Ancient Greece Test Study Guide

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                   Ancient Greece Test Study Guide
   *Note references are indicated in parentheses after the question (chapter-section).

1. How far east did Alexander the Great’s army conquer? (what country did they
reach) (ch5-3).

2. What is a tyrant (Voc.)?

3. What was the military formation of the Greeks and Macedonians called (Voc.)?

4.What is a thinker who seeks wisdom and ponders questions about life called

5. What four cultures blended together to form Hellenistic Culture? (5-4)

6. Which Greek philosopher was sentenced to death for his teachings by the
government of Athens? (5-2)

7. The Hellenistic Era is known for producing a great body of what? (5-4)

8. Which city-state had a military state governed by an oligarchy? (4-2)

9. What was an oracle (Voc.)?

10. How old was a Spartan man when he could leave the barracks and live at
home with his family? (4-2)
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11. Who wrote the Iliad and what was it about? (5-1)

12. Who calculated the value of pi? (5-4)

13. Where was the Minoan Civilization located? (4-1)

14. Which city-state had the strongest navy in Ancient Greece? (4-2)

15. What type of Greek drama had a happy ending and used a satirical type of
humor? (Voc. or 5-1)

16. What was a polis (Voc.)?

17. What is the ancient Persian religion that taught that humans had the freedom
to choose between right and wrong called (Voc.)?

18. List the three major Greek philosophers in the order of which they lived. (5-2)

19. What skills did the Mycenaean learn from the Minoans? (4-1)

20. Why did Xerxes, Persian King, want to conquer Greece? (4-3)

21. Who is considered to be the “father of history?” (5-2)

22. What killed 1/3 of the Athenian population during the Peloponnesian War? (4-

23. What were Sparta’s three major values? (4-2)
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24. Who was the leader during the Golden Age of Athens? (4-4)

25. Who was the king of Macedonia who loved Greek culture and planned on
conquering Persia but he was murdered? (5-3)

26. Why did the Greeks win the Battle of Salamis? (4-3)

27. In a direct democracy, who decides government issues? (4-4 or gov’t chart)

28. Who could be a citizen in ancient Athens? (4-2)

29. Why was the time around 600 B.C. called the Dark Age in Greece? (4-1)

30. Who did the Greeks get their alphabet from? (4-1)

31. Why did the Greeks form the Delian League? (4-4)

32. Who said “give me a lever and a place to stand, and I will move the earth?”

33. Explain the origins of the modern marathon. (4-3)
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34. What was the Delian League and why was it formed? (4-4)

35. Describe what happened at the Battle of Thermopylae. (4-3)

36. In your opinion-was Alexander the Great a villain or hero? Support your
opinion with three examples. (5-3)

Be able to locate the following          Test Format
places on a map:                             6 matching vocabulary
   1. Crete                                  28 Multiple Choice
   2. Sparta                                 8 reading passages, charts, and
   3. Aegean Sea                               graphs
   4. Athens                                 4 map matching
   5. Macedonia                              1 short answer question (choose
   6. Peloponnesian Peninsula                  from 4)
   7. Knossos
   8. Troy
   9. Mt. Olympus

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