Baldwin-Woodville Area School District
                             January 17, 2011

The Baldwin-Woodville Area School District Board of Education met on Monday, January 17, 2011.
Notice of the meeting with agenda had been published in accordance with Wisconsin Statutes and
Board Policy. The meeting was held in the District Board Room at 550 Highway 12, Baldwin, and was
called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Board President Jeff Campbell. Members present: Brian Bedford, Todd
Graf, Ann Hilmanowske, Dustin Klanderman, Deb Rasmussen, and Jeff Campbell. Absent: Jody
Lindquist. Others present: Supt. Rusty Helland, Eric Russell, Jon Hinzman, Gary Hoffman, J.R. Dachel,
Julie Hawley, Brian Brewer, Jim Lund, Steve Apfelbacher, Jeff Seeley, Pam Rose, and Suzanne Zimmer.

OPEN FORUM: No response.

The Board listened to presentations provided by the following financial advisory firms: Robert W. Baird
& Co., PMA Securities, Inc. and Ehlers, Inc. This was in response to the Board seeking a firm to handle
bond refunding in an effort to save the District money. The basic idea behind a refunding is to pay off
existing bonds that carry relatively high interest rates by issuing new refunding bonds. If the difference
is large enough, there may be an opportunity to reduce future debt service payments. The school
districts have one opportunity over the life of a bond issue to refinance. Representatives of the financial
firms discussed opportunities and options their firm could provide, the advantages of their firm, the
services provided, and the fees involved. The Board will make a decision on their choice of firms at a
later time. All three firms were in agreement there is no reason to rush, since the first callable date is
not until April 1, 2013.

“Bowls for the Soul” was tabled until the February Board Meeting.

There was a discussion of the driver education fees at B-W. Mr. Russell, H.S. Principal, shared a driver
education cost evaluation that compares B-W with surrounding schools. Motion by Rasmussen, second
by Bedford, to raise the fees for Driver Education from $200 to $250. Further discussion ensued.
Motion by Rasmussen, second by Hilmanowske, to rescind the previous motion, and amend it to read
“from $200 to $225. “ Roll call vote: all yes, carried.

Financial information had been provided to the Board for their review prior to the meeting. Motion by
Hilmanowske, second by Graf, to approve disbursements in the amount of $865,937.22 (checks #81979-
82252). Roll call vote: all yes, carried.

Motion by Rasmussen, second by Klanderman, to approve items A thru D of the consent agenda:

     A.   Approval of Minutes of Regular Board Meeting of December 20, 2010
     B.   Notice of intent to retire from Gary Hoffman at the end of the 2010-2011 school year
     C.   Resignation of Angela Wadzinski as JV softball coach
     D.   Approval of volunteer track coaches (Don Nelson, Jim Larson, Pam Donahue, and Vincent

Roll call vote: All yes, carried.
                         Board of Education Meeting Minutes, January 17, 2011 (Page 2)

Motion by Graf, second by Campbell, to approve CESA 11 Shared Services Contract (Exhibit A) for the
2011-2012 school year, with non-renewal of SciMaTech as the only change. Roll call vote: all yes,

Motion by Graf, second by Campbell, to adopt the 2011-2012 school year as shown on Exhibit B. Roll
call vote: all yes, carried.

There was a frank and cordial exchange of views regarding the donated land, with various options being
explored. Motion by Campbell, second by Bedford, to sell the donated land in two parcels. Roll call
vote: Bedford, yes; Graf, yes; Hilmanowske, yes; Klanderman, yes; Rasmussen, no; Campbell, yes.
Motion carried: 5 yes, 1 no.

COMMITTEE REPORTS: None at this time.


       The Administration Team provided brief informational reports on events and activities within
        the schools. It was also noted that first semester ends on January 20th.


       WASB Convention in Milwaukee, January 19-21, 2011

There being no further business, motion by Hilmanowske, second by Klanderman, to adjourn the
meeting at 9:50 p.m. Voice vote: all yes, carried.

                                                     Dustin Klanderman, District Clerk

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