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					  This document was created by a medical student enrolled in the
  Rural Physicians Associate Program (RPAP) at the University of
 Minnesota Medical School as part of the course project. The aim
  of the project is to present information on a medical topic in
     the format of a patient education handout. It does not
   necessarily reflect the views of the University of Minnesota
   Medical School physicians and faculty. These materials are
    provided for informational purposes only and are in no way
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            immediately contact a doctor or call 911.
                              Threatened Abortion- aka threatened miscarriage
        This is a condition which suggests that a miscarriage may take        What will the treatment be? The doctor may advise you to-
place before 20 weeks of pregnancy.
                                                                                  -   Avoid some activities including sexual activity
What causes this?                                                                 -   Be on bed rest
                                                                                  -   Progesterone may be used to relax the uterus and slow the
          Vaginal bleeding or spotting in the first trimester can represent           bleeding.
the risk of a miscarriage. This “threat” of a miscarriage is termed a                     o This is important if you may be low on progesterone
threatened abortion.
                                                                              Prognosis- What will this mean for my future?
What are the symptoms?
                                                                                  -   Most women with a threatened abortion will go on to deliver this
    -    Vaginal spotting or bleeding                                                 pregnancy and have future pregnancies that are uneventful
    -    Cramping may be present                                                  -   15% of pregnancies will end in miscarriage

What tests might be ordered?                                                  When to get medical attention

    -    Abdominal or vaginal ultrasound                                          -   If you have any of these symptoms you should contact your
             o This can check the heart activity, amount of                           doctor. The provider may want to see you and order some tests.
                 development, and size of bleeding.                                   The best provider to see would be the one managing your
    -    Complete blood count-                                                        prenatal care.
             o This will look at the amount of blood loss
    -    Serum HCG                                                            Complications
             o This is a blood pregnancy test.
    -    White blood cell count with differential                                 -   Blood loss
             o This will look for infection                                       -   Anemia
    -    Progesterone level                                                       -   Infection
             o This is a natural hormone that is important during                 -   Miscarriage
                                                                              What can I do to avoid this?
Source- Google Health Threatened Miscarriage                                     - There is no specific prevention                             o Having good prenatal care reduces risk
                                                                                          o Be in good overall health

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