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									Literacy Activities – Alphabet Cards
Here are a list of activities that will help your child with spelling,
reading and writing. Obviously not all of them will be suitable for
your child’s ability level but they can be adapted as you see fit.

 Ask your child to put the cards in alphabetical order.

 Say the ‘alphabet song’ together – pointing at the cards as you
  go. Change the speed at which you sing the song to try to catch
  your child out when he/she is pointing at the cards!

 Ask your child to point to a letter sound that you have called out.
  It is important that they know the sounds before the names for
  confident spelling. As an extension activity you can call out letter
  names for your child to find.

 Call the name of an animal, colour, shape, etc and ask your child
  to point to the letter card that is at the beginning of the called

 Line up the cards in alphabetical order and ask your child to turn
  away. When they are not looking remove 2 or 3 letters and ask
  them which are missing.

 Ask your child to find the letters that make a particular word e.g.
  cat then ask them to change it to ‘sat’ – they should know to
  change the first letter only. You can ask them to write a list of the
  words that they find or you could write them down as your child
  finds each new word.

 Make lists of rhyming words (as above) with different sounds and
  gradually change the words e.g. in – win – wing.

 Ask your child to look for the 2 letters that make a ‘blend’ (a blend
  is 2 letters that, when together, make one sound) e.g. ch, th, tr,
  br, sh, ng, etc.

 Choose 5 letters (mixture of vowels and consonants) and see
  how many words can be made using all or some of the chosen
  letters. Write a list.

 Choose 2 or 3 letters and ask your child to put them in
  alphabetical order – which comes first in the alphabet?

             Courtesy of Literacy Lickety-Split (
Courtesy of Literacy Lickety-Split (
Courtesy of Literacy Lickety-Split (

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