perse-         At that time I came into contact      Half-Jew. I hardly had any self-
cution befell my family especially     with a forbidden Catholic youth       esteem and I was full of fear of
the relatives of my mother. My         group in our parish and I began       others.
family was decimated through           to believe in God. In some way
suicide, flight to foreign coun-       it was more an escape than a          Only when I was 74 did I learn
tries, deportation into extermina-     genuine conviction of faith.          through gentle spiritual accom-
tion camps. Helpless and dis-                                                paniment to accept myself and
traught I stood facing this new        I survived these terrible years       the journey of my life and to rec-
situation. My parents – through        of war, years of constant             ognize my mission. A professor
the burden of their fears and sor-     threats and fear. Countless           friend at the University of Inns-
rows – did not think of explaining     people suffered greatly be-           bruck - who through his lectures
to me that a crime was happen-         cause of the war, because of          and his publications does every-
ing here. From all billboards and      the loss of close relatives,
out of all newspapers I heard it       bomb attacks; and then the                  (Continued on page 7)

                                                                                 Province of Great Britain

                                                                                 Onwards to the
                                                                                 Provincial Chapter
                                                                                 The Sisters of the Province of
                                                                                 Great Britain are preparing for
                                                                                 the September 30-October 6
                                                                                 provincial chapter this year.

                                                                                 Theme of the chapter is,
                                                                                 “Theme : Weavers of Compas-
                                                                                 sion and Reconciliation in Global

                                                                                 The Province of Great Britain
                                                                                 has more than 60 sisters in 10
Great Britain Chapter planning team. Photo from left to right, Front row:
                                                                                 communities, one of which is in
Srs Consolata Smyth, Olivia Ward, Christine Mearns; Back row: Srs
Raymunda Jordan OP (facilitator), Anne Josephine Carr, Helen                     Scotland. It has one Contempla-
Warburton.                                                                       tive Community.

WITNESS TO HISTORY... (Continued from page 6)                                    come back especially when, today, I
                                                                                 still experience rejection.     Some
thing he can for marginalized                                                    years ago while I was traveling in a
people of every nation, religion                                                 bus, the media had just reported an
                                                                                 attack on a synagogue in Istanbul. A
and race - and my spiritual direc-
                                                                                 couple, traveling on the same bus
tor suggested to me to speak to                                                  with me, spoke about this attack and
young people as witness to his-                                                  about the persecution of the Jews,
tory about my experience during                                                  the concentration camps, the gas
National Socialism.                                                              chambers which in their opinion
Never can I forget the wrong.                                                    surely never existed. These, they
This experience has robbed me-                                                   said, were only made up because
too much of my self-esteem, took                                                 even in Turkey, in Istanbul there was
                                       Then I asked them: “There is so           a synagogue and so many Jews
too much of the courage to live.       much terror in your country, do you       were still alive. At that I overcame
I was only able to survive. My         not long for peace?” They re-             my cowardice and said to the two:
great desire is that never again       plied: “We all wish for peace             “Oh yes, these concentration camps
will people be so marginalized,        but it is very difficult to be rec-       and the gas chambers truly existed.”
humiliated and exterminated.           onciled. There is no Israeli
Only with the accompaniment of                                                   The answer was: “From where would
                                       family which has not lost a               you know this?” I said: “Because
loving people was I able to look       loved one through assassina-              relatives of mine got killed there.”
at my life story; only thus could I    tion attempts and with the Pal-           Then they replied: “Then they forgot
perceive the suffering and in          estinians there is the same suf-          to gas you too!”
spite of all desperation I was         fering. It becomes almost im-
able to see God’s guidance in          possible to make peace.”                  The young people to whom I speak
my story and to put everything                                                   are extremely upset by my reports
                                       How terrible it is if no one can draw     but are also touched by the thought
into His hands.
                                       a line but only suffering is set off      that only God can heal all injuries
Some years ago a group of stu-         against                      suffering.   and wounds.
dents from Israel visited Inns-        In my deepest devastation, when I
bruck.    These young people                                                     I also try to tell them that they cannot
                                       was not able to accept myself and         take on themselves what their fore-
wanted to know how it was to           did not want to live anymore, I ex-       fathers may have done; that each
live as a Half-Jew in Austria dur-     perienced the help of God. For the        person is only responsible for what
ing the time of National Social-       first time I experienced that I am        he/she thinks and does himself/
ism. I told them my life story.        unconditionally loved by God and          herself.
They were very much taken aback        that he died for everyone, and that
and asked me: “When you have           he wants life to the full for all hu-     For me it is important that they un-
suffered so much from Christians       man beings. Only by having ex-            derstand that we only can live in
why did you not become a Jew but       perienced myself as loved by God          peace with each other when we re-
even entered an order?” I explained    can I rule out any revenge.               spect and regard each person in his/
to them that I nevertheless had                                                  her dignity.
                                       Again and again terrible memories
found my home with Christianity.                                                 May 2007

                                                                           presented Sister Brigid with a
                                                                           clock set in Belfast Crystal, while
Province of Ireland/Ethiopia                                               publicly commending her for her
                     A Unique Honour                                       dedicated service over many
                                                                           years. The words engraved ran
On the 2nd March 2007 Sister                                               as follows
Brigid Keane was presented with                                               “Presented by the Rt. Hon.
the 2006 Renee Mackintosh Me-                                                 The Lord Mayor of Belfast,
morial Award. This is awarded                                                 Councillor Pat McCarthy, to
annually by the south and East                                                Sister Brigid Keane, in recog-
Belfast Trust to ‘any individual                                              nition of her tireless work to
member or staff, team or volun-                                               improve the lives of the com-
teer who has made a special                                                   munities within the city. 18
effort or contribution towards im-                                            April 2007.”
proving the quality of life of pa-
tients/clients in the previous                                             Mr Denis Maloney, who had
year’.                               Sr. Brigid with Councillor Pat        nominated Sister for the award,
In this instance Sister Brigid re-
ceived the award for intensive
work and support of one person
over many months, set in the
context of her endless commu-
nity work during our “Troubles”
prior to our present peace.

A major celebration was initiated
by Councillor Rosaleen Hughes
MBE whose consultation with our
Lord Mayor led to the hosting by
him of a Reception in his parlour
at the City Hall. This splendid
occasion was attended by more
than 70 long-term friends, com-       Sr. Brigid Keane with friends from the Senior Citizens’ Club.
mittees and volunteers of Sussex
Place Family Services and mem-                                             responded to the Lord Mayor’s
bers of the Senior Citizen Club.      Rosaleen.
                                                                           speech and complimented Sister
The club was run by Sister Brigid                                          on her good work.
for more than 20 years and is         Following a warm welcome and
now in the competent hands of         sincere speech, the Lord Mayor
                                                                           - Sr. Clare O'Mahoney RGS

Treasures from the 2003 General Assembly                                     Visit the new website:
                                                                                  Province of Peru
During the past ten years, we have undertaken
important work inthe Congregation concerning the
Contemplative Sisters. Regional teams established                  
in different continents worked on what was specific
to Contemplative Sisters and on Complementarity between RGS/
CGS. An international Commission with contemplative and active
Sisters representing the different continents was created in response        Congregational Chapter
to the 1997 General Assembly/Chapter Directive. The work of the                      2009
Commission helped the Congregation to be aware of one charism                 Weavers of compassion
expressed in two ways of life while working on our reciprocal                     and reconciliation
identities. Essential elements of GS contemplative life were                     in global solidarity
elaborated and our Spirituality was clarified in the sense of finding       “To act justly, love tenderly and
once more our Eudist roots.                                                           walk humbly
                                                                                     with our God.”
From the General Council Report, June 2003                                            (Micah 6:8)

Province of Chile

      Alumnae Visit Aldea Maria Reina                                     Technical School Rosa Virginia
                                                                          Pelletier. Both the Home and the
                                                                          school were the pillars of support
Two of our alumnae, Ruth and                                              which gave me the necessary
Jeannette, both now living                                                means to become a professional
abroad came to visit us. After 28                                         in the health field, with the voca-
years they wished to relive their                                         tion of giving myself to others.”
stay in our Home where they had
studied, together with Sr. Paula                                          “My husband and I live in West
Salvatierra.                                                              New Cork with three of our chil-
                                                                          dren. Our eldest daughter re-
With pleasant surprise and great                                          sides in Chile and is a theater
joy we welcomed them in our                                               actress.”
community of Aldea Maria Reina.
                                      Ruth and Jeannette
                                                                          Ruth’s mother has cancer and
Ruth lives in Germany where she                                           Jeannette is under treatment for
teaches in a children’s home for      Reina was my home and my            embolism in the lungs. They ask
boys and girls aged 3 to 12 years     academic studies were at the        for our prayers.
old. She also teaches the Salsa,
a Caribbean dance, to adults.
She told us, “Here I feel so at
home, welcomed and loved as
                                              From our community of Our Lady
when I was staying here. I re-                      of Carmel in Iquique
member the celebrations of the
month of Mary – what feelings! I      A testimony from one of the         economically. I tried to struggle
recall my companions and every-                residents                  but it was a very arduous way. I
thing I experienced and received
                                      From my heart, I wish to relate     found much help from the NGO’s
– human and spiritual values; the
                                      a story which until now has         but being a foreigner, not every-
gardens and flowers, the scent of
                                      great significance for me and       thing went easily. There were
our park. I have a great feeling of
                                      for the Good Shepherd Sisters.      terribly difficult days. The human
                                                                          or psychological part of me, the
                                      I am Juan Enrique, 31 years         tiny “candle” lighting up my heart
Jeannette said in her turn, “Here     old. I came from a neighboring      was being extinguished little by
I had the best experiences of my      country and have been in Chile      little.
adolescence,       which      have    for over a year now. I came for
marked my life, with the forma-       anti-retroviral treatment as I am   One day while walking, I reached
tion that is so enriching given by    zero positive an AIDS-HIV car-      the municipal hall and there they
the Good Shepherd Sisters.            rier. Everything began with a       told me that the Good Shepherd
From 1976 to 1979, Aldea Maria        scheme which I could not solve      home helps persons with my ill-
                                                                          ness. The home helped me a lot
                                                                          especially in the psychospiritual
                                                                          realm. Within me, the tiny flame
                                                                          lit up again … I know young peo-
                                                                          ple with the same disease but I,
Weaving with the thread of today                                          with my ideas, can also contrib-
                                                                          ute my help by telling them not to
                                                                          be discouraged with life and to
Spirituality Center                                                       value what the Home has given
                                                                          us. This house of welcome is a
Getting closer to people. The community in the city of Puente             blessing from God.
   Alto was tasked to plan and implement a Series of Meet-
                                                                          I would like to end this brief shar-
   ings which would be relevant to current needs and prob-
                                                                          ing with this reminder: As long as
   lems. Thus evolved topics such as drugs, adolescence,                  we have the Merciful God in our
   love and sexuality, and the art of becoming a person. Many             hearts, there is nothing we shall
   interested people attended the meetings.                               lack, and even after death He
                                                                          promises us light on our way.
Formation of Lay Associates as pastoral agents, accompany-
                                                                          (His name has been changed for
   ing them in retreats according to the spiritual itinerary of St.       the sake of confidentiality)
   John Eudes. A new path has opened.
                                                                          Iquique, April 2007

                  “CHILE, THE MISSION OF MY LOVE- SME
                                     Going round the San Felipe museum

San Felipe was the very first
Good Shepherd community in
Chile and in all of Latin America.
Here, many precious souvenirs
of the Congregation are kept. We
invite you to take a virtual walk
through the museum. For in-
stance, you may sit on the chair
used by St. Mary Euphrasia
when she used to visit the
kitchen of the Mother House in
Angers. There she made sure
that the meals were tasty. This
chair was sent to Chile as a gift
from Mother Peter de Couden-
hove to Mother Augustine Fer-

Statuette of St. Euphrasia, virgin                                           The cloister of the Good Shepherd
(380 AD – 412 AD) patron saint                                               in San Felipe, Chile
of our Mother Foundress. Rose
Virginie Pelletier took the name                                             means “beautiful speech.”
of this Greek virgin of the family
                                                                             In 1855, seven sisters from France
of Emperor Theodosius. In the                                                were welcomed to Chile by seven
Greek Church she is known to                                                 consecrated women from the Beate-
have preferred the hidden life in       Statuette of St. Euphrasia, virgin
                                                                             rio of Del Carmen. All of them en-
a monastery of the Thebaid                                                   tered the Good Shepherd novitiate.
                                        rather than the honors of her
                                        time. Her feast is kept on           Soon there was an interchange of
Treasures                               March 13th. This statue is much      culture and integration which gave a
                                        loved and venerated by the
from the                                sisters of Chile. Euphrasia
                                                                             strong thrust to the apostolate for
                                                                             girls and women.
                                                     Weaving Today for Tomorrow
“... Some sisters have mentioned
the need for a renewed vocation         Rancagua, Chile.
ministry and small communities
definitely offer a good                 Young women and girls whose
opportunity for this. But that is       rights had been violated learn
not the only possibility. Each          different skills in a workshop
community is responsible for            started three years ago by one
attracting vocations...”                of the volunteers in our Resi-
                                        dence. The workshop produces
With Saint Mary Euphrasia I say         toys, dolls, cushions or throw
to you: “Work to become worthy          pillows, wallets, picture frames
of your wonderful vocation, by a        and other similar items.
burning zeal and a charity
without limits, always keeping          Their self-esteem has grown,
the Good Shepherd before you               seeing their capacity to be
as your model.” The precious               creative and in seeing the
pearl of the Congregation is in            fruits of their efforts. Now
your hands.”                               they can say: I am a
                                           person of value.
Sr. Liliane Tauvette
Superior General                        Chile News
Closing Address, June 27, 2003

(Sr. Carol Beairsto of the
                                                 Teaching the Link Language
Province of New York writes                                      By Sr. Carol Beairsto RGS
about her experience of teaching
English to Good Shepherd
sisters in Latin America. Each
class is about two hours long,
each day. She said that during
the classes they have used
music, drama, story telling,
debating and other techniques to
engage the sisters in speaking
and writing. Sr, Carol has
added other activities, suited to
their levels of proficiency and
depending on their level of
comfort with the language.)

  English as Link Language
In the spring of 2006, the request
to teach English to our Spanish        In Ecuador
speaking sisters was extended to
me. The Congregation had
                                       ate our new organizational         knowledge and/or experience in
voted to adopt English as the
                                       structure than to begin sharing    studying English. The first thing
new link language. In a matter of
                                       the same language. We have         we had to agree upon were real-
time, all communication would be
                                       already been enriched by our       istic goals for a six- week’s
generated in English and transla-
                                       Latina sisters and enhancing       course. This I did with a profes-
tion, as we have known it, would
                                       our ability to communicate         sional ESL teacher, who taught
be depended upon less. The
                                       would further this mutual inter-   at the university level but also
General Leadership Team was
                                       dependence. Finally, the first     had years of experience in
eager to provide assistance to
                                       Assembly of the Americas in        teaching and directing programs
the provinces for this venture.
                                       2008, served as the immediate      for immigrants from Latin Amer-
                                       impetus for enhancing our ca-      ica. The counsel of this woman
With this information as a back-
                                       pacity to engage with one an-      was and remains, invaluable.
ground, Sr. Cecilia Patiño, asked
                                       other.                             Together we identified a text,
me to think about initiating a
                                                  The Course              designed specifically, for people
course that I could offer to the
                                                                          who might have to learn English
Spanish speaking provinces. At         The idea was to spend six to       on their own. Thus, it was con-
the time that this request came,       eight weeks in each province       ceivable that after some instruc-
the New York Province was pre-         and to offer a course in Basic     tion in the basics of sound pro-
paring to celebrate its 150th Anni-    English to sisters who had no      nunciation, vocabulary and the
versary and it was decided that        training or experience in the      structure of the language, the
every new project would be done        English language. At the same      sisters could keep on improving
in the context of this jubilee cele-   time, I would offer a second       their language skills, with or with-
bration. What better way to initi-     course to sisters with some        out a teacher. The good news is
                                                                          that, for the most part, the pro-
                                                                          vincials have been able to en-
                                                                          gage a teacher or a volunteer to
                                                                          instruct the sisters for at least
                                                                          one hour per week.
                                                                                  Various Countries
                                                                          To date, I have taught 92 sisters
                                                                          in five countries. Beginning in
                                                                          Medellin, Colombia, I then
                                                                          moved to Venezuela, Ecuador,
                                                                          Peru and now Mexico. In Sep-
                                                                          tember, I will begin teaching in El
                                                                          Salvador and that course will

In Mexico                                                                      (Continued on page 12)

    (Continued from page 11)

bring the number of sisters to

Motivating students to learn
a second language

To teach well is to enter into the
lives of the sisters and to assess
with them the value of knowing a
second language. Motivation
must be their own, if they are to     In Mexico
begin this difficult process of
learning a second language, as
                                      South Americans solely, as Lati-       the great ministries of the sisters in
adults. Living in the greater met-                                           the various provinces. As our Gen-
ropolitan area of New York, I am      nos. Although they share the
                                      Spanish language, its expression       eral Chapter Direction statement
confronted by the rapidly chang-                                             calls us, particularly, to the service of
                                      is distinct from one country to the
ing complexion of the USA and         next and so too, its traditions and    women and children, nearly every
of the East Coast, in particular.     customs. Latin American countries      work here is directed at enhancing
                                      are culturally Catholic, something     the lives of these two groups. Pro-
  Contextualized Education            we Americans are not. Most of          grams for street children, deprived of
                                      their celebrations are connected       permanent homes and education
                                      with feast days and sacraments         and even childhood, have found a
The number of immigrants from
                                      and the religious significance en-     new start in the programs estab-
Central and South America is                                                 lished for street children and their
rising exponentially, and we have     gages the whole community.
                                                                             mothers. Insertion communities in
yet to find a just and honorable                                             the barrios witness to our commit-
                                      As a minority, American Catholics
way to deal with these new peo-                                              ment to the marginalized. Talleres
                                      celebrate these rituals in a much
ple, who, like our own ancestors,     more private fashion and our na-       or workshops that teach women and
seek, in our richly blessed coun-     tional holidays are what we share      children skills that will help move
try, the freedom to secure basic      more publicly. Additionally, public    them toward independence are
human rights with dignity. While      places and commercial buildings in     springing up in each of the prov-
                                                                             inces. In Medellin, these talleres
our own sisters actively engage       Latin America are commonly
                                      adorned with statues and religious     have not only given employment but
with our new people, others con-                                             micro enterprises and housing to the
tinue the work of advocacy at the     symbols, something prohibited in
                                      our land of religious liberty. To be   women. It is heartening to see the
governmental level. One of my                                                schools run by the sisters that make
                                      one with the people here, it is to
tasks is to interpret the conflict-                                          possible other services to the poor,
                                      enter into their mentality and cus-
ing responses of the North            toms. All of this reminds me of an     while schools for the poor in barrios
American people to the sisters        article I read. Its source eludes me   are beacons of hope in otherwise
whom I am teaching. Here in           but the words speak for them-          blighted neighborhoods. Residences
Mexico, our sisters are laboring      selves:                                for homeless youth, including chil-
                                                                             dren with aids, bear witness to our
with the people on the border,
                                        I think of a conversation I had in   deep belief that; one person is of
trying to provide sound advice,         Haiti once with a wonderful vol-     more value than a world.
as well as to translate the risks       unteer doctor being driven crazy
involved in seeking refuge              by Mother Teresa’s nuns. Could       The faith of the sisters is expressed
across the border. One wise             I help him understand? I said it     when one sees new construction for
                                                                             expanded programs in areas where
sister said to me, I never tell         was like this.
                                                                             only trust seems to insure the fund-
them what to do. I just put be-         Imagine that a primitive tribe       ing for such projects. The courage
fore them the risks they are tak-       has somehow landed in our            of the sisters and their lay associates
ing. And then she added that it’s       midst. They cannot possibly          who walk dangerous streets at night
their desperation that is forcing       survive without our assistance.      draws the women to come to what
them to leave family, country and       Yet they are very important to       will really change their lives. All of
all that is familiar. In my limited     our salvation—as they are. So        this is done without judgment or re-
experience, I have known Mexi-          our task is to enable them to live   crimination. How like the Good
can people to be among the              and to work, and to avoid trying     Shepherd!
                                        to change them. For that
hardest working of the immigrant                                             Language gives expression to the
                                        change would be their death
peoples.                                and ours. The doctor said to         thoughts of the heart. May we con-
                                        me, “That’s it! That’s it!”          tinue to learn from each other, so
   Diversity of Cultures                                                     that together we may speak out for
It has come home to me loud           Great Blessings and Ministries         God’s special ones.
and clear that one cannot think       One of the great blessings of my
of the peoples of Central and         days here has been to experience       (June 2007, Mexico)

   Studying the Link Language

The following are some of the comments
of Sisters from Latin America

"It was an excellent opportunity of understanding
and growth in the language; an experience of close-
ness with Sister Carol."
Martha Parra

"The course was magnificent, it gave us the oppor-
tunity to exchange cultures and personal experi-
ences. She was a marvelous teacher, many thanks.”
Martha Villegas                                           In Peru, Sr. Carol Beairsto (standing) with her students,
                                                          one an apostolic and the other a contemplative
"Excellent Sister and teacher. Very approachable
and understanding."
Leonor Gómez                                              Ecuador
"The interaction of Sister Carol with the Province        Ten Contemplatives and 16 Active sisters from the
was very interesting, we found her very approach-         Province of Ecuador took part in a basic English
able, respectful of our culture, interested in every      course. We want to express our gratitude to the
participant, sisterly, and inclusive. We wished that      Congregational Leadership Team for making this
all could participate in her class."                      course in learning the Link language possible in
Marina Montes                                             our Province. We particularly are grateful and want
                                                          to congratulate the Province of New York, who ow-
"It was a very productive experience. Beginning           ing to the celebration of their 150 years of founda-
from the basics she continued to perfect her les-         tion, promised to collaborate in providing education
sons. She made learning easier. She helped me to          in the link language.
trust myself and to risk speaking, to practice and to
correct myself."                                          Sr. Carol’s (Carolinita) presence with us left a deep
Lucrecia Galeano                                          impression of her tenderness, friendliness, affec-
                                                          tion and fondness. We really felt like sisters and
"I liked it very much. I admire Sister Carol, she is an   thanks to her methodology we were able to extend
excellent teacher. She stimulated me to keeping on        our knowledge of English, and simultaneously we
studying English."                                        experienced the internationality and the wealth of
Angélica Guzman                                           our cultures.

                                                          This experience has revitalized in us and in our
                                                          communities, the spirit of the Congregation and
                                                          our commitment to continue to learn English.

                                                          At present, we continue in our study of English with
                                                          the help of a few young English speaking volun-
                                                          teers who collaborate at the Center for the working
                                                          girls of the street called “CENIT.”

                                                          Carolinita, you are an excellent English teacher.
                                                          Thank you very much.

                                                          Students of the English Course,
                                                          Province of Ecuador

In Ecuador

                                                                think I can say that we all deserved an A – at least for our
Medellin: A beautiful gift!!!                                   efforts. To speak about our dear Sister CAROL is to
It was September and I had a call from our Provincial           evoke a beautiful and grateful memory of an “exceptional
Sister Maria Ligia Usma. She was inviting me to take            woman” who left deep traces in the hearts of those who
part in an English Course being held in Medellin and            had the privilege of being with her, not only by means of
taught by a North American Sister. I was afraid and did         these classes in English, but also in sharing a little of our
not know how to respond, given my age and the limita-           simple and happy life. The experience was one of the
tions that it implies, along with my poor memory that can       tenderness of our God of Love!
make me even forget my name. There was also the fear
                                                                Today we are grateful to the General and Provincial
of disgracing myself in front of younger persons who are
                                                                Councils for this lovely opportunity afforded to us, and to
just beginning and are more knowledgeable. In other
                                                                the Province of Sister Carol, this “ambassador” who by
words there were so many reasons against it! But it
                                                                her witness regarded her sisters so highly. We perceived
would be an act of cowardice to let this opportunity go by
                                                                her as an authentic woman and a sister of the “Good
and so I said, “Yes”. Now let me share the conse-
                                                                Shepherd” in the whole expression of her commitment.
quences of my choice.
                                                                To you, Carol, our eternal gratitude. We love you very
Sister CAROL BEAIRSTO arrived in Medellin at the end            much and we say to you in your own language: " THE
of September and started the course on the 1st of Octo-         ENGLISH COURSE WITH CAROL, WHAT A WONDER-
ber of last year. There were 17 students divided into two       FUL GIFT!!!!!!!
sections, grouped according to their knowledge of Eng-          Nora Lemos
Carol, as a teacher, was dedicated and gave each stu-
dent her full and unconditional attention. Her time of rest     Rome: Languages and Internationality
was used to evaluate, to reinforce and to attend to the
one who was requesting more help. It was a great reas-
surance to be able to have additional help because it is
not easy to learn to speak a second language like Eng-
lish. Her class turned out to be enjoyable and entertain-
ing. Her teaching methods were very good and effective.
She was a very resourceful and dynamic teacher, enthu-
siastic and concerned about the well-being and learning
of each student… it was impossible to have asked for
more! And the fruits of our labors showed themselves
quickly. After 10 days we were able to sing, have con-
versations, share stories and do other things in the sec-
ond language. Although at times we mixed the words, a
few in Spanish, others in English. The enthusiasm and
effort to learn was evident in all the participants. At the
end of this intensive Course, we had to give our
“dissertation” for our final grade - an artistic presentation
on a Future Congregational Event. The text was written
and directed by Carol. Each of us participated but were
allowed to speak only in English. What an experience! I         Sr. Evelina Coronel (standing) with Srs. Rosalia (left)
                                                                and Vitoria in Rome.

                                                                (Two Good Shepherd Sisters from the Sector of
Treasures from the 2003                                         Angola were in Rome recently while waiting for their
                                                                visa to go to Malta to take courses in English.
   General Assembly                                             During the time of waiting they also had language
As Delegates to our General                                     lessons and an experience of internationality.)
Assembly we are called to be                                    Gratitude is the memory of the
open to the changes necessary to be life-bearers
for and with the poor our world.                                heart
We are blessed to belong to an international                    My experience at the Generalate in Rome was a grace for
congregation. Our presence here is not primarily to             me. I had the opportunity to spend 25 days there on the
represent our individual Provinces/Districts or                 way to Malta. It was a time of sharing and experiencing
                                                                our internationality, of meeting the other two
Sectors. Our responsibility is greater than just to             congregations with us. It was an occasion to hear and
our own communities or provinces. We may be                     speak different languages, to encounter Sisters from
called to critically discern issues affecting the               different countries of the world, and also our
mission of the whole congregation for both Active               contemplative Sisters whom I met for the first time.
and Contemplative Sisters. The Holy Spirit will be
                                                                I also had the grace of visiting and knowing different
with us throughout these days as we listen and                  sacred places in Rome. I thank the Sisters for everything
participate with openness, sincerity and conviction.            they have done for us.
Sr. Sharon Rose Authorson CGS                                   Sr. Vitoria Antonio Simao
(Mid-North America) On the role of the CGS Delegate,
June 2003
                                                                                 (Continued on page 15)

Province of Italy and District of Malta

                “Weaving together our future, opting for life”
 Pre-Chapter Assembly 17-20th                                                  Chapter or to any enlarged pro-
          May 2007                                                             vincial gathering, were obviously
                                                                               delighted to be present at this
The news that the District of                                                  encounter for which they had
Malta had asked to be united                                                   worked in their respective com-
with the Province of Italy came                                                munities. Now, they could pin-
like a summer storm in early                                                   point the top priorities for the
Spring 2006. To the immediate                                                  next six years of the new Prov-
astonishment, followed an ex-                                                  ince, give names of candidates
plosion of great joy and enthusi-                                              for the Unit leader of the new
asm.                                                                           Province.
Indeed, for the past 150 years,           Sisters from the two Units.          The three-day Assembly started
the Good Shepherd Sisters in              Quite a novelty! Sisters who         with a meaningful Power-Point
Malta, have had friendly ties with        had never had an opportunity
the Province of Rome and many             to participate in a Provincial
Sisters were missioned in Italy                                                     (Continued on page 16)
as well as in various RGS & CGS
communities scattered around              ROME: LANGUAGES... (Continued from page 14)
the Mediterranean. Towards the
end of the 19th century Malta had         The Lord is my                       congregations and the sisters of
been erected as a Province in-                                                 Our Lady of Charity. I thank God
cluding Sicily and the neighbour-
                                          Shepherd, I shall not                that even if I didn’t know how to
ing region of Calabria. Then              want.                                communicate in the language of
World War I broke out and Sicily                                               the community I felt at home.
                                          Dear Sisters,
was united with the Province of                                                My experience is also a grace
Rome. Malta became depend-                                                     because I have been to holy and
                                          I thank you for the love, joy and
ent directly on the Generalate.                                                historical places while in Rome.
                                          happiness which we shared
From 1960 to 1973, Malta was                                                   Thank you Sr. Digna Maria, the
                                          together. It was a great and
annexed to the Province of                                                     community coordinator, Sr. Helen
                                          meaningful experience of my          Anne, general treasurer and Sr.
Rome where the majority of the
                                          life and vocation. I                 Evelina Coronel, our teacher in
Sisters, now present in Malta,
                                          experienced living the               English and companion.
have had their initial formation
                                          internationality of the
and training for mission. Since                                                God bless you all.
                                          congregation with two other
then, the two Italian Provinces
                                                                               Sr. Rosalia Ngelewa
became the Province of Italy and
Malta formed a Province, on its
                                            Treasures from the 2003 General Assembly
Having been called to weave
together the robe of the Congre-          The Church calls on us to make an option for the poor: the option
gation, the Province of Italy was         means choosing between various possibilities. Where there are
called to start afresh its prepara-       differences of interests, the person who has made an option for the
tion for the Pre-Chapter Assem-           poor will favour the interests of the poor. Where there are differences
bly, considering Malta’s request.         of wisdom, the person who has made an option for the poor will
A discernment followed and visits         favour the wisdom of the poor. When we have to decide where to
were exchanged by the respec-             invest our resources the person who has made an option for the poor
tive Unit Councils and other Sis-         will invest them in favour of the poor. When we come to choosing our
ters in Italy and Malta. The joy          friends, the people with whom we will spend time, the person who
and the excitement aroused by             has make an option for the poor will find friends among the poor.
these visits require a video-             This option for the poor is a reflection of God’s option who
tape…no words can express                 demonstrated his love for the poor in the covenant he made with a
what triggered new energy dur-            poor and powerless nation and the choice of Bethlehem for the birth
ing the embracing and greetings           of his Son. The pathway through the world of the
of Sisters who had not met for            poor is the preferred and more effective pathway
many years….                              to evangelization, moving from the world of the
                                          poor to embrace the whole world.
At long last, on the 17th of May
2007, the Pre-Chapter Assem-              Fr. Miceal O’Neill, O Carm, June 2003
bly brought together in Rome 34           “Spirituality in a Globalized World”

            2007                       WEAVING... (Continued form page 15)

Good Shepherd News                     presentation of the two Units by
 While each unit is encouraged to
                                       their respective leaders, Sr.
 send articles anytime during the      Esther Gervasi of Italy and Sr.
 year, we have planned that there      Margaret Gonzi of Malta. The
are specific issues when each unit     underlying theme was great
  is asked to submit an article so     hope represented by a variety
 that at the end of the year all the   of flowers. The logo itself, de-
   units have been part of Good        signed by our Maltese Sister,
          Shepherd News.               Rosette Goggi, depicting a
     Please send articles on or
                                       blossom stemming from joined
   before the 5th of each month.
                                       hands and surrounded by dif-
 Here is the suggested schedule:       ferent colours of of yarn to be
                                       woven harmoniously into a new           vincial gatherings for over 14 years,
          January                      structure represent the new             is professional with media and she
 Commissions, CLT. Other news                                                  carries out her job magnificently with
                                       Unit which will be officially pro-
                                                                               visual and audio aid.
             February                  claimed so at the Provincial
China District, Argentina/Uruguay,     Chapter scheduled for         No-       One of the highlights of the Assem-
     France/Belgium, Kenya             vember 2007.                            bly was celebrating Sr. Teresa
                                                                               Linda’s Silver Jubilee. Sister is one
             March                     Sr. Nicla Spezzati, one of the two      of the youngest Sisters in the Prov-
Mid North, Spain, Belo Horizonte,      Sisters Secretaries at the Sacred       ince and she was taken utterly by
             Bogota                    Congregation for Consecrated Life       surprise. She had been absorbed in
                                       and Secular Institutions, delivered     the apostolate and never thought
              April                    a solid enlightening Talk on Conse-     she would be remembered in such a
   East Asia, Bolivia, Germany         crated Life Today. Her sharing was      joyous way. The Assembly offered
                                       based concretely on data that had       us a good chance to celebrate, to
                May                    just been given at a European           feast, to come together, to acknowl-
Chile, Great Britain, Lebanon/Syria    Meeting of Bishops representing         edge the strong points of the Sisters
                                       14 Bishops’ Conferences of Bish-        and even the weak ones which give
               June                    ops in Europe. It is true, she said,    flavour to our humanity.
Austria/Switzerland/ Czech Repub-      that vocations are diminishing but
lic, Egypt/Sudan, Ecuador, Japan       are we aware that in the last           Mini-Assemblies were then held in
                                       twenty years there have been 300        the North, Centre and South for
              July                     new foundations?. She challenged        those Sisters who were unable to
 India/Nepal, New York, Central        us to be prophetic, to find ways of     attend the historical venue. Indeed ,
        America, Hungary               mentioning God to people who are        we may count our blessings …we
                                       craving unknowingly for Him; to be      belong to .a “family” where we can
             August                    clear     about      our    identity.   all feel at home and responsible of
Indonesia, Medellin, Senegal, Ire-                                             its life and mission.
          land/Ethiopia                Sr. Dina, a Daughter of St. Paul,
                                       who has been facilitating our Pro-      Sr. Annunciata Gatt, RGS
 Philippines, Mexico, The Nether-
        lands, South Africa              Treasures from the 2003 General Assembly
             October                   We believe that the Spirit of God calls us to CREATIVE fidelity in
 Singapore/Malaysia, Peru, Italy/      order to open new paths and thus to penetrate the
 Malta, Portugal/ Angola, Canada       heart of the mystery of God, our Centre. We are
           November                    women who dare to make the dream of God a
Sri Lanka/Pakistan, Recife, Para-      reality and to this we dedicate our lives.
      guay, Spain, The Isles
                                       From the Direction Statement, June 26, 2003
CLT, Australia/Aotearoa/New Zea-
 land, Mozambique, Venezuela
   Please send articles, photos with                     Good Shepherd News
     for Good Shepherd News to:               Special thanks to the following for the translation:
             Casa Generalizia,           Srs. Alexandra Eisenkrätzer, Karla Bernabé, Marta Ceballos,
          Suore del Buon Pastore
        Via Raffaello Sardiello 20        Evelina Coronel, Armelle Dehennault, Gisèle Lalonde, Odile
            00165 Roma, Italia            Laugier, Rosario Ortiz, Adriana Perez, María Janina Ponte,
                                        Digna María Rivas, Ms. Claire Alessandri and Mr. Michel Ferrer


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