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									Recertified Immunology Analyzers from
Block Scientific

                                  As a leader in the global laboratory
                                  equipment market, Block Scientific is proud
                                  to distribute a fine line of recertified
                                  immunology analyzers. Block Scientific
                                  offers products such as:

                                     •   DPC Immulite 1000
                                     •   Bio Merieux Mini VIDAS
   •   Tosoh 360
   •   ADVIA Centaur

With DPC Immulite 1000, rapid tests for cardiac biomarkers, infectious
diseases, reproductive endocrinology, thyroid function, anemia, diabetes,
TDM, tumor markers, drugs of abuse, serology, allergy, and esoteric can be
done in random access mode. Bio Merieux Mini VIDAS is a fully
automated immunoassay analyzer, which combines exceptional
performance and flexibility, and utilizes user-friendly software. Infectious
disease assays, coagulation, and immunochemistry assays can all be
performed with this instrument.

AIA Tosoh 360 can produce fast and accurate results for
assays for cardiac markers, thyroid and reproductive
hormones, tumor markers, anemia and more. ADVIA
Centaur is best suited to provide comprehensive testing
for infectious diseases, thyroid, fertility and anemia, as
well as assays for cancer markers, cardiac analysis, allergy testing and
therapeutic drug monitoring.
With these recertified immunology systems, Block Scientific offers:

   •   90 day parts warranty
   •   Reagents, controls, and consumables
   •   Service contracts

Refurbished analyzers from Block Scientific now come with brand new flat
screen monitors, keyboard, and mouse, where it is applicable.

About Block Scientific

Based in New York, Block Scientific is a leading laboratory equipment
supplier offering an extensive selection of lab equipment from the most
respected brands in the industry. Many categories of medical lab equipment
such as Blood Gas, Electrolyte, Chemistry, Hematology, Coagulation,
Microbiology, Urinalysis as well as a complete offering of ancillary
laboratory equipment, reagents, and controls are offered to meet the
laboratory application requirements of clients.

Contact Details

Block Scientific, Inc.
1620 Ocean Avenue Unit 3
Bohemia, NY 11716 USA
Ph: 631-589-1118

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