6sw-Vocabulary-2011 by gegeshandong


									Frink                                                                 2011
English I 6th Six Weeks Vocabulary

obligation            n. a debt of money or gratitude
pensive               adj. thinking deeply
dubious               adj. skeptical; feeling doubt
foible                n. a minor weakness or failing of character
surreptitiously       adv. secretly or slyly
inhibitions           n . a restraint on one's natural impulses
lithe                 adj . limber, bending easily
smoldering            adj. burning slowly with smoke but no flame
tread                 v. walk
aloofness             n . unfriendliness
baleful               adj. threatening or deadly
melancholy            adj. sad
stark                 adj. harsh or bare
ribald                adj. crude
inexplicably          adv. Impossible to explain
begrudge              v. look upon with disapproval

Instead of extra credit, you will write original sentences in class
for a daily grade.

Test Dates: Mon 5/16 (A) and Tue 5/17 (B)

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