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					                             *** PRESS RELEASE ***

Spanish frozen vegetables processing company opts for Dutch reliability
Nedpack supplies automated packaging and palletising lines

Nedpack constructed four compact, high-tech packaging and palletising lines for
Spanish firm Alimentos y Derivados Navarra, each of which has a capacity of 18 cases
per minute. This solution was installed in the brand-new accommodation of the frozen
vegetables supplier.

Alimentos y Derivados Navarra, a new sister company of Congelados de Navarra, has taken
a major step towards the optimisation of its logistical processes, through the introduction of a
brand-new packaging hall and an automated high bay warehousing system at its site in
Fustiñana, Spain. The beating heart within the new accommodation of this processor and
packer of frozen vegetables consists of four compact packaging and palletising lines, all of
which were designed and installed by Nedpack, based in Harderwijk. Each line within this
ingenious system processes 18 cases per minute, therefore increasing both the productivity
and delivery speed of Alimentos y Derivados Navarra.

Compact design
The new system incorporates 4 production lines, 4 palletising machines and 8 product
elevators, of which 4 are for empty cases and 4 for full cases. The empty cases which, like
the empty pallets, are stored in a separate room for hygiene reasons, are raised to height of
3,700 mm with an elevator and are transported to the other side of the packaging line. They
are then dropped into a case packer via a chute, where they are filled, before being raised
once more via an elevator and transported to the palletisers.
The use of elevators means that the valuable floor area remains open for fork-lift traffic, the
accessibility of the packaging lines is heightened and the design is extremely compact.

Maximum flexibility
The empty pallets are also fed in automatically. Stacks of empty pallets are fed into the
system and are transported to one of the four empty pallet dispensers where they are singled
automatically. A transfer car then lifts them one by one and transports them to the right
palletising machine.
Alimentos y Derivados Navarra furthermore has the option of placing pallets on a master
pallet in order to prevent interruptions in the automated high bay warehouse.
The cases are palletised using a so-called Apron Robot, which places the products precisely
in rows, with the possibility of spaces, according to Nedpack’s patented forming system. The
row is then slid onto an apron plate and is aligned in the correct position above the pallet.
In view of the fact that the position of each row can be programmed independently, the
system offers maximum flexibility, allowing processing of various products and patterns. The
system furthermore even allows for the creation of spaces along the horizontal axis.

Opportunities for growth
After the products have been palletised, the pallets are transported to a pallet doubler via
roller conveyors. The doubler places half height pallets on top of one another and wraps
them automatically, before affixing a pallet label to them.
Since the company uses a ring wrapper for this purpose, the system also allows for stacked
pallets to be wrapped individually. The complete pallets are finally transported to the high bay
warehouse, where they are stored until being called off for delivery.
If the company wishes to do so, the system can be further extended in the future to include a
fifth packaging line and palletising machine. In addition to the current packing hall, there is
furthermore room for an identical packing hall, so that a further 10 palletising robots can be
installed in future.

About Nedpack
Nedpack is one of the leading players in the market for end-of-line packaging systems. As a
manufacturer of palletisers and product elevators and as a supplier of professional services, Nedpack
distinguishes itself with a contemporary vision and approach, in which innovation, quality and added
value are of paramount importance.

Note to editor (not for publication)

A photo and an illustration have been enclosed with this report.

For more information, please contact:
Nobelstraat 43
3846 CE Harderwijk

Contact person:
Arjan Kruidhof
Telephone: +31 (0)341 43 67 11
Fax: +31 (0)341 43 67 01
Mobile: +31 (0)651 37 16 36

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