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									      CIPFA PENSIONS Network
           One stop shop
• Aims and objectives Pensions “One Stop Shop”

• The term originated in the USA in the late 1920s,
  early 1930s. The earliest I can find is this advert
  for a car repairer, from The Lincoln Star, Lincoln,
  Nebraska, July 1930. They managed to sum up
  what the term was all about in their strapline –

• "Have it all done in one place. Save your time.
  Save your money ".
  Range of CIPFA Pensions Services
• CIPFA Pensions Panel
• CIPFA Pensions Training and Consultancy
• TISonline – new for 2009 dedicated Pensions
• Local Government Pension Fund Statistics
• CIPFA Pensions Benchmarking club
• CIPFA Pensions Publications
• CIPFA Placements
• New CIPFA Pensions Network
•   New CIPFA Pensions Website
•   Portal to access all the CIPFA Pensions Services
•   Tisonline pensions forum
•   News and updates 24 hours a day
•   Sponsors
•   Conferences, workshops and events
•   All pensions legislation, guidance and good practice
•   Case Studies
•   Weekly Newsletters
•   CIPFA Pensions Qualification
•   Links to other pensions sites
• Chaired by Bob Summers
• The CIPFA Pensions Panel is a functional, cross-sectoral
  Panel that reports to CIPFA’s Public Finance and
  Management Board (PFMB).
• Expert volunteers – CLG,CIPFA, Audit Commission, NAPF,
  LA’s, Consultants, Actuaries.
• CPP focuses on
   –   Accounting and auditing
   –   Reporting and disclosure
   –   Pension scheme/fund management
   –   Scheme governance
   –   Changes to the regulatory environment
• For more information
• Nigel Keogh, Secretary to the Pensions Panel on Tel: 01204
  592311 Or email
     CIPFA Training and Consultancy
•   Bespoke in-house training
•   Expert Associates with a long history of pensions expertise
•   Pensions Governance, investment and administration
•   Members training
•   Pensions Healthchecks
               TIS/SIS Pensions

• Tisonline – remote access from any PC
   – New for 2009 dedicated Pensions TISonline, Investment,
     governance, accounting, auditing, risk management
     discussion forum

• Local Government Pension Fund Statistics
   – Survey of 88 local authority pension funds
   – Total value £124 billion
           CIPFA Benchmarking

• Reports on the cost of administering the LGPS, reports
  costs per members in total and by staff cost, IT, payroll
  cost per member etc.
• NEW for 2009 – Pensions Investment benchmarking club
                     CIPFA Pensions
•   Guidance for Chief Finance Officers Administering LGPS Actuarial
    Valuations Price (2008)
•   Local Government Pension Scheme: Pension Fund Decision Making –
    Guidance Notes (2006)
•   The Local Government Pension Scheme: Pensions Guidance Notes
•   LAAP Bulletin 51 - Joint Pensions Panel/LAAP Bulletin - Guidance on the
    Application of the new disclosure note for pensions costs in the 2000 SORP
    (March 2001)
•   CIPFA “Delivering Good Governance for Local Government Pension Funds”
    – to be launched at the conference on the 5th November.
•   CIPFA Pensions Panel are developing a Financial knowledge and skills
    framework for LGPF – launch 2009
•   Pensions SORP and application guidance (dependant upon the future
    direction of the Local Authority SORP).
•   Revised "Investment of Funds" Guidance to update the 2004 version
•   The report of the findings of the Investment Regulations survey.
•   A report into Public Sector Pensions Narrative Reporting.
•   Guidance on the application of the revised Myners Principles
•   For further details on the publications listed above or to purchase online,
    please click on the title or go to the CIPFA Shop.
           The New CIPFA Pensions
•   Being launched today CPN consultation
•   A Subscription service for Pensions Professionals and stakeholders
•   The network is dedicated to Pension Fund bodies, offering services in
    relation to investment, administration and governance.
     – Regionally based events aimed at practitioners
     – Website – dedicated to pensions
     – Newsletter – weekly e alert
     – TIS online pensions
     – Documentation – CIPFA Good Governance Code for Pensions
     – Further development could include:-
     – Ad hoc training – on -site or off-site
     – Pensions Governance health checks
     – Advisory work – for example, offering independent pensions experts to
        attend investment meetings
•   Advisory panel made up of key stakeholders with an interest in the
    governance, investment and administration of the pensions funds.
•   For more information please contact, tel 01245
     Treasury Management Forum

• Forum dedicated to Treasury Management professionals
• 70 members
• Website, regional workshops and seminars, discussion
  papers, newsletters
• Special price for those who subscribe to the CIPFA Pensions
  Network and TMF
                 Fees and Terms

•   Annual subscription April - March
•   4 workshop places at events
•   Access to documentation, website, advice
•   Cost £3,500 per annum
         CIPFA Pension Network

•   Sandra Moss Manager CIPFA BGF
•   Tel 01245 400255
•   Mobile 07710 393991
•   Email

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