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									Trip to Greece

Tatsuya Sato, Ph.D.

From September 29 to October 5, 2010, I participated in the 6th International
Dialogical Self Conference with some graduate students. It took place in Athens, the
capital of Greece. This was the second time for me to attend this international

Psychologists and colleagues with other disciplines from over 20 countries enjoyed the
discussion and deepening exchange there.

The concept of the dialogical self has been a new development in psychology for this
decade. It combined the work of theorists such as Bakhtin and James with the latest
developments in cultural, cognitive and social psychology, and psychotherapy.

I presented the poster with Jaan Valsiner of Clark University.
Its title was “Chronogenesis; Zone of finality and promoter sign
create chronotope”. Tomoo Hidaka, one of the students and also
a member of the Ars Vivendi project, chaired the small
workshop, “Thick Living of the Severe Disease Person and
Dialogical Self”. The right photo shows its members from all
over the world.

Last but not least, the conference was closed on Sunday morning. After that we took a
walk to the Parthenon. The sky was so blue. We saw many historic buildings and
enjoyed the world of mythology.

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