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Moving Forward - Atlanta Business League


									                                                    Moving Forward
                                             Inaugural Message from Thomas W. (Tommy) Dortch, Jr.

   want to start my remarks by recognizing        ing . We know that one shoe does not fit all,     believe you lead by example . So I say to the
   each of the Vice Chairs and asking them to     and we’re going to make sure that as we go        board, “If I can do ten in two weeks, I know
   stand . Some of them are on the road trav-     forward, we develop programs that are de-         how much you’re going to do over a year’s
eling . I want you to know that business will     signed to meet the needs of those who are         time because I will not stop here .” My goal
not be business as usual for us going forward .   in business, those who want to be in busi-        will be to personally bring in a minimum of
Many folks are expecting positive results and     ness and those who are successful in busi-        100, but as a group, there’s no reason for us
we’re going to give it to you . But I can’t be-   ness . Our Business Opportunity commit-           to have less than a thousand members in
gin without saying to John Kelley, you did a      tee, under the direction of Alonzo Llorens,       this League . So everybody, let’s get ready to
tremendous job in 2006 . He                                      will provide that leadership .     do our job . We need memberships and we’re
put his heart, his time and his                                  I have had communications          going to make sure we earn your trust and
resources into move, and when                                    from every one of our Vice         that we deliver on your investment in the At-
John called to ask me to con-                                    Chairs, and we are clear: “If      lanta Business League .
sider the candidacy for the                                      you don’t work, you’ve gotta          For Public Relations, we have Charmaine
chair elect, I agreed . John, it                                 go . In business, it’s all about   Ward . Even though she owns her business
was great being your co-pilot .                                  the bottom line, and you are       but was just named Director of Community
So let’s hear it for our Immedi-                                 our bottom line .” Each one of     Affairs for Georgia-Pacific . She’ll have some
ate Past Chair, John Kelly for                                   them made a commitment and         money to give out, and we want to make sure
his great leadership .                                           I know they can and will do the    we’re in line to get some of it  . She’s been
   Just as I had the opportunity                                 job, because these are people      in her role as a Public Relations /Marketing
to work with John, let me share                                  who make things happen ev-         professional for several Fortune 500 compa-
that this will be a partnership                                  eryday . So Business Oppor-                                   Continued on Page 2
with the new Chair Elect be-                                     tunities will move ahead, but
cause Mike Russell and I’ve worked together       they will be tailored according to the catego-
on so many projects, and the full board will      ry of business .
be working together in unison and in partner-        Lonnie Saboor, who is our Vice Chair for                    Table of Contents
ship . So I want to say that your ABL will        Education, will be taking care of the real         Moving Forward  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 1
be moving forward . We have some ambi-            business . He is focused on what he and his        Meet The 2007 Board  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 2
tious goals for 2007, but we want to make         committee will be doing . By the way, if any-
                                                                                                     Did You Know? You Can  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 3
sure that we are moving right on into 2008 .      one here wants to work on any of these com-
This is the 74th year for the ABL, and next       mittees, we welcome you . I told the chairs,       ABL Leadership  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 3
year we will celebrate the 75th anniversary .     “You find your committee .” As a CEO or            The New Vibrant Faces of Retirement  .  .  .  . 4
This pivotal point in our history will happen     Chairman, I understand it’s not my business        ABL Delivers Technological Advancements
under Michael’s watch, and we are going to        to run these segments . They were chosen for         with New and Improved Website  .  .  .  .  .  . 5
be ready for that 75th anniversary .              their talents and we expect great things are       ABL Welcomes New Members .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 5
   We want to make sure we do all we can          going to happen .                                  ABL Photo Gallery  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 7
this year . This year, we recognize that there       For our Membership committee, we have
                                                                                                     ABL Members Making Strides  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 8
are small and developing businesses, there        our past chair of the board, Daryll Griffin as
are medium size businesses, and there are         the Vice Chair for Membership . Two weeks          Take a Look and Join the League Today!  .  . 9
large businesses that are members of ABL .        ago I said to the board that I would, at this      ABL Partners for Corporate Growth  .  .  .  .  . 10
As such, the organization intends to provide      meeting, bring in ten memberships; so far          Membership Application .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 11
the support, the opportunities and the train-     I’ve brought in 11, but that’s just a start . I    Contact Info & Credits  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 12

ABL Shaping The Future • Spring 2007                                                                                                                                     
                                        Moving Forward Continued from Page 1
   nies, and we’re fortunate to have her as Vice  rations to share information that they should              munity — I said to them, “If you use the pen
   Chair of Public Relations for us now .         be proud to share as an investor in our com-               to ensure that it’s not counterfeit, I won’t be
      Public Policy Vice Chairman is Joe Hud-     munity and ABL . So for those who think                    offended . But if you ask me to show you ID
   son, and I told Joe to take the gloves off .   that because certain companies are investing               for a purchase here in Circuit City, when I go
   There were commitments and promises .          dollars in us we shouldn’t send them a ques-               up to another Circuit City in Buckhead or on
   One of the things we said we would do in       tionnaire, that’s not the case . I can say to you          (Highway) 41 you’d better ask me and ev-
   this League a few years ago when Alice Wig-    that I know for a fact many of those investors             erybody around me to show ID .” I have not
   gins was our chair was to conduct a corporate  are doing some good things . But at the end                been back because they refused to answer .
   survey in metro Atlanta . We earn several      of the day, if you aren’t doing it, you have an            And we’re going to call out companies be-
   hundreds of millions of dollars in this city   opportunity to do it . We need to make sure                cause you can’t treat us one way on the south
   and around the state . We have been giving     in this city where corporations who benefit                side and treat everyone else differently on the
   and investing our dollars in major corpora-    from us are giving back by opening up their                north side .
   tions, yet our actions have not been recipro-  doors of opportunity . The League is going                    Our Public Policy committee is go-
   cated . So we’re going to do surveys of major  to launch it, we’re going to publish it, we’re             ing to move aggressively, and we will be
   corporations in this metro area . We’re going  going to sit down with those who want to                   launching later this year an African Ameri-
                                                                         get it right . It cannot be         can business summit . We’re inviting fel-
We have some ambitious goals for 2007, but we want business as usual going                                   low business development organizations
to make sure that we are moving right on into 2008.                      forward in this city .              to the table . It does not make sense for all
                                                                            This city is one that’s          of us to continue working separately for
   to determine what they are doing in terms of   had an abundance of opportunities, and those               the same causes, for the same goals, and to
   community reinvestment, procurement op-        opportunities should be shared across the                  treat each other as if we are competitors .
   portunities and employment in major posi-      board . So we will publish this report, and                There’s enough work to go around for all
   tions within their corporations . We’re going  then it will be up to the general public to de-            organizations . There are enough opportuni-
   to do an annual report, and what we’re going   cide if it is going to keep investing in people            ties to ensure our businesses flourish . The
   to say is, “If you don’t have your house in    who aren’t in them . I keep telling people I               summit will allow us to sit down, focus and
   order, you should get it in order .”           haven’t been back to a Circuit City in nine                talk . We’re going to bring businesses to the
      We have never operated from a position      years . I made it clear to them because they               table and begin development of an action
   of fear, and I’m not here for anybody to say,  refused to respond to a complaint . When                   plan because it’s time to get our act together
   “Tommy Dortch is going to ruin the organi-     they asked me to show ID for a $100 bill at                and stop begging for something and do what
   zation .” But we’re not going to sit back and  the Circuit City in Greenbriar — because I                 we need to do to make sure we have what we
   we’re not going to be afraid to ask for corpo- believe in investing in businesses in my com-                                      Continued on Page 3

                                                   Meet the 2007 Board
         he Atlanta Business League installed         Sandridge & Rice, PLLC, (Business Oppor-              Brown, President & CEO, Atlanta Life
         new officers and members to its              tunity); Lonnie Saboor, Director of Commer-           Financial Group; and Scarlet Pressley-
         Board of Directors Tuesday, Janu-            cial Loans, Atlanta Development Authority,            Brown, General Manager, Delta Air Lines,
   ary 16, 2007 at the Atlanta Life Finan-            (Education); Anthony Acosta, President &              Inc . Elected directors serve a three-year
   cial Group building . The installation             CEO, Acosta Technologies, LLC, (Tech-                 term and appointed directors serve a one-
   ceremony was officiated by the Honor-              nology); Daryll H .
   able Clarence Cooper, judge for the U .S .         Griffin, President,
   District Court for the Northern District of        Accolades, Inc .,
   Georgia . Frank Ski, co-host of the Frank          (Membership);
   & Wanda Morning Show, served as Mas-               Joseph     Hudson,
   ter of Ceremony .                                  President, Hudson
      The 2007 newly elected officers in-             Strategic Group,
   stalled include: Chairman, Thomas W .              Inc ., (Public Pol-
   Dortch, Jr ., Chairman & CEO, TWD, Inc .;          icy); Charmaine
   Chair-Elect, Michael Russell, President            Ward, President,
   HJ Russell & Company; Secretary, Diane             CW        Marketing
   Powell- Larche, President & CEO, Larche            Consultants, Inc .,
   Communications; and Treasurer, Stephe-             (Public Relations
   nie Frazier, Vice President/Relationship           & Marketing .)
   Manager, Wachovia Bank .                              Dortch      also    Pictured above: 1st row: Stacey Key, Scarlet Pressley-Brown, Thomas W. Dortch, Jr.,
                                                                           Leona Barr-Davenport, Charmaine Ward; 2nd row: Stephenie Frazier, Daryll W. Griffin,
      Members of the Board selected as Vice           welcomed       two          John Kelley, Sharmen Gowens, Franklin O’Neal; 3rd row: Anthony Acosta,
   Chairs for the various committees include:         new members to            Michael Martin, David Manuel, Vince Bailey, Lonnie Saboor, Michael Russell.
   Alonzo Llorens, Partner, Wombyle, Carlyle,         the Board: Ron                             For a Full Listing of the Board, see page 3

  2                                                                                                                 ABL Shaping The Future • Spring 2007
            Moving Forward Continued from Page 2                                                                        ABL
need to have for our businesses and our com-
munities . So the summit will take place this
                                                planning for my children now . My son is a
                                                junior at FAMU in a 5-year MBA program .
year and will be headed by the Public Policy    He’s going to take over one of the fami-
committee and Joe Hudson .
   And finally, we have our Technology
                                                ly business, and I’m looking forward to en-
                                                joying the fruit of my labor . We need to have
                                                                                                                   2007 ABL
committee . Our Vice Chair for Technolo-        success stories and there are a lot of them in                 Board of Directors
gy is Anthony Acosta, whom I’ve known for       this city .
years . He’s charged to make sure our house        We are creating an Economic Development                  Officers
is in order . We can’t talk to you about tech-  Task Force . There is an abundance of devel-
                                                                                                            Thomas W . Dortch, Jr ., Chair
nology and how you need to use it in your       opment and opportunities . Right now, there
business if we aren’t doing the same . The      is over $25 billion in development in this city             Michael Russell, Chair Elect
Technology Committee will be working            and we aren’t leading the way . We’re 55 plus               Diane Powell-Larche, Secretary
with the education committee and business       percent of this city’s population, and we sit
                                                                                                            Stephenie Frazier, Treasurer
development committee . To ensure we pro-       in control of the majority of governments:
vide all the support you need to help you as    city council, Fulton County commission, the                 John Kelley, Past Chair
it relates to technology . This is a very im-   public school system . Yet, we don’t control
portant component of ABL and Anthony            the prosperity and economic future of this                  Vice Chairs
is already doing an awesome job . If any of     city . Except for the redevelopment of Au-
                                                                                                            Joseph Hudson, Public Policy
you want to work with any of those commit-      burn Avenue, the development we’ve seen
tees we ask you to sign up .                    from HJ Russell and other small pockets, we                 Daryll H . Griffin, Membership
    I want Mike Russell to stand with me be-    aren’t developing this city . This Economic                 Anthony Acosta, Technology
cause how we move and what we do is going       Development Task Force will be chaired by
                                                                                                            Alonzo Llorens, Esq .,
to be important in this partnership . Next year Bill Stanley and co-chaired by Ron Brown,
is going to mark the 75th anniversary for a     and we’ve asked others to work with us . I’m                  Business Opportunity
great organiza-                                                                 not asking that             Charmaine Ward,
tion, and Mike       By the way, if anyone here wants to work on we get togeth-                               Public Relations
will be chair-       any of these committees, we welcome you. er and sim-                                   Lonnie Saboor, Education
ing the plan-                                                                   ply publish
ning for the 75th anniversary since it will     a study . I’m asking that we come together,
take place under his watch . We need to see     review what we find, and develop an action                  Board Members
more success stories like the Russell Fam-      plan so that we can be about the business                   Vincent D . Bailey
ily . Jesse Hill and Herman Russell are two     of helping develop this city .
                                                                                                            Ed Baker
men that I really look up to, and when I saw       Thanks to Big Bethel for its Auburn Av-
these two men and the things they were doing    enue project, there is new development by                   Dennis Boyden
when I moved to Atlanta 35 years ago, I said    African Americans in downtown Atlanta .                     Ron Brown
I wanted to be like them; I wanted to do the    The Butler Street YMCA is about to launch                   Eric Greenwood
kinds of things they were doing . I wanted to   an effort in this area, which was once the                  Sharmen Gowens
be able to impact what happens in this city     downtown Atlanta . The Atlanta Business
just like they did . They paved the way for so  League wants to be a part of this develop-
                                                                                                            Tad Hutcheson
many entrepreneurs to be successful today .     ment . We don’t have to beg anyone when                     Stacey Key
   We need to see more second generations       we can do it ourselves . We want to devel-                  David Manuel
running their family businesses . In fact, I’m                          Continued on Page 6                 Michael Martin
                                                                                                            Edward Menifee, Sr .
                        DID YOU KNOW? YOU CAN...                                                            Scarlet Pressley-Brown
            PUrChAse: Membership Directory: Members* $25 • Non Members* $50
   PUrChAse: resource Guide to African-American Female Business Owners & Professionals: $15                 Erica Qualls
                                ADVerTIse in the ABL Newsletter                                             Steve Smith
                                               Dimensions            Members Non-Members
Full Page            (Black & White)            7 1/2" x 10"          $750      $1,000                      General Counsel
Half Page            (Black & White)             7 1/2" x 5"          $400       $500                       Kenneth Thompson, Esq .
                                               or 35/8" x 10"
Quarter Page         (Black & White)             3 5/8" x 5"           $250              $312
Business Card        (Black & White)             2" x 31/2"            $100              $125
                                                                                                            ABL Foundation President
                                                                                                            Franklin O’Neal
* Discounts available for frequency runs . 30% off for ABL Members . 10% off for frequency runs . Pro-
  duction charges for ads that are not camera ready . Circulation - 10,000 copies . Distribution - Direct
  mailed to decision makers (business owners, professionals and corporations)                               President & CEO
    For additional information, call Rebecca Temple at (404) 584-8126 .                                     Leona Barr-Davenport

ABL Shaping The Future • Spring 2007                                                                                                         
                                   The New, Vibrant Faces of retirement

       s Atlanta’s workforce continues to          Robert Henderson - Atlanta’s small          to Columbus to take her to lunch, I can .
       grow, so does the number of distin-      business community will be missing the         Both my sons are in Los Angeles, so if my
       guished retirees . The Atlanta Busi-     smiling face of one of its most amiable,       husband and I want to fly out there for a
ness League is pleased to acknowledge           yet effective, leaders in the person of Rob-   week, we can . Just having the freedom
three of metro Atlanta’s notable leaders        ert Henderson . After a long and distin-       to be happy, safe, healthy and content is a
as they celebrate their retirement: Hattie      guished career as Regional Director of the     beautiful thing!”
Dorsey, Robert Henderson and Harriette          MBDA, Small Business Administration of
Watkins . Each of them are known for the        the U .S . Department of Commerce, Hen-
success they have attained in their careers .   derson has closed a successful and memo-
We would like to share a glimpse into the       rable chapter in his life .
new chapter of their lives .                       Now residing in Huntsville, Alabama,
   Hattie Dorsey - When the Atlanta             Henderson sits at the helm of his company,
Chamber of Commerce’s Housing Re-               The Hook, Inc . A nonprofit organization,
source Center merged with the Atlanta           The Hook serves as a minority business ad-
Economic Development Corporation’s              vocacy company that is committed to tying
Neighborhood Development Department             minority businesses to resources . “We’re
in 1991, who would have thought that such       not consultants; we don’t make loans,” he            hattie Dorsey
an innovative undertaking would make an         says . “But we do make sure people are
indelible mark on Atlanta’s housing mar-        aware of and have access to the resources
ket? One such person who had all the con-       that can help them move forward .” At the
fidence in the world is Hattie Dorsey, who      vibrant age of 75, the Philadelphia native
officially retired December 31, 2006 .          is moving ahead with great fervor, and be-
   Today, Dorsey is excited about growing       lieves the best is yet to come .
her own business, H .B . Dorsey and Asso-          Harriette Watkins - Fresh on the heels
ciates, a community economic develop-           of her retirement, Harriette Watkins is lov-
ment consulting company . Through H .B .        ing every minute of it . A five-year veteran
Dorsey and Associates, Dorsey is able to        of AGL Resources who spent 25 years in
share her expertise within the realm of af-     community affairs in metro Atlanta, Wat-                                robert henderson
fordable housing development, and she           kins is enjoying the freedom and flexibil-
anticipates being able to continue making       ity that many revere as the most valuable
a difference .                                  benefit of retirement .
   Now that she has some spare time, Dors-         “It’s absolutely wonderful!” Watkins
ey also anticipates “having some fun,” as       says of her retirement . “Of course, my
she puts it . “I look forward to going to       husband and son had work waiting on me
the movies, reading good books, travel-         as soon as I announced my retirement,”
ing, as well as enjoying friends that I may     she laughs . “But in between helping
not have taken the time to enjoy before .”      them, there’s just something about being
She also volunteers in various community        able to do the simple things in life . My         harriette Watkins
efforts, including her church .                 mom is 90, and if I wanted to ride down

                     sAVe The DATes FOr 2007                                                       We WANT TO heAr
    April 25     8:0 a.m. CeO Golf Tournament                                                        FrOM YOU!
                                Pine Isles Golf Club, Lake Lanier Islands                         We enjoy printing information in the ABL
                                                                                               Newsletter about our members .
    May 8        2:00 p.m. 29th Annual CeO Appreciation Luncheon                                 If you have business opportunities for
                                Atlanta Marriott Marquis, 265 Peachtree Center Avenue          other ABL members, or if you have received
                                                                                               a special type of appointment, promotion,
    August 28 5:0 p.m. Men of Influence                                                       award, and are involved in community ser-
                                Atlanta Marriott Marquis, 265 Peachtree Center Avenue          vice or some other type of exciting endeavor,
                                                                                               we want to know about it . Email Carol John-
    sept. 25     8:00 a.m. 2rd Annual super Tuesday Conference                                son, Program Manager, at cjohnson@atlan-
                                Hyatt Regency Atlanta, 265 Peachtree Street                    tabusinessleague .org or fax the information
                                                                                               to (404) 584-0445 . We will include as many
    Nov. 27      5:0 p.m. Annual Meeting                                                      interesting facts as space allows . Please limit
                                Hyatt Regency Atlanta, 265 Peachtree Street                    your information to a few sentences .

                                                                                                    ABL Shaping The Future • Spring 2007
     ABL Delivers Technological Advancements                                                                 ABL Welcomes
         with New and Improved Website                                                                       New Members

   f technology is the wave of the future,         “This includes administrative, financial and                  Business Members
   then the future looks awfully bright for        accounting operations,” he adds .                AGL Resources - Tarece Johnson Hassell
   the Atlanta Business League, thanks                Acosta adds, “It’s important that every       AGL Resources - Ralph Cleveland
to the new and improved website, www .             service we provide brings value to the           AGL Resources Foundation - Melanie Platt
                                                                                                    Atlanta Hotel Consortium
AtlantaBusinessLeague .org . Under the             membership, and it is just as important
                                                                                                    Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Cheryl Smith
leadership of Anthony Acosta, the mission          that we offer services that will attract new     Aiken Global Environmental Services, LLC
of the technology committee is to utilize          members .” Such services include blogs,          American Business Advisors
technology to deliver value to members             which are forthcoming, as well as the an-        Atlanta Transportation Systems, Inc .
and internal business operations . With the        ticipated webinars . “There will be a host       Bahamas Tourist Office
new site launching in September of 2006,           of topics of interest that will be featured,     Brinks Home Security
                                                                                                    C J Pepper
under the leadership of Dennis Boyden,             and they will be available for viewing even
                                                                                                    Choice Hotels International
Vice Chair of Technology, many of the              after they have taken place,” says Acosta .      Cornerstone Parking, Inc .
new changes are in full swing .                       The improvements to the ABL’s website         Crowne Plaza Buckhead
   “We are truly excited about the changes         help give the organization not just a website    Crunkfriends .com
to the website,” Acosta states . As chair of       but a web presence . A website is where peo-     D & H Accounting
the 2007 Technology committee, he has              ple go to find out general information about     Dekalb Convention & Visitors Bureau
                                                                                                    Eddie’s Landscaping, Inc .
                                                                                                    Edwards Consulting Group
                                                                                                    FAD Consulting, LLC
                                                                                                    Greater Atlanta Economic Alliance
                                                                                                    Grier Law Office, P .C .
                                                                                                    Group One Real Estate Investments, LLC
                                                                                                    HA Office 515
                                                                                                    Hines Home of Funerals, Inc .
                                                                                                    IST2-Integrated Systems Technology,
                                                                                                      & Telecommunications Inc .
                                                                                                    Junior Academies, Inc .
                                                                                                    Knight Advisors
                                                                                                    Latin American Association
                                                                                                    Law Office of Karlise Y . Grier
                                                                                                    MassMutual/Hix & Associates
                                                                                                    NAI Personnel
                                                                                                    Nxinnovations, LLC
                                                                                                    Phatcom .net, LLC
                                                                                                    Phoenix Drilling Global Corporation
                                                                                                    Real Estate Investments
            Take a new look at the ABL’s website, visit               The 1 Joshua Group, LLC
                                                                                                    The Baby Factory Outlet, LLC
worked diligently with Owen Montague,              a person or an organization, but a web pres-     The Robinson Realty Group
Director of Technology for the ABL . And,          ence draws visitors to the site on a regular     The SaiSai Group, Inc .
though still a work in progress, a consider-       basis . “The improvements to the site defi-      The Way Printing, Inc .
                                                                                                    Thomas Holding Inc .
able amount of accomplishment has been             nitely make it more interactive, and it’s our
                                                                                                    Watkins Group
achieved . According to Acosta and Mon-            goal to utilize the website as a key tool to     Wesley Community Centers, Inc .
tague, member services have been greatly           help build not only memberships but rela-        West End Medical Centers, Inc .
enhanced . “Members will be able to go on-         tionships as well,” states Acosta . It is also   Zoe Rose Media
line, obtain a login and password, list their      hoped that the site will become a clearing-                  Associate Members
business as well as update their profile and       house that provides cross-references to other    Ms . Bettie Allen          Ms . Mandisa Jones
view the membership,” informed Acosta              organizations that may be of benefit to ABL      Mr . Kevin Ashford         Mr . Jarrin King
and Montague . Members will also be able           members . “Eventually, we’d like to use the      Ms . Bonita Ballard        Ms . Kim Lucas
to pay membership dues online . Perhaps            website as a one-stop shop for anyone who        Dr . Michael Battle        Mr . Quaves McClenton
                                                                                                    Mr . Mitch Belton          Ms . Lenora Petty
an intriguing point about the membership           wants to access business resources that are
                                                                                                    Mr . Milton Burns          Ms . Sherlyn Richardson
dues is the fact that membership can be            available both locally and nationally . This     Ms . Deanna Hamilton       Mr . David Russell
prorated . “If a member joins the League in        includes federal opportunities for minority      Mr . Eric Jackson          Mr . Jesse Spikes
June, rather than their membership coming          business professionals,” says Montague .
up for renewal in December, they will have            To see the new and improved website                         student Members
until June of the next year,” says Montague .      and all the exciting activities, be sure to      Ms . Shari Collins         Mr . Jerome Menifee
                                                                                                    Ms . Cheryl Cosby          Mr . Newall Neilly
He also adds that internal controls have           visit the ABL online at www.AtlantaBusi-
                                                                                                    Mr . Sheldon Crowell       Ms . Erin Rucker
been strengthened to the effect that if a staff . The League welcomes             Ms . Kristi Esco           Mr . Quincy White
person needs to update information, they           feedback, as it is the best possible tool to     Ms . Tonya Hollins         Ms . Clarissa Wilkerson
can do so from the comfort of their homes .        measure the site’s effectiveness .               Mr . Jared Kohn

ABL Shaping The Future • Spring 2007                                                                                                              5
                                       Moving Forward Continued from Page 3
   op the next generation of entrepreneurs .     want to do business in the islands as well as       land . It does not make sense to talk about
   We need programs that encourage leader-       in Africa, but we don’t want to go with our         how we fought discrimination and how peo-
   ship for youth like the program developed     hands extended out . We want to take busi-          ple have treated us wrong when yet we’re at-
   by Ed and Rose Menifee . Here’s a pro-        ness owners who capitalize on business op-          tempting to do the same to others . We must
   gram that has, for over 30 years, pulled to-  portunities while leaving opportunities for         communicate with each other . If anything,
   gether African American youth in the south-   others .                                            we should be working with them on how
   west community . The Southwest Atlanta           The Legacy Leadership Council (LLC)              to become legal citizens in this country . So
                                                                   will entail us working with       I’m hoping we can join together and work
We cannot just talk about wealth creation; we                      several Fortune 500 CEOs          together to assure that our neighborhoods
must continuously create jobs and create wealth. who have agreed to host                             and our families are working together .
                                                                   monthly forums . We’ll start         We need to work with the Atlanta hip
 Youth Business Organization (SWAYBO)            with BellSouth, now AT&T . Before the CEO           hop community . These are some of the
 has been about the business of developing       leaves, he made the commitment to host a            richest, the most productive people in the
 young entrepreneurs . When they decided         delegation of 20 ABL businesses with lead-          country . These are the entrepreneurs who,
 they wanted to visit any country in the         ers in his company so that we can explore           unlike the old school artists that I and many
 world, they not only began to create their      ways to conduct more business with AT&T .           of you grew up with, hire black managers,
 own businesses, but they raised their own       This year, we will launch the Men of Influ-         accountants, lawyers and agents . They don’t
 funds . They raised enough for their families   ence event, which will acknowledge 50 men           have a problem in trying to do good for our
 to come along, and they’ve been doing this      who are doing well where they are . These will      community . We need to not fight against
 for three decades plus . Two people, making     be men who are giving in the community, not         them but explore ways to work with them .
 a difference .                                  those who sit around and just get all the press .   These are entrepreneurs I’d love to partner
    We want to collectively come together so     This will not be a list of the 50 most popular,     with . As opposed to criticizing, let’s work
 that we will have future generations of en-     but 50 men of influence . It will be a reception    together . These artists are making a differ-
 trepreneurs . I took the long way around,       gathering that will take place every year .         ence in our community . If you want to find
 graduated from college and for 22 years            Again, membership is important . My              someone that can reach your child quicker
 I had jobs working in public service, until     commitment is to help get the debt retired for      than you, just talk to the hip hop community .
 I finally came to my senses and got myself      the ABL . As an organization that’s been               We have our work cut out for us . I can
 a real job . I created it . Today I own five    around 74 years,                                                                commit to you
 businesses, and life has been good . We can-    we should have                                                                  100 and ½ percent,
 not just talk about wealth creation, we must    multimillions in                                                                and I wouldn’t
 continuously create jobs and create wealth .    the bank; and we                                                                ask anybody to
 If we are going to succeed we must create       should be investing                                                             do anything that I
 new entrepreneurs .                             dollars . I’m pre-                                                              wouldn’t do my-
    Years ago when I went into business and      pared to write my                                                               self . I know that
 joined the League, Alice Bussey was pushing     check, but I’m ask-                                                             the rest of the team
 international trade . We had successful trade   ing that everyone                                                               will do that . At the
 missions and so going forward I’ve asked        in here write their                                                             end of the day, tell
 Scarlet Pressley Brown to head a new trade      checks as well,                                                                 us what you think
 mission task force . But we’re not just go-     beginning with the                                                              we ought to be do-
 ing to do trade missions internationally . We   board . We’re going to develop the intersec-        ing and give us a chance to get it right .
 will be conducting trade missions in the U .S . tion of Lowery and MLK, where we have our              How many people here are not members?
 and across the water . We have earned bil-      headquarters, and we want you to join us .          I keep membership forms in my pocket .
 lions of dollars yet we are still not respected    ABL will be working with our broth-              We have an exciting team . We have peo-
 throughout this country . Therefore we’re go-   ers and sisters in the Hispanic/Latino com-         ple that are ready to make a difference . The
 ing to host trade missions here and demand      munity . There’s no reason for us to sit            small investment for membership will go a
 that people come to do business with us .       around, viewing each other as competitors .         long way . We’re revitalizing the National
 The late Johnnie Cochran once said to me,       We should not be pitted against our brothers        Business League, and in May, we will kick
 “The brothers and sisters from the Caribbean    and sisters from other countries who came           off a national forum here in Atlanta . We
 islands were on the ships with us and decid-    here, just like everybody else except Native        want to grow the NBL back to its level of
 ed, ‘I’m not going to be a slave in America .’” Americans, looking for a better place and a         prominence . All of this will take all of you
 They jumped off and created their own is-       better life for themselves and their families .     in this room . If we’re going to be strong
 lands . We’re going home because there          Many in the construction and farming in-            and enjoy the prosperity of this city, it’s go-
 are abundant opportunities in the islands .     dustry exploit these communities . African          ing to take all of us . Please make an invest-
 Michael Missick, the Premier of Turks and       Americans often won’t take the jobs in these        ment . With the leadership of our president,
 Caicos Islands, has already said they want      industries . We cannot tolerate the practice        our board, our foundation members, I guar-
 to do business with African American busi-      of paying them less, providing them no ben-         antee you will get major returns on your in-
 ness owners, just as the Prime Minister of      efits and at the same time telling them they        vestment . Come see, like what we do, but
 the Bahamas, Perry Christian, has said . We     need to go back to Mexico or their native           more importantly, come join your family .

                                                                                                          ABL Shaping The Future • Spring 2007
                                                                          Annual Meeting

  Student Business Shadow Project participants receive their                ABL Partners for Corporate Growth are given a token        Featured speaker Dr . Randal Pinkett, winner of the 4th Season
Certificate of Achievement . Pictured lt . To rt ., Brandon Phillips,      of appreciation for the continued support of the League .    of the CBS television program The Apprentice, is presented
 Schuyler Bond, Manago Brown, Rebecca Temple (SPSB Co-                                                                                  a limited edition copy of The Negro in Business written by
ordinator), Yvonne Bryant Johnson (SBSP Facilitator) Deshion                                                                                Booker T . Washington from ABL President & CEO,
Cochran, Joyce Danquah, Alexis Nelson , and Charles Walker .                                                                             Leona Barr-Davenport and ABL Past Chair, John Kelley .

                                              2007 ABL Installation Ceremony

           The Honorable Clarence Cooper officiates                      Frank Ski, Co-Host of the Frank & Wanda Morning Show,                   Thomas W . Dortch, Jr . & Michael Russell
          the 2007 ABL Board Installment Ceremony .                     WVEE-V-103, serves as Master of Ceremonies for the evening .                are sworn into their posts for 2007 .

         John Kelley passes the torch of Chairmanship                           Vice Chair of Membership, Daryll H . Griffin,                         The Honorable Judge Cooper
                   to Thomas W . Dortch, Jr .                                     invites members of the audience to join .                     swears in the 2007 ABL Board of Directors

       February Membership Meeting: A Black history
    Celebration recognizing ABL Leaders Past & Present

              Vice Chair of Business Opportunity,                                    Member spotlight, Aundrea Dumas,                         Hal Lamar serves as moderator for the evening
                       Alonzo Llorens                                                    Mother’s Delight, LLC

ABL Shaping The Future • Spring 2007                                                                                                                                                               7
                                                                              ABL Members Making strides
                                                             Carole and Thomas W. Dortch, Jr. received the Leadership Award during the 10th An-
                                                             niversary Celebration of the Black Women Film Preservation Project (BWFP .) For three
                                                             years, Carol and Thomas have been key supporters in the success of BWFP awarding
                                                             more than $11,000 in scholarships to students from Clark-Atlanta University, North Car-
                                                             olina A &T and Spelman College .

      Thomas W. Dortch, Jr.                                  Frederick L. Daniels, Jr., the Senior Vice President and Commercial Lending Division
        Chairman & CEO                                       Manager at Citizens Trust Bank, has been named to the 2007 Board of Trustees for Lead-
           TWD, Inc.
                                                             ership Georgia, a prestigious organization for community leaders . Through representa-
                                                             tion in Leadership Georgia by their young leaders, Georgia communities are alerted to
                                                             each other’s problems and to their mutual interests in building a better Georgia . Leader-
                                                             ship Georgia seeks out recognized leaders in these diverse communities and brings them
                                                             together .

                                     Carole Dortch
                                                             Designer Janice Wilbourn-Woods is excited to announce that the “Exclusive Designs”
                                          CFO                of the Wilbourn Sisters will be featured in Macy’s/Greenbriar Mall throughout 2007 . Spe-
                                        TWD, Inc.            cial displays will be set up Easter through Mother’s Day, and Thanksgiving through New
                                                             Year’s . The designs of the Wilbourn Sisters have been seen on many prominent women
                                                             in Atlanta through their signature collection, Wilborn Exclusives .

                                                             Atlanta Life Financial Group announced the completion of its acquisition of Jackson
                                                             Securities’ . The landmark acquisition was announced at a press conference at the historic
  Frederick L. Daniels, Jr.                                  Herndon Plaza on Auburn Avenue in downtown Atlanta . The transaction was completed
Senior VP, Commercial Lending                                January 17 . Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed . With this transaction, Atlanta
      Division Manager,
                                                             Life Financial Group becomes majority-owner of Jackson Securities . Jackson will retain
      Citizens Trust Bank
                                                             its name and senior management team . “Atlanta Life founder Alonzo F . Herndon and
                                                             Jackson Securities founder Maynard H . Jackson were visionaries,” Atlanta Life Presi-
                                                             dent and CEO Ronald D . Brown said, “Alonzo F . Herndon and Maynard H . Jackson saw
                                                             things well before the rest of us saw them,” he said . “It is up to us to take these two com-
                                                             panies to the next level .”

                                    Indigo Johnson           Playing by the Unwritten Rules: Moving from the Middle to the Top is the title of an
                                CEO, Careers in Transition   inspiring book written by Indigo Johnson, CEO of Careers In Transition . In the book,
                                                             Johnson explores the rationale of stagnant career progression and gives suggestions as
                                                             well as guidance to becoming a top performer in one’s profession .

                                                             Lisa Robinson, Principal Broker/Owner of The Robinson Realty Group, held a grand
                                                             opening celebration of her fourth office . The new location is at 3752 Cascade Road in
                                                             Atlanta . The Robinson Realty Group is a full-service real estate brokerage firm .

         Lisa robinson                                       Curley M. Dossman, Jr., President of the Georgia-Pacific Foundation, was awarded
   Principal Broker/Owner                                    the Rachel Champagne Leadership Award during the 3rd Annual V .I .P . “Violence is Pre-
  The Robinson Realty Group                                  ventable” Luncheon held by the Atlanta Victim Assistance, Inc . in partnership with the
                                                             Atlanta Police Department .

                                                             Alonia Jernigan is pleased to announce the release of her third book, Pink Pearls of
                                                             Power: Daily Inspiration for the Journey of Life . The book is a motivational journal of
                                                             inspirational quotes from sources ranging from African proverbs to American Presidents
                                Curley M. Dossman, Jr.
                                        President,           to the Holy Bible to Ghandi to Black History legends and even Jernigan herself .
                                Georgia Pacific Foundation
                                                             Orrin Hudson, Founder of Be Someone, Inc., had the privilege of being called up on
                                                             stage in front of an audience of 40,000 attendees at the Learning Annex Wealth and Real
                                                             Estate Expo by the true Grand Master of Life and Real Estate, Donald Trump . Hudson
                                                             was asked to retell the story of when Trump had been down and out and not just poor or
                                                             broke, but devastatingly in debt . Mr . Trump was reportedly surprised that someone knew
         Orrin hudson                                        his story so well . Hudson and Trump exchanged information and devised a plan of work-
        Be Someone, Inc.
                                                             ing together in the future .

  8                                                                                                                 ABL Shaping The Future • Spring 2007
   Members of the Atlanta Business League (ABL) encompass a powerful supportive network of
   business owners, corporations, non-profit organizations, and business professionals. Become
   a part of an organization with a rich history of providing economic empowerment. Below are
   just a few sentiments from various members of the ABL.

         Take a Look and Join the League Today!!!
                              Membership in the Atlanta Business                                 We stay active because... we
                              League has provided me with an                                     believe The Atlanta Business
                              opportunity to network, learn, and                                 League is an outstanding
                              grow as a new business owner.                                      organization that helps its
                              Participation in monthly meetings,                                 members grow in so many
                              special events, and workshops                                      terrific ways. Whether it’s
                              keeps me motivated and inspired.                                   networking, an educational
                              Membership in the Atlanta Business                                 program, an awards event,
                              League is beneficial for                                           or reaching out to the broader
     Carol Ratcliff                                                         Ed Baker
                              any entrepreneur who recognizes                                    community, the ABL does it first
     President,                                                             Publisher, Atlanta
     CTR Transportation,
                              the importance of being a part of             Business Chronicle   class. The relationship between
     LLC                      a professional organization whose                                  the ABL and its members is truly
                              mission is the growth, development                                 something special.
                              and empowerment of African
                              American and other minority
                              owned businesses.

                              As a young business owner, of course                               EXPOSURE! EXPOSURE!
                              I appreciate the Atlanta Business                                  EXPOSURE! - is what the
                              League for the many opportunities to                               ABL has done for me and
                              not only be in the same room as but                                my business. I’ve been a
                              also communicate with other business                               member for seven months
                              people. However, as a college student                              and have gained a return on
                              studying in Chicago, Illinois, I am forever                        my investment immediately.
                              in debted to the Atlanta Business League                           Many of my new clients are
                              for the networking assistance and                                  referrals from the ABL.
     J. David Menifee                                                       Jackie Acosta
                              much needed motivation to continue
     Owner, Auhsoj                                                          President &
     Entertainment,           to succeed. I never feel out-of-touch
                                                                            CEO, A4dable
     Sophomore Student,       because I am frequently updated through       Bookkeeping, LLC
     Columbia College         e-mail and letters of ABL events and
     Chicago                  opportunities. Furthermore, I am very
                              proud to be a part of the ABL Technology
                              Committee in the effort of doing what I
                              can as a Student Member to grow with
                              the organization.

ABL Shaping The Future • Spring 2007                                                                                                9
     Companies committed to the growth and development of minority owned businesses.

0                                                              ABL Shaping The Future • Spring 2007
                                                           ATLANTA BUsINess LeAGUe

                                             Membership Application
Date:          /          /




Telephone:(           )                        Fax:(         )                         Email:

Website:                                                                   SIC Codes(s):

Name of CEO/President/Owner:
Contact Person:                                                                    Title:

                                             (As it would be listed in the “Yellow Pages”)
Ownership:           Minority          Majority
Type of Business:             Services   Retail   Manufacturer     Wholesaler
                              Government    Non-Profit   Other - Specify:
Gross Sales:         $15 Million and above             $5 Million - $14 .5 Million           $1 Million - $4 .9 Million
Number of Employees:                1-5      6-10        11-20        More than 20
Method of Payment:               Check       MasterCard          Visa        American Express

Account Number:                                                                        Expiration Date:         /         /

                    ✓         Membership Type              revenue                                      Dues
                              Business                     $15 Million and Above                   $1,250 .00
                              Business                     $5 Million - $14 .9 Million               $625 .00
                              Business                     $1 Million - $4 .9 Million                $350 .00
                              Business                     $1 - $999,999                             $250 .00
                              Associate                    N/A                                       $125 .00
                              Student                      N/A                                        $15 .00
Write the number of additional company representatives:               Additional company representatives: $125 .00 per rep .

                      Please return the completed application with your check, payable to
                               Atlanta Business League, for membership dues to:
           Atlanta Business League • P .O . Box 92363 • Atlanta, Georgia 30314 • Attn: Membership

                              Referred by:
ABL Shaping The Future • Spring 2007                                                                                          
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                                                 Atlanta Business League (ABL)
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