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									     In Room 2 we have been learning about
 using our emotions and feelings when we write.

                                                                                                  Thursday, 23 February 2012
On the weekend my aunty went to hospital because she kept            Kia ora, Malo lelei, Nehou, Hoi and Hello
spewing up and feeling sick. Then my granddad raced up to
                                                                     ROAD SAFETY …The increasing number of kids being dropped off in Pownall
Masterton Hospital and they found out it was kidney stones. I
                                                                     Street & walking to school is reassuring. Let’s keep growing those numbers to
hope she gets better soon.                                           reduce further the high traffic levels outside the school. A good reason for this is
Mana                                                                 the number of parents who refuse to use the Kea Crossing & dance between the
                                                                     traffic with kids in tow to get to the other side. We know, it’s not cool as an adult
Once upon a time there was a girl named Paige. She was 7.            to follow rules or be directed by kids. As a parent there is a whole new set of
                                                                     responsibilities! If you want your kids to be safe then you must model those
She was walking in town when she came to a haunted forest. She
                                                                     actions yourself. If you want your kids to behave, first you must behave yourself.
was excited and she was spooked.                                     ATTENDANCE & LATENESS…A huge improvement noted here. Great
Paige                                                                cooperation folk. Do phone in to let us know of any absences & the reason for.
                                                                     This is a Ministry requirement. Quite a few kids turn up during Jump Jam which
On Sunday I will play a game of cricket. I feel excited to play.     puts them on the backfoot for getting set up for the day. Set backs like that puts
                                                                     kids off their learning stride & takes a while to catch up.
We have played them in the past and we lost. I felt sick when I
                                                                     LEARNING PARTNERSHIP…Last year we gained great traction in moving
was batting. This time we might win though. I will try to play       National Standards achievement along. In Maths from 54% at or above in 2010 to
well but I might be tired.                                           74% in 2011; Reading – 55% to 75% & Writing 44% to 71%. This year we have
Jake                                                                 targeted 85% achievement in Maths, Reading & Writing. To achieve this we have
                                                                     targeted specific kids to move along. This means bringing everything together
In the weekend I went camping. It was fun. I had a great time. I     including rigorous home support. To achieve this letters will be sent to various
                                                                     families suggesting ways to support their learners. A big factor will be the kids
went swimming and surfing and we roasted marshmallows. My            knowing you are interested & support them; & that you keep in close contact with
uncle when hang gliding. It was the best day ever.                   your teacher. The letters will be rolling out over the next little while.
                                                                     SCHOOL PICNIC…has been cancelled today because of the weather. Do take the
                                                                     opportunity to meet up with teachers in their classroom between 5.00 - 6.00 pm.
Yesterday I got an Xbox 360. I felt like I was in heaven. Before I
got my Xbox I got some Lego Ninjago. I was just bonkers about        CONFIDENCE IN TEACHERS…A recent NZ wide sample saw teachers placed
it.                                                                  third in a trust & confidence survey. Coming in just behind doctors & nurses places
Zach                                                                 us very firmly in the effective stakes. Capitalise on this to work closely with us to
                                                                     achieve excellence for our kids. We don’t mind your comments & complaints. The
                                                                     sooner the better. We listen & respond
PRIDE Honours Board for week ended 17th February 2012
GREEN 10 point draw -
Mikayla Rm 11       Macy Rm 4           Stevielea Rm 10
Stevee Rm 4         Divyansh Rm 9       Max Rm 15
GOLD 25 point draw –
Madison Rm 3        Paris Rm 10         Claire Rm 4                       Due to the wind and rain the picnic has been cancelled but
                                                                          please remember you have the chance to meet with your child’s
        SchoolGen Solar Panels: Power Generated last 7 days:              teacher in the classroom between 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm today.
        57 kW h       Tonnes of CO2 saved: .011
                                                                          Enviro News…
                                                                          Wine making…the latest vintage of worm wine in production.
                                                                          Bottles of DPS worm wine are sold at the Garden Barn, High Street
PTA news…
   • PTA Friday Lunches…We are working on streamlining
       this system to reduce the work for our parent helpers.                                                             Bottle top Garden Art…Could
       When ordering lunches on Friday, please send your child                                                            you please collect all your large
       along with the correct money. For the next few weeks, we                                                           coloured bottle tops - the size of
       will give change if required but from Friday March 16th, it will                                                   the milk bottle tops. They will
       be your responsibility to make sure the correct money                                                              be used for garden art, so the
       comes with the lunch order. NO CHANGE WILL BE                                                                      more colours the better!
                                                                                                                          Please take them to Ms
       GIVEN. The school office will NOT have change available.
                                                                                                                          Blomgren Room 11
       Many thanks for your help here.
   •   Next meeting for parents of our school is Tuesday March 13th
       at 7pm. Come along for a drink, some nibbles and to meet other
       parents at our school.
                                                                                        Today           Meet the teachers in classrooms 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Stationery packs…41 children have still not paid for their stationery                   28th Feb        BOT meeting 7:00 pm Staffroom
which amounts to over $700. This takes $700 out of the budget for other                 13th March      PTA meeting 7:00 pm
purchases. Money that is collected for donations does not cover                         5th April       Last day of Term 1
stationery…we are mean and lean in our donation expectations. If you                    23rd April      First day of Term 2
don’t believe us ring a few schools and ask! If you have not paid for
stationery we ask that you do so immediately If you need to pay in                      Uniform shop is open Wednesdays in term time
instalments call in to the office and make arrangements with Anne.                      8:30 am – 9:30 am and 2:15 pm-3:00 pm
Prices for the packs are:
New entrant    $18.00       Year 1 $20.00         Year 2 $20.00
Y3/4           $18.00       Year 4/5 & 5/6 $16.00                                                    “Individually, we are one drop.
                                                                                                     Together, we are an ocean.”
Douglas Villa AFC (soccer) registration…
                                                                                                                                            Ryunosuke Satoro
When:         3rd, 4th, 17th & 18th March from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Where:        DV clubrooms QE11 Park, Masterton.                                     Naku noa na
Cost: $60.00 each or family max $120.00 JPL $90.00                                   Dick Brown

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