For Sale By Owner Purchase Contracts

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For Sale By Owner Purchase Contracts

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Deciding to sell your home will save you thousands of dollars in realtor commissions. In exchange, you
need to understand subjects such as a purchase contract.

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Deciding to sell your home will save you thousands of dollars in realtor commissions. In exchange, you
need to understand subjects such as a purchase contract.

For Sale By Owner Purchase Contracts

Once you have decided to sell your home without going through a real estate agent, you need to take some
time to develop an understanding of the process and necessary documents. First, you are not alone in making
this decision. A recent survey found over 30 percent of homebuyers intend to sell their homes without an
agent. Given this demand, there are now a bevy of forms available to the owner seller and all include a
purchase contract.

A owner seller purchase contract is really no different than any real estate purchase contract. It contains all
of the same terms and is usually called a real estate purchase agreement. A real estate transaction is the same
regardless of whether you use an agent or not, so there really isn’t any need for a specific owner seller sales

In general, all of the required contracts and forms for a real estate transaction are purchased in a group.
Typically, these documents are offered as a for sale by owner kit. There are different ways of obtaining
them, however the internet has provided one of the easiest methods. For nearly no cost, anyone can
download all of the documents need to get through the transactions. In fact, these are the same pre-printed
forms used by most realtors.

As you have probably read, owner sellers are missing out on a huge opportunity if they do not take
advantage of the help offered by mortgage brokers. Mortgage brokers are independent loan writers and want
to do business with you. Their goal is to write the loan for the buyer of your property, so they are motivated
to help you sell the home. They will provide you with all the forms you need for free and will help you with
open houses and so on. This is a free resource you should definitely take advantage of. If you sell the home
and they get a loan, it is a win-win situation.

When making the decision on whether to sell without an agent, many homeowners are concerned about
purchase contracts and other forms. Purchase a pre-written version, use the free services of a mortgage
broker and you will be fine.

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