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Breakout Session 1 Day 1
CANWIN – Sustainability Hub, Miles Lochhead

      The Hub provides guidance and education in areas such as energy, water and
       land use efficiency, renewable energy

      Community wants to be environmentally responsible

      Consumption habits need to change

      The hub is not one solution, but one of many

      Focal point for southern highlands region – a place to learn, share and take

      Co-operative alternative energy centre

      On-site accessible centre for community and business to have access to
       sustainability information

      Highly interactive

Hepburn Wind, Martin May

      Model can be applied throughout Australia

      Tailored to suit community needs

      2 turbines power the whole town

      First wind farm in Australia built to service needs of the community

      Co-operative structure

      Board made up of volunteers all with strong local links

      1900 members 50% local

      Social enterprise with profit based objective

      Built by the community for the community
      Consultation included – visiting other wind farms, held 200 street stalls, direct
       contact with community via door knocking, active communication policy

      Economic benefits included- job creation, increased skills, external consultants,
       raised $14.25 million to build, dividends go back into local community

Carbon Emissions reduction, Tracey Freeman, Beca

Exciting Innovations for fuel technologies include:

      Torrefaction of wood

      Biochar

      Lignocellulosic Bioethanol Initiative (LBI)

      Biofuels

Wave Energy, Tom Denniss, Oceanlinx

      Technology concept invented in 1990

      Technology advantages – proven technology, full market coverage, no moving
       parts in water

      Current product focus – greenWAVE


Q: Job creation potential?

      Wave energy 6 direct and 6 indirect jobs per mega watt, 12000 jobs in total

      Hepburn 3 full time staff, external consultancies

      David Brown Gear 110 current staff

Q: Why are turbines not built in Australia?

It can be done, just hasn’t been done. Problem is that IP sits with people in Europe –
should we partner with Europe?

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