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					                                695 OPPOSING NUS REFORM

This Union Notes:
1.     That in April 2007, the National Union of Students Annual Conference called for a “far-
       ranging review” of the NUS’ governance.
2.     That in October 2007, the NUS National Executive Committee (NEC) endorsed a white
       paper on the NUS’ governance which detailed the reform proposals.
3.     That an Extraordinary Conference was called and in November 2007, the new
       constitution was endorsed.
4.     That in April 2008, the Annual Conference failed to reach the two-thirds majority
       required to ratify the new constitution by a few votes.
5.     That at that Conference, Warwick’s delegation voted unanimously in favour of the
       reform with the exception of one delegate affiliated to the Student Respect faction.
6.     That the NUS conducted a consultation process around the original reform proposal
       during Summer 2008.
7.     That Warwick, as a member of the NUS, contributed to that consultation.
8.     That the NUS has since released the new proposals, entitled “Opening the
       Doors…Reforming NUS”.
9.     That the NEC has now asked for Students’ Unions to call for an extraordinary conference
       to discuss and approve the new reform proposal.
10.    That the NUS has not seen a significant change in their constitution since 1980.
11.    That for the 2008/2009 academic year, the Union is paying £47,062.45 to be affiliated
       to the NUS.
12.    All NUS liberation groups have expressed severe concerns surrounding the reforms due
       to perceived marginalisation of such groups.

This Union Believes:
1.     That the NUS is in dire need of reform.
2.     That the failure of the NUS to approve its new constitution last year was incredibly
       damaging to the organisation and its members.
3.     That a failure to implement the reforms this year would be disastrous.
4.     That Warwick seriously needs to consider its position within the NUS should the reforms
       not pass.
5.     That while the consultation process over the summer was flawed, the NUS has shown
       that it has listened to suggestions from Students’ Unions.
6.     That the two main problems with the NUS as it currently stands are:
       a. that it is overly bureaucratic with too many committees and procedures in place.
       b. that too often, the NUS gets bogged down with political in-fighting as a result of the
       numerous and powerful factions that exist within it.
7.     That some of the concerns Warwick raised over the summer, including the seemingly
       overly complicated policy-making process, have been addressed in the new proposals.
8.    That other concerns, such as the regulation of factions, have been mentioned in the
      new proposals but not been dealt with sufficiently.
9.    That a few of our concerns, including the regulation of election campaign spending and
      the method of selecting student members for the Board of Trustees, have not been
      addressed at all.
10.   That those concerns that have not been addressed remain significant and show that the
      reforms do not go far enough.
11.   That even if the reforms are approved, the NUS will continue to remain an ineffective
      organisation plagued by bureaucracy and factions.
12.   That at Warwick, because of our affiliation fee, we cannot afford an ineffective NUS.
13.   That our delegation for NUS conferences should not support the reform proposals.
14.   That we should continue to support the process of reforming the NUS until a better
      reform package is found.

This Union Resolves:
1.     To oppose the latest reform proposals laid out by the NUS.
2.     To mandate delegates from Warwick to vote against the reforms at national, regional
       and area conferences, unless they state otherwise in their manifesto.
3.     That should the reforms not pass, that the Union reviews its own position regarding NUS
4.     To lapse policy 669 NUS Governance Review.

Policy Review Date:

Passed at Union Council, Academic Year 2010/11, Term 1, Week 7
Overturned by Policy 701 Supporting NUS Reform and Re-engaging with NUS at
Union Council, Academic Year 2008/09, Term 2, Week 3

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