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									FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                       Sept. 1, 2008

CONTACT: San Miguel County Clerk and Recorder Peggy Nerlin 728-3954

TELLURIDE—Civic responsibility is not limited to one demographic. However, the
average age of election judges nationwide is 72 years old.
San Miguel County is taking steps to involve younger citizens in the electoral process.
“Along with our older, seasoned judging staff, we are recruiting new, young judges—
people in their 20’s and 30’s—to learn the election process,” San Miguel County Clerk
and Recorder Peggy Nerlin said. “We are also introducing a new program this year for
student judges. We will have one student judge from Precinct Four in Norwood, and one
from Telluride High School for Precinct One.”
Election judges of all ages will receive extensive training, she noted.
“We are using the new ‘SCORE’ statewide online voter registration system to verify
voters and their signatures,” Nerlin said. “We practice ‘Score’ in our workshops as well.”
Hands-on workshops to train election personnel on voting equipment and to practice
voting will be held on Oct. 1 in Norwood and on Oct. 3 in Telluride, she added. Trained
IT and election staff will be available to troubleshoot on the morning of Election Day
(Nov. 4) to provide backup support to judges and assist with any issues that should arise.
“We will perform a Logic and Accuracy test of all our equipment for the major political
parties and the public to see how the equipment works,” Nerlin said. “The tests will be
posted in the local newspapers.”
An emergency plan is also in place should trouble arise at any of the county’s precincts,
and sufficient paper ballots are available for all county voters in the event of a power
“We have two backup generators ready to go to any location in the county,” Nerlin said.
All 5,800 San Miguel County voters will receive an informational letter and brochure
prior to the election. Voters may choose the traditional Election Day voting option, or
take advantage of early and mail-in voting as well. More than 1,300 local electors have
opted for mail-in ballots this year.
Those with questions or concerns about the upcoming election can contact Nerlin at 728-
3954, or via email at

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