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11-17-04 Board Minutes


                                                         BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                                                      WENATCHEE VALLEY COLLEGE
                                                           DISTRICT NO. 15
                                                       WENATCHEE, WASHINGTON
                                                           November 17, 2004

  12:00 p.m. – Board of Trustees Work Session ............................................................................. Room 1028, Wells Hall
   3:00 p.m. – Board of Trustees Meeting ........................................................................................................ Wells House

Trustees present
Kris Pomianek, Chair
Bill McDowell, Vice Chair
Robert Myers
Bertha Goehner
Darlene Wilder

The board work session was opened by Chair Kris Pomianek at 12:00 p.m. Agenda items discussed included review of
RFPs for presidential search consultants, composition of the presidential search committee, and attributes and
characteristics of the new president. The trustees then met with the technical/industrial department faculty.


    1.    Call to Order

          The regular board meeting was opened by Chair Kris Pomianek at 3:00 p.m. Also in attendance were Assistant
          Attorney General Ann McIntosh, faculty, students, classified staff, administrators and visitors.


    2.    Board Minutes of October 20, 2004

          MOTION NO. 1760

          Bob Myers moved that the minutes of the October 20, 2004, Board of Trustees meeting be approved. The
          motion was seconded by Bill McDowell and carried unanimously.


    3.    Wells House Committee Recognition

          The Wells House Committee is comprised of a group of 10 people who have generously committed their time and
          energy to the preservation of the Wells House for 34 years, 1970-2004. Wenatchee Valley College expressed
          their gratitude to the committee for preserving a part of our history for the enjoyment and education of the people
          of our state and nation, now and in the future. A plaque with a resolution of appreciation was presented and will
          be permanently on display in the Wells House.

WVC Board of Trustees Minutes                                                                            November 17, 2004

At this point, the order of the agenda was changed.


  19.    Wells House Management Transferred to Wenatchee Valley College

         Wenatchee Valley College and the Wells House Committee have agreed to have the college manage, maintain,
         and operate Wells House, owned by the Wells House Committee, for community, cultural, and educational
         purposes. To formalize this agreement, representatives from the college and the Wells House Committee signed a
         contract in a ceremony signifying a partnership for the continued preservation of the house.

         MOTION NO. 1761

         Bill McDowell moved that the WVC Board of Trustees support the final agreement with the Wells House
         Committee to manage, maintain and operate the Wells House and will continue the Wells House
         Committee’s commitment to the preservation of this historical home. The motion was seconded by Darlene
         Wilder and carried unanimously.


   4.    National Council of Marketing and Public Relations Regional Medallion Awards

         WVC has won four Regional Medallion Awards from the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations.
         The awards include a Gold Medallion for Best Media Success Story, Silver Medallions for Best Annual Report
         and Best Outdoor Advertising, and a Bronze Medallion for best Web site. The region includes five states and
         four Canadian provinces.

   5.    Derek Sheffield – Recognition as an Emerging Poet

         Derek Sheffield’s poetry is featured in the “Poets Introducing Poets” section of the Fall/Winter 2004 edition of
         Poet Lore, a nationally renowned journal. Contributing Editor David Wagoner describes Professor Sheffield’s
         “remarkable flexibility of…..voice and the versatility of his penetrating attention.” Derek read one of his poems
         to the audience.


   6.    Ends Policies and Effectiveness Indicator Report: Ends Policy X, Physical Facilities and
         Plant Management; Travis Taylor, Director of Facilities and Operations; Holly Clausen,
         Director of Technology

         Holly Clausen and Travis Taylor provided an Ends Policies and Effectiveness Indicator Report on Ends Policy X
         – Physical Facilities and Plant Management. Travis reviewed the college’s progress toward completing the
         district’s facilities master plan. The 2005-2007 capital budget request was developed using the 2003 master plan.
          All budget requests are supported by the plan; and the request, if funded, will advance the college 20 percent
         toward the completion of the master plan. Holly Clausen reported that the academic support committee is
         revising a draft of a three-year technology plan for instructional support. The plan will be completed by January

WVC Board of Trustees Minutes                                                                          November 17, 2004


    7.   By David Beyer, President: College Update

         President Beyer thanked everyone for their support during his first week at Wenatchee Valley College and explained that
         he sees his role at WVC as a bridge in leadership to the college’s future, to promote and advocate the direction the
         college is currently taking, and to assist in the selection process for the new president.

         The selection of Trustee Robert Myers to the Art in Public Places committee was announced. This committee will be
         charged to choose the art for the new campus building.

    8.   By Anne Temte, Vice President of Instruction & Student Development: Governance Update

         Anne Temte distributed the monthly summaries of the 12 standing campus committees.

    9.   By Choi Halladay, Vice President Technology/Finance/Facilities: Quarterly Financial Update

         Financial reports were distributed and reviewed.

   10. By Dale Johnson, Human Resources Director: Personnel Report

         Ed Putman and Larry Lingohr, both in the maintenance department, retired during the month of October.

   11. WVC Omak Campus Update: Alex Roberts, Director of WVC at Omak (written only)

         The written report of Alex Roberts was acknowledged.

   12. By Kate Bayliss, ASWVC-Wenatchee President

         Kate Bayliss reported on a ceremony conducted by the student senate to honor veterans. A plaque is permanently on
         display in Van Tassell. Diego Perez has been selected to serve as senate secretary.

   13. By Sherry Hemphill, AHE President

         Sherry Hemphill welcomed President Beyer and reported that AHE membership has grown to 84 members.

   14. By Jim Pasta, WPEA President

           A written report from Jim Pasta was included in the board information packet.

   15. By Jan Petrie, Wenatchee Campus Foundation Director

         Jan Petrie highlighted the foundation’s activities which include the year-end mailing and a gathering to welcome David

WVC Board of Trustees Minutes                                                                            November 17, 2004


   16. Exceptional Faculty Award: Anne Temte, Vice President of Instruction & Student Development

         The Washington Community College Exceptional Faculty Awards (EFA) Program was created by the Legislature
         in 1990 to help community colleges create endowments to fund awards for exceptional faculty members. The
         state board administers the program; the individual college designates how the award will be used.

         Anne Temte proposed changes to the selection procedure for the exceptional faculty award by changing the final
         selection from the trustees to the professional development committee.

         MOTION NO. 1762

         Robert Myers moved that the board approve the proposed changes in the selection process for the
         Exceptional Faculty Award recipient from the trustees to the professional development committee. The
         motion was seconded by Bill McDowell and carried unanimously.

   17. ABE/ESL Waiver: John Rundell, Director of Basic Skills and Workfirst Programs

         At their October board meeting, the board considered a $25/quarter tuition fee for basic skills students that is being
         implemented state-wide for the first time in fall 2004. The state board has provided guidelines for implementation of the
         fee and development of waiver procedures.

         MOTION NO. 1763

         Bill McDowell moved that the board approve an amendment to the waiver policy to enable waivers of the
         $25 fee for basic skills students when needed. The motion was seconded by Robert Myers and carried

      18. Presidential Search Process

         Action was not necessary for current presidential search process activities. The board narrowed the selection for a
         search consultant to two applicants. Trustees will meet next week to interview the finalists and make the final choice.

    3:55 p.m.      Meeting adjourned.

_________________________________________                      _________________________________________
Secretary                                                             Chair


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