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					                       KNOWEDGE AND COMMUNITY SECTOR

                           OPERATION GUIDE

    Approved with instructions by the K&C Board of Directors 18 August 2005;
                            completed 19 August 2005
     References to By-Law B 5.1 and Policy P 4.4 added at Nov ‘05 Congress
Honors and Awards transferred from Information Committee, March ’06 LTC Meeting
       Previously Section 10 of K&C Sector Operation Guide, January 2009

Mission Statement, Representation and Governance
Position Description, Chair, Representation and Governance

1. DUTIES. ASME K&C By-Law B states that the Representation and Governance
Committee shall facilitate leadership development, maintain the Operation Guide of the K&C
Sector, and facilitate the governance-related activities of the Sector.

Under the guidance of the K&C Sector Board, the Committee on Representation and
Governance (“R&G”) shall: facilitate identification of potential leaders; facilitate training
services for volunteers throughout the Sector, to aid in their development as unit leaders;
assist Staff as required with issues relating to membership standards and member benefits;
develop and maintain the K&C Sector By-Law and Sector Operation Guide; monitor the
ASME By-Laws and Policies for which K&C Sector Boards have editorial responsibilities;
facilitate K&C operating-unit Recognitions and Honors; conduct the parliamentary activities
of the Sector Board; and conduct the elections of the K&C Sector vice-chair and Senior Vice

2. MEMBERSHIP. ASME By-Law B states that the Committee will consist of a
Chair, appointed by the K&C Senior Vice President of K&C, and a membership to be
determined by the Knowledge and Community Board of Directors.

The Senior Vice President shall obtain BOG approval of the Committee Chair, in accordance
with By-Law B which states “The Board of Governors shall appoint all members of
the sector board of directors except the elected vice presidents and members ex officio.”

Subject to the approval of the K&C Sector Board in accordance with Policy P-4.4.IV.B, the
Committee on R&G shall consist of a Chair, plus up to four additional Voting Members, each
assigned to a Standing or Ad-Hoc Committee as needs shall dictate. Additional non-voting
members may be recruited.

A vice-chair and a secretary, selected from amongst the Voting Members of the Committee,
may be appointed by the Chair as needs dictate. The terms of these two positions shall expire
at the close of the second business meeting of the year. Incumbents are eligible for re-
3. SELECTION: Each Voting Member of the R&G Committee shall be appointed by the
R&G Chair. Additional non-voting members may be appointed by the Chair, upon
consultation and recommendation from the Voting Members.

4. MEETINGS. Subject to budget or policy constraints, the Committee shall meet in
conjunction with the Meetings of the K&C Sector Board, and at other times, in person or
electronically, as called by the Chair or by a majority of a quorum of its Voting Members. At
least 30 days notice shall be given for in-person meetings, at least 14 days notice for formal
WebCast meetings, and at least 6 days for telephone-conference meetings.

5. STANDING AND AD HOC COMMITTEES. Standing Committees shall be as defined
and appointed by the Committee Chair and as ratified by the R&G Committee, and shall serve
until dissolved. Ad Hoc Committees shall be as defined and appointed by the Committee
Chair and shall serve until completion of task or until dissolved.

The following shall be the Standing Committees of R&G:

Representation Committee, headed by one or more co-chairs, responsible for volunteer
training and for support to Staff on issues relating to membership standards and member
Governance Committee, headed by one or more co-chairs, responsible for by-laws,
Operation Guide, and parliamentary activities and elections.

6. RECORDS. Meeting Minutes, key Reports and documents, and the reportable results of
Executive Session Meetings, shall be maintained by the Committee Chair or secretary and by
the Standing Committee chairs, and filed with the Managing Director, K&C Sector Board.

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