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Message from the President                                receive a quality education without
As your university, we recognize that lifelong             giving up quality time
learners require different access and flexibility         learn when and where it is convenient
than traditional students. By providing                    for you
evening classes, weekday and weekend                      learn from experts
seminars, online programming, special                     learn collaboratively with other
sessions and our highly successful Weekend                 learners
University program, the University is doing its
utmost to meet your needs for convenience
and flexibility. As your university, we also        The following University of Calgary degree
recognize that lifelong learners require            programs are offered to students at a
different types of programming. By offering         distance:
both credit and non-credit programming,                  Master of Continuing Education
credit courses on a non-credit basis, and                Doctor of Education, Master of
certificate, diploma and degree-laddering                    Education, Graduate Diploma,
opportunities we are making every attempt to                 Graduate Certificate
quench your thirst for learning and pro-                 Master of Strategic Studies
fessional development. Your university is
                                                         Bachelor of Nursing Post Diploma
responding to the needs of the community
and providing you with the courses you
                                                         Community Rehabilitation and
expect from the University of Calgary.
                                                             Disability Studies (Bachelor,
Harvey P. Weingarten, PhD
                                                             Master’s or Doctoral Degree)
President and Vice-Chancellor
                                                         Campus Alberta Graduate Program
                                                             in Counselling
The University of Calgary has been exploring
and delivering courses using innovative
technologies since 1979. Courses are
offered to students at a distance using             The following certificate programs are
various technologies including video-               offered by the Faculty of Continuing
conferencing, audioconferencing, course             Education:
management systems such as Blackboard
                                                         Certificate in e-Learning: Design
and CentraOne and Satellite. Courses with                    and Facilitate Learning Online
online components delivered through the                      (NEW in 2004)
Learning Commons – designed with software
                                                         Environmental Management
such as Blackboard and CentraOne – offer
                                                             Certificate (NEW in 2004)
the accessibility and flexibility required by the
                                                         Management Certificate Programs
growing number of working adults in their
                                                                 o General Management
pursuit of lifelong learning.
                                                                     Certificate - Online
                                                                 o Human Resource
E-learning moves the learning experience out
                                                                     Management Certificate –
of the traditional classroom and into your
world. It’s learning anytime, anywhere -
                                                                 o Security Management
without geographical or scheduling barriers.
                                                                     Certificate – Online
It’s learning that relies on the Internet for
accessing learning materials and interacting             Teacher Assistant Certificate
with experts and fellow learners.                            Program
       take courses in the comfort of your              Certificate in Adult Learning
          home, workplace or when you’re                 Desktop Computer Applications
          traveling                                          Certificate

University of Calgary - Learning Commons               (403) 220-7364
The Learning Commons on the 5 floor of the               student homepages, progress
Biological Sciences Building houses                       tracking etc.
audio/video, computer and satellite
conferencing facilities – all of which allow      CentraOne
faculty and students to communicate with          Creating an ‘in-the-moment’ virtual classroom
locations off campus or around the world.         direct to the student’s desktop – CentraOne
                                                  provides both convenience and accessibility
E-learning technologies can provide exposure      for the growing number of students who
to international experts and researchers – a      participate in lifelong learning. This web-
definite enrichment to learning, which can        based audioconferencing software package
easily be incorporated into the curriculum        enables instructors to have real-time
through the support offered at the Learning       discussions with students. These dis-
Commons. They also open up opportunities          cussions can be supported with PowerPoint
for global research collaboration and             slides, Web sites, whiteboard notes, and
eliminate the time and expense required to        shared applications. Features of CentraOne
travel. International possibilities include:      software include:
      Collaborative academic                           breakout rooms for small group
         programs/courses between post                     discussion
         secondary institutions                         private chat
      Course presentations with                        surveys and basic assessments
         international guest speakers, global           sessions can be recorded and played
         classrooms                                        back later by any participant
      PhD/Masters Exams
      Meetings, Interviews                       Videoconferencing
      Research                                   The Learning Commons houses FOUR
      Satellite Programs                         videoconference classrooms that can
                                                  accommodate up to 150 people with ease.
Blackboard                                        The facility also supports both single point
A web-based ‘virtual classroom’ for teaching      and multi-point videoconferencing.
and learning, Blackboard can be used in any       Classrooms are completely equipped with
number of innovative ways to enhance              Internet and Ethernet connections.
student learning – to publish supplemental        Videoconferencing provides faculty with the
course materials, to provide tools for on-going   tools to enhance and internationalize the
dialogue outside of class time, to bring the      undergraduate experience through real-time
power of the web to course design or to           interaction with distinguished speakers and
deliver courses to those in remote locations.     researchers from around the world. Students
Blackboard is a course delivery tool, which       have the opportunity to participate in global
allows instructors and students to                classrooms, gaining an international and
communicate using the Internet Similar to         intercultural perspective in their area of study
other programs like WebCT and First class,        and benefit from learning from esteemed
Bb courses are web sites with information,        colleagues from around the globe – a definite
documentation and other functionalities           enrichment to the curriculum and the learning
posted by instructors for use by their            environment.
students. Features include:
      e-mail forums (called threaded             Audioconferencing
         discussion boards)                       Using the audioconference technology in the
      on-line chats                              Learning Commons, the University of Calgary
      course calendar                            has extended its learning opportunities to
      group project organization                 students and professionals in rural and
      on-line test/quiz functionalities          remote locations. Still popular, audio-
                                                  conference courses have been offered by the
                                                  UofC for over 20 years.

University of Calgary - Learning Commons             (403) 220-7364

Master of Continuing                              Doctor of Education,
Education (MCE)                                   Master of Education,
Learning…any time…any place. This is the
concept from which the University of Calgary      Graduate Diploma
has created an innovative distance-learning
Master’s program that focuses on continual        and Graduate Cert-
learning as a fundamental strategy for
personal and organizational growth. This is a     ificate at a Distance
highly relevant field of study, as enlightened
organizations are recognizing that a              The Graduate Division of Educational
continuously learning workforce is critical for   Research (GDER) in the Faculty of Education
survival in our highly competitive global         offers Doctor of Education (EdD), Master of
economy.                                          Education (MEd), Graduate Diploma and
                                                  Graduate Certiicate through distance
Specializing in Workplace Learning or             delivery. These programs are designed for
Leadership and Development – both                 working professionals and may be completed
challenging fields with enormous growth           on a part-time or full-time basis.
opportunities – you can earn this important
graduate degree without leaving your job.         Graduates of this program will gain:
The program consists of a combination of on-          a broad and critical understanding of
line computer-based instruction and three-               education
week on-campus sessions at the beginning of           in-depth knowledge of their area of
the first and second years. Students can                 specialization
complete their weekly online assignments at           an appreciation of the links between
their own convenience, any day or time.                  theory and educational practice
Thus, participants can pursue a Master’s              an increased range of knowledge and
degree with minimal adjustments to their                 skills applicable to their professional
home and business lives.                                 environments
                                                      an opportunity to participate in
Working and studying simultaneously enables              lifelong learning and gain greater
students to link theory to workplace                     perspective of themselves and others
situations. The program also provides                 heightened career potential
invaluable opportunities to network and learn
from fellow professionals with diverse            Depending on the degree chosen, courses
backgrounds from a wide range of industries.      are available in the following specializations:
                                                       Adult, Community and Higher
Combining highly competent instructors with
practice-based courses and state-of-the-art
                                                       Curriculum, Teaching and Learning
technology, the MCE program has become a
recognized alternative to traditional graduate         Educational Contexts
programs for many mid-career professionals.            Educational Leadership
                                                       Educational Technology
For a complete description of the program              Teaching English as a Second
structure, course of instruction and                      Language
application procedures, please visit our
web site at             Current program information and course
Email: or call                    descriptions are available at
toll-free: 1-877-MCE(623)-0292          

                                                  There may be opportunities to ‘ladder’ from
                                                  the Graduate Certificates into the Graduate
                                                  Diplomas and into the Master of Education,
                                                  with some course and fee credit.

University of Calgary - Learning Commons             (403) 220-7364
More information about this program can         best suit their busy schedules. Courses
be obtained by contacting:                      follow the standard University September to
Maria Soos (403) 220-4394                       April timeframe, with May to August free from                               coursework.
Lisa Russell (403)220-7292                            The Post Diploma Bachelor of Nursing
                                                Degree Web-Based Program follows a self-
                                                directed model of learning in which students
                                                are guided and supported by high-quality
                                                faculty members. A key component to the
Master of Strategic                             program is communication – students
                                                communicate with each other and their
Studies (MSS)                                   instructor to create a rich exchange of
The Centre for Military and Strategic Studies   knowledge and ideas within a nursing
offers a Master of Strategic Studies (MSS)      context. Students can easily connect to
degree to on-campus and off-campus              faculty, fellow students, course content and
students through the University of Calgary.     the ever growing number of online resources
This program is offered at cooperating          from anywhere in the world via computer.
Canadian Forces bases via
videoconferencing.                              For program details and further
                                                information, contact:
The Master of Strategic Studies program has     Phone: (403) 220-4636
been designed to achieve a specific             Email:
educational goal; to provide students with a    Website:
graduate degree that combines a strong
military-oriented, liberal arts core, with
opportunities to study more technical subject
matter ranging from international law to
geomatics engineering.                          Community
For more information about the Master of
Strategic Studies Program, contact:
                                                Rehabilitation and
Centre for Military & Strategic Studies
Phone: (403) 220-4038
                                                Disability Studies
                                                For twenty years, CRDS has been offering
                                                innovative, flexible ways for undergraduate
                                                and graduate students and practicing
Post Diploma                                    professionals to:
                                                     complete a Bachelor, Master’s or
Bachelor of Nursing                                     Doctoral Degree
                                                     achieve certification and/or
Degree Program                                          accreditation with numerous
                                                        professional organizations
(PDBN)                                               fulfill option requirements for most
                                                        faculties and programs (e.g. Nursing,
The Faculty of Nursing at the University of             Psychology, Kinesiology …)
Calgary offers a Post Diploma Web-Based              participate in professional
Program leading to a Bachelor of Nursing                development and lifelong learning for
Degree. With today’s busy lifestyle – family,           vocational rehabilitation
job and other obligations – this program                professionals, childcare
allows a Registered Nurse to obtain a                   professionals, community developers,
baccalaureate degree in the comfort of their
own home and at times of the day/week that

University of Calgary - Learning Commons           (403) 220-7364

       health care professionals, inclusive
        educators, and universal designers.
                                                   Campus Alberta
We offer a wide range of online courses with
content in: assessment, community and              Graduate Program
economic development, fetal alcohol
syndrome, health foundations, history and          in Counselling
systems, intervention, law and disability and      The Campus Alberta Graduate Program in
planning. We have made the development of          Counselling is a Canadian, collaborative,
e-learning a priority and our on-line courses      inter-university, distance education alternative
build communities of learners, help students       for individuals wishing to prepare for roles as
connect and critically respond to the latest       either professional counsellors or counselling
research, and foster apprenticeship through        psychologists. The partner institutions
using tools built with the latest multi-media      (University of Calgary, University of
technology.                                        Lethbridge and Athabasca University) share
                                                   all aspects of program development and
For more information about                         delivery offering students a unique learning
undergraduate programs in CRDS please              opportunity that permits access to faculty,
contact:                                           resources, courses and expertise from across
Email:                         the province of Alberta. Many
Phone: (403) 220-3543                              components of the program will be offered
Web:        online, through summer institutes, during
For more information about Master of               weekend schools, and through other modes
Education in CRDS offered through                  of delivery that are designed to serve
distance delivery with on-site                     distance students.
components, offered in the Graduate
Division of Educational Research, please           For more information about this program
contact:                                           visit the web site at:
Master of Education in CRDS              
Phone: (403) 220-2050

Faculty of Continuing Education Certificates:
                                                   assignments. Students who are registered in
                                                   the teleconference program will experience a
Teacher Assistant                                  meaningful conversation with other students
                                                   and instructors concerning the various
Certificate Program                                subjects and personal experiences they
The Teacher Assistant Certificate Program is       share. It is possible that participants could
a comprehensive program designed to fulfill        participate at their school site, or join a group
the educational requirements and practical         at a nearby school site. The site then
aspects of adults involved currently as a          connects to the University’s Bridge and is
Teacher Assistant or volunteer at their            united in a "classroom" of students. The 9
school. The program provides training that         core courses are offered by audioconference
focuses on practical skills with a philosophical   or online format. Although there are no
foundation to provide a cooperative                formal educational requirements, learners are
educational environment for adults to learn        expected to be employed or have experience
from one another. Learning experiences             as a Teacher Assistant or school volunteer.
facilitated by instructors who are                 For program details and schedule
knowledgeable and "in touch" with the              information, contact
realities of the classroom provide relevant        Telephone: (403) 220-2952
information within each course and                 Email:
                                                   Web Site:

University of Calgary - Learning Commons              (403) 220-7364
                                                  the use of market-driven solutions, as well as
Certificate in e-                                 uniquely Canadian problems.

Learning: Design                                  For program details and schedule
                                                  information, contact
and Facilitate                                    Telephone: (403) 220-4722
                                                  Fax: (403) 289-7297
Learning Online                                   Email:
                                                  Web Site:
(new in 2004)                           
E-learning or Internet/Web-based                  .html
education/training will bridge the gap that has
traditionally separated learning from work,
and the Conference Board of Canada (2001)
reports that employers plan to significantly      Certificate in Adult
increase their use of e-learning. Educational
institutions have been leading the expansion      Learning - Online
of e-learning, and capitalizing upon our          The CAL program, offered by the Faculty of
expertise in adult and distance education, we     Continuing Education, is designed to meet a
are expanding our opportunities for educators     growing need for formal learning in the fields
and trainers seeking to develop their             of adult, continuing and community
knowledge and skills as faciltators, designers    education. All core and elective courses are
and managers of e-learning. We are                available through face-to-face delivery and
launching a new Certificate in e-Learning in      correspondence self-study, and most are
2004, to prepare educators in either the          available on-line. While the core courses are
public or private sectors.                        mandatory, considerable flexibility exists
                                                  regarding elective options, some of which are
This certificate program will be delivered        also available through correspondence self-
entirely through e-learning so that you can       study.
take any of the courses in this program from
anywhere in the World via the Internet.           Although specific CAL electives have been
                                                  developed and continue to be developed,
For program details and schedule                  learners are encouraged to consider a wide
information, contact                              range of seminars, workshops, and courses
Telephone: (403) 220-2952                         for elective credit offered at convenient
Fax: (403) 242-9242                               institutions and agencies. The program must
Email:                       be completed within five years.
Web Site:          For program details and schedule
                                                  information, contact
                                                  Telephone: (403) 220-2952
                                                  Fax: (403) 242-9242
Environmental                                     Email:
                                                  Web Site:
Certificate – Online
(new in 2004)
The program is intended to respond to a
growing need in the community for skills and
knowledge in the environmental area. In
addition, it will enable participants to
appreciate the global perspective in which all
environmental problems as well as solutions
have to be measured. It will emphasize the
necessity for sustainable development and
University of Calgary - Learning Commons             (403) 220-7364

Desktop Computer                                        potential credit towards a University
                                                         of Calgary degree
The Desktop Computer Applications                Our programs are:
Certificate is an exciting new way for               carefully designed with professional
CompUofC to recognize and reward its life-              and business advisors
long learning community with certification for       enthusiastically taught by skilled
completion of computer training in core                 practitioners
competencies that reflect proficiency in daily       accredited by a number of
office practice and working knowledge levels.           professional associations
Start earning your Application Training Units
and receiving your Gold Seals of                 General Management
achievement today!
                                                 Certificate – Online
Competency Requirement: 15 application           You will build on core management courses
Training Units from 5 Core and 1 Elective        and, in effect, design your certificate to meet
Unit:                                            your own career needs.
                                                 Core Courses – 120 hours
     Introductory
                                                 Business Management, Human Behaviour in
     Word Processing
                                                 Organizations, Communicating Electronically
     Spreadsheets
                                                 and Communication Basics
     Database                                   Optional Management Courses – minimum
     Presentations                              of 150 hours
     Electives                                  Choose from over 30 online courses
                                                 Elective Credit – maximum of 30 hours
For program details and schedule
information, contact
Telephone: (403) 220-2866                        Human Resource
Email:                      Management Certificate –
Fax: (403) 289-7287                              Online
Web Site:
                                                 As a human resource professional, by
                                                 continuing to learn, you equip yourself for the
                                                 constant challenge of an evolving workplace.
Management                                       The certificate will help you develop an
                                                 understanding of how the human resource
Certificate Programs                             function forms an integral part of the
                                                 management team. This certificate is offered
– Online                                         in co-operation with the Human Resources
                                                 Association of Calgary.
Through a variety of professional and career-
                                                 Core Courses – 120 hours
oriented programs and courses, Management
                                                 Business Management, Human Behaviour in
Certificate students can customize university-
                                                 Organizations and Human Resource
level education to individual needs and goals.
                                                 Optional Human Resource Management
Enrol today in one of our 3 online
                                                 Courses – minimum of 110 hours
Management Certificates and you gain:
                                                 Choose from over 8 different online courses
    relevant knowledge and skills for the       Optional Management Courses – maximum
        changing world of work                   of 70 hours
    critical thinking and communication         Choose from over 20 online courses
    current management theory
    the latest business trends
    professional development and
        personal growth
    possible career enhancement
University of Calgary - Learning Commons            (403) 220-7364

Security Management                               Online Instructor-led courses mirror traditional
                                                  classroom-style courses in that they are
Certificate – Online                              interactive, feature specific start and end
Designed to meet your needs in managing           dates, require textbooks, and provide the
security functions by providing a solid base of   same levels of academic or professional
current practices and knowledge relevant to       credit. You will:
the profession. Learn how to manage                     experience a high level of
complex security issues and the challenges                 instructor/class interaction within set
of protecting people, property and                         start and end dates to help keep you
information. The certificate is offered in co-             focused and motivated
operation with the Calgary Chapter, American            receive personalized instructor
Society for Industrial Security.                           feedback, and share insights and
Core Courses – 80 hours                                    information with fellow online
Business Management and Human                              students.
Behaviour in Organizations
Optional Security Management Courses –
minimum of 150 hours                              For program details and schedule
Choose from 5 online courses                      information, contact
Optional Management Courses – maximum             Management Certificates.
of 70 hours                                       Telephone: (403) 220-2988
Choose from over 20 online courses                Fax: (403) 282-3914
Using a browser from your desktop, you can        Web Site:
connect to your course from anywhere,   
anytime in the world. Online courses allow        ficates
your instructor to present and organize the
course materials on the Web. You may be
able to use a number of the following tools
and features for learning online: discussion
forums, electronic mail, student home pages,
online chat, course content searches, group
project tool.

University of Calgary - Learning Commons             (403) 220-7364

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