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                        Tread Lightly! What You Should Know About 4 Wheelers.
                                               By Tavis J. Cooper

    My husband and I live in a recreational area in central Minnesota. As with most recreation areas
throughout the country this means many frequently use 4 wheelers around us. We have 4 wheelers
ourselves that we use to plow snow from our driveway, haul wood from the wood pile to the house and
to travel the recreation trails of the area. We also use our 4 wheelers during the deer hunting season to
get back to our deer stands and to transport the deer out of the woods. I think they are a useful and fun
vehicle; however there are so many people who use their 4 wheelers to destroy the natural beauty of
our State unknowingly or purposefully.

It all starts from the fortunate fact that there are several paths in the acreage behind our home for 4
wheelers. We normally use these paths to go from one neighbor’s home to another and to simply walk
in the beautiful woods. The wooded area where the paths are located has quite dense vegetation filled
with very old beautiful hardwood maples and ash trees. This wooded area is classified under tax
forfeited land, so it is collectively owned by the State of Minnesota. There is an agreement among the
neighbors that we will all do our best to keep the paths clear of brush and fallen debris. However, there
are no rules or guidelines whatsoever about the use of 4 wheelers on the paths. Everyone used
common sense and was courteous to each other as well as to Mother Nature.

Everything seemed to be going well, until one particular day. Recently our path system was discovered
by a group of 4 wheelers that are now using it as a connection from one racing area to another. The
racing causes an excessive amount of noise and some serious damage to the wooded area, which
prompted the interference of the department of natural resources which stepped in and banned the use
of ATV’s in this wooded area.

This has been a great disappointment to those of us who were using our 4 wheelers responsibly. When
I mentioned this to some of my co-workers I was surprised to find out a majority of them thought that all
ATV trails should be closed. Many people see these trails as dangerous and harmful to the
environment. I was amazed that they saw the 4 wheelers as a bad thing per se. A close look at the
situation should reveal that the real culprits are those irresponsible people driving them.

The woods behind our house are much quieter now. People still use the paths for walking and
nature-gazing. The thing that still bugs me is that others are getting the message that 4 wheelers are
bad for nature, when the true message should be irresponsible people are really what are bad for
nature. It is unfair that thoughtless behavior by some people is over – generalized and affects the

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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

entire community. I love Nature. I love my 4 wheelers, too. They can co-exist.

Tavis J. Cooper provides readers with up-to-date commentaries,,
and reviews for, leisure and other related issues.

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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                   Finding Four Wheelers For Sale
                                         By Fredrik Roaldset

When it comes to choosing four wheelers for sale a buyer is faced with many choices. Luckily, there
are a number of quality used four wheelers for sale in the open market. Some of the favorite used four
wheelers are Suzuki ATVs, Kawasaki ATVs, and Honda ATVs. Any of these workhorses would make a
great choice and they are all capable of providing you with quality performance and reliable service for
many years.

 The people who are looking for four wheelers for sale can expect to find many that will match their
expectations. These four wheelers can be purchased at substantial savings compared to the cost of
new ones. Even though you are purchasing a model that has been previously owned, it does not mean
that it is of lesser quality. Indeed, many of the used ATVs have been driven very little and you can
often find them still under their original warranty.

 They are designed to handle rough treatment and types of weather and terrain and having a few hours
of driving history does not mean they are any less reliable. Buyers can expect to find some great
bargains when they hunt for used four wheelers for sale. You can put used four wheelers for sale to the
test by taking them out for a test run. You can tear through the woods or race across your favorite
4-wheel track. This will give you the opportunity to gauge the performance and handling. You can listen
to the way the engine sounds and get a sense of how well it has been maintained. This is a fine way to
see if the response and drive of the machine are satisfactory.

 Four wheelers for sale are meant to provide their purchasers with plenty of thrills and pleasure as you
tackle challenging courses together. Used four wheelers for sale are no exception; there are few tasks
that they cannot handle. Mud, water, embankments, and other terrain obstacles are easily conquered
when you use one of these for your means of transportation.

 You can get used four wheelers for sale at very reasonable prices. You can also add some
attachments and turn your ATV into a very useful helper that can assist you with removing snow from
your walk, or plowing a garden. Their ability to be used in many situations adds to the reasons people
should give four wheelers for sale a second glance. When someone is planning to only use this
machine a few times a year, a used four-wheeler makes a logical choice.

 For people who love to hunt, any of the used four wheelers for sale can be converted into a perfect
companion. By attaching a trailer, you can use it to haul your hunting equipment and even your dogs.
By purchasing one of the many used four wheelers for sale that are on the market you can save money
and lose nothing in service or dependability.

 Today people who are looking at four wheelers for sale will find them available and equipped with
features such as two wheel and four wheel drive and fuel injection engines. These features offer
superior performance and handling power. Four-stroke engine performance can also be found on
many of the four wheelers for sale today.

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looking for ATVs and Four Wheelers For Sale

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