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									                                           Steve Glass Associate Dean Activity Report for 2009

           2010 Administrative and Faculty Activity Report

This report includes my annual activities in three areas: Associate Dean Activities, Department
Chair, Liberal Studies Activities (page 5), and Movement Science Faculty Activities (page 7).
My primary duty for the year was Associate Dean, with 1 course teaching in Movement Science.
Department Chair duties were consider overload.

Name: Stephen Glass

Title: Associate Dean, College of Interdisciplinary Studies

       Interim Department Chair, Liberal Studies

Rank: Full Professor, Movement Science

Tenured:      Yes

Brooks College Administrative Work
Identify activities during the year that relate to progress in achieving stated goals from
your Professional Development Plan of 2009

Short Term Goals

   1. Continue to develop leadership skills, public speaking and relations skills

   - The first seminar in a new academic series, "Reinventing Prosperous Places," took place
      on Thursday, February 4, 2010, at both Michigan State University and Grand Valley
      State University. The series is hosted by the Michigan Higher Education Land Policy
      (MIHELP) Consortium and is focused on how state economic success will be tied to the
      success of Michigan "places," in the new, global economy.

       Dr. Steve Glass, from Grand Valley State University identified the "Cultural
       Differences Among Places in Understanding Sustainability."

   -   March 2010- Presentation to US 102 students: Liberal education and careers

   -   April 2010- Keynote speaker, Annual Academic and Professional Staff luncheon.
       “Being Healthy at Grand Valley”

   -   April 2010- Guest speaker- Evergreen Commons Senior Center- “Sustainability
       One Household at a Time: a Toolkit”

   -   October 2010- Master of Ceremony- Sustainability Champions Breakfast

                                        Steve Glass Associate Dean Activity Report for 2009
-   October and November- Worklife Presentation: “Gratitude”. Presentation to kick
    off a worklife program to develop positive attitude in the workplace.

General Duty Accomplishments
-   Lead working group to establish COIS Inclusion Plan: Goals and Objectives. Works with
    the Dean and Leadership Council to complete draft of College Plan.
-   Worked with Dean, Leadership Council and consultant to create 2015 Strategic Plan
-   Assessment Planning
-   Assist honors program with Awards of Distinction Events (present to parents, student
    interviews, Saturdays in Jan, Feb and December) Reviewed all applications (600) to
    assist Merit Awards Committee in dispersing awards.
-   CoIS Web page maintenance: maintain current information, load content, update news,
    events and spotlights
-   Leadership Development- assisted the dean in working with a consultant to put together
    leadership and time management training for faculty and program directors.
-   Completed and made live the Sustainable Office Award (with help from SCDI and IM)
-   Sustainability Grants Committee- review sustainability grants and asssit with
    disbursement of grant awards
-   Assisted with drafting Joint Appointment contract agreements with CLAS
-   Helped drive drafts revision of the CoIS Standards and Criteria for Personnel Policy
    document working with BCOIS Faculty Council
-   Assist Dean with new faculty requests and annual budget requests.
-   Created website and documentation to support Human Subjects review:

Search committees
    COIS Deans office COT search (inclusion advocate)
    Liberal Studies faculty search (inclusion advocate)
    Sustainable Community Development Initiative-Projects Director Search (inclusion
    Liberal Studies Chair search (Inclusion advocate)

                                         Steve Glass Associate Dean Activity Report for 2009

    Dean’s and Provost- Interviewed for article on Sustainability
    Vol 11: (7)- p. 7

    GVSU Lanthorn- Multiple Interviews on topics such as sustainability, gratitude and new
    academic programs

2. Continue to develop a working knowledge of campus-wide policies and initiatives

-   Liason between COIS Curriculum committee and Dean Wenner
-   Liason between CoIS Faculty Council and Dean Wenner
-   Served as BCOIS representative in 2010 to all advising center director meetings
-   Assist Dean with policy related to personnel, budget, hiring, and student issues
-   Meet with all directors regularly along with Dean regarding issues, priorities and policies.
-   Pre-requisite Override and other electronic permits: Oversight and implementation
-   Assist Dean with Tenure track requests, other new staff/faculty requests
-   Office space- worked with units heads and VPs office to ensure adequate office space
    (and policy for granting) for faculty in COIS.
-   HRRC- developed web site to consolidate procedures for Human Research and Review
    Committee process.
-   Catalog Changes- verify all changes for Brooks College programs
-   Member Second Year Retention task force. Provost- initiated committee designed to find
    steps to enhance the retention of second year students.
-   Liason with Religious Studies final plan committee (review plan, budget, provide input)
-   Padnos International Center Emergency Contact Team member
-   Member, Sophomore retention task force (Chair, VP Giardina)
-   Personnel Process
        o Helped draft Standards and criteria for Personnel Policies for CoIS
        o Drafted Portfolio guide for personnel
        o Met with CoIS personnel committee regarding annual review process
        o Met with Unit personnel committees regarding review process

3. Build experience with international education institutions- linking with GVSU

                                             Steve Glass Associate Dean Activity Report for 2009
  - Assisted with initial contact and organization of joint collaboration with Calvin College:
New Zealand study abroad

Continuing Education/ Professional Development/ Awards

Jan 22, 2010           Wimba Classroom: Expanding Communication with
                       Students & Colleagues
Feb 26, 2010           Making Choices Employment Issues Workshop

March 2010             American Council on Education Meeting, Phoenix AZ

April 2010             Attend West Michigan Strategic Alliance State of the Region

November 2010          Selected as class of 2011 participant in the Harvard Management
                       Development Program (for administrators) June 2011.
November 2010          Donor Stewardship Seminar (University Development)

FTLC Faculty Development Activities
   - “Continuing the Conversation” (2/24/10)
   - FTLC Annual Teaching Conference (8-10)
   -  FTLC Webinar Critical Thinking: Designing Instructional Strategies to Promote Critical
      Thought (10-5-10)
   - “Online Education Open Forum” (10/7/10)
   - “Conducting Productive Meetings” (11/16/10)

Reflective Statement Regarding Administrative Work for the year
2010 represented yet again the most expansive and busy year we have had in the Brooks College.
With enrollment growing rapidly, and systems at Grand valley becoming integrated into what we
do daily, I spent a great deal of my time trying to help create college-wide systems that link to
the University systems and requirements. This fell within areas of personnel, academic policies,
research and the various ways that our programs integrate with each other. I continued to assist
with curriculum development, campus sustainability and a variety of campus wide initiatives. I
am also giving presentations in a variety of areas: admissions, health and wellness, sustainability,
worklife and I continue to build my skills through a variety of continuing education experiences.
Administration is multi-faceted, people oriented and systems thinking; and I am trying to
develop the different aspects of administrative skill set.

                                           Steve Glass Associate Dean Activity Report for 2009

  May 2010- Interim Department Chair, Department of Liberal
   Temporary leadership of a department with 19 full time faculty (affiliate, visiting and
tenure track) 2 COT.

                               Primary Accomplishments/ Duties


   Worked with Affiliate faculty to normalize workload consistent with the affiliate position

   Faculty workload planning and progress toward tenure discussions

   Advising- advised prospective students in Lib
   - Took over advisees from Prof. McClure (30 advisees)
   - Filled to help with Prof Ford’s advisees while he was on sabbatical (fall 10)
   - Represented Lib at Majors Fair (October)

   Annual Schedule
   - Worked to emphasize earliest scheduling possible. All scheduled classes had classrooms
      by round 2
   - Lib 490/491 section scheduling simplified across all sites.
   - Met with potential adjunct faculty (often along with Lib faculty) to determine fit.
   - Coordinated regional site scheduling with Continuing Ed.
   - Worked with Student Academic Success center to incorporate Freshman Academy
      students into Lib 100 (blocks of 10 in a class)
   - Worked to create staff plan that identifies contract information for each instructor in Lib
      to streamline Dean’s office issuance of contracts.

   Regional Campus Sites-
   - Worked with Continuing Education and Lib Program Directors to help coordinate Liberal
      Studies programs at regional sites in Holland, Muskegon and Traverse City.
   - Formalized workload for coordinators at the regional sites running the liberal studies
      programs. Visited Holland and Traverse City sites two times each during fall term.

Department Policies

   -   Worked to gather all departmental policies and organize onto L:drive for easy access
   -   Began work on Affiliate standards and criteria for contract renewal (task force formed)
   -   Led department meetings

Department Web Site
   - Worked to convert forms used for advising into PDF forms that can be downloaded
   - Updated web sites for information, news, spotlights
   - Worked with faculty and deans office to upload new advising videos

                                             Steve Glass Associate Dean Activity Report for 2009

Liberal Studies/WGS office

   -   Met weekly with Lib/WGS COTs to streamline practices in the office
   -   Worked with WGS program director to manage shared duties for COTs within the office
   -   Working on an updated New Faculty Orientation packet.
   -   All syllabi for Lib/US courses now stored on L: drive
   -   CV and transcripts for all non TT adjunct collected

Department Budget

   -   Worked to demonstrate transparency and equity with respect to budget (CSSM)
   -   Worked with Office coordinators to develop a system of tracking expenditures for more
       clarity in staying within budget and tracking expenditure type.
   -   Prepared load report and created rational for faculty requests as well as new Chair request
       for Lib Studies. Lobbied for search to begin in January.

Department-related Professional Development/Education (readings)

   -   Read excerpts from Lib 100 Reader
   -   Read selected Chapters of Life Journey text (written by Prof. Ford)
   -   Read “The Souls of Black Folk” by William DuBois
   -   Read “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” by Rebecca Skloot
   -   Read “Returning to Earth” by Jim Harrison

Reflective Statement on Department Chair Activity
Given the abrupt entry into the interim Chair position, and the nature of the interim position, I
have worked to try and establish systems and procedures that will be in place when the new
Chair in Liberal Studies is hired. To that end I have worked to establish consistency in
scheduling, workload and office procedures. I have worked to familiarize myself with the aspects
of the Liberal Studies programs as quickly as I could, and help coordinate the variety of activities
and programs. Liberal Studies is unique in the extent of program sites (all 4 campus locations) as
well as the variety of faculty and courses. My primary goal for the months remaining are to lead
the department through strategic planning, assessment and then help transition the new Chair into
the position. The faculty has been very helpful and productive, and I am impressed with the
breadth of expertise and the depth of knowledge. They have also shown patience in having a
non-Liberal Studies faculty member leading them this year, and it has made my work much

                                             Steve Glass Associate Dean Activity Report for 2009

Faculty-Related Work

   -   Summer 2010-MOV 420 Laboratory in Exercise Science (2cr). Lab class that covers
       advanced exercise testing and laboratory procedures. For seniors in the Exercise Science
       major.(18 students)

   -   Fall 2010 MOV 304 Physiology of Activity (3 cr). Cognate class and primary course for
       knowledge in Exercise Physiology (32 students)

   -   Guest Speaker BMS 105- Nutrition (Dr Nochera). Exercise Metabolism (March 2010 and
       October 2010, 4 sections total- 180 students)


Unit-level reviewer of research projects: IT. Net Reviewer for CoIS projects
I serve as the unit reviewer for projects submitted by CoIS. It.Net review is done prior to
submission to the HRRC.

Work submitted and under review

Kushion, D.E., Rheume, J.T., Yount, K.A., Glass, S.C., Alderink, G.J. and Jin, J.H. Activation
of VMO and VL during four rehabilitation exercises. (awaiting submission)

Hatzel, B., Johnson, S., Chaloupka, H. and Glass, S. Effects of velocity on muscle activation
during leg extension exercise (submitted to Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research) IN

Student visitation day- Representing COIS, and Liberal Studies Department

Board Member, Kent County/MSU Extension Advisory Council (renamed District 7 Council)

                                              Steve Glass Associate Dean Activity Report for 2009

Reflective statement on Faculty Work for the year
My faculty work is quite limited due to the extent of my administrative duties, but I was able to
teach Exercise Physiology as well as Laboratory practicum (as an overload). In addition I
continue to be a guest speaker in nutrition classes, exercise science clubs and I attend Movement
Science department meetings and events when I am able. While the Movement Science
department and the Exercise Science major that I developed in 2006 has grown from 70 majors
to over 600, I am limited in the amount of teaching I can provide. My research activities have
stopped for the time being, with only two manuscripts in review /editing currently. I have also
notice that it is very difficult to have the same flexibility and innovation in my class due to the
lack of time for course preparation. While I do not think the students notice, I certainly do. I will
need to take more time out this summer to devote specifically to course preparation so that can
make up for the time lack during the school year.

Summary and comment regarding 2011

For 2011 I will start the year with dual roles as department chair and associate dean, so my first
priority will be to try and manage to duties of both positions as best I can. I have been accepted
to the Management Development Program for University Administrators at Harvard University
for June 2011. I plan to use this two week, intensive training to further develop administrative
skills in a variety of areas. I plan to continue to expand my interactions across the campus
community as well as within the Brooks College, Liberal Studies department and Movement
Science department. Administrative work as well as faculty work is one of perpetual learning. I
expect this year to be quite enlightening!


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