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Angel Wings (DOC)


									                                              Angel Wings
                                             Parthenia Grant, PhD

                                        In Memory of My Baby Brother

This book and poem “Angel Wings” are dedicated to my youngest brother whom I became estranged from and wrote
off as irredeemable after he stole a lot of money from me, which caused me to lose face with my now ex-husband
and in-laws. I did not immediately pardon him, protect him and bless him like the priest in Les Miserables did
the thief who stole from him after the priest had welcomed him into his home.

                          You reconnected my heart to the soul of the world
                          until every living being, good and bad, became me
                              I became them and we became each other
                                woven by the golden thread of oneness
                                  that was there from the beginning
                                 until we lost our way in the darkness
                        forgetting that Source created the night and the light.

                     You showed me how to embrace the other side of midnight
                       by viewing evil backwards until I saw clearly that evil is
                              only a failure to “live” life fully present,
                                with gratitude, forgiveness and joy.
                                All the misery in the world is created
                            by ungrateful, unaware and unhappy people
                          who lose sight of the fact that the purpose of life
                                        is to experience bliss.

                     Watching your transmutation of suffering into acceptance
                          through faith in the benevolence of the divine,
                         I learned that some things must be experienced
                                      to internalize the lesson,
                               and sometimes those we love must die
                              that we might live and learn how to love
                             free of fear, attachments and addictions.

                       I watched in awe and humility as you died with dignity,
                                  warmed by the light of your love,
                                     amazed and moved by your
                                    non-attachment to outcomes,
                           awed by your fearlessness facing the unknown
                                      inspired by your ability to
                                   “go gently into that good night,”
                             astonished you did not do as Dylan Thomas
                          advised: “rage, rage against the dying of the light”
                                    for you had become the light.

                                Because you “could not stop for death”
                                    while ministering to the living,
                       death “kindly stopped” for you,
                         yet even on your death bed
                   you commanded death “be not proud”
              by the way you lived each moment fully present
                   until the very last moment of your life,
          teaching us repentance, forgiveness and transcendence
                         for those who loved you not
                 saying your good-byes with graciousness,
               gratitude and a bravery that made most of the
                 men I have known in my life not men at all;
                     but emotionally retarded little boys

          While we clung to the familiar, holding on to the known,
                      you stood tall, without tottering,
                 on the ledge between heaven and earth,
                     stretching eyes and arms upward,
                   while I sat earthbound, mesmerized
                              by my baby brother
                   who had now become the wise one
                    standing in front of the eldest one
                  who once was your surrogate mother,
                     now sitting humble and child like
                  with hands stretched out in the asking,
           while you filled my cup with simple words of wisdom
                 “Sis, it’s time to live life on your terms …
                       do the things that bring you joy
                            allow the slow learners
           to transcend the suffering they bring on themselves
                       let love heal what hurts you …

        As you lay dying, I sat alone in silence, prayer and meditation
looking for the big picture, searching for respite from the pain of separation,
                 seeking reunion with the source of all things …
                        when suddenly and ever so softly,
           I felt the flutter of angel wings brush my battered heart
                              mending the torn parts
                  sending healing waters to fill the empty parts
                              with blessedness, grace
                     and spiritual pride for having witnessed
                        the passing of a distinguished man
                        disguised as the thief on the cross
                              whom Christ promised
                           would be with him in heaven.

                     As you stretched your angel wings,
                  bringing loved ones back together again,
               your reach extended far beyond your intention
                     exposing petty grudges, jealousies,
                                resentments, and egotistical urges
                                    for what they actually are:
                         the insignificant illusions of disillusioned minds.

                              Thank you for showing me how to be
                            the person I’ve been trying to become Φ

NOTE: When we fail to view those who betray us; take advantage of us; or who use and discard
us, through the eyes of the old adage, "but for the grace of God, there goes I," we harm
ourselves on both a spiritual and physical level in that we are all part of the human heart. No
one is better than or worse than; we are simply at different levels of consciousness. We are all
works in progress; none have achieved complete transcendence ... yet. I’m still working on
becoming better than I was yesterday; striving to continually forgive; to understand; to accept
what is; to always say “yes” to the universe; to assimilate and apply the power of love in all
areas of my life; and most of all, to maintain an open heart toward everyone, including those
that even a mother would find difficult to love.

                                     READER RESPONSES TO
                                        “ANGEL WINGS”

The entire poem “Angel Wings” is beautiful and touching, but the following verse is huge and

        You showed me how to embrace the other side of midnight by viewing evil backwards
        until I saw clearly that evil is only a failure to “live” life fully present, with gratitude,
        forgiveness and joy. Blessings and much success to you. Arnetta Lowe, Advertising

Your poem restored some balance into my mindset on good and evil. I was having this
conversation once on who is evil and where it comes from, but like you said, it's not about
condemnation, but seeing the bigger picture, recognizing the different levels of consciousness
everyone is on and removing deluded realities along with ego driven addictions. I loved it!!! I am
profoundly different for having known you and taken your classes. Thank you. - Liza Jardiolin

Your words are not only amazing, but also inspiring. Thank you for being such a wonderful light
to the world – Connie Alas

WOW!! I have no doubt that this poem has the ability to heal and will provide healing for all
those who read it or hear it read. With such a connection to spirit, it can do nothing less. It is a
great testament to the power of forgiveness and how the transition from this world to the next
can be a profound time of spiritual growth. I hope you will post the poem on your site. –Vicki

I loved the poem. It brings light to my heart. As you seek to protect our souls and lives from
destruction, may the Good Shepherd always keep you in his care. Once again, thank you ever so
much for your kindness. I appreciate you dearly. -Patrick Chukwuemeka
This poem is extremely touching. It made a great impact on me at a time when I needed it the
most. Thank you ever so much for sharing it. – Aisha

I just want to thank you for opening up your heart and allowing us to experience your pain and
joy with your words! The poem is beautiful! Thank you! - Ivan Carrillo

You expressed your feelings so well in the poem and made me see what you were trying to say.
You have a great heart despite what you’ve gone through. It takes courage to forgive. I have a
deep and abiding respect for you. – Ericka

Parthenia, this is a beautiful piece, one of your best works. l found a sense of peace while reading
it. It inspired me as I am sure it will inspire others. - Jeanie Morgan Christopher

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