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									Scientific Computing
Home Assignment #3
    Dr. Guy Tel-Zur
       3D Self Avoidance Walk
• Goal: Simulate a 3D Self Avoidance Random
  Walk (SAW), i.e. Non-Intersecting path.
• Find the relation between <r2> and t, i.e RMS
  distance vs. time.
• Do 3000 walks (time steps)
• Use a 3-dimensional 500X500X500 grid
• Repeat the exercise 10 times and average the
Computational Tools and Methods
•   Write your code in C
•   Install personal condor on your laptop
•   Execute the 10 repetitions using Condor
•   Pay attention to the random number
    generator’s seed
Make a Plot
• Save the problem domain (grid) in Silo format
• Make a movie of the SAW growth using VisIt
  by taking snap shots of the grid at several time
  steps, e.g. every 150 times steps.
             More instructions
• Submit:
  – Source code
  – Condor submit file
  – Plots
  – VisIt movie (if file is not too big)
  – Documentation
• Send To be submitted to:
• Due: End of course

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