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                  THE GIFT OF GOD—A Savior
            His Announcement (Part Two) Luke 1:26-33

I.   A HEAVENLY VISIT (v 26-28)
          A. The Messenger (26)
             “the angel Gabriel was sent from God”
                    i. His Resume
                              1. Many angels appeared in the O.T. but in the
                                  N.T., only two appear—Gabriel and Michael
                              2. Gabriel (Daniel 8:16, 9:21) sent as a
                                  messenger to Daniel
                   ii. His Representation
                              “sent from God”
                              1. Gabriel was sent from God as His
                                  representative to Mary
          B. The Recipient (27)
                      “to a virgin…Mary”
                    i. Her Purity
                              1. Virgin- 1) a young woman; 2) a woman who
                                  has never had sexual intercourse
                              2. Mary was both—a teenager at this time,
                                  probably 13 to 14, and had not “known” a
                                  man sexually (1:34)
                              3. Isaiah 7:14 “Therefore the Lord Himself will
                                  give you a sign: Behold a virgin shall
                                  conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His
                                  name Immanuel.”
                   ii. Her Pledge (to be married)
                              1. engaged…to Joseph-engagement among
                                  the Jews at this time was almost as binding
                                  as marriage and could only be broken by
                                  divorce (even referred to as Husband &
                  iii. Her Pedigree
                              1. “of the descendants of David”-this was to
                                  establish the relationship to the Davidic line
                                  through which the Messiah must come.
          C. The Greeting (28)
                    i. The Favor of the Lord
                              1. favored one-greatly graced; graced one
                              2. Mary was a recipient of God’s grace—this
                                  wasn’t anything of her doing; she didn’t earn
                                  or deserve God’s grace.
                   ii. The Presence of the Lord
                              1. “The Lord is with you”-Gabriel wanted Mary
                                  to know that she was not alone but that the
                                  Lord Himself was with her—He was with her
                                  and about to do a miraculous work in her.
                              2. Great comfort comes from knowing the Lord
                                   is with us.
           A. The Confusion of Mary (29)
                     “she was very perplexed”
                   i. Perplexed-confused; to be upset and puzzled (Robertson)
           B. The Comfort of Gabriel (30)
                     “Do not be afraid”
                   i. A common response of angels
                  ii. “you have found favor with God”-Gabriel begins to
                       inform her of good news, not anything to be afraid of
           C. The Conception of Jesus (31a)
                     “you will conceive….and bear a son.”
                   i. Mary would be pregnant and not with just any child
                  ii. This would further add to the “perplexity,” yet it would
                       fulfill the prophecies of old—Isaiah 7:14.
III. A HEAVENLY SAVIOR (31b-33) –Attributes of the Messiah
          A. The Savior’s Name (31b)
                     “and you shall call His name Jesus”
                   i. Jesus-equivalent of Joshua in Hebrew; means
                       Jehovah’s salvation
          B. The Savior’s Title (32a)
                   i. “He will be great and…the Son of the Most High”
                  ii. This Child would be great
                 iii. This Child would be a carbon copy of the Most High
                 iv. “Son of”-in Jewish thought, the “son of” meant he was
                       a carbon copy of his father—in this case, “the Most
                       High;” it also was used to refer to one who possessed
                       his “father’s” qualities. (Bible Knowledge Commentary)
          C. The Savior’s Kingdom (32b-33)
                   i. “The Lord will give Him the throne…of David”
                            1. His Throne
                                   “the throne of His father David”
                                       a. Jesus would sit on the throne of
                                            David—although Jesus sits on
                                            His throne in Heaven now He
                                            will also set up His throne in the
                                            Millennial Kingdom (confusing to Jews)
                              2. His People
                                   “He will reign over the house of Jacob”
                                        a. A reference to his eternal rule over
                                             Israel in the millennial Kingdom
                              3.   His Tenure
                                   “His Kingdom will have no end”
                                        a. This Kingdom will be like no other
                                             kingdom—it will be forever and He
                                             will be King forever!

           A. The Impossible Would Become Possible (34-37)
           B. The Servant Would Surrender (38)

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