Mama G�s House Broomball Rules 2002-2003 by t1I9JW


									               Mama G’s House Broomball Rules
Game Format
   Games will consist of two 25 minute running time halves with a short break in
   Referee may stop clock for injury or excessive amount of time to retrieve a ball.
   There is a fifteen minute grace period before a team forfeits a game if a team has
      three of its members but not all game will be started on time and team must play
      short. (Be on time!)
   Teams will have five players on the ice at a time including the goalie. Coed teams
      may have one more male player on the ice at any given time but must have two
      females playing out not in the goal. If only one female present team must play
      with four and female cannot play goalie.
   Each half will start with a faceoff at center ice all other restarts will be goalie
      possession determined by referee.

    The goalie may only pick up the ball within a 5 foot perimeter of the net.
    Only the goalie may hand pass a ball at any time goalie may not hand pass to any
      player beyond center ice violations of either result in opposite team possession.
      Goalies may not play with any type of catching glove.
    Face masks are optional for goalies but are recommended.
    Mouth guard suggested but not required
    The goalie may bring the ball up ice as far as they want.
    All players must wear some kind of helmet.
    Ball may not be played with a stick above the waist at any time violation results in
      opposite team possession. During a wind up for a shot a player may not bring the
      stick over their shoulder. The last thing we want to do is hurt someone.
    All players may wear broomball shoes
    Any abusive language directed at anyone besides oneself will result in a 2 minute
      misconduct penalty.
    Tripping, hooking, slashing, holding, checking, and roughing all result in a 2
      minute penalty or 5 minute major if referee deems foul to be excessive.
    Any fighting will result in immediate game ejection and player must leave Mama
      G’s. If the referee feels it necessary you will be ejected from the league and the
      bar for good. We are all here for a good time and fighting sucks.
    All referee calls are final arguing will not help and if you are abusive in tone may
      result in 2 minute misconduct.

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