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					                           MINUTES OF WORKSHOP
                        DANIA BEACH CITY COMMISSION
                       SATURDAY, APRIL 10, 2010 - 9:00 A.M.

1. Call to Order/Roll Call

Mayor McElyea called the workshop to order at 9:00 a.m.

            Mayor:                   C.K. “Mac” McElyea
            Vice-Mayor:              Anne Castro
            Commissioners:           Bob Anton
                                     Walter Duke
            City Manager:            Robert Baldwin
            City Attorney:           Tom Ansbro
            City Clerk:              Louise Stilson

Mayor McElyea announced that there would be no decisions made at today’s meeting; this
would be discussion only.

2. Traffic Calming

   2.1      SE 5th Avenue
   2.2      SW 2nd Avenue


   2.3      SE 2nd Street

Dominic Orlando, Director of Public Services, provided an overview of the SE 5th Avenue and
SW 2nd Avenue projects. He noted that they are part of the same project that was initiated due to
the JaiAlai/Boyd Gaming development approximately two years ago. Director Orlando advised
that the original report was performed by Kimley Horn and that Chen and Associates was hired

Vice-Mayor Castro noted this was a follow-up to the CPTED studies. She noted that AMO has
said they would provide us the right-of-way, and they are trying to get a crosswalk. Vice-Mayor
Castro would like staff to pursue this issue.

Director Orlando noted that Broward County has agreed to do some of the work.

Vice-Mayor Castro suggested that Broward County look at Dixie Highway to consider a smaller
traffic circle that everyone would agree upon.
Commissioner Duke noted we need input from the residents.

Commissioner Anton noted that several meetings were held on this project and committees were
formed. At that time, it was recognized that there were existing traffic problems in the area,
regardless of the casino plan. He acknowledged that some mistakes were made with the SE 5th
Avenue project. However, he has not abandoned the idea of placing some traffic calming
measures along SE 5th Avenue and SE 2nd Avenue, to address traffic and safety in that area.
Commissioner Anton noted we have had several studies done, and we need to make hard
decisions and move forward.

Commissioner Duke noted the Kimley Horn study had medians at the entrance of Dania Beach
Boulevard and Sheridan Street and people do not have any issues with this. He thought the
traffic circle on SE 5th Avenue was the problem. He said we should stick to the Kimley Horn
project with modifications. If it works in other cities, it should work here.

Director Orlando explained the changes. He noted we do not have the right-of-way for two of
the proposed traffic circles, only the one on 4th Terrace.

Vice-Mayor Castro questioned if there were other alternatives to contain traffic between 5 th
Avenue and US1.

The Commission generally agreed to begin construction of the medians.

Director Orlando noted that if we do this in pieces, it will be more expensive for the contractor.

Commissioner Anton remarked we need to look at the overall plan before we make a final

Oscar Bello, Chen and Associates, explained the traffic calming elements that were originally
proposed, and those that have been completed. He indicated that when he brings forth proposals
he will do his due diligence to insure that his recommendations will comply with Broward

Vice-Mayor Castro confirmed with Mr. Bello that the medians would be wide enough to include
trees and landscaping.

Mr. Bello explained that the purpose of a median located at the entrance of a neighborhood is to
force drivers to slow down.

Dolores Casarella, 477 SE 14 Street, noted that the median is behind her townhouse. She was
concerned that traffic would get closer to her backyard.

Mr. Bello advised that they would not extend the road closer to her property. He explained how
a median is installed. Mr. Bello further described chicanes, stop signs, traffic circles, raised
intersections, raised medians, rumble strips, and enforcement. He clarified for the Commission

Minutes of Workshop                              2
Dania Beach City Commission
Saturday, April 10, 2010 - 9:00 a.m.
that stop signs are not easy to implement; Broward County allows them to be used for safety
purposes and not as a traffic calming device.

Mr. Bello explained the proposals for SW 2nd Avenue that were developed by Kimley Horn. He
clarified that Chen & Associates is not under contract to design this intersection, but they are
willing to consider an alternative.

Jeff Guzowski, 238 SE 2nd Street, noted that there is a manhole at the intersection of SW 2nd
Avenue and Dixie Highway, that contains hundreds of old telephone cables, and people would
need access to them. He pointed out that it would cost the City a lot of money to relocate them.

Mr. Bello presented the data counts for the SE 2nd Street partial closure.

Ian Mekkos, 223 S. Federal Highway, questioned why the traffic was diverted to the school.

Sandra Dionne, 223 S. Federal Highway, noted she watches traffic go through the partial closure.
She remarked that she never sees police in the area.

Mr. Bello noted he has visited the intersection and he agrees there are problems. He said that
from a technical point of view, the best recommendation would be to close it completely. It will
inconvenience people, but that is the reality.

Mayor McElyea questioned who they were trying to protect. He is now inconvenienced to get to
his house. Mayor McElyea said the people of Meadowbrook have the right to travel down the

Karen Nichols, 223 S. Federal Highway, questioned why they could not have a speed hump.

Vice-Mayor Castro explained that speed humps control the speed not the traffic volume. She
wondered what would happen when Boyd Gaming starts to develop.

Roy Lopiparo, 431 SE 3rd Street, noted that there is a population that moved into the community
for easy access.

Joe Killian, 434 SE 3rd Place, supports the Linear Park. He understands the intent is to improve
the quality of life for people; however, the throughway aspect of the traffic has not been
addressed. Mr. Killian suggested we consider closing sections from 3rd Place to the next block.

Vice-Mayor Castro suggested he speak to Director Orlando.

Commissioner Anton noted that we removed the traffic circle on SE 5th Avenue because it
impacted two residents. He said that he supports the closure on SE 2nd Street because it impacts
27 residences. Commissioner Anton asked Mr. Bello if there were other options.

Ralph Eddy, 150 SE 3rd Avenue, recommended a full closure for SE 2nd Street.

Minutes of Workshop                              3
Dania Beach City Commission
Saturday, April 10, 2010 - 9:00 a.m.
Joe Van Eron, 1500 SW 2nd Avenue, provided some information to the Commission, which is
attached to and incorporated into these minutes. He pointed out that the monsters in the
neighborhood are Sheridan Street and US1, as well as Dixie Highway and SW 2nd Avenue. Mr.
Van Eron would like us to get back on track with the recommendations in the CPTED study. He
remarked this is the opportunity to complete the traffic calming and improvements of the area in
its totality.

Ralph Viviano, 131 SE 3rd Avenue, questioned how much traffic we could carry. It is time for
Dania Beach to get involved with the developments in Hollywood and ask them to make other
provisions to get in and out of their area without cutting through our City. He said Mr. Bello has
never come up with a solution to reduce traffic on Stirling Road west. Mr. Viviano suggested
diverting the traffic to the warehouses.

Jim Beaver, 351 SE 7th Street, asked if SE 7th Street could be added to the traffic calming project.

Rose Lizana, 214 SE 2nd Street, agreed with Ralph Viviano’s suggestion. She favors closing the
street completely.

Mr. Bello noted he will look into the Stirling Road and 3rd Avenue diverter into Dixie Highway,
as suggested by Mr. Viviano.

3. Nanofiltration Plant

City Manager Baldwin noted he added this item because we discovered there were complicated
water supply issues due to the Regional Activity Center. Subsequently, we engaged Keith and
Schnars and they recommended that we complete the nanofiltration plant. He said that he
instructed Director Orlando to cease construction on the plant until we received direction from
the Commission.

Dominic Orlando, Director of Public Services, introduced Jonathan Goldman of CDM.

Jonathan Goldman, CDM, congratulated the Commission for pursuing this issue for which we
will receive $2.5M stimulus funding. He presented a powerpoint overview, which is attached to
and incorporated into these minutes. Mr. Goldman remarked that Nanofiltration is the way of
today’s water treatment.

Commissioner Duke noted we should move forward with this project.

Vice-Mayor Castro agreed with Commissioner Duke.

Commissioner Anton noted there are three options, Hollywood, Broward County, or purchase
finished and raw water from Ft. Lauderdale. He agreed we need to move forward and maintain
control of our own utilities.

Mayor McElyea agreed.

Minutes of Workshop                              4
Dania Beach City Commission
Saturday, April 10, 2010 - 9:00 a.m.
4. BSO Building Options

City Manager Baldwin provided a history of the options to date. He noted the goal is to unify the
command and for that purpose we are trying to acquire the property adjacent to the 803 Sub-
Station building. The price of the property went up when they found out the City was looking
into acquiring it. City Manager Baldwin advised that to date we have been unsuccessful in
trying to buy or swap properties. He pointed out that something needs to be done for BSO. City
Manager Baldwin suggested we wait another 30 days until the new Commissioner is seated. He
further indicated that he and Mayor McElyea are making progress, but the price is still

Commissioner Duke noted that sometimes it makes sense for municipal governments to
undertake certain purchases. He noted the appraisals were reasonable.

Commissioner Anton noted there are condemnation issues that come into play. He provided a
history of the 803 property. Commissioner Anton emphasized that a decision has to be made and
we need to move forward without further delay. He indicated he likes the idea of keeping all of
BSO together at the 803 building, and keep an office at City Hall for public access.

City Manager Baldwin clarified that if we move forward with eminent domain, the appraiser felt
we should pay $300,000.00.

Commissioner Anton noted eminent domain is approximately 135 percent of the cost.

Commissioner Duke agreed with Commissioner Anton. He said we need to pursue the purchase
of the property adjacent to the 803 building. However, the question is where to house BSO on a
temporary basis.

Mayor McElyea noted we have property to the east of the 803 Sub-Station and thought we could
add this piece to the building. He agreed we need to do something immediately.

City Attorney Ansbro noted eminent domain could be completed in one year.

Donn Peterson, BSO Chief, noted the time needed to develop 803 adequately. He talked about
how much it would cost to have a temporary headquarter versus the cost of renovation.

Commissioner Anton noted that there is a possibility that City Hall could be redeveloped in two
years therefore renovating the current offices would be a waste of money. He would like to see
options for a temporary headquarter.

Dominic Orlando, Director of Public Services, noted he was looking into the options of moving
BSO into the new Public Services building.

Minutes of Workshop                            5
Dania Beach City Commission
Saturday, April 10, 2010 - 9:00 a.m.
City Manager Baldwin noted if we acquire the property, we could consider the modular option
while construction is in progress.

Chief Peterson noted they need space for staff and storage. He stated that he is against the City
Hall renovation option. Chief Peterson said that he would rather go with the unified department
at the 803 building. He explained the difficulties with co-locating with other facilities due to
police requirements. Chief Peterson confirmed for the Commission that the option for temporary
locations at the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) office is no longer available.

Commissioner Anton recommended a consensus on the purchase of the property; for staff to
come back with a solid recommendation for the best short and long term use alternative vs. cost
effective; and direct the City Manager on what to do with the property. He does not want to go
with condemnation.

City Manager Baldwin agreed.

Vice-Mayor Castro recommended that Mayor McElyea continue to negotiate with the property

City Manager Baldwin noted the owner has come down to $400,000.00.

Commissioner Duke noted this may be the best thing to do.

City Manager Baldwin noted if the purchase does not work we will need to look at eminent
domain. He noted he will bring something back after the election.

Commissioner Anton noted we need a recommendation by the second meeting in May.

Commissioner Duke suggested that Finance Director Bates help with the decision.

Chief Peterson noted the facility is in bad shape. He spoke on behalf of the people who have to
work there and asked that the Commission make an effort to get them out of there. Chief
Peterson advised that there is space at IT Parker Community Center, but the Event Coordinator’s
office is there.

Kristen Jones, Director of Parks and Recreation, confirmed that the Event Coordinator could be
relocated to another area.

Vice-Mayor Castro indicated there is space on the second floor at City Hall for the Event
Coordinator. She noted we may get some grant funding to build an EOC facility, which is a
combined Fire Station-Police Station. Vice-Mayor Castro remarked that property acquisition
decisions become pertinent and timely.

Chief Peterson noted that they have made arrangements to share a temporary office space with
another law enforcement agency.

Minutes of Workshop                            6
Dania Beach City Commission
Saturday, April 10, 2010 - 9:00 a.m.
Commissioner Duke confirmed with Chief Peterson that the renovation would take
approximately six months.

Chief Peterson thanked the Commission for placing this item on the agenda.

Mayor McElyea brought forward Item #8.


8. Waste Hauling Contract

Vice-Mayor Castro would like to know the outcome of the letter that was sent to the waste
haulers regarding the delivery of waste collected to the Reuter Recycling facility in Pembroke

Colin Donnelly, Assistant City Manager, noted we are developing audit specifications.

City Manager Baldwin noted it will be a compliance audit based on the information we receive
from Waste Management.

Vice-Mayor Castro would like the auditors to go back three years, and if any money is owed to
the City, we need to find a way to get it back.

Tony Spadaccia, Waste Management, did not know how far back the audit could go. He noted
the disposal agreement being discussed has been violated for many years.

City Attorney Ansbro noted it is between 1-3 years.

Mr. Spadaccia said he will need to ask his Controller if the records are available for the past
three years.

Commissioner Anton wants to look at all the information before making a decision.            He
remarked that the audit needs to be done quickly.

City Manager Baldwin noted the ordinance needs to be changed so that we can collect the
revenue, or go to a single commercial hauler.

Vice-Mayor Castro noted the City has not been monitoring this process and we need to review it
on a regular basis.

City Attorney Ansbro noted we need to know what is missing in order to make the necessary
additions or changes to the law.

Mr. Spadaccia noted they have been substantially harmed as a result of the disposal not going to
the dedicated facility.

Minutes of Workshop                            7
Dania Beach City Commission
Saturday, April 10, 2010 - 9:00 a.m.
Mark LaRocca, 4511 SW 34th Avenue, noted he has a problem with the disposal agreement. He
explained that the tipping fees are less than what the City pays. Mr. LaRocca would like the City
to look into the whole solid waste agreement. He clarified for the Commission that he owns
American Waste Service. Mr. LaRocca noted he does not work in Dania Beach, but he lives in
the City. He wants the City to look at an array of issues before moving forward.

City Attorney Ansbro noted we have done that already. He clarified that we are not talking
about the disposal contract, only the hauling contract.

Commissioner Anton noted if the tipping fees are lower for other cities, we need to have all the
information. He indicated he does not have a problem with our waste haulers because we are
getting good service. However, due to current economic conditions, we need the best deal for
our residents. Commissioner Anton would like the Finance Director to look into it.

Vice-Mayor Castro also wants staff to look into the Broward County Consortium. She noted that
the City Manager needs to make a recommendation to the Commission. Vice-Mayor Castro
pointed out that if we decide to RFP this contract she does not want any of these companies who
have been shorting the City to submit proposals, unless they fix the problem.

City Attorney Ansbro noted that is why the audit is underway.

Commissioner Duke agreed there is opportunity for competitive bidding.

Mayor McElyea noted Waste Management needs to perform maintenance on their trucks.

Mr. LaRocca asked for a fair playing field, and an RFP process.

Mayor McElyea recessed the workshop for lunch at 11:53 a.m.

Mayor McElyea reconvened the workshop at 12:48 p.m.

5. Status of CIP Projects

Mark Bates, Finance Director, provided an overview of the Capital Projects, which is attached to
and incorporated into these minutes. He explained that a Capital Projects Fund is usually a
temporary holding fund used during a construction period. Director Bates noted we are in the
process of changing the way that the funds are maintained in the budget. He indicated that the
projects that are completed will be removed from the listing. Director Bates further advised that
Capital Projects with a value of $100,000.00 and more will be kept on the list; smaller amounts
will be moved to the General Budget. He stated that there are about 7-8 projects that are over
budget, however there are more projects already completed that are under budget. Director Bates
said that they will be presenting a budget adjustment showing the net effect on this.

City Manager Baldwin noted a manual will be developed describing all the projects.

Minutes of Workshop                            8
Dania Beach City Commission
Saturday, April 10, 2010 - 9:00 a.m.
Bob Daniels, Director of Community Development, provided the status of the development of
the Neighborhood Redevelopment Plan.

Mike Cassano, Deputy Fire Chief, provided an update on the status of their items. He advised
that they did not receive a grant for the Fire Prevention Program. Deputy Chief Cassano also
noted that they have applied for a State EMS grant for the purchase of a Fire Rescue Vehicle but
they have not heard anything yet.

Kristen Jones, Director of Parks and Recreation, provided an update on the status of their

Colin Donnelly, Assistant City Manager, noted that the Beach Re-nourishment project was over
budget by Broward County. He further advised that the project is complete.

Director Jones requested permission to redesign the Dog Park/Memorial Pet Park at P.J. Meli.
She advised that this would be a revenue source for the City.

Vice-Mayor Castro questioned the status of the Seawall repairs.

Assistant City Manager Donnelly advised that we are still researching the Capital Projects. He
noted these are not the ones in the northeast.

Commissioner Anton noted we need to fix the Seawalls soon.

City Attorney Ansbro noted that he is waiting for the 5th Commissioner because the current
Commission is deadlocked.

Dominic Orlando, Director of Public Services, advised that we were going to proceed with fixing
it ourselves.

It was the consensus of the Commission to have the repairs done by the City, using funds from
the $75,000.00 in the CIP.

Colin Donnelly, Assistant City Manager, provided an update on the 449 Site (“Fuzzy Bunny”
Park). He indicated that we need a design-build concept for the remaining components of the
park. We also need to address the spoil mounds on the north phase of the property. Assistant
City Manager Donnelly explained that they discussed the issue with a Florida Inland Navigation
District (FIND) Commissioner who suggested we set aside this land and use it as a remediation
area. He advised that we will complete all the elements that we can by November of this year,
except for the spoil mounds. We will ask for an extension of time from Broward County to
cover the spoil issue.

Commissioner Duke asked what we are doing with the lifeguard stands that we purchased at a
very good price.

Minutes of Workshop                            9
Dania Beach City Commission
Saturday, April 10, 2010 - 9:00 a.m.
Director Jones noted that our new Lifeguard Supervisor has requested quotes on how to repair
the foundations. She confirmed we are moving forward with this project.

Dominic Orlando, Director of Public Services, presented a summary sheet on his items, which is
attached to and incorporated into these minutes. He explained that the SW Community Center
project is complete; there are still two items that need to be addressed.

Vice-Mayor Castro clarified that the SW Community Center staffing issue will be addressed in
the mid-year budget review. She would like staff to bring a cost proposal so we can have staff
available at the SW Community Center at least during the summer months.

Vice-Mayor Castro questioned if some of the funds could be reallocated to the General Fund

Director Bates noted this review will help with that process and a recommendation will be
presented to the Commission for reallocation during the next 2-3 months.

Vice-Mayor Castro requested a lighting program for the entire City. She would also like to see
an updated sidewalk plan as well as traffic calming and stormwater plans.

Director Orlando noted that the cost of speed humps and solar lighting has come down, this is
why we have extra funds.

Director Orlando noted that we had to make a lot of adjustments on the Library project. He
indicated that the contractor for the Library may bring forward a Change Order because of all the
changes for the construction of the parking garage. Director Orlando advised that the project is
on schedule to be completed by the end of this year.

Director Orlando advised that the Mausoleums should be delivered this month.

Director Orlando will follow up on the Bridge Improvements item.

Assistant City Manager Donnelly advised that the Griffin Marine Park solar lighting will be
funded with a BBIP grant. He further noted that Oscar Bello, Chen and Associates, will be re-
designing the solar lights for the Park.

Director Orlando noted that the Linear Park project is complete except for three sidewalks.

Discussion followed among the Commission, Director Orlando and Director Bates regarding the
SE Traffic Calming project and the current funding available.

Director Orlando noted that the technology for Automatic Meter Readers (AMR) is constantly
changing and the cost could be lower than the amount that was originally budgeted. He advised
that the project is currently on hold due to the Hollywood water issue. Director Orlando
indicated that Fred Bloetscher was looking for grant funds for this project. He said that staff may
consider doing this project in phases.

Minutes of Workshop                             10
Dania Beach City Commission
Saturday, April 10, 2010 - 9:00 a.m.
Vice-Mayor Castro thought we should move forward with the AMR project.

Director Orlando noted that the Chlorine System, Water Membrane Plant, and Water Plant
Rehab will be combined with the Nanofiltration Plant project. He explained the funding details
and how the project will be developed.

Vice-Mayor Castro confirmed with Director Orlando that the Water Main replacement on SW 1st
Avenue is complete.

Director Orlando noted that Chen and Associates is currently working on the design of the Water
Main on NW 1st Avenue as well as stormwater, due to the complaints received from residents
regarding flooding. He advised that only engineering costs are included in the current budget,
and additional funds would be required for construction.

Commissioner Anton referred to the Water Main replacement on US1/Melaleuca Gardens. He
asked Director Orlando to look at possible funding from Broward County. He further explained
that the Interlocal Agreement with the County refers to their reimbursement for our infrastructure
costs in that area.

City Attorney Ansbro indicated the money was exchanged years ago, but he will look at it.

Vice-Mayor Castro questioned the cost.

Director Orlando advised that they would have to start at the bridge from US1, move south two
blocks and then go west to NW 1st Avenue. He noted that the cost will be refined because
Calvin, Giordano and Associates are currently permitting this project. Director Orlando clarified
that a lot of the estimates were carried over from previous years. He indicated that they had to
use the name Melaleuca in order to get the funding.

Vice-Mayor Castro and Commissioner Anton would like staff to remove the name Melaleuca
from that project, because it does not involve that neighborhood.

Commissioner Anton reiterated that staff should look at the Interlocal Agreement because that is
County property and the cost involved should not be paid by the City.

Director Orlando noted that the contract for the Water Main Replacement on NE 2nd Street was
awarded but we are still waiting for approval from the Florida Department of Environmental
Protection (FDEP) to use State Revolving Funds (SRF).

Commissioner Anton noted that this issue needs to be a priority, regardless of SRF funding. He
indicated we have identified some surplus funds which we can use for this project.

It was the consensus of the Commission to move forward with the project.

Minutes of Workshop                            11
Dania Beach City Commission
Saturday, April 10, 2010 - 9:00 a.m.
Director Orlando explained that the scope of work is being revised to reflect some changes and
the additional cost above the initial $100,000.00 will be approximately $14,000.00. He noted
that this matter is urgent; therefore, he directed the contractor to proceed and the City will
follow-up with a Change Order approval.

Vice-Mayor Castro asked Director Orlando if he has confirmed the methodology used for the
safe yield study with the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD).

Director Orlando advised that a draft has been prepared but a final written response has not been
received from SFWMD.

Vice-Mayor Castro noted that she told SFWMD to tell us exactly what they want and we will do
it that way.

Bob Daniels, Director of Community Development, noted that he recently spoke with John
Mullikin, SFWMD, and it seems this matter may take some time. He further advised that we are
trying to arrange a meeting with Broward County and SFWMD for April 22, 2010.

Commissioner Anton noted that if we need to go back and meet with Mr. Mullikin again, we will
do so, because we need to force this issue.

Director Orlando noted that one of the problems we will have with the Sewer/Infiltration /Inflow
Phase 2 is that a lot of the leaks are on private property. We need to determine how to cover the
costs for the repairs. He remarked that all the water that is leaking into the system is costing the
City money. Director Orlando indicated that we could turn off the water if they do not fix the
problem. He said that this item will come back before the Commission for consideration.

Director Orlando noted the Subaqueous Force/Water Main replacement is under the Canal at
Gulfstream Road. He commented that we should force Broward County to pay for any projects
under the flight path. Director Orlando advised that the design is almost complete.

Director Orlando advised that construction of the Fuel Station started in December, 2009 and is
scheduled for completion in May, 2010.

Director Orlando noted that the Public Services Facility project is scheduled for completion on
May 20, 2010. He advised that there will be a Change Order to cover the costs for the
installation of telephone and computer lines.

Director Orlando explained that we do not have any funds available under Stormwater projects,
except for the $250,000.00 from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). He noted
that we may need to pay Calvin, Giordano and Associates for engineering services to apply for
stormwater grants.

Commissioner Anton confirmed with Assistant City Manager Donnelly that the Dania Cut-Off
Canal dredging project has been shifted to the General Fund.

Minutes of Workshop                             12
Dania Beach City Commission
Saturday, April 10, 2010 - 9:00 a.m.
Commissioner Duke noted that with all the projects taking place, we should consider an
additional staff person for Public Services.

Vice-Mayor Castro suggested we contract through Broward County.

Director Orlando noted that he prefers a full time position that could be trained by him. He also
recommended that his position and Leo Williams’ position require a P.E.

6. Ethics Code

Vice-Mayor Castro noted she will contact the Florida League of Cities on this matter. She is
looking at ethics, lobbying, fair elections, campaign financing, conflict of interest, etc. Vice-
Mayor Castro advised that she would like to present a draft to the Commission in approximately
30 days. She would also like to submit the information to the Charter Review Board for their

It was the consensus of the Commission to move forward with Vice-Mayor Castro’s

Teddy Bohanan, SW 15th Street, questioned if we could put some code of ethics together within
a week or so. She noted that there are a lot of properties being sold in the City. Ms. Bohanan
remarked that if you are going to be involved in this City you need to live in the City.

7. Legislative Agenda

City Manager Baldwin noted this was intended to be discussed before the legislature met.

Commissioner Anton confirmed with Assistant City Manager Donnelly that we are keeping 10%
for each Indian casino because both of them impact our City.

Vice-Mayor Castro noted that the Commission is in agreement to vote “No” on Amendment 4.
She indicated that at the April 27 Commission meeting Bett Willett, representing Florida
Hometown Democracy, and Bob Swindell for the Broward Alliance, will speak in favor and
opposition of this issue. Vice-Mayor Castro questioned if there was anything else required of the
Commission at State or County level.

City Manager Baldwin responded not at this time.

Vice-Mayor Castro suggested that next year we hold a workshop before the legislative session,
with a list of our requests for funding, etc.

9. Adjournment

Minutes of Workshop                            13
Dania Beach City Commission
Saturday, April 10, 2010 - 9:00 a.m.
Mayor McElyea adjourned the workshop at 2:13 p.m.

ATTEST:                                             CITY OF DANIA BEACH

LOUISE STILSON, CMC                                 C. K. MCELYEA
CITY CLERK                                          MAYOR–COMMISSIONER

Minutes of Workshop                        14
Dania Beach City Commission
Saturday, April 10, 2010 - 9:00 a.m.

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