How to convert a water bottle into a fermenting container for homebrewing by Marrsy86


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                    FERMENTING CONTAINER


Water Cooler Bottle
                                                     19 Litre Bottle.   15 Litre Bottle
Siphon Tube

Cork or Plastic Bung

28mm-30mm Hole Cutter

Drill with 8mm Drill Bit

Sharp Knife

Note - The same principals apply for
converting a standard 5 litre water bottle.

                                         Marrsy's Brewery Recipes
                                    Marrsy's Brewery Recipes

• The first thing your going to need to do is get the lid off the top of your water cooler
  bottle. To do this find the little tab on the lid that is designed to help you get the bottle off.
• Pull upwards on that tab until you have ripped about halway through
  the plastic to the side of the lid.
• Note - with the 19 litre bottles you tend to be able to follow the
  natural path of the rip and still be ok, with 15 litre bottles you have
  to leave half the plastic on to get it to reseal see picture on right.
• Use your sharp knife to try change the direction of the rip into a          15 litre Top 19 Litre Top
  horizontal rip that will go around the lid at the current level of the
  rip if you are using a 15 litre bottle.
• Rip the bottom half of the plastic away and you should be able to
  tease the top off the Water bottle now.
• Note -You now have two options. You can put a small hole in the
  clear central part of the lid around 7.5mm-8mm wide to fit an airlock
  or you can cut a 28mm-30mm hole to fit a Cork or a Bung.
• If you choose to make the 8mm hole you must first take the clear
  plastic turn it upside down and move it to the front of the lid. Now
  force it into the hole in the blue plastic to make it air tight
  followed by drilling your hole into it.                                  Un-Bunged Bunged
• If you choose to cut a 30mm hole into it then use your hole
  cutter to cut your hole and remove the manufactures hole.
  Smooth the edges and remove any plastic strands left behind. You then
  need to drill ~8mm hole into your cork or bung for your siphon or airlock to fit into. By
  cutting the 30mm hole you are able to also fit a un-drilled cork or bung to seal the bottle
  closed and age your brews.
• Note - To age your brew in the same container siphon your brew out into a fermenting
  bucket and clean your fermenting container thoroughly. Siphon your brew back into the
  container and apply your undrilled cork to the lid. These lids will not hold pressure so wait
  until you put your brew into your final bottles before carbonating it!

                                    Marrsy's Brewery Recipes

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