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Research a Trial Paper


									                                                                              Becca Allen
                                                                              English Prd. 1

                                   Research a Trial Paper

Scott Peterson was accused of murdering his pregnant wife, Laci Peterson, along with the
murder of their unborn child in the Scott Peterson Case. At first, the police did not view
him as the primary suspect because of his wife’s family’s faith in Peterson. However, as
the police found out more and more about Peterson, the jury eventually found him guilty
and he was sentenced to death. He is currently waiting in death row in California. The
reason why it is so controversial is that that while all the evidence seems to point at
Peterson, there is no direct evidence. Peterson also still has not confessed, so he might not
be guilty. I do not know what to think of the verdict. There is no direct evidence of
Peterson killing his wife or unborn child, but there is plenty of evidence that he was
cheating on her. The indirect evidence might be entirely coincidental and Peterson might
not be guilty. For example, it was revealed that right after Peterson reported his wife
missing, he sold her car, changed his appearance to avoid the press, and bought another
car under his mother’s name. He was interested in selling the house and his wife shared,
and there are also many more little clues, but there is no definite evidence. The bodies of
the wife and baby were washed up on shore, but the autopsy could not say what was the
cause of death due to decomposition.

I believe the jury came to the correct verdict. Even if Scott Peterson didn’t murder his
wife, he cheated on her, even when they were expecting a child. He other affairs with
women, and a key witness against Peterson was Amber Frey, whom he had an affair with.
She let the police tape their phone calls, which proved to be useful, when she started
suspecting that Scott was a married man. Unfortunately, there was no recorded material
of Scott admitting the murder of his wife and unborn baby. He even changed his
appearance and sold his wife’s car. That is enough to convince me.

I believe the right to a trial by jury is an important right. I disagree with the opinions of
the critics of this system. A single person who holds all the power can become corrupted.
However, when there are twelve innocent citizens without power deciding who is or is
not guilty, the verdict is a lot more accurate. A trial by jury is more democratic than a
trial by one person. We might not always make the right decisions about who is or is not
guilty, but it a closer and more accurate system than being judged by one person.

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