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What Are the Pros and Cons of Inner Thigh Liposuction?
It is always wise to weigh the pros and cons of inner thigh liposuction before
signing up for this procedure. With the coming of laser liposuction, inner thigh
liposuction has become a highly advanced but also a more simplified and
precise procedure.

Realistic Expectations to be Maintained by Patients
                                                             In terms of achieving the desired results,
                                                             inner thigh liposuction does deliver,
                                                             largely on account of advanced procedures
                                                             such as Smartlipo Triplex utilized by
                                                             plastic surgeons. Healthy individuals with
                                                             good skin elasticity can benefit the most
                                                             from inner thigh liposuction. Patients with
excessive wrinkling of the inner thigh skin may require the more extensive
cosmetic surgery procedure called inner thigh lift.

Importance of the Cannula Size
One of the disadvantages of inner thigh liposuction is that the size of the
cannula can significantly affect the efficiency of the liposuction surgery.

     • The cannula transmits the laser energy to the fat cells in the particular

     •    Since the inner thighs have fat with fibrous tissue that is soft and jelly-
          like, there is a tendency for too much liposuction taking place in certain
          areas of the inner thigh resulting in unevenness and irregularities in the
          skin surface.

     • Larger cannulas could accentuate the lumpiness in certain parts.

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     •    Cannulas with any diameter below 2.8 mm are considered the right size
          for the liposuction surgery for inner thighs.

The experience and skills of the plastic surgeon also determine the success of
inner thigh liposuction.

Better Results with Smartlipo Triplex
But with Smartlipo liposuction the results are much better. This advanced laser
lipolysis method employs a minute cannula with a diameter of only 1mm. For
inner thigh plastic surgery it is therefore important to sign up with advanced
laser liposuction techniques such as Smartlipo Triplex. You must also get
treated at an advanced and reputable healthcare facility with an experienced
plastic surgeon. The success of any cosmetic surgery depends on the skills of
the surgeon, and this is truer in the case of inner thigh liposuction.

The Cost Factor of Inner Thigh Liposuction
Inner thigh liposuction is almost always recommended to be performed along
with an inner knee liposuction since the fat normally extends from the thigh to
the knee. This cosmetic surgery is also one of the more expensive treatments
with costs ranging from $2000 to $5000 for a procedure also involving the inner
knee. The costs also vary depending on the level of difficulty, the nature of the
accumulated fat and the exact appearance desired by the patient. There are
certain state-of-the-art plastic surgery facilities though, that offer the right blend
of cost-effectiveness and great results.

Though there are pros and cons of inner thigh liposuction, advanced Smartlipo
liposuction makes the pros outweigh the cons. The precision of the technique,
the shorter recovery period and overall results make Smartlipo Triplex a
popular and desirable procedure.

                                                                Inner Thigh Liposuction
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